malaverdiereHi *. I wanted to install ubuntu mate 16.04.1 on an older laptop - but dedoimedo's review of Ubuntu gave me pause... In your experience, are the bugs he mentioned fixed by now?00:32
ouroumovHi malaverdiere00:41
ouroumovDo you have a link to the review please?00:41
malaverdierehi ouroumov00:41
ouroumovAre you using realtek cards?00:46
ouroumovThe samba stuff hasn't been fixed. I'm not sure auth required is a bug or a feature.00:48
malaverdiereI'm more concerned about the MTP support and overall stability00:48
malaverdierefor connecting my android phone00:48
ouroumovMTP is not mentioned on this review I think (CTRL+Fed)00:49
malaverdiereno, but he mentions the phone support00:49
ouroumovThen again, he's rocking nautilus + rhythmbox, you can try caja + vlc.00:51
ouroumovThere's problems with xenial that's for sure.00:51
malaverdierehow's the out-of-the-box experience with mate?00:51
jojom8you got that right XD00:51
ouroumovThe network thing is very serious imo.00:51
ouroumovEspecially if you're on a wifi-only system00:52
jojom8i have problems with it, sometimes00:52
jojom8But it really only depends on your system00:52
ouroumovThen there's the freaking gvfs-smb bug00:52
ouroumovWhich mostly hit you if you're on a wifi hotspot, afaik00:53
jojom8I'm running m8 on a bananna pi & it's working pretty much flawlessly00:53
ouroumovmalaverdiere, you're using the live session of Ubuntu MATE now?00:54
malaverdierenope - that system is on Linux Mint XFCE.00:54
malaverdiereSince Mint is getting nearly indentical to Ubuntu, I figured I might as well go for the original00:55
ouroumovwell you should try it if you want an idea of <what it feels like00:55
malaverdierethe rough spots rarely show then :)00:55
jojom8I'm using MATE right now00:56
ouroumovmalaverdiere, Mint18 is based on Xenial. So much of the bugs will hit you as well.00:56
malaverdiereThat system is on mint1700:56
malaverdierethat xfce setup just doesn't handle the 'hand-touching-the-trackpad' issue well00:57
ouroumovWell maybe you can dual boot Mint+UM for a while?00:58
malaverdierenot a bad idea00:58
malaverdierethanks for the tips. g'night (or g'day)01:00
ouroumovnight ^^01:00
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hanzo9283good morning everyone02:23
ouroumovmorning hanzo928302:23
hanzo9283morning ouroumov02:24
hanzo9283hows everyone doing?02:24
ouroumovI'm doing fine. How about you?02:24
ouroumovMan you have an IP that starts with 1., that's cool.02:24
hanzo9283and that mean? @_@02:25
ouroumovhanzo9283 (~hanzo9283@ has joined #ubuntu-mate02:25
hanzo9283ok.... hahahaha i dont know anything about that02:25
hanzo9283i just installed ubuntu mate recently on my old laptop02:26
hanzo9283im still new to this... so im sorry if im slow in certain areas :D02:26
ouroumovNo problem02:27
hanzo9283where are you from ouroumov?02:27
hanzo9283WOW.... you are on the other side of the planet @_@02:27
ouroumovWhere are you? ^^02:27
hanzo9283whats the time there?02:27
hanzo9283im from Malaysia02:28
ouroumovSo how do you like Ubuntu MATE so far? Any problems?02:28
hanzo9283i like it... it works great on my laptop... although this laptop has problem of not allowing me to install window 7 or 8 or 1002:29
hanzo9283something about ACPI compliant02:29
hanzo9283and my gpu stopped working02:30
hanzo9283the laptop is ASUS K40AB series02:30
ouroumovYou've gone through the "Getting Started" steps of the "Welcome" splash screen?02:30
hanzo9283thats how i got here XD02:31
ouroumovThere's a "Driver & Firmware" install step02:31
hanzo9283yup.. found it.. but it says ATI RADEON HD 3200... this laptop GPU is ATI RADEON HD457002:32
ouroumovweird :o02:32
hanzo9283yup... ive done some research about it.. and most of them says HD4570 is integrated graphics, and only activated if u are playing games02:33
hanzo9283but it wont even activated manually02:33
hanzo9283so 95 total online or just username?02:35
ouroumovTotal online at the moment02:36
ouroumovBut few of them are currently watching this window02:36
ouroumovA good chuck are asleep02:36
hanzo9283owh.... ok... @_@.... kinda like lurker XD02:36
ouroumovIDLE is a proud and honorable tradition on IRC.02:37
hanzo9283downloading this flightgear... i just love simulator02:37
ouroumovI'm gonna smoke one02:38
hanzo9283i touch something and now the toolbar on the bottom of the screen not hiding it self anymore.. anyone got an idea?02:42
thbbonjour j'ai quelques pb sur raspberry Pi3 et ubuntu mate . chromium cratch systematiquement  et le logiciel bitscope n'affiche pas de trace..merci pour votre aide07:15
alkisgthb, english?07:32
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:32
edihediawananyone can help me to ask some my questions ?10:26
edihediawanhow to improve max speed in ubuntu mate on raspberry 3 ?10:28
edihediawanraspberry 3 if wanna use as pc desktop, which better OS should be use ? ubuntu mate or raspbian10:30
muhamadare you come from Indonesia?11:00
muhamadsounds your name is Indonesian style11:01
muhamadmy answer it depend on what you will do with the OS11:02
muhamadif you want for daily working, Ubuntu Mate is better11:02
muhamadlike me i use Ubuntu Mate for my work as software engineer11:02
muhamadin my personal notebook11:03
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SuperEngineerYahoo account list hacked.  If [like me] you have a spam dump mail a/c with them - change password now.14:15
DarkPsydeLordthanks for the info!14:52
pierreenglish here ?16:51
pierreok thanks16:53
pierrethis room include also the raspberry pi3 device ?16:54
Akulipierre, yes, when someone knows something about it :)16:55
pierreok cool16:55
pierreeven other flavor like lubuntu for raspberry ?16:55
Akulithey have their own channels16:56
Akuliso usually not16:56
pierreah sorry i'm using both16:56
Akulidoesn't matter what you're using, i'm helping on many different distributions' channels even though i can only use one at a time :D16:56
pierreim under ubuntu mate for rasp pi3 so and i have some sound troubles16:57
Akulirun alsamixer on a terminal16:57
Akuliis it looking like it should?16:57
pierreok i try16:58
pierrethe sound trouble only appears with youtube video an infernal scratch  ...lol ...17:00
Akuliand you haven't muted it in youtube?17:01
pierreno cause at the begining it works and after a little time i encoutered this trouble17:01
pierresorry i have to reboot... i ll be back17:02
pierrehi back17:17
pierrewith my sound troubles under rasp pi 3 and ubuntu mate17:18
pierreit seems it appears under youtube17:20
bmarsolaisFirst time here so thanks for the help.  I'm using as RPi3 connected to a 4K monitor.  Instead of configuring itself to 192x1080 which the monitor can do, it goes to 1846x945 (or something close to that.  Don't remember exaactly.)  Why does it do that and how can I force 1920x1080p?17:21
bmarsolais"It" means the RPi3 is configuring itself to the wrong screen size.17:22
bmarsolaisI deteremined the screen RPi3 configuration from System > Hardware > Displays.17:23
bmarsolaisI'm running Mate 16.0417:24
bmarsolaisUpdated the system yesterday.17:25
christophwindow 217:31
pierreplease what other video player could i instal under raspberry pi 3 cause vlc take much ressources17:36
pierresound but images saccaded17:36
rahtgazinstall mpv and smplayer as the front end if you need one. But mpv alone should suffice for best resource optimization17:37
rahtgazbesides its better than vlc these days17:37
pierreok i try to install smplayer17:39
pierrehope it will be better17:40
rahtgazit will. However it won't install mpv for you, I think. It will instead bundle with another player called mplayer. If that is the case, don't forget to install mpv and then set smplayer to use that in the preferences17:41
rahtgazalso, pierre, smplayer is positively ugly when you first launch it. Don be put off. It's just its default skin from a drunken developer, or a joke. You can change the skin in the preferences17:42
bmarsolaisI'm using as RPi3 connected to a Dell P2415Q 4K monitor.  Instead of the RPi3 configuring itself to 1920x1080 which the monitor is spec'ed to do, it goes to 1846x945 (or something close to that.  Don't remember exactly.) Why does the RPi3 do that and how can I force 1920x1080p?  I updated the system yesterday.  Using Mate 16.04.  RPi3 final video configuration determined using System > Hardware > Displays.18:15
bennabiywho is maintaining the package mate-menu?20:01
Akuliapt-cache show show mate-menu20:12
Akulii mean20:12
Akuliapt-cache show mate-menu20:12
AkuliMaintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>20:13
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bennabiyhow would I go about updating my system with the latest source of mate-menu on bitbucket?21:17
mate|98846Forgot to change my name oops21:21
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YankDownUnderbennabiy: Are there PPA's made available?21:22
bennabiynot that I have seen21:23
bennabiyI could make it if I knew where all the files were supposed to go.21:23
YankDownUnderbennabiy: You might want to dig into the developer's wiki - if you're game enough to have things broken...KDE/Plasma has a "backports" PPA for "cutting edge" stuff...I'm sure, that buried somewhere in the wiki, is the same for "Mate"...21:25
YankDownUnderbennabiy: You can always look into the source tarballs: http://wiki.mate-desktop.org/download21:27
bennabiyYankDownUnder: thank you, that is true21:27
YankDownUnderbennabiy: Always remember, though, to exercise caution - because, inevitably, you will break things. BIG things. :)21:31
bennabiyYankDownUnder: Not afraid to break things...21:31
bennabiyI just need to fix this21:31
bennabiyand I would like to be testing my fixes against the latest source21:32
YankDownUnderbennabiy: Fix...er...fix what?21:32
bennabiydisplay is broken on remote X sessions21:32
bennabiyunless piped through ssh21:32
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YankDownUnderbennabiy: Hmm...you sure it's an issue with Mate and not necessarily the "listening" ports for the X server...? Just wondering...21:34
ouroumovhi name23:54
namei just install ubuntu mate , could anyone tell me where is the software depository please ?23:54
nameit's not on the menu ?23:54
ouroumovSystem -> Welcome, then click "Software"23:54
namesorry , where i click Software ?23:55
ouroumovWhen the welcome application opens, there's a button named "Software"23:55
ouroumovYou can also get to it through:23:56
nameok i look thank you :-)23:56
ouroumovSystem -> Administration -> Software Boutique23:56
nameok bye for now ...23:57

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