jbichaplease mark Ubuntu GNOME 14.04.5 ready for amd64 i38601:46
Mirvplease consider the autopkgtest overriding of the package list gotten from Kubuntu so that we could see about migrating Qt and KDE to release pocket today (we're waiting for silo 73's Unity 8 fix to land only)05:09
Mirvto recap: akonadi-search extra-cmake-modules kconfigwidgets kde-baseapps kde-cli-tools kdelibs4support kdepim-runtime kidentitymanagement kwayland kwin kxmlgui libkscreen marble okteta05:09
MirvI guess no release team members around this hour now that pitti is away?07:23
Mirvanyway, I've filed bugs for the failing KDE's tests in case some Kubuntu member would want to look at them at some point: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.tag=kf52407:24
tjaaltoninfinity: we have a theory of the nvidia breakage.. revert of the maxclients patch (aka avoid newer coreproto which would break older servers). I'll try to rename coreproto for this and revert the patch07:52
handsome_fengHi, @cjwatson, I'm the member of Ubuntu Kylin, the ubuntukylin-14.04.5-amd64 iso lack of the casper/filesystem.manifest-remove file , can you help to fix this ?07:55
davmor2infinity, cyphermox, jibel: I think there might be a small issue for 14.04 if someone install with the mac image in that there is no upgrade candidate for 16.04 I think, I'm going to confirm it today though08:09
infinitydavmor2: I see no reason why that would be true.08:25
infinitydavmor2: The amd64 and amd64+mac images have identical contents, it's only the bootloader bits that differ.08:25
infinityhandsome_feng: Err, what?08:25
infinitytjaalton: Keep me posted...08:26
infinitytjaalton: If we can come up with a workable fix, I'd like to respin ASAP during EU daytime.08:26
infinitytjaalton: I'm backwards timezoned just for this. :P08:26
tjaaltoninfinity: I'm staging crap on x-staging08:26
infinitytjaalton: Kay.08:26
* infinity goes to download a kylin ISO to see what handsome_feng is on about.08:27
davmor2infinity: yeah the issue I see is if it is looking for amd64+mac image on 16.04 there isn't one I am only guessing though it is just I don't get the there is an upgrade dialogue popup on start up on mac but am everywhere else08:27
infinitydavmor2: Upgrade in update-manager has nothing to do with ISOs.08:27
handsome_fenginfinity: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntukylin/trusty/daily-live/current/trusty-desktop-amd64.list08:27
davmor2infinity: cool as I say I'll dig into some more to try and figure out why it isn't happening08:28
infinitydavmor2: Just timing?  The check is cronned.08:28
infinityhandsome_feng: Weird.08:29
handsome_fenginfinity: casper/filesystem.manifest-remove  disappeared08:29
infinityhandsome_feng: Very weird.08:29
infinityhandsome_feng: We can just respin amd64 so you can test it.08:29
infinityhandsome_feng: There will be a full respin "soon" anyway for the X/nvidia issue.  But I'll do yours right now for the manifest thing.08:30
infinityBut also, WTF. :P08:30
handsome_fenginfinity: Thank you very much ! :)08:30
LaneyMirv: I did those, enjoy08:53
Mirvthank you Laney, now we'll wait for QA's unity8 silo still08:55
davmor2infinity, jibel, cyphermox: Phew sorted it out, it was because the wifi wasn't enabled because of having to install the driver so that meant there was no connection when the cron job checked for updates which is why it didn't trigger before I'm a happy bunny again now :)09:32
tjaaltoninfinity: nvidia works without the revert in xserver, so now I just need to make x11proto-core-dev-lts-xenial installable somehow..09:32
infinitytjaalton: Since you have to reupload X stuff for this, can you also remove the broken -legacy package in the process?09:35
infinitytjaalton: (Low prio compared to fixing nvidia, obviously)09:35
tjaaltoninfinity: bah, adding C/R/P: x11proto-core-dev isn't enough.. refuses to replace09:43
tjaaltonpackages have versioned depends, and we don't have versioned provides09:44
infinityNot in trusty, no.09:44
tjaaltonmaybe add stuff to the trusty coreproto, import that only in the lts-xenial xserver09:45
infinityBundle it with the xserver and use -I?09:45
tjaaltonor that09:45
infinityIt can't be big.09:45
infinityThat seems the most "sensible", FSVO.09:45
infinityIt guarantees nothing but the xserver will ever pull it in.09:45
infinityAnd no user will install it by accident.09:46
tjaaltonit's just Xpoll.h09:46
infinityOr package it as lts-thingee, but in a different include subdir, and build-dep on it and, again, use -I09:46
infinityOh, if it's literally one file, yeah...09:47
infinityJust bundle it in debian/exclude, and use CFLAGS+=-Idebian/include, IMO.09:48
infinityI can diff it against the xenial version, call it good, and accept.09:48
infinitydebian/include even.09:48
infinityWow, brain.09:48
tjaaltoninfinity: server builds, I'll test that if the other drivers now need a rebuild..10:41
infinitytjaalton: Ugh.  I hope not.10:41
infinitytjaalton: But if they do, so be it.  At least the reviews will be simple. :P10:42
infinitytjaalton: OOI, how do you reliably test if the drivers need rebuilding?10:46
infinity(And why would they, as long as no external ABI has changed?)10:46
LocutusOfBorgthe boost fun started?10:50
tjaaltoninfinity: just a quick test that things work. the nvidia driver complained about a missing symbol10:51
LocutusOfBorgoh, i386 sandess10:51
LocutusOfBorgdoko, syncing boost10:53
LocutusOfBorgthis should fix the i386 sadness10:53
infinitytjaalton: Ahh, I guess you can write an Xorg.conf that loads all the drivers, despite not having their hardware installed?11:01
infinitytjaalton: And see if they asplode?11:02
ginggsLocutusOfBorg: see boost 1.61.0+dfsg-2 for i386 fix11:03
infinityginggs: He knows, hence "syncing boost, this should fix the i386 sadness"11:03
xnoxnothing started11:03
flocculantinfinity: when do you need trusty .5 marked by?11:06
infinityflocculant: There's going to be a respin, so...11:06
infinityflocculant: But I'll need it all happy and signed off by US Thursday morning (so, EU Thursday afternoon, ish)11:06
infinityflocculant: Earlier is better, of course.11:07
infinityflocculant: Anyhow, world will respin once this X bug is sorted. :/11:07
flocculantinfinity: oh great ... what's the respin for?11:07
flocculantoh nvm - should look up ...11:07
infinityflocculant: X backport hates nvidia binary drivers.11:07
infinityflocculant: Which, unfortunately, too many people use for me to ignore.11:08
flocculantinfinity: ok - tests we've done are just vm ones anyway11:08
flocculantunlikely we'll get real hardware tests done11:08
flocculantand yea ack that :)11:08
flocculantI can try and get at least one hardware test here - with nvidia card11:09
LocutusOfBorgginggs, I already syncd a while ago, and so far so good11:09
infinityflocculant: I'm not fussed about how you test, per se.  You guys should know by now that my bar for flavours is "does it boot, install, and reboot successfully", and any bugs beyond that are up to your discretion to care or not.11:10
LocutusOfBorgdoko syncd boost ~7 minutes before the -2 was picked up by lp11:10
flocculantinfinity: yea ofc - depends on when it's respun as to whether I'll get time to do a hardware one11:10
infinityflocculant: *nod*11:11
* flocculant goes back to his woefully short lunch break 11:11
infinityflocculant: To be fair, if you've done a reasonable amount of testing on the current image, knowing what's changing in the next (xserver, and possibly grub) lets you focus your testing if you want to.11:11
flocculantinfinity: given that it was all vm's - everything was fine11:12
rbasakinfinity: meet powersj, our new (replacement) QA person. He's done the mandatory and run-once tests for server for 14.04.5. I see one bug but I suspect that's fallout in the archive from samba's major version bump security update. Perhaps the test case needs updating.11:15
infinityrbasak: Mmkay.  I'm considering letting a grub update in.  If I do, there'll be a server respin with all the desktops.11:16
infinitypowersj: So, be prepared to have to do some re-testing.  Doing *all* the tests on a respin isn't strictly necessary, but boot/install/reboot certainly is.11:18
rbasakpowersj is UTC-6.11:21
infinityrbasak: So, next door to me?  Kay.11:23
infinityrbasak: But, arguably, he sleeps normal hours.11:23
rbasakDifferent country :)11:24
infinityrbasak: I meant next door, timezone-wise.  I can't help it if people live in the wrong country. :)11:24
jbichainfinity: maybe your clock is in the wrong country! :)11:24
infinityjbicha: I can never figure out what country my clock is in.11:25
infinityjbicha: It's often just drifting in some uninhabited part of an ocean.11:25
rbasakTechnically there's always Antarctica.11:26
infinityrbasak: Well, both poles, and I'm closer to the other one.  But despite it making some geometric sense to do so, poles don't observe all timezones at once. :)11:27
infinityAlthough, if arctic standard time was, in fact, all times at once, that might explain the Santa speed problem.11:28
infinityHe can deliver to all the boys and girls because he exists at all points in the time-space continuum.11:28
infinityGo, Santa.11:28
rbasakI think it would depend on your longitude. Perhaps your house is on a pole, so you shift longitudes (and therefore timezone) by walking into the kitchen, etc. That would explain quite a bit :)11:29
infinityStill doesn't explain how he can eat so many cookies, though...11:29
* rbasak understands that it doesn't actually work like that, but whatever11:29
infinityrbasak: It doesn't, but I now want to build my summer home directly on a pole, pie-shaped, with 24 rooms.11:31
infinityErr, by "pie-shaped", I mean "round, with pie-sliced rooms", but you got that.11:32
infinityShame it wouldn't really have the correct effect with the sun, because of the tilt.11:34
rbasakDepends on how big your house is.11:34
rbasakThough walking to the kitchen might take you a while then. You'd probably want to have a few extra bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms on the way.11:34
tjaaltoninfinity: intel at least is still quite happy. and none of the drivers import resource.h from xserver-xorg-dev11:36
infinitytjaalton: I'm going to extrapolate that resource.h is the only header that includes that proto header?11:36
tjaaltonit's the one that got ResourceClientBits() added in 1.1811:36
tjaaltonnvidia uses it for "something"11:37
tjaaltonprobably just to piss on us11:37
tjaaltonso, I'll upload this one, -legacy-lts-xenial is gone as well11:38
infinitytjaalton: Alright, let's go for the least invasive change we can, and make it happen.  I'd like it if you could test loading all the drivers (that must be doable, at least to the point where they probe and bail), before we decide we're good.11:38
infinitytjaalton: I assume it should just be a matter of specifying each driver, starting X, and checking the log that it loaded, found no cards, and failed?  It's been years since I wrote an X.conf, though. :P11:43
tjaaltonyeah should be simple, writing it now11:43
* infinity goes to test that grub SRU so he can slip it in.11:44
tjaaltoninfinity: yeah, they all load11:54
infinitytjaalton: Excellent.11:54
infinitytjaalton: Upload away.  And thanks.11:54
infinitytjaalton: Looks good.  Accepted.12:14
infinitytjaalton: I was going to whine about the lack of bug ref, but (a) I don't recall anyone filing a bug for the issue and (b) I have a test setup here to verify, so meh.12:15
tjaaltonright, haven't seen a bug either12:16
infinityOoo.  The rain seems to have stopped for a few minutes, going to use this window to make a breakfast/coffee run.12:48
infinityWill verify and promote that X when I get back, and then respin $world.12:48
infinitydavmor2: Can you try to get the word out to lazy flavours that we're, like, doing a point release?  A few haven't done any tests yet.12:48
davmor2infinity: I might be able to there is a listing somewhere of who to ping I'll dig it out after and start pinging them13:17
infinitydavmor2: Also, if you haven't been reading backscroll, there'll be a (hopefully final) respin in an hour or two.13:31
davmor2infinity: what's wrong with x now?13:43
infinitydavmor2: A bad revert broke nvidia.13:43
davmor2jibel: ^13:44
davmor2infinity: see and then the devs wonder why I hate them, they keep breaking stuff ;)13:45
infinitydavmor2: That's our job.13:45
davmor2infinity: no that's just it breaking it is my job not theirs ;)  Their job is fixing all the things I break :D13:46
infinitydavmor2: Nope.  It's our job to break, your job to discover, and our job to fix. :)13:47
infinityIf we didn't do the first bit, the next two wouldn't be necessary, and half of us and all of you would be out of jobs.13:48
davmor2infinity: hahaha13:48
davmor2infinity: can we have netboot added to the tracker too please13:48
infinitydavmor2: If I can remember how to do that manually.  Not that I pay attention to what the tracker says about it anyway...13:49
infinity(Since it's already "released" and has been for a week)13:49
davmor2infinity: 14.04.5 has been released for a week what ;)13:50
infinitydavmor2: No, netboot has.  Netboot is in no way tied to milestones.  At all.13:50
infinitydavmor2: It's just a product of debian-installer builds.13:50
infinitydavmor2: But there it is.13:52
davmor2infinity: ta13:53
davmor2infinity: is that safe to test now while I wait for the other images?13:53
infinitydavmor2: Yeah, it's not changing.13:53
davmor2infinity: awesome13:53
davmor2flocculant: ^ respin for xorg \o/13:56
infinitytjaalton: Okay, nvidia-352, nvidia-340, nouveau, and intel tested on this laptop with the new X, all looks good.  nvidia-304 doesn't work (the really old one), but that's not X's fault, looks like it's incompatible with the kernel.14:16
powersjinfinity, o/14:19
powersjinfinity, I saw you and rbasak discuss a possible new respin, what mailing list should I be on to be notified of that?14:20
infinityubuntu-release@, perhaps.14:20
powersjgreat thx14:22
davmor2infinity: how's it coming?14:35
infinitydavmor2: Waiting on the publisher, respins will commence in about 30m.14:37
infinityOr less.14:37
infinity(or your pizza's free)14:37
* davmor2 makes the internet for the builders slower free pizza sounds fun14:38
davmor2netboot 64 done moving onto 3214:49
tjaaltoninfinity: excellent, tseliot says his doesn't work but I guess it's still the wrong (old) version :)14:52
tjaaltonafk ->14:52
tseliotinfinity: err... I never seem to get notifications about drivers failing to build...15:00
flocculantdavmor2: yea - knew it was happening :)15:04
flocculantinfinity: for your info - at the end of the yak cycle akxwi-dave is taking over for me - at least for one cycle - he'll carry on being in here (though I'll not be absent - just being lazy)15:05
flocculanthe's in our release team now too btw15:06
infinitytseliot: It builds, it doesn't insert.15:08
tseliotinfinity: do you happen to have the exact error?15:09
infinitytseliot: Lemme look.15:09
infinitytseliot: "Unknown symbol mtrr_del" (and mtrr_add on the next line)15:10
tseliotinfinity: ok, it looks familiar, thanks15:10
infinitytseliot: Anyhow, 352 and 340 work.  But I assume some old cards need 304.15:11
infinity(Though, I'd also assume people with ancient cards aren't gaming or running blender and probably mostly use nouveau, but...)15:11
tseliotinfinity, tjaalton: also, the new X works here now15:11
tseliotit should be a quick fix (304)15:11
tseliotinfinity: yes, the patch is already in xenial. I'll backport that15:13
infinitytseliot: Ta.15:14
jbichapowersj: at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ if you click through to a test case page, you can subscribe to all the test cases for a flavor15:22
jbichaand it should send you an email when a new image is ready for testing15:22
powersjjbicha, awesome thx15:23
tseliotinfinity: the packages are in -proposed. Here's the SRU: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-304-updates/+bug/160946015:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1609460 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-304-updates (Ubuntu) "SRU: nvidia-304 can't be loaded with the lts-xenial kernel" [High,In progress]15:33
infinitytseliot: Yep, just waiting for the diff to be generated.15:34
tseliotinfinity: great, thanks15:34
MirvLaney: could you override plasma-framework and unity8 still? p-f has known old bug on s390x, and unity8 autopkgtest fix is slightly delayed but it's pretty minor in all of the test suite and the landing will happen pretty soon. we'd like to ease up people's lives by getting the proposed transition done15:34
infinityOh my.  14.04.5 to 16.04.1 upgrade sure doesn't work right.15:39
infinityGah, and that's why,15:39
infinitytjaalton: You didn't do the transitional packages from lts-xenial -> xenial.15:40
tjaaltoninfinity: oh?15:46
infinity(xenial-amd64)root@nosferatu:~# apt-cache search x*lts-wily | wc -l15:47
infinity(xenial-amd64)root@nosferatu:~# apt-cache search x*lts-xenial | wc -l15:47
infinitySeems suspect.15:47
infinity(Those 20 are the kernel transitional packages)15:48
tjaaltonso xenial needs something15:48
infinityYes, xenial needs the lts-xenial equivalent of those lts-wily transitionals.15:48
infinityWhich I would have assumed would have made it in the release pocket, since we already knew the name of the backport stack, but oh well. :P15:48
infinityIt can be an SRU.15:48
davmor2infinity: I hope that's not another issue now :(15:49
infinitydavmor2: Nothing that affects the 14.04.5 ISO.15:49
infinitydavmor2: It's a fix needed in xenial for upgrades *from* 14.04.515:49
tjaaltonhrm, I need to put this in git15:50
infinitytjaalton: The failure mode it pretty spectacular too.  I somehow end up with x-driver-*-all removed, and no more input drivers.  Get lightdm, and no input devices, which basically means "hung machine" to any normal user. :P15:50
infinity(like, it'd be better if it broke so bad that X didn't start)15:50
infinityOh well.  Fun bugs are fun.15:51
tjaaltonok, I'll fix that15:51
infinityShould trivially work if the transitionals are there, I believe.15:52
infinityIt just really doesn't without them.15:52
infinitytjaalton: Would be nice to get this one landed before I release tomorrow.  Cause you just know the first thing people are going to do after the install a fresh 14.04.5 is click on the "upgrade to 16.04 available" button. :P15:54
infinityBecause people aren't smart.15:54
tjaaltonyean on it now15:54
tjaaltonthe transitionals are only for x86?15:56
infinityWe built the stack for all arches, so transitionals should be too.15:57
infinityDid we screw that up for u/v/w?15:58
tjaaltonnot historically15:58
infinityOh well.  Can fix that in a second pass.15:58
infinityClearly not enough people have noticed to complain.15:58
* infinity takes a break while the world burns^Wbuilds.16:01
DJonesJust a quick question, should http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release show the 16.04.1 release rather than just 16.0416:03
DJonesSo that 14.04.4 users would be shown that there is new release available to upgrade to?16:04
infinityDJones: They get shown there's a new release, but yes, the version should be bumped.16:04
DJonesJust had somebody asking in #ubuntu when the release would become available for upgrade, so wondered if it wasn't being offered yet because of that16:05
infinityDJones: It's definitely being offered, I literally just tested that on a 14.04 machine.16:06
DJonesRight, no worries, must have been a PEBKAC moment for the user16:07
infinityDJones: Well, the check is cronned, and might be both weekly and staggered, so not everyone sees it right away.16:07
infinityDJones: To avoid crippling the world.16:07
DJonesRight, that would explain it16:07
DJonesinfinity: Thanks for the info & update16:09
LaneyMirv: Why not do a unity8 with just the fix we need for the tests?16:13
LaneyI'm tired of unity8 needing so much hand holding, we should be able to do better there16:13
tgm4883Can we turn off Mythbuntu Trusty ISOs16:14
LaneyMirv: plasma-framework is already ignored, AFAICS16:16
dmj_s76infinity: Do the X fixes in the new RCs pertain to the nvidia issue?16:27
apwdmj_s76, the latest respin was for nvidia i believe yes16:37
dmj_s76good...I'll test when it's ready16:38
dmj_s76appears to still be yesterday's isos16:38
apwfrom the list of builds queubot has reported i don't see Ubuntu Desktop yet16:40
MirvLaney: since there's a huge silo which has seen a lot of QA. it was supposed to land today but seems not. there's one plasma-framework test that is not ignored at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#plasma-framework16:50
MirvLaney: we can also wait for it still, this was just an idea to not wait for it since there's no big benefit as such from waiting16:51
LaneyMirv: I'm saying it would have been simpler for the distro if the test fix was uploaded separately rather than entangled in a huge silo16:53
LaneyI bumepd plasma-frameworks16:53
MirvI agree. it just tends to be that there are so many teams needing unity8 landings, that at the velocity of the landings and their QA take and the deadlines that are wanted to be met, they put many little things like yakkety autopkgtests fix to be part of a bigger feature landing.16:57
Mirvthe only problem here is that QA found another thing in that feature to be fixed..16:57
MirvLaney: thanks for the plasma-framework bump, that leaves unity8 as the only excuses page blocker16:58
tjaaltoninfinity: there haven't been transitional packages for virtualbox-guest-dkms et al in the past16:58
tjaaltonwonder if there should16:59
flocculantinfinity: managed a hardware trusty with nvidia card17:35
davmor2yay finally17:55
tjaaltoninfinity: keep finding more and more lts-transitional bugs..17:57
tjaaltoninfinity: the diff would look like this http://pastebin.com/jLe4jtSK18:16
tjaaltonwith a placeholder for virtualbox18:17
tjaaltoninfinity: uploaded, review it from the queue..18:32
chrisccoulsonI've got a firefox update to publish via the security pocket - do I need to wait until 14.04.5 is done?18:52
stgraberhmm, why is Edubuntu still marked as rebuilding18:54
Rosco2Ubuntu Studio too18:54
dokowho's doing autopkg test sanity work while pitti is on vacation?18:54
stgraberinfinity: any idea what's going on here? https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/trusty/edubuntu/+build/7145318:58
LocutusOfBorgcan anybody please retry curl/systemd autopkgtestsuite?19:01
LocutusOfBorg"You submitted an invalid request: You are not allowed to upload systemd or curl to Ubuntu, thus you are not allowed to use this service."19:01
LocutusOfBorgbut I did upload curl! :)19:01
* stgraber cancels the Edubuntu build and re-triggers19:03
* stgraber cancels the ubuntu studio one too19:05
zequencestgraber: Thanks :)19:07
Rosco2stgraber, Thanks - I was just logging in to do it19:07
zequencestgraber: We had an error with the amd64 build, it seems (we got the report to our mail list at 21:10). How's the Edubuntu builds coming along?19:59
dmj_s76infinity: I'm going to test some more, but I believe today's iso fixes the nvidia login loop20:00
stgraberzequence: our images are supposedly still building, I see one of yours succeeded and the other one is still going20:09
stgraberall 3 building images are at the fdupes step. This does seem to take a while typically, will start worrying if none of them finish within 30min or so20:12
stgraberit could be an I/O problem on scalingstack causing this to be super slow for some reason, but we'll see20:13
stgraber(not seeing any report of scalingstack issues anywhere, so hoping those rebuilds will work)20:13
zequenceOnly mentioning because we got the build fail log after you had retriggered.20:13
stgraberwhat's the version on that build failure e-mail?20:13
stgraberwhat's building now is 20160803.120:14
stgraberif the e-mail is about 20160803, then just ignore20:14
zequenceAh, ok20:14
stgraberdoesn't look like things are stuck so far, just slow. Edubuntu 32bit is finishing now.20:36
Rosco2Studio 64 bit still sitting on fdupe step20:38
stgraberthey all seem to have moved on to something else now, so still making progress21:21
jbichaplease mark Ubuntu GNOME ready for amd64 i38621:28
flocculantjbicha: done21:29
infinitychrisccoulson: Unless it's urgent, I'd prefer you hold off until tomorrow.22:59
chrisccoulsoninfinity, that's fine, there's nothing particularly urgent in https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox/#firefox48, and it's too late in the evening for me to do it now :)23:01

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