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ObserviingHey, I'm hoping someone could help me get my port to boot. The build looks good as far as i know and  installs correctly but I cant seem to get it to boot. Ive added all the cmdline arguements to boot referencing a similar port. The only thing I have noticed that stands out is that using the recovery built with the build, the recovery didnt mount /data and /cache partitions, i had to mount them manually in an adb shell prior t01:28
ObserviingTWRP does mount the partions automatically, everything installs. but it doesnt boot. I can enter recovery afterwards but cant pull any logs. I can see the system.img in /data and loop mount it, and everything is there.01:30
Observiingwould anyone know what avenue atleast to look into to resolve this please?01:31
kz6fittycentmariogrip is your best bet01:35
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ObserviingThanks, hopefully he'll drop in01:39
kz6fittycentI think he's in Europe and probably asleep. "I THINK"01:40
ObserviingI'm also in Europe but wide awake lol01:40
kz6fittycentI assume you've been to that site...01:40
kz6fittycentokay, just checking01:41
ObserviingI haven't been able to post on that site for some reason01:42
Observiingit just hangs01:42
kz6fittycenthmm, I usually see him during the ubuntu-on-air show01:42
Observiingok thank you, perhaps someone else might be able to help at some point, no rush01:44
kz6fittycentgood luck01:45
Observiingthank you01:45
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frankggoodmorning all, want to share a problem with my Meizu mx407:03
frankgallright, I have no cellular data anymore since OTA-1207:16
frankgI cannot toggle the switch cellular data. It is disabled07:17
frankgboth cellular data and Data roaming toggleswitches are disabled07:18
duflufrankg: It seems you're not alone. Please join in: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/160905507:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1609055 in Canonical System Image "No cellular data connection since OTA-12" [Undecided,New]07:18
duflufrankg: Sorry, please check bug 1607079 and bug 159801007:21
ubot5bug 1607079 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "Cellular Option immediately crashes [OTA-12]" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160707907:21
ubot5bug 1598010 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "cellular data switch disabled until SIM selected in settings" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159801007:21
dufluBoth have fixes targeted for OTA-1307:21
frankgfix for ota-13??? that is in at least one month from now07:22
duflufrankg: I know. Sometimes fixes come out sooner but regardless we have to start by targeting the next whole number07:24
dufluI'm still waiting on OTA-13 to fix broken wifi too (bug 1588126)07:25
ubot5bug 1588126 in Canonical System Image "[regression] Adding new wifi networks (with long passwords) never connect at all in OTA-11 and OTA-12" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158812607:25
frankg<duflu> ah ok07:25
* mcphail votes for an OTA12.5 to try to fix those significant regressions07:45
dufluI'm not sure when OTA-13 is due but I do know we had to take a short-cut in Mir releases and do a 0.23.5 release because 0.24.0 would not have made it in time. So OTA-13 sounds soon07:50
mcphailAah. I dimly remember someone saying OTA12--13 would be a longer gap than usual, but I'm probably havering07:51
dufluThe official target date is apparently three weeks away: https://launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+milestone/1307:57
yakaarHello everybody, I have a big problem with my Aquaris E4.5 ubuntu edition : I made an update and it ask me to reboot my mobile. But when the update was done, it didn't boot and it stop on the screen ubuntu is working infinite. How to repare this ?? BQ support is not responding when I call them !08:40
yakaaris someone can help me ??08:41
k1lthe reboot after an update can take a bit longer08:43
yakaarbut when it take days ??08:45
yakaarand doesn't work after one week ?? I test to shutdown, wipe cache and even I'm trying to see what I could do in fastboot08:48
k1lwell. then i would reflash the ubuntu system08:49
yakaar1k1l:  have you any idea how I could repare this ? else than wipe datas??08:51
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k1lhard to say without any erroremessagesa08:54
k1ldid you do the ota update? did you enable the reawrite on the / partition? did you use apt-get?08:54
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yakaarI didn't do the ota update, but I did this command sometimes : mount -rw -o remount /  and yes I used apt-get, but it was long time ago08:59
k1lwait, what update did you mean then?09:00
yakaarI don't know exactly if it is the OTA, my mobile was bugging and I searched the way to debug it. I went to the update center and found a main update of the system to do. I did it and it cannot work now09:03
k1lthat sounds like the ota12 update09:04
k1land making the / rw is known to cause issues on regular ota updates.09:05
yakaarhow to repare this ??09:06
yakaaris it possible to repare it ??09:14
yakaark1l: have you any solutions ?? or must I wipe data/ factory reset my mobile ?? I would like to backup my datas is it possible ??09:20
k1lyakaar: i dont know. sorry. i only have a nexus4 with ubuntu and there the OTA worked fine09:21
yakaarok I will try again to call BQ support09:24
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dufluSomeone should have told yakaar: http://askubuntu.com/questions/602035/how-do-i-use-ubuntu-device-flash-with-the-bq-aquaris-e4-5-and-aquaris-e509:29
raph_aelif he has support, he should ask them before09:30
k1lduflu: doesnt that wipe data?09:34
popeyk1l: if you --wipe or --bootstrap, but you don't have to09:37
k1lah ok09:38
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robinherohey guys, the power button isn't working perfect on my Nexus4. Is there a way to I can unlock it with double tap or some other gesture? Sometimes I need to push it to hard and I think it will be worse by time...12:00
Mister_Qrobinhero no there are no gestures or double tap yet12:01
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robinheroMister_Q, sorry for the late reply, but is there a bugWhistlist report for this on Launchpad?13:14
robinheroit would be very useful13:15
robinheroIf there's no bugrepot, I'll fill one13:15
Mister_Qjust file a bug on launchpad against canonical system image13:15
Colin__Hello ? um.. I'm Colin. I get a trouble now. I tried "rm -rf /" and erased all files on my Meizu mx4 ubuntu. And I tried "ubuntu-device-flash ...... --bootstrap" to reinstall OS. But I'm failed. What should I do? How can I reinstall Ubuntu touch? Why it printed "recovery can't flash" on fastboot screen when I tried reinstall OS?13:22
mcphailColin__: I don't think you can reflash with the default recovery, which has adb disabled. You may need to install a recovery with adb activated. I had to do this on my bq phone13:26
Mister_QColin__ see https://github.com/MariusQuabeck/magic-device-tool . the tool tells you exactly what to do13:26
popeythe first outing of Mister_Q's magic tool :)13:26
popeyif this was telegram I'd paste https://imgur.com/YsbKHg1h13:27
Mister_Qpopey, haha I had to :D I wrote it exactly for that usecase ;)13:27
mcphailMister_Q: neat!13:28
Mister_QIt also contains a cool tool by popey ;)13:28
Mister_QI hoped you believed Marius Quabeck and Mister_Q are different persons because I only messaged you on telegram yet :D13:29
popeycan you also credit Stuart Langridge for that, we worked on it together, thanks :)13:29
* popey introduces Mister_Q to /whois13:29
popey14:29 [freenode] -!-  ircname  : Marius Quabeck13:29
popeyI know all :)13:29
popeyeven people who come in here with different nicknames each week :)13:30
* mcphail enjoys pretending to be popey when he goes away on holidays. Much havok to wreak13:30
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Mister_Qpopey I updated the readme and I know about whois :D I just thought you did not looked it up because you mentioned me always as Mister_Q on the community team q & a :D13:32
popeyhaha, true13:33
popeyI like reading out peoples irc nicknames :)13:34
Mister_Qmakes sense13:35
Colin__um... Excuese me... magic-device-tool is a nice tool.. But I still can't flash recovery in fastboot. (I used to switch uTouch from rc to stable image in ubuntu-device-flash, I think  enviorment must be fine) So.. Meizu device 's recovery not support flash?? ( sry my poor English skill >.<).13:53
Mister_QColin__, what did you do exactly? the tool can flash the downloaded adb recovery and flash ubuntu. I just tried it on my mx413:57
dobeyColin__: you must use the recovery image provided on the wiki page13:57
dobeyif you want to use ubuntu-device-flash with one of the meizu ubuntu phones13:58
Colin__um... "rm -rf /".  But I can't flash recovery before do this.13:58
Mister_Qdobey, I'm using that in my tool.. https://github.com/MariusQuabeck/magic-device-tool/blob/master/devices/mx4/ubuntu/stablewipe.sh13:59
Colin__I readed your script. And I tried dowload that recovery.img and "fastboot flash..." but still failed Q.Q14:00
Mister_Qwhat does 'fastboot devices' say?14:01
Colin__" partition 'recovery' not support flash" Q.Q14:02
Mister_Qdid you bought the phone with flymeos?14:03
Mister_Qdid you follow the instructions to get into fastboot? I will try it again on my mx4 as soon as it finishes the current flash but I tested everything on my mx4 with the tool and it worked fine :(14:05
dobeywell, to be fair you presumably also didn't rm -rf / first14:05
Mister_Qin that case its possible that you also removed your imei partitions which would mean you have to send it back to meizu for an imei repair14:06
Mister_Qalthough rm -rf / should not affect fastboot14:07
Colin__Thank you so much XD.14:08
Colin__Does fastboot locked?14:08
Mister_Qoh except when its mounted in ubuntu14:08
Colin__"mounted in ubuntu?" O.O14:09
Mister_Qthe fastboot files are stored somewhere in / its not mounted on most systems to avoid such things but it seems like it is in ubuntu14:10
Mister_QColin__, are you familiar with the sp flash tool?14:10
Colin__sp flash tool?  no  >.<14:13
Mister_QColin__, follow the instructions there http://forum.xda-developers.com/meizu-mx/general/meizu-mx4-how-to-flash-ubuntu-touch-t3210039 . and stick to the instructions. otherwise you will brick your phone.14:15
Colin__Thank you so much :D14:16
Mister_Qthats one of the reasons why I wrote that tool. to stop people from using dangerous oem tools.. kinda funny that I'm recommending it now but I also never rm -rf / on a phone :D14:17
Mister_QColin__, good luck. Ill be back in ~1h and will see what is left from your phone14:18
dobeynot sure why one would do "rm -rf /" anywhere, unless the intent was to break things14:23
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mcphailI'm not sure you can even run "rm -rf /" without extra flags anyway15:00
k1l_the kernel should block that15:01
mcphailthey added the "--no-preserve-root" flag to rm15:02
mcphailkeeping "--preserve-root" as default behaviour15:02
k1l_erm, yes. rm, not kernel15:02
alex___hi, how do i install ubuntu on a tablet with eufi and a detachable keyboard (64bit / intel atom processor)15:09
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Mister_QColin__, I'm back. How's your phone?15:26
Colin__still frozen O.O15:27
dobeyalex___: if you mean standard ubuntu ISO install, that's a question for #ubuntu i guess15:33
Colin__I tried flash a system.img which from ~/.cache/ubuntuimages/pool/xxxxxx.zip.  Failed to boot finally O.O Why?15:36
Mister_QColin__, seems like rm -rf / wasn't a great idea..15:37
Colin__I see Q.Q15:38
Mister_Qyou should send it to meizu15:39
Colin__Okay XD15:40
Mister_Qsorry that I could not help you15:41
Colin__Um.. It's time to sleep. Bye~ :D15:44
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brunch875hayu peeps, I did some clean-up in contacts.google.com16:32
brunch875How do I sync?16:32
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dobeybrunch875: i don't know if there is a way to force a sync16:44
brunch875well that's too bad :c16:44
brunch875I remember forcing contacts to sync before but I cannot seem to find that functionality anywhere anymore16:45
davmor2brunch875: in contacts on the phone you hit the sync button16:50
brunch875Where is that button?16:50
davmor2brunch875: top right next to the search button16:51
brunch875uh oh16:51
brunch875I only have the gear and the lens16:51
brunch875I'm on rc-proposed. Maybe it's temporarily gone? :P16:51
davmor2brunch875: ah can't help you then I'm on stable on this phone16:52
brunch875I should report this anyway, right?16:53
brunch875I have some extra issues too:16:57
brunch875→Libertine fails to create because dpkg returns 1 @ match16:57
brunch875→Videos scope  displays no online results16:57
brunch875→News aggregator only displays results from two sources16:57
brunch875→Vimeo "login" doesn't finish loading and can't cancel it so it locks up all scopes if trying to log in from a scope16:57
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yakaarHi I would like to know if it's possible to save my datas on a aquaris E4.5 where the system is not booting, the ubuntu screen is running infinitely ?17:59
dobeyyakaar: what updates channel are you on for that device? rc-proposed?18:02
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yakaarI don't know I didn't change from the factory state18:05
yakaarand I cannot verify18:05
dobeydo you have developer mode enabled?18:07
dobeyie, you can connect to the device with adb?18:07
yakaaryes the developper mode is enabled, but I cannot connect with adb, it tell me device offline18:12
dobeyok. so technically should be possible to get the data off, but may be quite difficult. it sounds like unity8 keeps crashing for you. have you tried rebooting the phone at all?18:14
yakaaryes I tried many times, but unsuccessfully. And I tried to call BQ support without success...18:17
yakaarI tried to wipe cache partition18:17
dobeyi don't think cache partition is the problem18:18
dobeycan you reboot to bootloader or recovery ok?18:18
yakaaryes I can do it18:33
yakaarfrom bootloader can I connect it with adb18:35
yakaarI'm on recovery mode18:35
Mister_Qdobey yakaar sounds like your using the stock recovery which has no adb18:53
yakaaryes, how to recover datas so ??18:58
yakaaris it possible??18:58
yakaaror in fastboot Mister_Q do you know any solution??19:00
Mister_Qyakaar sure. flash the adb recovery and then install ubuntu on it again https://github.com/MariusQuabeck/magic-device-tool19:01
yakaarBut my datas will be deleted ??19:04
Mister_Qyakaar, not if you choose the option switch channel/reinstall in the tool19:04
yakaarok, how can I flash the bootloader??19:05
Mister_Qthats also an option that offers the tool19:06
Mister_Qand it will tell you what you have to do19:06
dobeyyou don't want to flash the OS from the bootloader19:06
dobeydoing so will destroy your data19:06
Mister_Qthats why he should flash the adb recovery first and then boot into it19:07
dobeyyou want to flash the adb-enabled recovery from bootloader, then in recovery you should be able to recover your data, or just re-flash from recovery without losing data19:07
Mister_Qthats the whole point of the tool. to tell the user what to do without having endless conversations on irc. but sure dobey can help you as well19:08
yakaarMister_Q : I'm on your tool and I hav three option : [1] Install Ubuntu19:12
yakaar[2] Screencast19:12
yakaar[3] Back to menu19:12
Mister_Qinstall ubuntu19:12
Mister_Qthen "[0] Flash ADB recovery (you need to do this first)"19:13
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yakaarand now the screen is black19:39
yakaarand the mobile is hot19:40
Mister_Qyakaar now you can boot into recovery20:08
yakaarit stop at wait for device20:31
yakaarMister_Q: I'm on fastboot and it doesn't work20:32
Mister_Qyakaar well I know for a fact that its working if you follow the instructions. I have to sleep now, will be around in ~8h again20:37
yakaarok thanks a lot for your help, see you later, I will follow the instruction by myself. And I would ask you later if it doesn't work.20:43
yakaarit says Detecting device20:44
yakaarno permissionsfastboot20:44
yakaarDevice detected !20:44
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