brobostigonmorning boys and girls.06:01
knightwiseBehold ! For I have entered the realm of Linux via the Bash environment running onto my Windows 10 machine06:38
knightwiseAll hail the aniversary update and lets praise it for allowing us to finally apt-get update ... IN WINDOWS :)06:38
knightwiseWhat can I say , i'm easily amused06:39
knightwisealthough there does seem to be an issue with scrolling06:44
zmoylan-piif microsoft had of been truly up to their usual standards they should have gone with yum instead of apt just to be a little wrong... :-P06:49
knightonWinthere where apparently some redraw issues with the SSH window I had06:51
knightonWinChecking if this is the case too when i run the irssi nativelyt06:52
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knightwiseso that terminal still needs some work :)07:48
davmor2Morning all08:10
knightwisehey davmor208:10
foobarryknightwise: works in teh std win 10 yet? or the beta/preview thing08:15
knightwisesince the anniversary update08:17
foobarryoh, time to boot the vsphereOS for the first time in months then08:30
foobarryi only need it to deploy ovfs in vmware08:30
SuperEngineerDoes anybody here play Goat Simulator [via Steam] on their Ubuntu pc?  If so, tried it lately?  Does it still work?08:35
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foobarryi get this every time i boot windows after running linux http://imgur.com/a/8i5Ro08:39
foobarrythen windows works the 2nd time08:39
foobarryknightwise: still not there on my copy08:49
foobarrylooking for "windows subsystem for linux"08:49
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foobarryhmm 1511 build 1058608:52
foobarrylooks like the old windows update restart update restart repeat08:52
SuperEngineerfoobarry: "linux subsystem for windows" perhaps?08:53
foobarrydon't think i have the correct build number yet08:53
knightwiseSuperEngineer: thats the one08:54
knightwiseYou have to switch to developer mode first08:54
foobarrydone that08:54
knightwisethen add the linux subsystem for windows08:54
foobarrynot an option08:54
foobarryin the list of windows features08:54
knightwiseThen you dontg have the anniversary update yet08:55
SuperEngineerHave you tried turning it off & back on again?  :-D08:56
SuperEngineerwell Sir, if you repeat the update/restart process another 280 times, you should then see it"  :-D08:58
foobarryi think so08:58
foobarrysigh it wants 20GB free space09:03
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Watermelon Day! 😃 🍉09:09
davmor2JamesTait: think this covers it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dAy9u0_9nM09:14
SuperMattIt's also new comic book day, but that's every wednesday09:16
knightwisefoobarry: thats a lot just for the upgrade09:19
foobarryits cooking my fans too09:32
foobarryand is a lie09:32
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foobarryanniversary update totally hosed my grub10:45
SuperMattof course10:46
foobarryutterly shagged11:01
foobarryits deleted my ubuntu partitions11:06
knightwisefoobarry: gaah11:09
foobarrylost it all11:12
foobarrycould not recreate the partition11:12
davmor2foobarry: there was a post by seb128 I think basically saying Oh come on Windows Devs I can't believe you have never come across a dual booting system11:15
foobarrybit late now :(11:16
foobarrytotally didn't expect a windows update to trash the system when the win10 upgrade didnt11:16
foobarrynever again. ever11:16
foobarryVM only from now on for windows11:16
davmor2foobarry: meh I have it on a separate box for testing only so I don't care :)11:17
knightwisefoobarry: agree11:23
knightwisebig win updates tend to love fracking around with the mbr11:23
* knightwise hasnt dualbooted in years11:23
knightwisewhy "choose" when your machine has enough juice to run it all11:24
foobarrybecause NAT faffing11:24
knightwisefoobarry: that i concur11:24
knightwisewhen i want to do somethink like wifi sniffing and stuff , there are issues because its not running on bare metal11:25
* knightwise needs to get a netbook for that 11:25
knightwisefoobarry: but why nat , why not just bridge the adapters ?11:29
foobarryeither way. a faff11:29
foobarryat least it was when i tried last11:29
foobarryi really don't like virtualbox either11:29
knightwisei'm playing around with some of the Kali tools and have noticed that some things dont work because i run them in a vm11:30
foobarrytrying testdisk and then photorec as last resort11:33
popeythat's unfortunate11:34
popeyfoobarry: were they all on one disk, partitions?11:34
popeyI keep windows and ubuntu on separate disks, wonder if I am safe from this issue11:34
foobarrythis is a laptop SSD11:34
foobarryreally was not expected11:35
popeyi did point out to seb128 that we have had a bug where ubuntu nukes the windows partition. maybe this was payback ㋛11:42
foobarryrunning photorec11:43
foobarrythis all started because i wanted bash on windows11:44
foobarrybut is gonna bite all dual booters i expect11:44
foobarryi only ran the anniv update, thats it11:44
knightwisefoobarry: looks like it treats it as a complete new version of windows11:59
knightwisejust got asked if I wanted to delete the "previous version" of windows to free up space12:00
popeydirecthex: ^12:26
foobarryknightwise: didn't ask me that12:27
foobarrybut glad u got the option:D12:27
knightwiseprevious version was 21 gig12:34
* knightwise only has a 128 gig ssd12:34
* brmbrmcar only has a 9 gig ssd12:35
knightwisebrmbrmcar: thats tight12:38
popeyfoobarry: any luck with photorec?13:00
foobarrythe screensaver went on the livecd and i can't ctrl-alt-f1 but the disk is going13:01
foobarryso i will leave it a few hrs13:01
foobarrywhat a disaster13:01
foobarryeven resetting the partition in fdisk didn't work.13:01
foobarrysomehow it trashed it totally13:02
foobarryand no partition info found13:02
foobarrylistening to this song to cheer me up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4QQ7HYYdWw13:02
knightwisefoobarry: crud man :'13:10
diddledan_nice tune tho13:11
popeyhah, not the most cheery thing I've heard today13:12
foobarryyet still evocative of a certain mood13:27
SuperEngineerYahoo account list hacked.  If [like me] you have a spam dump mail a/c with them - change password now.13:57
foobarryhmm maybe a flickr account13:57
davmor2SuperEngineer: Yawho?13:57
diddledan_yeah I need to change my password, and enable 2fa13:58
diddledan_I'm getting better at turning-on 2fa in places13:58
zmoylan-pididn't a security organisation just poo poo 2fa using sms recently?13:59
diddledan_zmoylan-pi: err, NIST. the National Institute of Science and Technology14:00
diddledan_zmoylan-pi: you can't get much bigger than NIST14:00
diddledan_it's a really big deal over the pond IIRC14:00
davmor2diddledan_: yes you can it's easy watch NISTXL14:00
diddledan_apparently it's common in the states for banks to assume SMS is secure enough to send authentication codes via14:01
davmor2diddledan_: add more X's and it gets bigger still :P14:01
diddledan_diddledan_XXXL <-- that's me14:02
diddledan_how do you pronounce the name "nguyen"?14:02
foobarryno google 2fa though :(14:03
foobarrydiddledan_: allegedly14:03
zmoylan-pii thought it was pronounced noy-gu-nn14:03
diddledan_so. gwen?14:04
SuperEngineerI have 2Fa on all my accounts.  factor 1.. type password, factor 2... darn, password too strong for me to get right when inputting ;-)14:10
davmor2SuperEngineer: I have 4 factor on some of my accounts, your 2 plus getting it wrong again getting locked out of my account, contacting them for an unblock creating a new password that turns out to be the old password and crying in the corner14:12
foobarryrecovered 121000 files with photorec14:22
foobarrydon't think i'll bother14:22
diddledan_foobarry: ouch14:22
diddledan_foobarry: time to ditch windows for good? :-p14:22
foobarryyes, VM only for now. i only need it to deploy .ova files in vmware14:23
popeyfoobarry: so you need to nuke and re-install?14:23
popeywaste of a day :(14:23
foobarryfeel sad today, but liberated tomorrow from dual boot i guess14:25
* SuperEngineer hugs XP pc hidden in corner14:25
SuperEngineer[and seldom used]14:25
foobarrytesting new elementary beta 2 and the touchpad is like i have parkinsons14:27
zmoylan-piapart from being part of botnet of course... :-)14:27
foobarrybut the nipple mouse is stable :S14:27
SuperEngineer... seems the only time I start my XP machine [with a dual boot on it] is to update Ubuntu Mate... you don't always know when that big hardware fail is around the corner - & it keeps my smug smile smug ;-)14:28
diddledan_don't go to blackhat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw0q3rhB7iQ14:37
foobarryseems to be bug 127262414:40
lubotu3bug 1272624 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Dell Latitude E7440] 14.04 Touchpad causing mouse pointer to spuriously jump around screen" [Medium,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127262414:40
daftykinsdiddledan_: did i share my latest Hitman escapade? ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVbt4IVkcNY15:21
diddledan_more disappearing folk?15:22
daftykinsnope! normal play this time15:22
brmbrmcarknightwise: Yeah, it's a struggle...15:35
daftykinsooooh dear16:53
DJonesSaw that earlier, think its been sorted out now16:54
daftykinscould be, nasty one though16:54
DJonesWas also supposed to be affecting audacity16:54
daftykinshmm, i sent a local trade website seller a list of questions and when he finally replied, he ignored them all - then i asked again and he replied to half17:06
daftykinsemail can be so rubbish17:06
Seeker`I'm not sure that's emails fault.17:11
popeypeople can be so rubbish17:11
* popey wanders off to shoot some of them in Rust17:11
daftykinsSeeker`: as a medium, it's legitimate to refer to the common failings of people making use of it17:12
daftykinsbut sure if you really want to slice the hairs some more, the people at the other end...17:12
daftykinsali1234: i found you in the wild! and right you are - http://forum.crucial.com/t5/Crucial-SSDs/SSDs-and-Secure-Erase/ta-p/11258017:14
daftykinshaven't been experiencing some similar woes with MX100s have you?17:14
diddledan_daftykins: ali1234: that crucial thread is weird. I mean what's wrong with blkdiscard or fstrim?19:56
diddledan_obviously those are loonicks commands but there must be equivalents19:56
ali1234the windows equivalent is a 500mb java app that installs it's own webserver and then you connect to it through your browser19:57
diddledan_that's nucking futs19:57
ali1234it's called micro storage executive19:57
diddledan_I believe this sums that crazyness up: http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/173/575/25810.jpg19:58
zmoylan-pisome one took the duck race one step too far...20:00
diddledan_I read the word "wat" and imagine rubber-ducky-squeek making the noise of the word20:01
ali1234it gets better. MSE works on linux too20:02
ali1234crucial rebrands it20:02
ali1234there's also a command line version of MSE for linux20:02
ali1234but crucial do not rebrand that one20:02
ali1234but it works fine anyway20:02
zmoylan-pithat's why is a java app i suppose20:02
daftykinswell i've been browsing around because there's a bug in the MX100 firmware they're not going to fix20:02
ali1234yeah my MX100 died20:02
ali1234that's why i was on there20:03
daftykinsanyone in warranty they're just giving an MX200 instead, won't work on it20:03
ali1234yep same20:03
daftykinsthe tech support guy was chatting rubbish to me today claiming the 200 is all better and superior, but it's rubbish too!20:03
daftykinsvery poor20:03
ali1234it's pretty much exactly the same20:03
ali1234what's the bug?20:03
daftykinsanywho i found my issues on Windows were fixed by enabling hot plug on the port, but that's not on every system20:03
ali1234when mine died there wasn't a known unfixed bug20:03
ali1234oh the hot plug thing20:04
daftykinsoh it's just my assumption really, there's no 'proof'20:04
ali1234mine totally died20:04
ali1234like first it went read only20:04
ali1234then it wouldn't even read20:04
daftykinsyou can get drive disappearances that can be rectified with a few power cycles i think20:04
ali1234i tried all that20:04
daftykinsi'll type it up in a mo anywho, just made food :)20:04
ali1234i read allllllll the things20:04
ali1234nothing worked, it was totally dead jim20:04
ali1234so i RMA'd it20:05
daftykinsMX200 been working ok?20:05
ali1234not used it yet20:05
ali1234i have two drives: my current install and my previous install20:05
ali1234the one that died was my previous install20:05
ali1234so next time i do a fresh install it will go on the MX20020:06
zmoylan-pifingers crossed it lasts...20:06
daftykinsso depending upon AHCI driver under Windows 10, the drive would either cause BSODs if it were the OS drive - or an entire freeze of the OS (mouse pointer still moving) if it were a slave drive20:06
daftykins*or* it would disappear :D20:07
daftykinssince i turned hot plug on on that port though, it's been fine20:07
ali1234yeah i read about that one20:07
ali1234i already had hotplug turned on20:07
daftykinsnah yours sounds a totally separate issue for sure, mines SMART data is pretty much ok20:08
ali1234and the drive never actually disappeared. it just wouldn't respond - at all - to any ATA commands that involve reading the disk20:08
daftykinsmmm could be what mine would get into during the freezes20:08
daftykinsthe freeze was with the iastor MS provided driver, disappearance was with intel's AHCI driver20:08
daftykinsbefore i got onto playing with drivers and hotplug i was disabling HIPM and DIPM via registry edits in Windows20:09
daftykinsthat might have prolonged the times before incident but it still hung around20:09
daftykinsdoes seem Crucial want to just misdirect folk experiencing it though20:10
daftykinsi've got an RMA setup but i called in saying i wasn't happy getting a 500GB drive to replace a 512GB :D "sorry sir but we're not giving MX300s out right now"20:11
ali1234you can change the overprovisioning if you want :)20:12
ali1234that's the only difference afaik20:12
daftykinshe reckoned the MX300 525GB isn't showing up yet20:12
daftykinswell the MX200 has a small SLC cache it uses to make writes appear faster before transferring them later during idle time20:13
daftykinss/them/the newly written data/20:13
daftykinsthey diddled the drive specs!20:14
diddledan_I had nothing to do with it!20:15
daftykinsa likely story20:15

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