Kilosmorning all. chores time07:06
andrewlsdHappy Local government election day 07:36
paddatrapperMorning andrewlsd, Kilos, almal08:06
magespawngood morning08:06
paddatrapperHow things magespawn?08:07
magespawngoog and you paddatrapper ?08:11
magespawngood too08:11
paddatrapperI'm fine thanks08:11
Kiloshi paddatrapper magespawn inetpro and others08:22
magespawnhey Kilos 08:24
* Kilos spoiled08:29
Kiloswas given maybe 1kg or more of kudu biltong08:30
Kilosyeah , neighbour whose sheep i look after is a good guy08:31
magespawnbrb reboot08:45
Kiloswb magespawn 09:08
superflyWow, nice Kilos, you deserve it 10:04
Kilosty superfly 10:05
* superfly has his thumb marked 10:05
Sicelowith 666? :p11:02
MaNIanyone having internet speed issues today?11:14
Sicelonot me11:45
magespawnMaNI: ISP?11:51
magespawnahh isee afrihost11:52
paddatrapperMaNI: I have, but that's nothing new...11:54
magespawnis it just general, or specific?11:55
Kilosslow here as well12:30
Kilostook forever just to login to speedtest.net12:32
MaNIafrihost, everything12:48
MaNIcouldn't even speedtest properly12:48
* superfly seems fine12:54
magespawnchat later13:02
MaNIyeah seems to have cleared up now13:14
inetprogood mornings16:33
Kiloshi inetpro SEptic nsnzero 16:44
nsnzerohi Kilos how you doing ?16:46
Kilosok ty and you16:46
nsnzerofighting a stomach bug but finally in recovery mode 16:46
SEpticthats not lekker16:49
SEpticfound a rather nagging bug 16:51
SEpticin kubuntu16:51
SEpticnot my stomach, no pun intended nsnzero16:51
nsnzerolol , i wish i was as easy to repair as linux 16:52
SEpticworking lekker no problems, until tuesday, existing wifi connections refuse to connect and just sit with "waiting for autorization"16:52
Kiloswifi from a router?16:53
SEpticboth my laptops cant connect to my phone hotspot, but only 1 laptop connects to my wifi router at home16:53
SEpticfinding one or two posts about NetworkManager and .. wicd i think?16:54
SEpticany ideas?16:54
nsnzeroSEptic: i had a similar problem - its the network manger - did you upgrade it ?16:54
SEpticnot yet, looking for a post how to16:55
nsnzerouse synaptic 16:56
SEpticooh this fancy, havent used synaptic before17:01
SEpticdo i mark to upgrade?17:01
Kilostell it reload17:01
Kilosthen in edit mark all upgrades17:01
Kilosor type in the top whatever you want to reinstall which fetches updates for that package17:03
Siceloand if you're on KDE, check if the password wallet is 'open' .. one of the annoyances that make me wish to go back to Gnome asap17:06
SEpticaah ok cool, will check17:06
nsnzerosorry i opened synaptic and got carried away17:06
SEptici see both laptops have the latest updated versions of network-manager already17:06
nsnzeroSEptic: use the force version to roll back to the previous version - that sorted out my problem - you can also lock it so it wont upgrade 17:08
SEpticwoah, how have i survived this long without using synaptic :/17:08
Kiloshi gremble 17:09
grembleHey Kilos 17:10
grembleHow are you?17:10
Kilosok ty and you lad?17:10
grembleI am well thank you17:12
SEpticrolled back the network-manager package ... lets see17:32
SEpticmeh :|17:33
Sicelologs are your friend .. what do they say?17:39
SEptici need to go look there17:40
SEpticpretty sure they'll just say SEptic doesn't know what he is doing17:40
Sicelothat's a good start :)17:40
Sicelobetter than not knowing17:41
SEptici certainly am learning a lot17:41
SEpticodd that it's specific to wifi only17:45
SEpticcabled and usb tethering work no problems17:45
SEptici found the logs ^_^17:51
pavlushkaahoy ZA!17:59
magespawngood evening18:22
magespawnssh root@empcountryclub.no-ip.biz18:23
magespawnwell they went in the wrong place18:23
grembleYou should probably disallow root login with SSH :P18:28
grembleThat's also what she said18:28
magespawnindeed gremble, not my system anymore though18:29
magespawnand not type the dyndns in a chat window either18:29
SEpticok, i'm getting closer18:36
SEptici can connect to open wifi networks without passwords18:37
SEpticenable passwords then it goes for a ball of smelly stuff18:37
magespawnSEptic: on you linux machine?18:38
magespawnhi Kilos 18:38
Kiloshi magespawn 18:38
SEptica notification that pops up after attempting to connect to a hotspot or router says something about unable to send secrets or something18:40
SEpticmagespawn: yup18:40
SEptickubuntu 16.0418:40
magespawnokay then18:40
Sicelotoldya earlier18:40
magespawnthats a new one for me18:40
Sicelokde sucks! i miss gnome18:40
Siceloi have got that error lots of times18:40
magespawnwhy not use gnome?18:40
Sicelo19:06 < Sicelo> and if you're on KDE, check if the password wallet is 'open' .. one of the annoyances that make me wish to go back to Gnome asap18:40
SEptic"no secrets were provided"18:41
SiceloSEptic: check your password wallet .. you may have to logout/login18:41
SEpticah! ok just a sec18:41
SEpticlooks like wallet manager seems to be going tits up18:43
Sicelo(i'm not on ubuntu btw)18:44
Kilosi dont use that wallet thing at all18:46
grembleI would use a wallet... if I had money18:47
Siceloit doesn't look like you have to explicitly use it -- it's always there in the background protecting any passwords you save in the machine. it's a good feature tbh, _when it works_18:49
Kilosbtw i will only be online tomorrow night guys. going to apply for pension tomorrow18:52
Kilosbe good18:52
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:52
Siceloall the best man18:52
magespawngood night Kilos 18:53
magespawndon't correct a typo when saying good night, by then he is gone18:54
SEptic"wallet is currently closed"18:55
SEptici click open and nothing happens18:55
SEpticunless i disable the wallet subsystem18:56
magespawngood luck SEptic 18:57
magespawngood night all18:57
SEptictime to P A R T Y 18:59
SEpticmy wifi stuffs is all working now :)18:59
SEpticSicelo for president!19:00
SEptici basically disabled the wallet system and rebooted19:00
SEpticit makes sense now why it would give the error that it couldnt give out the wifi passwords19:01
SEpticcoz of the wallet stuff going funky19:01
Sicelowallet locked with heavy padlock :p19:01
SEpticso i guess other option is to setup the wallet system completely or maar disable it19:02
SEpticwow, blows my mind19:05
SEpticok, but i'm learning19:05
SEpticty for the help19:07

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