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lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:48
OerHekshi lotus06:12
ducassehi all06:38
lotuspsychjehey OerHeks & ducasse06:41
lotuspsychjehow are you guys doing06:41
ducassegood thanks, yourself? work today?06:42
lotuspsychje3 days off :p06:44
ducasse\o/ working on things for your shop instead?06:45
lotuspsychjeits getting shaped a bit now :p06:47
lotuspsychjelogo needs to be centered and more space to searchbar still06:47
lotuspsychjeand more categories coming without the pink text06:48
OerHeksget a free certificate :-)06:49
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: what can i do with it?06:50
OerHeksThen you would have https06:50
OerHeksyou know, that s that gives people trust06:51
lotuspsychjelike your page you mean?06:51
OerHeksyes, then we will see https://lotuscomputers.be06:51
lotuspsychjeill talk to my admin :p06:52
ducasse+1 on https06:52
OerHekshttps://letsencrypt.org/ or an other vendor06:52
lotuspsychjehi EriC^^06:52
OerHeksor cacert.org ( old one)06:53
EriC^^hi lotuspsychje06:54
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: what advantages does https have for the end user?06:55
OerHeksIf i would buy with you, i expect a ssl connection.06:55
EriC^^the info is secure06:56
EriC^^god damn, the iphone back cover popped off suddenly06:56
EriC^^didn't drop it or anything (iirc)06:56
OerHeksdoes not matter if there is money involved, any private info like name/adress and such too.06:56
EriC^^it's the old 4s06:56
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: ok tnx06:56
EriC^^OerHeks: letsencrypt is for free right?06:57
OerHeksEriC^^, what might have caused this, heat?06:57
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: our almera transmission box is pretty dead, buying a new car friday 2nd hand06:57
EriC^^OerHeks: maybe, i didn't leave it in the car or anything though06:57
EriC^^but sometimes i leave the flashlight on and put it in my pocket06:57
EriC^^so maybe that caused it, ah also i used the "hairdryer" method a few months back where you heat it up at the back and it resets and the wifi bug goes06:58
OerHeksheat/moisture .. or that phone is desintegrading after x years :-D06:58
EriC^^lotuspsychje: nice06:58
EriC^^what are you getting?06:58
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: a black nissan note from 200806:59
EriC^^i'm waiting for sept to get the 7 when it comes out06:59
EriC^^no point in getting the 6s anymore06:59
EriC^^finally no more apps wont work with ios x errors :D06:59
EriC^^also i want the slow motion camera badly07:00
EriC^^lotuspsychje: cool07:01
EriC^^how's the site coming together?07:01
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: being worked on07:03
lotuspsychjesecurity advice etc07:05
EriC^^the old ad thing looked sick07:05
lotuspsychjead thing?07:06
EriC^^yeah that box that had ads that come and go07:06
OerHekswait.. i can call lotus \0/ .. lotus, add +32 in front of your phone number07:08
OerHeks= interntion country code07:08
OerHeksgrrr international07:08
EriC^^lotuspsychje: look into https://letsencrypt.org/ for the cert07:10
EriC^^i want to get a laptop07:10
OerHeksno no, you don't want a laptop, EriC^^07:10
EriC^^thinking about the msi pe60-6qe07:10
lotuspsychjemsi have nice ones07:11
OerHeksyou want a full tower with a lot of cables and plugs07:11
EriC^^mine is dying, hdd is dead, battery dead, etc07:11
lotuspsychjebbl guys07:11
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BluesKajHowdy folks10:01
lotuspsychjedaftykins: your package got arrived :p10:58
EriC^^wb lotuspsychje11:05
lotuspsychjetnx EriC^^11:05
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: i had few msi mobo's once and very happy with them11:06
EriC^^ubuntu friendly? uefi?11:06
lotuspsychjeoh, it was long time ago before uefi :p11:07
lotuspsychjebut i guess the only improved11:07
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: whatever you choose put an ssd inside :p11:08
EriC^^it comes with one, but kind of small 128gb11:09
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: lol11:12
OerHeksi hasitated too, to press spacebar when screen went blanc..11:13
lotuspsychjesounds too weird in middle of install11:13
OerHeksno it happens.. i think it is a slow machine11:14
OerHeksor not to a SSD11:14
ducasselotuspsychje: 'snap find' fails on both my 16.04 installs, "error: cannot list snaps: bad query"11:16
ducasseused to work, but i just discovered it no longer does :)11:18
lotuspsychjeducasse: works fine here, could it be due to not using unity?11:18
lotuspsychjeyour on i3 right?11:18
lotuspsychjeducasse: you got the /snap folder?11:19
lotuspsychjeand /dev/loop/ snaps?11:19
ducasseyep, 'snap list' works.11:19
ducassegot those too.11:20
lotuspsychjeducasse: or do you snap find 'keyword'?11:20
ducasse'snap find'11:20
ducassei've got 2.11+0.16.04 from -proposed...11:22
lotuspsychjeducasse: whats the packagename again?11:22
lotuspsychjelotuspsychje@RooTBooK:~$ apt-cache policy snapd11:23
lotuspsychje  Ge├»nstalleerd: 2.0.1011:23
ducassethe man page has gotten seriously updated, too11:23
lotuspsychjefrom main11:23
OerHeksoer@oerworkstation:~$ snap find snapd11:23
OerHeksName                   Version  Developer  Notes  Summary11:23
OerHekssnapd-hacker-toolbelt  0.6      zygoon     -      Collection of tools useful for developers hacking on snapd11:23
OerHekstest-snapd-tools       1.0      canonical  -      Tools for testing the snapd application11:23
lotuspsychjeducasse: what are you doing on proposed?11:23
OerHeksoh you are on proposed??11:23
ducasselotuspsychje: this is a laptop that is only used for testing etc, so i volunteer for testing new updates11:24
ducassesomebody's got to :)11:25
lotuspsychjeducasse: you might need a !bug then :p11:26
ducassesnap find works fine with a keyword, but not without. it used to list all available snaps.11:26
lotuspsychjelist got huge already wow11:27
ducasseaccording to the new man page, keywords should be optional. i think i'll file a bug on this.11:27
OerHekshmm --beta Install from the beta channel, nice11:29
ducassethere are obviously a _lot_ of new things here, according to the man page. or at least they're noe documented :)11:29
lotuspsychje       Finds packages to install11:33
lotuspsychje       The find command queries the store for available packages.11:33
lotuspsychjeah list, is for installed snaps11:34
OerHeksman snap > snap-help.txt # for easy reading11:34
ducassei've also got usage instructions, listing --private and --help11:34
lotuspsychjeducasse: you can also check ubuntu software perhaps, if it lists snaps also?11:35
ducassenot installed :p11:35
lotuspsychjeoh silly me11:35
ducassei can search just fine, just seems the option to list all available snaps is gone.11:36
lotuspsychjethats the penalty for you unity haters haha11:36
ducassemight be intentional.11:36
ducassenot a unity hater, just a disliker :)11:36
lotuspsychjejust joking mate :p11:36
ducassei know :)11:37
lotuspsychjei wonder what happens if you install a lower snapd version11:37
ducassewant me to pastebin the new man page? it's quite different.11:37
lotuspsychjeah sure, lets have a look11:37
lotuspsychjelets c11:39
lotuspsychjeducasse: snap find also shows...hmm11:41
ducasseUsage: snap [OPTIONS] find [find-OPTIONS] - [...] means "optional"11:42
ducassebut there's lots in here i didn't know about to play with! \o/11:44
lotuspsychjeducasse: both your installs have i3?11:44
lotuspsychjeducasse: you have other wm's to try?11:45
lotuspsychjeif the snap folders exist, its weird it gives you bad query right11:46
ducasseno, but i guess i could install one... i don't see how the wm should matter, but i see how something in a de might.11:46
ducassei can run snaps and everything else, it seems.11:47
ducassemaybe that feature is just gone now.11:47
lotuspsychjeducasse: but manpage still shows it11:47
ducassei know, that's why i reacted.11:47
ducassei'll file a bug, see what they respond.11:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 1609368 in snapd (Ubuntu) "'snap find' no longer lists all available snaps" [Undecided,New]12:00
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EriC^^there are smart lights, supposed to last 23 years12:09
EriC^^wireless, you can program them, and use your phone to turn them on off12:09
ducassehasn't sruli been in #ubuntu earlier trying to use macchanger to get around restrictions on a free wifi?12:40
OerHeksthat was a while ago, 2 weeks maybe?12:42
ducassedid you see his explanation now?12:42
ducasse"i need to get a particular ip from my dhcp, i connect with different device each time"12:43
OerHeksit makes no sense at all, multiple devices want to use same ip lease..12:43
ducassei don't believe that, not gonna help him.12:43
OerHeksi give you permission to send him to the kali channel12:43
ducassehe went quiet now, probably upset he got caught  :)12:47
ducasse"i dont remember" - right.12:47
OerHeksbut true, one can feel tension12:47
ducassei'm not going to poke the bear anymore, i'll just leave him alone.12:48
ducasselotuspsychje: very funny - 'snap find' will no longer list all snaps, the docs just don't reflect this. explanation: "this is never what the user wanted", which it was in my case...13:35
OerHekshow would one list all available snaps then?13:37
OerHekssnap find * # gives a selection, snap find . # gives the full list ?13:39
OerHeksthis is on the old one, ofcourse13:40
ducasseOerHeks: ah, that seems to work. i had some problems with snap+regexps here, so i didn't test that. thanks, OerHeks :)13:43
OerHeks the diff between snap find and snap find . seems to be 013:44
OerHeksso technically, if this is the valid search for all packages, the manual can be updated too13:44
ducassei'll add a note. i'm still a little unclear what the regexp's are matched against, here they seem to return things that may or may not be related, but which does not match the regexp13:46
OerHeksfor proposed ..http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/04/can-now-install-snappy-apps-software-center14:05
ducassethat should have reached -updates by now, shouldn't it? the post was from late april.14:08
OerHeksthere is no snap section whatsoever in my softwarecenter14:10
ducassethe article says there is no way to see all snaps in the gui, but you will find (gui) snap apps if you search for them.14:15
horseHello.  I really like the Unity desktop, so wanted to set up a VM and remote in to have a play. it seems that this isn't possible.  is it really snesible to have a desktop envirnoment that dosn't support remote desktop/VNC?14:58
daftykinswhat's wrong with a VM from the host system you use?15:00
daftykinsthen use it directly...15:00
horsedaftykins: it's not really convenient15:01
horselimited resource15:01
daftykinsthen how about booting a live session to try it out? or multiboot? or get a cheap second system?15:01
horseI could do, however, what about when i want to remote into my cheap second sytem?15:01
horseyes i could use SSH15:02
daftykinswell that's for CLI.15:02
horsebut i was quite looking forward to playing with the fancy GUI15:02
daftykinsyou'll see zero of it via remote technologies.15:02
daftykinshowever they do exist, do work and are fine to use on a home network - so i'm not really seeing a problem15:02
horseit just seems like an odd decision, for the sake of some 3d "rice"15:02
daftykinswhat is an odd decision?15:03
daftykinsright now you are saying you want to see these fancy DE features15:04
horsevaluing look and feel above actually being able to use the desktop remotely15:04
daftykinsutilising a graphically accelerated desktop remotely is simply not a sensible use-case15:04
ducasseit's not just "rice", 3d accel is used for basically everything in compiz15:04
horsedoes windows not use 3D accel?15:05
daftykinshorse: so i think you've either not looked very hard for how to try this effectively, or what you're trying to do is simply not a good idea15:05
ducassehorse: did you try the other approaches i and others suggested?15:06
horsei'm not sure what you mean by not looking very hard, are you saying this is possible?15:06
daftykinsattempting to see a 3D accelerated desktop like Unity will always be a flawed plan no matter the OS, either Windows with aero (since Vista) or any accelerated Linux DE.15:07
horseducasse: i tried a bunch of stuff, i cant really remember if i tried your approach specifically, remind me?15:08
daftykinsthe concept is flawed from the outset so it doesn't hugely matter on the method15:08
horseSo how do other OSes handle this?  do they have a 2D mode for RDP?15:08
horseOK.  Does unity have a 2D mode?15:09
daxWindows disables graphical shinies when you RDP to it, for example15:09
horsewhy not?15:09
daxno idea15:09
daftykinsi run my windows 7 machine, which i access solely over RDP, with the classic theme so as to cut down on remote overhead15:10
horseOK, well that answers my question at least :)15:10
daftykinseven when you're on a high speed LAN between one host and another, forwarding a graphically accelerated desktop is silly15:11
horseim on a lan and have no problems with RDP15:11
horseto windows boxen15:11
horsethey are windows server though so probably not using "3d" mode.  i've never really thought about it until now to be honest.15:12
daftykinsno Windows Server disables desktop compositing.15:12
daftykinsah, well these are pretty core concepts15:12
horsei usually SSH into hosts TBH15:12
horsehowever, in this use case i needed a GUI, so thought unity might be nice to try...15:13
daftykinsperhaps if you told us the task we can advise something better15:14
daftykinsyou're aware of X forwarding also?15:15
daftykinsthough you would need some software installed to handle that if it's a Windows host15:15
daftykins(that you use directly)15:15
ducasseOerHeks: apparently, 'snap find .' only lists 100 arbitrary snaps. the devs see no need for a way to list all of them.15:58
OerHeksoke, thank you sofar.15:59
OerHeksthen i will write a script, snap find a* -z* and sort and remove double ones16:01
OerHekshow to look for --beta,  --edge and --candidate ?16:01
ducassethey say we should use the rest api if we want a complete list. for --beta etc i don't think it is implemented.16:02
ducasseso use the rest api, is my guess.16:03
OerHekswhat is rest api?16:03
* daftykins always rests16:04
ducasseie - "you code it yourself, we can't be bothered". they claimed they didn't want to support pagination etc in the frontend, which is a bogus excuse imo.16:05
daftykinsi hear this a lot from open source projects "we can't think of using what you want, therefore we won't do it"16:06
OerHeksmaybe they have this policy, to give other linux distros a chance to come up with this bright idea16:08
ducassemost of the time i get that, but here it's a matter of removing a feature that exists, and deliberately coding around other ways to do it. all they need to do is dump all the data to stdout as they did before.16:08
OerHeks*that accept snap packages16:08
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