Guest46762bazhang hey faggot06:42
Guest46762elky: suck baz dick06:43
daxhi yehai pretending to be gitgud and uptime06:43
daxhow are you this fine evening06:43
elkyyou'll never be as cool as gitgud06:43
daxi mean, gitgud isn't that cool06:43
Guest46762what you mean06:43
daxso that's saying a lot06:43
daxyou will never reach zero cool. you are currently at negative cool06:43
Guest46762gitgud is a fuck kid06:43
daxthe term is fuccboi. and it's only used by silly people.06:44
Guest46762faggot land06:44
daxwelcome back yehai06:50
daxhow can we provide you with excellent customer service this evening06:50
Guest46762share your wife06:51
daxi'm not sure she'd approve of that06:51
Guest46762you little english fag penis doesn't work06:52
daxuh huh06:52
Guest46762you know06:53
Guest46762english are famous of abuse sex06:53
Guest46762and gay06:53
daxi'm trying to figure out if it'd be more or less funny if you said this to somebody who's actually English06:54
Guest46762what are you06:54
daxi'll give you a hint, my passport is blue06:54
Guest46762you ve got no balls06:54
elkyi can assure you he has those.06:54
elkyplease stop trying to set me up with gitgud kthx06:55
daxi have one that flashes and is bouncy. the cats didn't like it at first but they've grown used to it06:55
Guest46762elky: silence doesn't make you fool06:55
daxthen there's a few with bells in them, they like those a lot06:55
elkyperhaps not, but your lack of silence sure is making you a fool06:55
Guest46762dax: hope USA nigger put a bullet in your dickhead07:00
daxclearly it's not that small, or that'd be rather difficult07:00
daxi wonder if he spent the 4 minutes thinking that up07:01
k1likonia: i set a mute on that ip already08:35
ikoniaI just saw08:36
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DJonesDoes http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release still need to be updated to show  16.04.1 as an available upgrade15:58
Piciit points to the same urls, so I'm not sure.15:59
DJonesLooking at the earlier LTS releases, they all show Version: 10.04.4 LTS, Version: 12.04.5 LTS, Version: 14.04.4 LTS which would suggest that 16.04 should show 16.04.1 LTS now16:01
DJonesJust queried it in #ubuntu-release16:04
DJonesFor reference:-16:08
DJones17:04 <  infinity> DJones: They get shown there's a new release, but yes, the version should be bumped.16:08
DJones17:07 <  infinity> DJones: Well, the check is cronned, and might be both weekly and staggered, so not everyone sees it right  away.16:08
ubottuIn #lubuntu, developer32 said: !!! no one is listening me :(20:37
hggdhhello borked21:34
hggdhdo you understand why you were muted from the channel?21:35
borkedI don't really get why you mute me for just telling the truth.21:35
hggdhit is not telling the truth that we do not like. It is being agressive21:35
borkedYou cannot know whether I am agressive via a screen, sorry.21:35
borkedSince I am still problem solving, I'd say I am not.21:36
borkedSo, I'd say that you just don't like what I had to say.21:36
borkedBecause it hurts the Ubuntu image.21:36
borkedJust like all those blogs which say that people with AMD hardware can better *not* upgrade to 16.04.21:36
hggdhno it does not hurt Ubuntu. You inability to provide hard data, and agressiveness hurts your chances of getting a response21:36
borkedI did provide some hard data.21:37
borkedIt's just that your volunteers are not that experienced.21:37
hggdh"emergency shell". Cannot take a picture. There are no logs.21:37
k1l_borked: the issue with amd and the latest xorg version and fglrx will hit every distro releasing in 2016. so i dont see where its ubuntus fault when amd stops making fglrx21:37
borked"Welcome to emergency mode!"21:38
borkedAnyway, *I* believe I gave enough details.21:39
hggdhborked: so. If you want help, you need to provide data. Hard data. And you *need* to be courteous.21:39
borkedWhether or not you also believe that is rather irrelevant to me.21:39
borkedI make an assessment based on the replies I get of your skills.21:39
hggdhso you are not going to change your behaviour?21:39
borkedThat assessment told me that you are incompetent.21:39
borkedThat's my right.21:39
hggdhok. I vote to keep the mute.21:39
borkedDo you wish to rule the planet someday like Erdogan?21:40
hggdhborked: since you will not respect others, there is not much for us to talk about.21:40
hggdhborked: now, please leave. The mute stays.21:40
borkedhggdh: uhm, that's jumping to conclusions.21:40
borkedhggdh: I didn't say that I didn't respect anyone.21:41
borkedhggdh: you seem to be having issues with reading.21:41
hggdhborked: please leave. Now.21:41
borkedhggdh: because some teen says so?21:41
hggdh/csop;/kick borked return in one week, please.21:41
hggdh@comment 73556 unable to discuss behaviour. Mute on #u should stay on (my personal view)21:42
ubottuComment added.21:42
borkedWhy do you allow people like hggdh to have any power?21:43
hggdhborked: what can we do for you? If it is the same, just leave, please.21:43
borkedhggdh: you didn't listen to what I said.21:44
valorieI believe hggdh speaks for all of us, borked21:44
borkedhggdh: and you don't respect my opinion.21:44
k1l_borked: your attitude is way out of line and you keep on going with it. we dont want such an attitude in our community.21:44
borkedI should be thanking people who have no clue?21:44
hggdhright. So, let's move on.21:44
borkedSorry, I will thank someone when he/she helps me.21:44
borkedSofar you have only wasted my time.21:45
hggdhborked: please leave. Nothing else to do.21:45
k1l_borked: so if ubuntu is rubbish and the community are all noobs who dont know anything, then maybe its time to get a 1337 linux? eh?21:45
borkedk1l_: I already moved a couple of systems off Ubuntu.21:45
borkedk1l_: so, yes, I will get rid of Ubuntu.21:45
hggdhborked: we are done here. Please leave now.21:45
borkedhggdh: you failed to provide an argument.21:46
borkedhggdh: you only made conclusions.21:46
k1l_borked: ok. then you dont need to get unmuted in #ubuntu anyway. have a good day, bye21:46
borkedI am still running it on one system.21:46
borkedI just said that.21:46
borkedHow stupid are you?21:46
hggdh@comment 73559 returned with same attitude21:46
ubottuComment added.21:46
valoriethank you fine ops21:48
hggdh@comment 73660 banning for 1 week from #u-ops,7d21:48
ubottuI don't know any ban with id 73660.21:48
ubottuComment added.21:48
hggdh@comment 73560 banning for 1 week from #u-ops,7d21:48
ubottuComment added. 73560 will be removed after 1 week.21:48
hggdhsigh. Why are some so dense?21:53
k1l_ah, he was the user from earlier called bobb and making a drama about amd not making fglrx anymore and instead of just testing it with a live ubuntu 16.04 kept on talking about21:57
hggdhso no change in behaviour, just a change in pet peeve?21:58
k1l_bobb_ > I suppose everyone who upgraded who didn't have any issues doesn't actually *use* their systems.22:00

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