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ybaumyhi i have a networking problem with lxd. i want to juju bootstrap localhost but the client cannnot connect to lxdbr0 from ens160. http://paste.ubuntu.com/21990244/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/21990965/ can somebody take a look at it please04:29
ybaumythere are on the same vlan 40004:30
ybaumyi think its the cable router for my internet. he does not route back and is the default route on my cisco.08:39
ybaumyif anyone is awake ..08:39
ybaumyhi i have a networking problem with lxd. i want to juju bootstrap localhost but the client cannnot connect to lxdbr0 from ens160. http://paste.ubuntu.com/21990244/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/21990965/ can somebody take a look at it please08:39
ybaumywhat i could fix is the default gateway for the
ybaumynow the icmp redirects are gone but nothin happens somewhere else08:41
ikoniaybaumy: what is your actuall routing device08:45
ybaumythe cable router is a avm fritzbox. i dont have any control over. then i have a cisco sg500 which acts as layer 308:49
ikoniaybaumy: what are you using to route between the networks causing a problem08:49
ybaumyso the cisco? the thing is... its a little bit complicated. i have 4 linux boxes with vmware workstation running esxi and on top of that i have those maas box08:51
ikoniawhere does the ubuntu question fit into this08:52
ybaumygood question. maas and everything else is running ubuntu08:52
ikoniaI get that - but what is the ubuntu part you need help with08:53
ybaumyi want to enroll a cloud with ubuntu on vmware. and encountered this problem with network. so i thought i would ask here08:54
ikoniayou seem (I could be wrong) asking with help setting up your routers08:55
ybaumyis there a router channel or networking08:56
ikonia##networking ?08:56
ybaumyor linux networking08:56
ybaumywell i try my luck there. thanks anyways08:57
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albechstill trying to figure out what is happening with my interfaces.. Though eth0 is configured according to ifconfig, ifdown cannot take it down.. Any ideas? http://paste.ubuntu.com/22009372/09:32
albechit is a fresh install btw09:33
albechthis problem leads to me not being able to configure dns and maybe other things i havent discovered yet, so im really interested in resolving it without doing some nasty resolv.conf hack09:34
ikoniaalbech: how are you configuing the network card09:38
vbotkaalbech, in particular, it would be good to check the content of /etc/network/interfaces09:55
albechikonia: did you see the pastebin?10:41
ikoniaalbech: nope10:45
ikoniaalbech: why are you setting a route to a non-existant interface10:46
ikoniaup route add -net gw dev eth010:46
ikoniathat has no 10 address on it10:46
ikoniaor are you doing something else later down the route10:46
albechikonia: its my vpn connections im routing to the vpn server10:50
ikoniabut nothing in that config shows the 172 address as having a route to 10.x on the eth0 interface10:58
cpaelzerrbasak: I got as far with bug 1604010 as I can get IMHO without a statement from ntp upstream maintainers12:55
ubottubug 1604010 in ntp (Ubuntu) "sntp missing" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160401012:55
cpaelzerrbasak: upstream bugzilla is down, but I'll handle the remaining things12:55
rbasakcpaelzer: good job, thanks13:01
rbasakcpaelzer: I think we could carry a delta to fix this. It doesn't prevent us from syncing later. So the quite subjective question is: is this worth a delta?13:02
cpaelzerrbasak: it is worth a delta - once one with REAL insight into NTP confirmed that changing these to things at ./configured doesn't change a lot of other things we might miss13:03
cpaelzerrbasak: since this should go to Xenial via SRU as well I think we have to insist on such a check for quality assurance13:04
cpaelzerbut as I said bugs.ntp.org currently throws internal server errors on submission13:04
cpaelzerthere I'd want to place (&document) that question and link it up in LP and Debian bug then13:05
cpaelzeronce answered I13:05
cpaelzerwould submit the delta for yakkety13:05
cpaelzerfollowed by an SRU for Xenial13:05
cpaelzerrbasak: actually - in general - this might be a good check for our merge checker13:06
cpaelzerrbasak: your lintian tool works on source only atm right ?13:06
cpaelzerrbasak: I'd suggest a tool that compares the dpdk -L of all built packages, if things were removed due to a merge one should conciously ack that removal13:07
cpaelzerrbasak: instead of finding out later like in this example13:07
cpaelzercould also use the output of sbuild or such, as they report the .deb content anyway13:07
cpaelzerrbasak: sometimes I did that manually, but I wonder if that could be a huge QA improvement on our merge process to write it down as required step13:08
rbasakcpaelzer: actually the debdiff command does exactly what when given binary debs I think.13:08
* cpaelzer reads man debdiff13:08
rbasakcpaelzer: it's a good idea. I wonder though if we'll get too many false positives due to intentional Debian changes. We can certainly try it though.13:08
rbasakcpaelzer: another option (possibly in addition) is to write a dep8 test that checks the functionality of these tools, and submit that to Debian too.13:09
cpaelzerrbasak: you are right "13:10
cpaelzerIt shows which files have been introduced and which removed between the two package files, and is therefore  useful  for13:10
cpaelzer       spotting  files  which may have been inadvertently lost between revisions of the package.13:10
cpaelzerthat is just what I'd want13:10
rbasakcpaelzer: I added it to our notes to discuss next week, thanks13:11
cpaelzerrbasak: as an example that would have been great back then when 4.2.8 was merged http://paste.ubuntu.com/22026258/13:14
cpaelzerrbasak: I added the example to the sprint doc13:15
embrikanybody who can help me with pxe-boot on newer laptops with uefi-boot?13:18
embrikI have a bunch of laptops at my school which I am supposed to clone with clonezilla13:19
rbasakI think grub2 might have some network functionality. Could you use that perhaps, so you don't have to mess with the boot from the system's perspective?13:20
embriksorry, but I am quite a newbie to linux, I have run clonezilla, though for several years cloning all the laptops at my school. Now I have 60 new laptops which won't boot. Don't know how to use grub2 :-(13:21
embrikI use ubuntu 14.0413:22
ddellavcoreycb can you review/push cinder CI plz? lp:~ddellav/ubuntu/+source/cinder13:36
coreycbddellav, can you check if jamespage already fixed it?  the merge failed.13:41
jamespageI did13:42
ddellavok. I updated it yesterday but it was waiting on those oslo deps before i could build it.13:42
jonahHi can anyone help, for some reason my server is no longer receving emails. I don't know if a conf file or update has broken something but now when I send a test from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail etc to my server email address I don't receive them... But also no bounce back emails come in either, the messages just dissappear13:43
on247Anyone can help13:50
tachikomasHey. Just ask.13:50
on247i cant login into my server with ssh13:52
on247i cant login using the same username and password using kvm13:53
on247* i can13:53
on247already checked password login is enabled in conf13:53
on247cant login as root or regular user13:54
tachikomason247: never login on ssh with root user.13:54
on247i know13:54
on247just saying neither works13:54
tachikomasso, can you "ssh -v" ?13:55
on247but i can login using the very same password using remote KVM13:55
on247and then put password in13:57
on247debug1: Authentications that can continue: password Permission denied, please try again.13:57
tachikomasso, when you put the password, what happend on log ?13:58
tachikomascan you past lines of /var/log/authd.log ?13:59
on247http://i.imgur.com/253j6nI.png  @tachikomas14:05
tachikomasit's like a password fail.14:09
on247im typing the very same password via that console and works14:10
on247is how i logged in to show the logs14:10
tachikomasare you sure about your keymap ?14:11
on247i didnt use any special chars14:13
coreycbjamespage, ddellav: I'm switching aodh back to running tests with testr since they run successfully with it.14:15
on247besides i passwded to something simple14:29
on247still didnt work14:29
jamespagecoreycb, ok14:34
lordievaderon247: Your auth log only shows root logins?14:37
coreycbjamespage, ddellav: ok aodh b2 uploaded, and cotyledon's MIR has been approved14:37
on247wait , wrong ip14:37
lordievaderon247: What happens when you log in with a traditional user?14:37
on247im dumb ...14:37
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coreycbddellav, does horizon 9.1.0 need a review?15:27
ddellavcoreycb you already reviewed and pushed it a few days ago15:28
coreycbddellav, gotcha, it's still in the review queue15:29
ddellavcoreycb we've got a  commend on the bug asking about a test plan again :/15:30
coreycbddellav, ok I'll cut and paste the same test plan we always use15:31
ddellavcoreycb thanks15:31
coreycbddellav, np :)15:31
jamespagecpaelzer, ok - so I have master branch of ovs building with 16.04 dpdk in a PPA for amd64 - i386 is failing some tests...15:59
jamespagecoreycb, \o/15:59
smoserpowersj, many commits later... your tox branch is now present in simplestreams16:15
powersjsmoser, thank you!16:16
smoseryou did good, but getting this all to16:16
smoser * build on trusty or xenial and yakkety16:16
smoser * have tox work there too16:16
smoserwas non-trivial16:16
smoserso many gotchas16:17
smoseryou asked hwo to represent the dependencies16:17
smoseri've added tools/install-deps16:17
smoserwhich takes either 'build' or 'tox'16:17
smoserand if build, it reads debian/control to get the right depends16:18
smoserand 'tox', it installs the dpends you're going to need to run tox16:18
smosernormally that is just 'tox'16:18
powersjThat's awesome16:19
smoserbut we add 'gnupg' as we clearly need that for signing examples. and also the python-dev and such that is necessary for o penstack libraries16:19
smoserthat are a pita16:19
powersjI'll get on the CI job later today or tomorrow then.16:19
smoseras they use some c-python stuff, which really runs them out of the usefullness of tox and pip in my opinion.16:19
smoserbut... whatever16:19
smoserso in a fresh xenial container, you can just run: ./tools/install-deps tox && tox16:20
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coreycbbeisner, nova 2:12.0.4-0ubuntu1~cloud1 is ready to promote to liberty-proposed when you have a chance, thanks17:47
coreycbdosaboy, ^17:47
beisnercoreycb, dosaboy - promoted nova to liberty-proposed re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/136946517:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1369465 in OpenStack Compute (nova) liberty "[SRU] nova resize doesn't resize(extend) rbd disk files when using rbd disk backend" [Medium,Fix committed]17:51
coreycbddellav, ci seems to be building ok again18:20
ddellavcoreycb awesome18:39
cpaelzerjamespage: hi, just saw the news19:11
cpaelzerjamespage: yeah as I said the 16.07 bits are still discussed19:11
cpaelzerjamespage: but shouldn't be much longer - are you using the 16.04 ppa I sent you a while ago?19:11
NetworkingProslightly off topic, but anyone know a good open source tool for tracking server assets, such as server/network gear host names, ip's, environments, etc?19:44
NetworkingPropreferably web based?19:44
sarthorHi, I have network of 30 users on LAN, want to share one folder with all of those network computer, I want to 10 Computers only can read share folder, while 5 can create / delete files / and file can make changes in file but could not delete the already extant file. What will be the better and Easy solutions to go with, Help will be very much appreciated and thanks in advance.21:56
sarnoldsarthor: I don't know any tools that would let you say "this (user, computer, etc.) can write new files to a directory but not remove existing files"21:59
sarthorsarnold: was expecting same answer about that sentence.22:02
sarnoldsarthor: the closest I can think of is the directory 'stickybit' -- which would forbid the user from removing files that belong to other users, but they could still remove their own files.22:03
sarnoldmaybe you could smack together some daemon that inotify-watches the directory and grabs ownership of files after they are put in the directory22:03
sarnoldof course, if you still allow those files to be edited, then they could also be truncated, which isn't all that different from deleting the file.22:04
trippeh_a lot of applications also do not edit file, they create a new one and delete the old one.22:59
JanCI think it's probably possible to set a policy like that, but it wouldn't work well with the create/delete/rename dance23:05

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