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jayjoI'm getting an error that says: cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device but when I logout and login it says 70% of the disk is used00:09
jayjoany idea whats going on?00:09
spyhermitfigure out the path it's saving to, probably no space on the partition it's trying to write to00:10
Bashing-omjayjo: What does terminal commands ' df -h ; df -i ' relate about the space usage ?00:12
zykotick9jayjo: if it is the filesystem you think, check "df -hi" ...00:12
chat1926upgrade to 16.04.1 from 14.04.4lts has broken system can't load X on boot also get sa-compile error00:13
jayjooutput of df -hi : https://bpaste.net/show/f58423efffda00:14
jayjolooks normal00:14
zykotick9jayjo: nothing near 100% so inodes aren't the issue ;)  good luck00:14
Bashing-omchat1926: Busted proprietary graphic's driver ? what results booting with the nomodeset boot parameter ?00:15
tony_help I somehow cant messed up something in my windows computer but I read somewhere that I could restore it by using d ubuntu disk. Anyone know how to do this?00:15
chat1926am i connected?00:16
* zykotick9 isn't even sure what a xvda1 root directory means either...00:16
Diamondcitechat, yes you are?00:17
spyhermitjayjo: any errors in /var/log/system or /var/log/messages ? something should be complaining00:17
pushpopHi All, I just installed Ubuntu 16.04 and I'm trying to get the right video card drivers installed to play Steam games.  I have the following video card => http://pastebin.com/aTRRZLbb00:19
pushpopI've been trying to get the right drivers installed for hours.  Any suggestions?00:19
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AMR_KELEGHi guys , i have upgraded my system to Ubuntu 16.04 but i am unable to activate the WIFI .. any help?00:20
chat374on my tablet forgot how to log into irc have real issue with 14.04lts upgrade to 16.04lts00:21
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jojom8been w8ing a while 4 someone to talk to XD00:39
bazhangjojom8, this is ubuntu support only00:39
jojom8sorry XD00:39
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat00:40
jojom8ill leave00:40
OerHeksAMR_KELEG AMD Radeon R9 285, R9 380/380X and R9 Fury/FuryX graphics cards are now supported  by the AMDgpu driver00:40
OerHeksoh he left00:40
jojom8I do have a question though00:40
jojom8whenever i use amixer with Python, I get "Unable to connect to jack server or start jack server."00:42
jojom8I am using a banana pi mk100:42
jojom8with latest updates/ upgrades installed on Ubuntu Mate 1600:43
OerHeksjojom8, marte for arm?00:44
jojom8I don't know, i only know that I am using the Banana Pi image provided on the official site.00:45
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.00:45
OerHeksnot sure if you might need #ubuntu-mate, but the arm channel is a good start00:46
OerHeksmaybe you need python-alsaaudio or mopidy-alsamixer for python support00:46
jojom8ok, thanks for the help00:47
_adbis alsamixer even installed by default anymore or is it all pulse?00:47
OerHeksit is, iirc00:47
jojom8and, yes, i am using Arm prosesser i just looked it up00:47
OerHeksnobody asks support eating apple-pi :-(00:48
ChrisP_upgrade to 16.04lts from 14.04lts takes me to tty1 not to graphical login Gnome00:51
OerHeksChrisP_, hit ctl alt F7, for X login?00:52
ChrisP_nothing happens no blinking cursor00:53
ChrisP_at tty 100:53
ChrisP_i can ssh in from tablet00:55
_adbChrisP_: did getty fail to start? anything in syslog?00:57
Miharucan anyone recommend me good time management software in ubuntu?00:58
ChrisP_"will have to look at it on tablet00:58
jojom8use the built-in calendar?01:00
bazhang!find hamster01:01
ubottuFound: hamster-applet, hamster-indicator, ruby-hamster01:01
jojom8or mabey you would like to browse the Ubuntu store?01:01
bazhang!info hamster-applet01:01
ubottuhamster-applet (source: hamster-applet): time tracking applet for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.91.3+git20120514.b9fec3e1-1ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 320 kB, installed size 2866 kB01:01
bazhang!find zeegaree01:01
ubottuPackage/file zeegaree does not exist in xenial01:02
Miharubazhang: hamster is unable to do automatic time tracking, right?01:02
nemecihi nerds01:02
bazhanghttp://blog.hubstaff.com/ubuntu-time-tracking/ Miharu01:03
ChrisP_all kinds of errors there however the upgrade went smooth as far as warnings went01:03
Miharuone interface that I like is klock.01:03
bazhanghttp://blog.hubstaff.com/ubuntu-time-tracking/ Miharu in case you missed it01:03
MiharuI'm reading it /bazhang01:04
daxi guess it's that time of day again *sigh*01:04
avionicif I want to update an application I got from the ubuntu software store, but the new verison isn't available from app store yet, what's the easiest way to update?01:05
bazhangavionic, what app01:06
OerHeksavionic, to wait, or to find an other source, ppa or other, or build it yourself, if you cannot wait01:06
bazhangavionic, what version, the handbrake devs have recommended jtebbins ppa in the past01:07
Miharutbh, I'm using hamster... It has potential, but I feel something is missing...01:07
bazhangask them about that in the hanbrake channel avionic01:07
avionicapp store has 0.10.2 but their website has 0.10.501:07
spyhermithttp://askubuntu.com/questions/806325/having-problems-with-ipmi-via-sol <-- this is me, basically I cannot get ipmi SOL to work at 115200, only 19200. I've changed the speed in the bios and in grub but after the kernel and ramdisk load, I get only garbage/control characters.01:07
OerHeks!info handbrake01:08
ubottuhandbrake (source: handbrake): versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK+ GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.2+ds1-2build1 (xenial), package size 5449 kB, installed size 10491 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386; powerpc)01:08
bazhangavionic, and which is the stable release01:08
OerHeksavionic, their page points to a ppa, but carefull, you are on your own! https://handbrake.fr/downloads.php01:09
avionicwhat is a ppa?01:09
bazhang!ppa | avionic01:09
ubottuavionic: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge01:09
bazhangwhich is the stable release avionic01:10
bazhangit's .2 as far as I know avionic01:10
avionicok thanks i'll keep what i have01:10
ChrisP_don't know if this is the problem in recovery mode trying to run sa-compile is all borked up01:12
Bashing-omchalcedony: Just checking ... and in recovery mode did you reset the root partition rw ?01:25
Bashing-omChrisP_: ^^ Apologies to chalcedony .01:27
ChrisP_afaict it's in rw mode01:36
Bashing-omChrisP_: What does the system think ' cat /proc/cmdline  ' ?01:45
ChrisP_boot_image=/boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-31-generic root=uuid4254a7e9-429b-4f53-a08c-ae7ff839b98f root01:50
ChrisP_while checking a minute ago saw error said /etc/X11/xorg.conf missing sure enough its not there01:52
ChrisP_its on my backup usb drive but not sure how to open it01:54
ChrisP_Should be ro at the end of the boot image line01:55
babolaes posible q un ircop no te deje entra a un canal?01:57
babolapor que le salga de las narices01:57
moestevens!ubuntu-es | babola01:57
babolano lo digo en broma01:58
moestevensI've definitely gotta remember the correct commands for that thing.01:58
Bashing-omChrisP_: Yeah .. should be 'ro' .. Not real sure now to see that root is now Read/Write . And /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is depreciated .. used in those special occassions .01:58
YankDownUnderbabilen: Esta en #ubuntu-es-es01:59
ChrisP_am I just screwed?02:00
Bashing-omChrisP_: So long as you can boot to a terminal and the system is stable in this environment .. then it is but a GUI layer on top of the kernel that has an issue .02:01
Jordan_UChrisP_: Try pressing 'e' at the grub menu and change "...98f root" to "...98f ro" then press ctrl+X to boot.02:03
Jordan_UChrisP_: Any idea why you have "root" in your kernel parameters in the first place?02:04
ChrisP_got it I really need to get gnome to start its like X just doesn't want to start02:05
ChrisP_nope no idea why its there02:07
Jordan_UChrisP_: I'm wondering if it might be interpreted as a synonym for "single", which would mean you're asking for X (and many other things) not to start.02:08
ChrisP_timeout in locking authority file02:08
ChrisP_when I do startx02:09
Jordan_UChrisP_: Before doing anything else, follow the steps I gave to boot without that kernel parameter. If you're lucky then it will fix everything and then we'll just have to make the fix permanent.02:09
Jordan_UChrisP_: I wouldn't expect startx to work anyway.02:09
ChrisP_geez I'm getting too old for this its driving me nuts02:11
ChrisP_ok I'll try that just saw what you said02:12
MilkTeaNoBoba_Hi, using kubuntu 16.04 server. Was wondering if anyone could recommend a remote desktop solution? I've been playing with KRFB, but it seems clunky.02:12
ChrisP_it's just 'ro' after 98f not root02:21
Jordan_UChrisP_: OK. What happens when you run "systemctl start lightdm"?02:22
ChrisP_entered my password as asked got Authentication complete then job for lightdm.service failed because the control process exited with error code. see systemctl status and journalctl-despite02:30
Jordan_UChrisP_: And "systemctl status lightdm"?02:33
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aroonihey folks ;  just upgraded my thinkpad t420 from 14.04 ==> 16.04;  it starts up fine, but then i saw this error messages, "sorry ubuntu 16.04 has experienced an internal error; and the executable path is /usr/sbin/smdb;  do i need to do anything)?02:41
aroonialso just got one for cron02:41
alexxeyWhat does 'apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop' do?02:42
alexxeyubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage02:42
arooniis that for me ?02:42
alexxeyWill reinstalling a metapackage reinstalls its deps?02:42
alexxey<arooni> I'm asking a separate question ;-)02:44
n-iCealexxey: sudo apt-get install -reinstall ubuntu-desktop02:44
n-iCeand, sudo apt-get build-dep ubuntu-desktop02:44
alexxeyn-iCe, Thanks, but I do not understand. What does build-dep have anything to do with this?02:46
ChrisP_says loaded then process 3712 execstartpre=/bin/sh -c ["$(basename $(cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager 2>/dev/null))" = "lightdm" ] code=exited, status=1/failure02:46
alexxeyarooni, I assume your error message is with /usr/sbin/smbd instead of smdb02:47
Jordan_Un-iCe: What do you expect "sudo apt-get build-dep ubuntu-desktop" to accomplish?02:47
aroonialexxey: yes indeed02:48
ChrisP_there's more basically says it failed to start. lightdm.service: start request repeated too quickly02:49
Jordan_UChrisP_: What is the output of "cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager" ?02:49
alexxeyarooni, Then maybe you should check the log files under /var/log/samba and see if samba share functions correctly02:50
aroonialso; how do i change my cursor; and cursor size on ubuntu 16.04?02:51
dodobrainhi all02:51
n-iCenstall all dependencies for 'ubuntu-desktop' so that I can build it02:52
dodobrainwhats the recommended process for upgrading a 1504 server to 1604? yes i know it was bad to had the original sitting on an inbetween-LTS release. but how do i go about this now?02:52
dodobrainalso how do i choose the fastest mirror to use?02:53
Jordan_Un-iCe: You want to build the ubuntu-desktop metapackage from source?02:53
alexxeyarooni, Maybe you encounterd the old problem of non-changable cursur.02:54
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aroonialexxey: i got it changed via unity tweak tool;  now i just need to find an american flag cursor :P02:54
ChrisP_with I keep entering /usr/sbin/gdm302:54
Roy11IJust testing, bash for Win10 works pretty well02:55
ChrisP_worked that time02:55
Jordan_U!eolupgrade | dodobrain02:55
ubottudodobrain: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:55
Jordan_UChrisP_: What worked exactly?02:56
ChrisP_no graphical login works. I can boot to terminal login and that's it. when it boots to tty1 the cursor blinks a few times then stops I have to ctrl-alt f2 then ctrl-alt f1 then I can log in03:00
spyhermitanyone showed up who has experience with IPMI SOL? looking for a fix for a problem on 16.0403:02
spyhermitcan't change the baud rate from 19200 to 11520003:02
spartan2276How can I fix my bluetooth on ubuntu 16.04?03:02
Jordan_UChrisP_: systemctl start gdm03:03
Jordan_UChrisP_: systemctl status gdm03:04
spartan2276here is the output of lspci -knn | grep Net -A3; lsubsb03:04
ChrisP_I ran systemctl start gdm3 I get no errors and says its running03:05
ChrisP_status says gdm3 has been running for 41mins03:06
Jordan_UChrisP_: ctrl+alt+F703:07
alexxeyspartan2276, You got BCM43142, to fix bluetooth you need to install firmware03:07
alexxey...extracted and converted from the Windows driver pacakge.03:08
Archeusshould i upgrade to 16.04 ?03:08
spartan2276ok how can I do that?03:08
alexxeyspartan2276, wait a minuten and lemme check03:08
SuperMechaCowArcheus, I'm using 16.04. I haven't had too much trouble with it, but I'm stil la newbie03:08
spartan2276is there a software that will allow me to do this. I also don't want my WiFi to break03:08
Archeuswhts the size of update ?03:09
spyhermitI'm at the beginning of deploying 2200 16.04 servers03:09
spyhermitit's worked well for us.03:09
ChrisP_that takes me back to the tty1 login with no cursor03:09
SuperMechaCowspyhermit, 2200 servers?! wow03:09
SuperMechaCowI've done 1. ever03:10
spartan2276I have to agree the 16.04 server is solid, we are running them on 4 servers at work03:10
alexxeyspartan2276, see http://askubuntu.com/a/63234803:10
spyhermitSuperMechaCow: yeah, this is why I would like to get ipmi over SOL working, because seriously, dammit, I just need working high speed ipmi and I can get this moving03:11
ChrisP_ctrl-alt f1 takes me back to where I just was with the gdm3 status03:11
spartan2276yeah that's the cloud for yah. Lanscape is a pretty good service too03:11
spyhermit12.04 is eol in april, so I kind of need to move up.03:11
alexxeyspartan2276, if you run dmesg | grep blue you should see  firmware: failed to load brcm/BCM.hcd03:12
spartan2276@alexxey thanks!03:12
SuperMechaCowspyhermit, I just heard a lot of acronyms. I just kicked Windows this week.03:12
spyhermitwell, I don't expect you to understand. :) I'm mostly grumpy for effect.03:12
spyhermitas far as I can tell, nobody is using this config. :/03:12
kurowaso I had a drive in exFAT format before.03:16
kurowaa flash drive.03:16
kurowato read, I use sudo apt-get exfat-fuse exfat-utils03:17
kurowaI successfully read it, and then I format it.03:17
kurowaUsing NTFS format, but it is failed, and the drive doesn't appear anymore.03:18
kurowahow to fix this?03:18
kurowait is detected in Disks.03:19
ChrisP_I just don't understand if systemctl status gdm3 says its running then why aren't I seeing the graphical desktop?03:19
kurowabut no response from clicking that.03:20
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ChrisP_@jordan_U any other suggestions03:28
ChrisP_status says session opened for user gdm by (uid=0)   Should that read user Chris (me)03:33
Archeusmy PC shows tht skype is installed on my laptop03:35
Archeusbut i cant find it anywhere03:35
Archeuswht to do ?03:35
n-iCeArcheus: use the search menu?03:36
n-iCetype 'skype' in a terminal?03:36
Archeusused it but nothing there03:36
Archeusk opened now03:36
aroonii just upgraded to ubuntu 16.04;  i have a SSD ... i remember i had to set up like a weekly cron job to run fstrim (somethign to do with ssd drives).  must i do that again on ubuntu 16.04 ?03:39
n-iCearooni: http://askubuntu.com/questions/674320/what-ssd-optimization-are-needed-on-latest-ubuntu-version03:40
n-iCemaybe might help?03:40
ubottuMany Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.03:42
OerHeksarooni, nope03:42
OerHekscheck trim enabled03:43
OerHeks tail -n1 /etc/cron.weekly/fstrim03:43
daved1058can anyone assist me in setting up a transparent proxy03:44
kazi'm having some issues with dual-booting win10/ubuntu16.0403:45
kazthe ethernet won't work.03:46
arooniOerHeks: in my weekly cron i see; /sbin/fstrim --all || true ... so that means i'm all set up?03:46
OerHeksarooni, yes you are03:46
arooniawesome thanks OerHeks !03:46
OerHeksfor all ssd devices, that is03:46
aroonireally loving the new 16.04; i dont know whats new ; but certainly seems snappy even on  my old thinkpad t42003:47
daved1058anyone able to help me with this proxy?03:47
OerHeksi have no clue about proxies, daved105803:47
glitchdk1l, back again with a new query..lol03:48
kazdoes anyone know how to fix ethernet issues on dualbooting?03:48
glitchdkaz, such as?03:48
OerHeksbut bootissues, kaz, maybe this windows 10 thing, called fastboot ( not secureboot) can do that03:48
OerHeksit occupies the hdd/ssd/wifi/network and other stuff03:49
kazi'm dual booting win10 and ubuntu, and the ethernet doesn't connect.03:49
kazi have that disabled. it's the BIOS option right?03:49
glitchdkaz, are u having problems access windows folder from linux as all?03:49
OerHeksin windows itself03:49
kazi'll look at it03:49
kazit connects at first, and then it says it's disconnected03:50
glitchdkaz, im dual booting windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04 with xubuntu desktop, im not having any problems with ethernet or wifi03:50
kazwhen i run iwconfig it says "eno1 No wireless connections" which is weird because that's a wired connection.03:51
Ben64kaz: because iwconfig is for wireless03:51
kazhow do i check for wired connections?03:51
glitchdkaz, what about ifconfig?03:51
OerHekskaz, also the issue with fastboot, wifidevice occupied03:52
kazi'll check fastboot and ifconfig03:52
glitchdkaz, something i learned about windows 1003:52
glitchdkaz, when u shutdown or reboot, it puts the hard drive and i think possibly devices in a "suspend like" state, as to start up faster. if you want to actually power them off when u power off the system, you have to do a reboot instead of a shutdown.03:53
glitchdkaz, i was being specific to windows 1003:54
OerHeksdisabling fastboot would do that indeed, shutdown completely03:54
kazeven if you do the thing where you hold it so that it turns off completely?03:54
glitchdyes, but if u dont want to turn fastboot off03:54
glitchdfor whatever reason..03:54
glitchdkaz, that im not sure about..03:54
OerHeks"except if you want to use ubuntu wifi"03:55
glitchdkaz, i dont power my machine off like that unless forced to do so03:55
OerHeksbut hey, test it out, or keep on asking :-D03:55
glitchdkaz, you could however,03:55
kazifconfig says some stuff03:55
kazwhat should i look for?03:55
glitchdkaz, tell it to reboot then when u get to grub just press the power button to shut the machine down03:55
kazthat didn't work either.03:58
glitchdkaz, which one isnt working?03:59
kazglitchd, shutting down in grub03:59
kazglitchd: i did have fast startup on so i'm turning that off03:59
glitchdkaz, probably a good move.04:00
glitchdkaz, does ifconfig list any info at all?04:00
glitchdkaz, or does it return an error?04:00
kazglitchd: it shows some information but i don't know what i'm supposed to look for in it04:01
glitchdkaz, does it show device names?04:01
glitchdkaz, like your wireless card or ethernet port names?04:01
kazglitchd: there are two header things. one about eno1 and one about lo04:02
glitchdkaz, ie- wlan0 eth0 etc..04:02
kazyeah it shows eno1 and lo04:02
ybaumyhi. i have 2 networks on the same interface enp10s0.400 and enp10s0.400:1 .. thats on the one node. i need now to figure out how to get intervlan routing from another host to that network if that is possible at all. when i do a ping -I  ens160 another host and ens160  is the same network as i get a rom icmp_seq=104:02
glitchdkaz, try sudo ifconfig enol up04:02
ybaumyRedirect Host(New nexthop:
kazeno1 says Ethernet HWaddr next to it04:02
glitchdok thats fine04:03
glitchdkaz, "sudo ifconfig enol up"04:03
kazi did04:03
kaznothing happened04:03
glitchdyour ethernet didnt connect after that?04:04
glitchdetherne=lan cable04:04
kazyeah no04:04
kazit says connected04:04
kazit says it has a connection04:04
kazbut it's not doing anything04:05
kazi can't ping anything04:05
glitchdbut when u try to go to a website it doesnt let you, saying your not connected?04:05
Ben64kaz: does it have anything like "inet address" when you do ifconfig04:05
Ben64and it is....?04:06
kazhas 2 of those04:06
OerHeksdo you have tried shutdown from grub only?.. that does not prevent fastboot, does it?04:06
glitchdthis almost sounds like a resolv.conf problem04:06
glitchdkaz, what version ubuntu are u on?04:06
OerHeksyes, wired can get an ip adress, but no traffic, seen this before04:06
Ben64kaz: try ping
glitchdping doesnt work he said..04:07
Ben64didn't say the target of the ping04:07
kazit says "Destination Host Unreachable"04:07
Ben64what is the output of "route"04:07
glitchdkaz, just for knowledge sake, how are you online right now?04:07
kazi have a laptop04:07
kazit's fully ubuntu04:08
glitchdkaz, so different computer then04:08
kazbut my desktop is dual-boot04:08
* OerHeks wonders if fastboot is disabled from within windows now..04:08
kazfastboot is disabled04:08
kazroute shows 3 things inside a table04:08
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:08
kazdefault, link-local, and
Ben64type the default one here04:09
glitchdkaz, just use pastebin and give the whole output04:09
kazdefault   UG   100   0   0   eno104:09
Ben64computer is offline guys, pastebin isn't going to work easily04:10
kazi can't copy paste on the computer04:10
kazi have to type it by looking04:10
glitchdshit lol duh04:10
Ben64100 metric???04:10
glitchdmy bad..04:10
kazi could put it on a flash drive text file but that might take a while04:10
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kazyes 100 metric04:10
Ben64thats... no good04:11
kazlink-local has 1000 metric04:11
kazwhat's that mean04:11
glitchdkaz, might be better than typing it all out tho..04:11
kazi can type quickly04:11
Ben64it should be 004:11
kazwhat's a metric?04:11
glitchdmine is 104:11
avionici am using 16.04 lts... when will it notify me of the .1 update?04:11
Ben64metric is like priority04:12
glitchdavionic, i upgrade directly from 15.10 to 16.04.1 from the gui04:12
avionicglitchd: "software & updates" ?04:13
Ben64avionic: if you do "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" you should have .104:13
OerHeksavionic, cat /etc/issue  will tell you what you have04:13
kazI read that it might have something to do with drivers?04:13
Ben64seems unlikely04:13
avionic:~$ cat /etc/issue Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l04:13
glitchdavionic, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade04:14
kazHow would I check if it was a driver issue?04:14
Ben64glitchd: dist-upgrade04:14
Ben64kaz: it wouldn't even come up as a network device probably04:14
glitchdBen64, yesyes much less typing04:14
ybaumyhi again. http://paste.ubuntu.com/21990244/ can somebody take a look at it please04:15
glitchdkaz, did it ever work?04:15
kazit works for the first second or two i connect to the network04:15
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kazthen it turns off04:15
kazlike it loads the first page04:15
kazor if i had a page open from the last time that i tried going to it loads that, but then nothing04:16
kazor if i had a page open from the last time that i tried going to it loads that, but then nothing04:16
kazand it says it's connected04:16
kazi reinstalled a different kind of linux just to fix it04:16
avionicAny programs you recommend that test cpu performance?04:16
kazdidn't wok04:16
glitchdkaz, but it works from a live cd?04:17
glitchdkaz, or does it do the same thing?04:17
kazi have a drive and it works with that04:17
kazduring the installer04:18
glitchdkaz, live-usb?04:18
kazwell i dunno if it's live04:18
kazbut the usb to install ubuntu has that thing04:18
glitchdright but all that matters is that it works04:18
kaz"try ubuntu without install"04:18
kazyeah that works04:18
glitchdlive\installer usb04:19
glitchdsame thing basically04:19
kazit has to work, because there's an option that said "download updates and drivers during installation"04:19
kazand i clicked that and it seemed to work04:19
glitchdkaz, if it were me, i would boot the usb and take a look at ifconfig, iwconifg, resolv.conf and see if there are any real differences between the 2 systems04:20
glitchdtake pictures with ur phone if you dont want to write it all down04:20
Ben64i still think it's a problem with route04:20
kazwill do04:20
glitchdBen64, i was thinking really it was gonna be a problem with the resolv.conf, but he says that he gets connected for a second then kicked basically04:21
glitchdkaz, last resort i would reinstall..04:21
kazi typed in some command and it said "eth1 renamed to eno1"04:21
kazand i already did reinstall04:21
kazthis is my third install04:21
kaz2 different kinds of linux04:21
glitchddo u know what command made the name change?04:21
kazalright the live-usb is going to take a while to make04:23
kazi'm using rufus04:23
glitchdi have a faster way you can do it04:23
glitchdkaz, do u have an iso?04:24
kazglitchd: yeah04:24
kazglitchd: i got the iso from the website04:24
glitchdsudo dd if=name.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=1M;sync04:24
kazglitchd: internet works on my windows boot, so if i boot up in windows that works fine04:25
glitchdchange the name of the iso and the device name "sdx"04:25
kazglitchd: internet works on my windows boot, so if i boot up in windows that works fine04:25
kazyou want me to rename it to sdx?04:25
OerHeksso try iwconfig eno1 instead of eth1 >> https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/04:25
OerHeksthis is new stuff in 16.0404:26
kazi heard that iwconfig was wireless?04:26
kazi'm concerned with wired connection, although wireless isn't working either04:26
glitchdkaz, im sorry i forgot your in windows..04:26
OerHeksor what your wifi adapter is called now*04:26
glitchdkaz, just use rufus like you were gonna do04:27
kazcurrently i am using ubuntu on my laptop04:27
glitchdkaz, omg..04:27
kazthe disk is done04:27
glitchdkaz, if your in ubuntu then use the command i gave04:27
glitchdkaz, if your in windows use rufus, clear?04:27
kazyeah it's done04:28
glitchdok try to boot it04:28
glitchdkaz, what did u rename "sdx" to?04:32
kazit wasn't called sdc04:32
kazand the live-usb only loads one page as well04:33
kazroute shows the same thing except one row, local something04:33
glitchdkaz, well if the live usb work, it doesnt matter what u renmaed it to because it worked04:34
kazit only worked for one page04:34
kazit's not working anymore04:34
kazjust like the regular system04:34
glitchdkaz, im sorry but did u say u are physically connected or your on wifi?04:35
glitchddont want to screll back..04:35
kazphysically connected04:35
kazi have an ethernet cable04:36
glitchdthats what i thought..04:36
kazifconfig on my regular ubuntu without live-usb has an extra row04:36
glitchdmaybe its your ip?04:36
kazit's called link-local, metric 100004:37
glitchdprobably not tho..04:37
kazmy ip?04:37
kazhow would i check that?04:37
glitchdsry i was thinking something else..04:37
glitchdsince you said you could browse for a second then it cuts04:37
glitchdbut i think if it was an ip problem you would be able to browse even for a second because you connection would be refused04:38
tikunhe's getting an IP address then?04:38
glitchdlol i dont know if i asked him that directly04:39
kazi have no idea how to check that04:39
tikunkaz, ifconfig04:39
tikunwhat's the IP address04:39
kazis that the "inet addr"04:39
glitchdlook for inet addr:04:39
kazthere's another one "lo" that shows localhost04:40
glitchdwhat is it on you other computer?04:40
kazon my other computer?04:40
glitchdthat one is fine04:40
glitchdwhat is you ip on the other computer04:40
kazis the computer i'm currently using04:40
tikuncan you ping it04:41
glitchdok just wanted to make sure u were connecting to the right network04:41
kazping myself?04:41
kazor ping the other computer?04:41
tikunno, the other computer.04:41
tikunping .98 from .105 or vice versa04:41
glitchdjust in case it was instead04:41
tikunis this from a livecd?04:41
glitchdlets call first computer linux and second computer windows04:42
kazbut my second computer is running ubuntu04:42
kazmy first computer is dualboot04:42
tikunwhat can you not access, the internet or the other computer?04:42
kazthe computer that's not working is a pc, dualboot win10/ubuntu04:43
glitchdand thats the one your trying to get linux internet with, right?04:43
kazinternet doesn't work on the pc04:43
kazfor ubuntu04:43
kazworks for the windows half of that computer04:43
glitchdok and the "other" physical computer is a what? laptop?04:43
glitchdor we've been talk about just 1 computer this whole time04:44
kazno 2 computers04:44
kaz1 pc 1 laptop04:44
kazpc = dualboot, laptop = ubuntu04:44
kazlaptop is what i'm currently using04:44
glitchdok that makes a lil more sense04:44
avionicwhat's on second04:44
cpdleveyHello all!04:45
avioniche can't get wifi to work or ethernet?04:45
glitchdkaz, i wonder if dmesg has any clues04:45
tikunkaz, can you ping another LAN IP?04:45
tikunyes or no04:45
tikuncan you ping the gateway IP04:46
kazi can't ping another ip after a minute or two04:46
glitchdom the ubuntu laptop, ping the desktop ubuntu machine04:46
OerHeksi would remove wired and wireless profile from network manager and set it up new, as last resort04:46
kazcan't ping the desktop04:47
glitchdfrom the laptop04:47
cpdleveyI’ve got an issue when trying to perform an apt-get update… Suggests that I must perform a dpkg —configure, when I do, update-initramfs hangs at a mdadm error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21991962/ — Can anyone provide some insight on this?04:47
glitchdwhat about the other way around?04:47
kazlaptop -> pcubuntu doesn't work04:47
kazpcubuntu -> laptop works for a second or two04:48
kazbut then stops working04:48
kazOerHeks: how do i remove the profiles?04:49
glitchdi would boot back into non working ubuntu and check the output of dmesg04:49
tikuncpdlevey, hangs as in a minute or two and you ctrl-c out of it or 30 minutes or more04:49
OerHeksnetwork manager > edit connections > delete04:49
tikuncpdlevey, and that's a normal output from mdadm as you don't have any raid arrays defined, more than likely.04:50
tikunif you did, then I'd be worried.04:50
kazOerHeks: oh i've done that before04:50
cpdleveytikun: I’ve tried letting it run overnight with no results, further ctrl+c doesn’t work, I have to open another terminal window and kill -9 the pid04:50
kazglitchd: what should i be looking for in dmesg?04:50
kazit says "eno1: NIC Up: 1 Gbps Full"04:51
glitchdany errors or any post on or around the time that the connection stops working04:51
tikuncpdlevey, apt-get remove mdadm04:51
cpdleveyCan’t use apt, I continuously receive the dpkg —configure error.04:52
tikuntype apt-get install -f04:52
glitchdkaz, ?04:52
kazi'm looking through it04:53
kazit's quite long04:53
kazi don't see anything red04:53
kazoh i found one04:54
kazb43-phy0 ERROR04:54
tikunkaz: firmware issue with your NIC04:55
glitchdkaz, im betting you have a broadcom card, huh?04:56
kazalright i'll usb that over04:56
glitchdwow i forgot to press return.. lol04:56
kazi have a broadcom card for wifi and an atheros onboard thing for ethernet04:56
tikunwhat's your wifi's interface?04:57
tikundoubt it but worth a shot04:57
glitchdtikun, enol04:57
glitchdtikun, i believe04:57
kazeno 104:57
tikunifconfig eno1 down04:57
tikunthat will bring the interface down04:57
tikunthen do the same for the atheros04:57
tikunbut you're going to bring it back up04:57
tikunifconfig eth0 up04:58
tikuntry to access the internet then04:58
tikunif it works.. you need to disable your wifi04:58
kazeth1 doesn't exist04:58
kazonly devices i have are "lo" and "eno1"04:58
glitchdsudo ifconfig enol up04:58
OerHeksnew interface naming stuff04:58
tikunI forget to sudo, I always sudo -s when I open a terminal04:59
glitchdits just a bug04:59
glitchduhh...what does that do?04:59
tikunman sudo04:59
OerHekswrong to use for ubuntu, use sudo -i04:59
kazwhen i did eno1 down and then up04:59
glitchdlol i was actually about to right afer i asked04:59
kazit started working again for another second05:00
kazand then broke05:00
kazstill says it's connected tho05:00
cpdleveyNo matter what I try, seems I can’t get past this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21992600/05:00
* cpdlevey steps away to smoke in frustration. 05:00
tikuncpdlevey, apt-get install -f <-- did that do anything?05:00
ChrisP_giving up until tomorrow gdm loads during boot but will not open graphical display05:00
tikunOerHeks, eh.. sudo -s works across every platform, I don't need different flags in my head for sudo on different platforms, lol.05:02
glitchdkaz, sudo service network stop then start05:03
glitchdkaz, sudo service network stop05:03
glitchdkaz, sudo service network start05:03
kazi'm trying to get the package the thing was talking about05:03
kazthe dmesg05:04
glitchdwhat package is it?05:04
OerHekstikun, it all depends on the current shell's environment > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo#Special_notes_on_sudo_and_shells05:04
kazb34 for some hardware thing05:04
kazit has to do with my wifi adapter05:04
kazso if ethernet doesn't work that might05:04
glitchdkaz, mmk then05:05
kazto install that i need internet on that computer05:06
kazsounds great man05:06
KrampusI managed to install a "weird" version of libgl1-mesa-* that's preventing steam from launching.  How can I tell it to replace the locally installed versions with the ones from the apt repository?05:06
KrampusAnd if i try to uninstall it, it of course tells me I'm going to uninstall all my packages first. :)05:07
spyhermityou've tried apt-get install --reinstall ?05:08
glitchdkaz, ...huh?05:09
Krampusspyhermit: it complains that it can't because it cannot be downloaded.05:09
spyhermitalternately you can try installing ppa-purge, then follow the documentation to remove the ppa packages, which will then install the ubuntu versions05:10
spyhermitif you installed it from a ppa that is05:10
kazglitchd: i did the install commands for the b43 package05:10
Krampusspyhermit: I must have... this was three weeks ago and i haven't managed to run into this yet. :P05:10
kazglitchd: they tell you to install it with wired first05:10
spyhermitthird alternate, get the versions from the debian repo, and do apt-get install pckage_name=version which should install the current version05:11
OerHekswhy not the package libgl1-mesa-* from the ORIGINAL ubuntu repo ?05:11
spyhermitfourth, download the packages, and use dpkg --force05:12
glitchdkaz, then substitute the wireless device name for the wire one and repeat the command05:12
OerHekslets make a frankenstein-ubuntu :-D05:12
OerHeksoh wait, he already did05:12
kazit needs you to use apt. it's not a device name thing05:12
glitchdkaz, for one reason or another i thought that you had gotten the package on the other computer and were copy it to the usb drive and bring it over05:13
kazi tried to05:14
cglockehey guys. its save to delete ~/.log/jack/jackdbus.log - right?05:14
kazthere's some command that forces you to run it on that computer05:14
cpdleveytikun: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21993234/ — Nope....05:14
glitchdkaz, that didnt work either?05:14
tikuncpdlevey, what's the output of dpkg --configure -a it just freezes on mdadm? if so, post the output of dmesg05:15
spyhermitcglocke: yes, it's fine, but you might look into log rotation.05:15
glitchdkaz, either way youve tried said that you need a connection online to install it05:15
KrampusOerHeks: that's the goal. :)  PPA purge got it.05:15
cglockespyhermit .. log rotation?05:15
cglockeI want to get rid of the file because it grew up to 25 gbyte05:15
kazglitchd: that is the problem05:15
cpdlevey@tikun correct, it just hangs/freezes there: http://paste.ubuntu.com/21993295/05:16
spyhermityeah, sorry, that wasn't an end user suggestion, cglocke05:16
glitchdkaz, fudge05:16
spyhermityes, you can remove it05:16
cglockenp spyhermit :D05:16
spyhermitif it's in use you can do echo /dev/null > into the file05:16
cglockethx, jack is not running atm :)05:17
spyhermitbut it's probably better to stop kxstudio and then delete the file.05:17
cglockeis it common behavior that this log file grows that large?05:17
spyhermitcglocke: I'm reading a bug from 2010 where it was growing to 500 gb, looks like it's very common with this program05:19
cglockewtf 500 gb? XD05:19
spyhermitthe maintainer said they would look at setting up log rotation, but you may not be using kxstudio which did that, you're probably using jack, which doesn't have external rotation enabled05:19
cglockewell, I the earliest entry in my log is january 2016 ... so 25 GB within half a year ... :D ok those 500 gb are waaaay too much ^^05:19
spyhermitthus my suggestion, which would be difficult for me to explain to an end user.05:20
cglockeyes, I'm using plain jack with ardour05:20
spyhermitand I'm a bit of a jerk.05:20
cglockeI'll delete the file by hand and I'll remember doing this from time to time.. that solution is totally fine for me :D05:20
cglockethx spyhermit!05:21
glitchdkaz, do you by chance know what you dns is?05:21
kazi don't know what dns is05:22
kazexcept that it has to do with dnslookup05:22
spyhermitcat /etc/resolv.conf, should be some numbers in it05:22
glitchdkaz, click you network icon and go to connection information05:23
kazis Primary DNS05:24
kazi think it's a driver issue05:24
kazthere's a lot of people with a driver issue with the alx driver on linux 4.405:25
spyhermitsounds like it to me, I would see if you could unload the alx driver and switch to a generic05:25
kazhow uh05:26
kazi don't understand what you just said05:26
spyhermitwhich is probably what the install cd uses, which is why it would work05:26
kazno the install cd has the same issue05:26
spyhermityeah, I'm trying to think of how to explain this, and possibly even help you fix it05:26
kazit works for a minute or two, then it doesn't work05:26
spyhermithrm. well, that's a bad sign.05:26
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
glitchdkaz, does it work if u put the connection down then up?05:28
kazworks just like in the beginning05:28
kazfor a minute or two05:28
glitchdmaybe you got a bad iso?05:28
glitchdhave you reinstalled with the same iso each time?05:29
kazbut i got it today05:29
kazoff of the website05:29
kazand it's the same iso i'm using on my laptop05:29
kazand this one seems to be fine05:29
spyhermithttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/1520343 kaz05:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1520343 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "Qualcomm Atheros wireless card [168c:003e] (rev 32) not supported" [Medium,Confirmed]05:30
=== sync|lap is now known as sync350
spyhermitso it looks like upgrading to a 4.5 or 4.6 kernel and a new firmware would probably resolve this,05:31
spyhermitbut man, that's a long road to hoe for someone who's not familiar with linux internals05:32
kazhow would i get on doing that?05:32
kazon a previous installation of ubuntu i tried updating to 4.6.5 many times05:33
kazand then it destroyed that installation05:33
kazcompletely obliterated it05:33
spyhermitso, I'm reading the updates for this bug05:34
spyhermitand it's like, yeah, go to 4.5 or 4.6, install some firmware from a git repo05:34
spyhermitand it has a 75% chance of working05:34
kazi'm reading it as well05:34
kazi think this is the exact reason i tried doing it the last time05:34
kazhow do you install firmware?05:35
kazi know how to use git05:35
spyhermitthe directions are in there,05:36
spyhermitbut man05:36
spyhermitit seems risky.05:36
spyhermitif you don't care, of course, go crazy05:36
kazthe annoying thing is it seems he's doing it to fix wireless05:37
kazi don't even have a wired connection that works05:38
kazusing a wired connection05:38
j0shmhi all, any alive?05:42
glitchdkaz, did you ever try "sudo service network-manager restart"?05:47
kazno, lemme do that05:47
=== krystal is now known as irinix
kazif this linux is supposed to be easy to set up i can't imagine the more difficult ones05:48
glitchdkaz, its hella easy, when there arent bugs like this05:48
kazit was quite simple on my laptop05:49
kazi'm tempted to just05:49
kazsave up and buy a whole new computer05:49
glitchdkaz are you positive that you have a broadcom card?05:49
kazNetwork controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM43228 802.11a/05:50
kazEthernet controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR8161 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 08)05:51
IslahHi all05:52
IslahKaz you having broadcom driver issues too05:53
kazholy yes05:53
kazi'm having every network card driver issues05:53
Islahaha i feel your pain05:54
kazi've been awake for 24 hours trying to fix this05:54
kazmy boss is like "should only take a couple hours"05:54
Islahthe latest revision of lubuntu/ubuntu (and many other distros) wont recognize my network cards05:54
Islahand i only have a netbook (no ethernet port)05:54
Islahthere is a fix alas!05:54
Islahand a quite easy one05:54
kazi tried, ubuntu, xubuntu, linux mint05:54
Islahyup same05:55
kazwhat is it?05:55
glitchddo tell!05:55
IslahYou need to get a "Plug & Play" Wireless usb dongle05:55
Islahno driver install needed05:55
kazthis is for work05:55
lotuspsychjeIslah: easy on the enter button please05:55
kazi can't just put a dongle on the man's machine05:55
kazi'm ded05:56
kazHere lies kaz05:56
IslahWell Kaz if you get a dongle, you can install the correct drivers (cause youll have internet) and then remove the dongle05:56
glitchd...not a bad idea, but still..05:56
kazhe tried really really hard to not be a proprietary windows kid05:56
kazbut in the end he was no match for linus torvalds05:57
IslahI only use linux on my netbook because it has 2GB of ram and lubuntu runs smooth as silk on it05:57
lotuspsychjekaz: please stay ontopic05:57
kazsorry yeah05:57
=== yuyueshihaoren1 is now known as yuyueshihaoren
kazit's strange that it works for a little bit and then turns off05:57
lotuspsychjelets focus on the real issue here guys05:57
kazi don't even know what drivers to get05:57
lotuspsychjekaz: ubuntu version?05:58
lotuspsychjekaz: up to date to latest? 16.04.1?05:58
kazno just05:58
kazthe one on their website05:58
Jordan_Ukaz: Does ethernet work from the 16.04.1 LiveUSB?05:58
lotuspsychjekaz: see if your up to date05:58
kazi can't do that without internet05:59
kazdid the linux kernel for 16.04.1 change?05:59
kazwhat's the linux kernel for that version?05:59
lotuspsychjekaz: alot of bug fixes in .105:59
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic06:00
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB06:00
Jordan_Ukaz: Yes, many minor patches have been released in the form of new kernel packages. Same major version though.06:00
kazi heard that kernel version 4.5 fixes my issue06:00
kazbut i tried doing that and it broke my computer06:00
lotuspsychjekaz: did you try the STA broadcom driver yet?06:01
kazlotuspsychje: no06:01
lotuspsychje!b43 | kaz06:01
ubottukaz: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:01
Jordan_Ukaz: Try a 16.04.1 live image, see if ethernet works from the live session (choose "try without installing"). If that doesn't work, go to sleep. You'll probabaly spend more than 8 hours bei g unproductive anyway with such littls sleep.06:02
spyhermiti think im gonna get dc crew to pull down 16.04.1 and try that see if it fixes my ipmi hair pulling06:02
kazi'll try the 16.04.1 thing, try to get that driver, and then sleep06:03
kazthank you everyone06:03
=== yuyueshihaoren1 is now known as yuyueshihaoren
Jordan_Ukaz: If you get ethernet working then from there the absolute first thing you should try to get wireless working is the graphical "additional drivers" tool.06:04
kazyeah i saw that06:04
kazclicked on some of the things, but it stops working after a minute06:04
kazinternet is fine until i try to load a page on firefox06:05
kazi can ping, i can dnslookup, i can do whatever06:05
kazbut when i get into firefox and i open a page i have 20 seconds of internet and then it dies06:05
kazit also broke when i finally tried to install the drivers06:06
kazwould buying a new network adapter fix this?06:08
IslahI've been told that kaz =p you only need the dongle until you install the proper drivers06:09
kazwhat are the proper drivers?06:10
=== stevecam is now known as Guest96828
Islahit depends on what the current broadcom driver you have06:14
Islaheither b43 or bmcwl06:14
Islahi believe06:14
anujI expended drive which contain ubuntu with some free space but now it show different space at diff places06:16
anujHow to correct it06:16
=== strass is now known as strass|away
oranhello guys06:17
=== root is now known as Guest75069
glitchdkaz i would really like to know what dmesg says06:26
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
glitchdkaz, any luck yet?06:48
Jordan_Ukaz: Buy an Atheros or Intel *internal* wireless card and you should be great. I don't know what's up with your ethernet though. I'm suspecting it may be a network configuration problem rather than drivers though.06:49
Jordan_Ukaz: And I too would like to see the output of "dmesg" before and after ethernet stops working.06:50
=== ken is now known as Guest37581
OerHeksnot fastboot, not interface naming, removing network config,... it beats me too06:50
Jordan_Ukaz: Could there be an IP address collision? Maybe Windows is configured to use a static IP address and thus doesn't have that issue?06:56
orion7 eth1: no IPv6 routers present what does this mean?06:58
orion7my wireless connection is on eth106:58
alexxeykaz, AR8161 intermittent ethernet?06:59
orion7 /exec dmesg | grep IPv606:59
alexxeykaz, setting MTU=8192 might help06:59
alexxeykaz, see https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7076106:59
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 70761 in Network "AR8161 wir alx driver: Randomly stops to receive packets with small MTU" [Normal,New]06:59
ZequalMorning all. I am trying to run wkhtmltopdf in Ubuntu Xenial (16.04), it was a headless server. I tried the newest version of wkhtmltopdf (which supports headless operation) but it didn't look as good. I installed lxde-core, in hopes of running X-server so I can get my wkhtmltopdf to run off the servers X session.06:59
Zequalwkhtmltopdf still can't find an active session, any ideas?07:00
orion7 /exec cat /var/log/syslog | grep net07:00
orion7oh im using IPv407:01
orion7Interface eth1.IPv407:01
orion7 /exec cat /var/log/syslog | grep daemon07:03
glitchdkaz, good luck figuring it out07:03
UbuntuLoverHi Guys07:05
UbuntuLoverI have 1 quick question07:05
orion7 /exec cat /var/log/syslog | grep daemon07:05
orion7 /exec ifconfig -a07:05
orion7Interface eth1.IPv407:06
orion7 /exec dmesg | grep IPv607:06
UbuntuLoverDoes Ubuntu home partition is compatible with Fedora?07:06
OerHeksUbuntuLover, i would not use one home for both07:06
EriC^^UbuntuLover: no, unless you use different users with different uid's07:06
=== muskrat is now known as krustacean
=== krustacean is now known as muskrat
UbuntuLoverI am using Ubuntu from 3-4 years07:08
=== muskrat is now known as skrutinize
UbuntuLoverbut seems like Fedora is also good distro07:08
UbuntuLoverany 1 tried Fedora before07:08
Ben64do you have an ubuntu support question? other distros are not on topic here07:09
EriC^^!ot | UbuntuLover07:09
ubottuUbuntuLover: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:09
=== skrutinize is now known as muskrat
OerHeks 07:17
Bomber4ChatsDoes anyone have any good examples / tutorials / videos on how to communicate / telnet to a HID usb device (has an atmel chip on it)?07:19
ikoniait will depend on the device and if it listens on a clear port like that07:20
Emmanuel_ChanelHello! I tried upgrading Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04. But mysql fails.07:20
ikoniaBomber4Chats: best ask the people who make it07:20
Emmanuel_ChanelI cannot even reinstall.07:20
ikoniaEmmanuel_Chanel: you'll need to provide more information than "fails"07:20
orlockBomber4Chats: Probably the wrong channel.. but not directly, most likely if its just a HID device07:20
Bomber4Chatsorlock: ?07:21
orlockBomber4Chats: They are pretty picky about things being ubuntu related here07:21
Bomber4ChatsK, but I can't talk on ##linux07:21
ikoniayou need to register07:21
ikoniaask in #freenode how to register your nick07:21
orlockBomber4Chats: try #robotics07:21
YankDownUnderAnyone remember - off hand - if it's the /etc/X11/xdm/Xservers that needs to be edited to create another X session on vt8?07:22
Emmanuel_Chanelikonia: Yeah.07:22
OerHeksorlock, he did not mention other linux distro, so your answer is not valid07:22
orlockOerHeks: Ok, but the question actually has nothing to do with ubuntu07:23
ventilHi, I've been having trouble with my hard drive and am trying to recover all files from it before getting a new one. I've booted an Ubuntu LiveUSB and had to do a long e2fsck on the corrupted Ubuntu (hard drive) before I was able to mount the installation. Now I can't see any of my files under /home/, and there is no /etc/ directory on the mounted partition. Is this normal?07:25
YankDownUnderventil: Have you rebooted the machine again - and again used the liveUSB to view the drive? As well, when you ran "e2fsck" - did you use the "automatically fix" switch?07:27
UQlevventil: it depends on original filesystem on your hdd, also whether you fixed incostistencies or just checked07:28
ventilYankDownUnder: yeah I ran e2fsck -fyv /dev/sda1 , then I had to write some zeroes to beginning of it so the superblock could be rewritten, and then was able to mount it07:28
madsjI've been trying frantically to compile and load the module for VirtualBox, but without success; I'm on 16.04 and I get: vboxdrv.sh: failed: modprobe vboxdrv failed. Please use 'dmesg' to find out why.07:28
ventilAnd I have rebooted the machine and used the liveusb to look at it again but with the same result07:28
madsjfrom what I can read, it's something related to Linux 4.4 requiring modules to be signed before they can be loaded07:29
YankDownUnderventil: Right - so you see nothing - or, at least you don't see the /etc or the /home?07:29
Emmanuel_Chanelikonia: log: http://pastebin.com/xamtP4Qx07:29
ventilAdditionally it says that ~130gb is used, but I can obnly see ~70gb used in the Disk Usage Analyzer07:29
ventilYankDownUnder: I don't see /etc/, I see /home/ with some other accounts that were set up before I received the computer, but not my account or a friend's account that I set up07:30
ventilSorry, to clarify, gparted says 130gb is used, Disk Usage Analyzer says 70gb is used07:30
YankDownUnderventil: Just for info, your "installation" was on a single drive, right? And /home resides on the root partition, right?07:31
ventilso I assume the missing 60gb are my files somewhere...07:31
ventilYankDownUnder: that's right, and yep I expect to see /home/myaccount and /etc/ but see neither (I assume that means root partition?)07:31
YankDownUnderventil: Just off the bat, have you looked in the "lost+found" directory yet?07:32
ventilYankDownUnder: no, should that be in the root directory as well, where /etc/ should be and /home is? I don't see it07:33
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YankDownUnderventil: The "lost+found" sound reside in the root of the partition (/) => and you could check with "ls -CFalh" - to see if it's there...07:34
YankDownUnderventil: Just a quickie about a tool that you might find useful: http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/07:34
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=== skudge is now known as muskrat
ventilYankDownUnder: Ah thanks I see it, I'll do sudo su and see what's inside07:35
YankDownUnderventil: Be careful, bro.07:35
he1kkimadsj: If you are using VPS server, it's possible that server virtualization is intentionally denied.07:35
ducassemadsj: to solve that, either sign the modules and add the key to the mok, or turn off secure boot.07:37
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Bomber4ChatsDoes anyone have any good examples / tutorials / videos on how to communicate / telnet to a HID usb device (has an atmel chip on it)?07:44
Bomber4Chatsspecificaly an atxmega07:45
slazerhi, mz07:47
ducasseBomber4Chats: have you not found a driver yet?07:47
Bomber4ChatsNot yet, but07:47
Bomber4ChatsI know what direction I need to look07:47
Bomber4ChatsI'm looking for an atmel driver07:47
Bomber4Chatsfor atxmega07:47
slazerhi, my new 16.04.1 asks me for password BEFORE the login screen, says that my Hitachi-xxxx hard drive is encrypted07:47
slazerthe thing is I only asked to encrypt my home folder during the installation07:48
slazeris there a way to "disable" the password prompt?07:48
YankDownUnderslazer: Did you put in the password that you used on your encrypted home directory?07:49
slazercoz' my mom would kill me if she sees it..the other solution would be to disable shutdown/restart altogether in favour of hibernation07:49
ducasseBomber4Chats: then there is little else we can do for you, really. did you try ##linux as i suggested yesterday?07:49
slazerYankDownUnder: yes and it worked07:49
Bomber4ChatsI'll head over, thanks07:50
YankDownUnderslazer: You're going to get that prompt because it's "mounting" the parition(s) - and that's how it's going to be.07:50
slazerwhen we are at ait, we could as well enable autologin, but I can probably do that myself07:50
slazerYankDownUnder: that sux, any way to fix that, autologin and mount home folder on demand?07:51
YankDownUnderslazer: Being that I do not use encryption - unless it's on external drives, I can't advise you on that, however, Google is your friend, and the Ubuntu wiki is there to be used, hmm?07:52
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ducasseslazer: you need to enter the encryption password, easiest way around that is to reinstall without encryption.07:52
Jordan_Uslazer: Please pastebin the output of "mount".07:55
slazerJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/d6LKfwuvhttp://pastebin.com/d6LKfwuv07:56
slazerJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/d6LKfwuv07:56
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slazerthe main issue is, numlock is off on boot, and pushing numbers on numlock pad on boot causes CRAZY INSANE behaviour07:58
slazerwhich confuses me, let aside my mother07:58
YankDownUnderslazer: There should be an option in BIOS that "enables" the NUMLOCK on boot...07:58
slazerand the same situation repeats at the boot screen07:58
slazerYankDownUnder: its on, of course07:59
slazerYankDownUnder: why would that work, right? (sarcasm)07:59
slazerthis being LTS, even point LTS release, I am kind of shocked08:00
slazerFedora had less issues08:00
kazUBUNTUPCalexxey: If you're still here, thank you so much!08:01
kazUBUNTUPCalexxey : i got it working on my pc08:01
letmeinthinis ubuntu the solution to a windows 10 upgrade... and why? #curious08:01
YankDownUnderslazer: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192237308:02
slazerletmeinthin: yes it is, faster, safer, faster and more productive08:02
alexxeykaz, Is it the problem described in kernel bugzilla #70761?08:02
kazalexxey: setting the MTU seems to have fixed it, yes08:04
kazalexxey: his symptoms were the same as mine. would work for a bit until i checked something. that's definitely the solution08:04
letmeinthinbut ubuntu isn't really linux/unix; it's more google and and android right?08:04
letmeinthin- 1 and08:05
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jakobnI'm unsure which things on my computer is my distrobution and which is the software running on top of it. If I switch distro, but then download the same DE and packages, what will be the difference?08:05
bvzxi am gay!!! are you feel sick???08:05
ducasseletmeinthin: try #ubuntu-offtopic, this channel is for technical support08:06
slazerYankDownUnder: thats ancient..I am trying numlockx and Gnome Tweak Tool now08:08
letmeinthinducasse thanks08:08
slazerYankDownUnder: frankly, both failed on me on Fedora08:08
k1lletmeinthin: and no. your android, google and ubuntu comparison doesnt really make sense.08:09
horsegood morning Linux gods.  Is it possible to have a remote desktop seshion to ubuntu using the Unity desktop?08:09
YankDownUnderIs there a full moon out tonight or something? Jeeeezzzz...08:09
kazalexxey you're a god thank you so much.08:10
alexxeykaz, I just happened to see this issue before :-)08:10
horseas far as I can make out it's not actually possible, which is disapointing08:10
ducassehorse: you could try x2go, maybe that will work08:11
kazit seems to be fairly common alexxey, hopefully they address it soon. I looked on the bugreporting website, the last 10 queries were of the same thing08:11
letmeinthink1l it does  if you used red hat 20 years ago08:11
slazerthis might work, I'll restart --> http://askubuntu.com/questions/773804/ubuntu-16-04-turn-numlock-on-and-disable-numlock-key-permanently08:11
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Jordan_Ukaz: Now you should be able to try the Additional Drivers tool since you have a stable internet connection. Have you done so yet?08:16
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bakhtiyorI want to create following an index to MySQL in Doctrine.08:23
bakhtiyore.g. CREATE INDEX xxxx ON my_table (start_date, end_date DESC);08:23
bakhtiyorhow to achieve this?08:23
letmeinthinIs Ubuntu the Google/Windows 10 Up*grade? #ImAsking08:24
YankDownUnderletmeinthin: Do you actually have any questions, or are you trolling?08:25
ducasse!ot | letmeinthin08:25
ubottuletmeinthin: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:25
letmeinthinYankDownUnder I just asked a question...08:27
ducasseletmeinthin: and you were told this is a technical support channel08:28
k1lletmeinthin: we focus on technical ubuntu support in here. your attempts to be funny or provoke drama are not welcome in here.08:28
horseletmeinthin: can you explain what you mean?  your question makes no sense?08:29
horseletmeinthin: do you mean is it a "worthy" upgrade from Windows 10?  if so then that is subjective and there is no correct answer08:29
letmeinthinubuntu is not linux. that's what I mean08:30
thyphus_hi. someone just tried to upgrade ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04... under windows 10 ;)08:30
horseletmeinthin: you are correct, ubuntu is not Linux, its a GNU/Linux distro08:30
ikoniathyphus_: what you just said makes no sense08:31
isuckatubuntuhi all08:31
ikoniathyphus_: do you actually have an ubuntu question ?08:31
thyphus_ikonia: there is a linux subsysteme with the newest version of windows 1008:31
thyphus_ikonia: windows 10 anniversary-update08:31
ikoniathyphus_: the binary elf compatibility layer08:32
isuckatubuntufuck windows08:32
thyphus_ikonia: what?08:33
ikoniathyphus_: it ships with an elf compatibility layer to make it fully finary compatible08:33
thyphus_ikonia: but that does not answer my question08:35
ikoniathyphus_: you didn't ask a question08:35
thyphus_ikonia: i asked you if i can upgrade the ubuntu 14.04 subsystem in windows 10 to 16.0408:36
ikoniano you said someone did08:36
thyphus_not you... the channel08:36
ikonia09:30 < thyphus_> hi. someone just tried to upgrade ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04... under windows 10 ;)08:36
thyphus_ok, sorry. that's maybe the german way to ask ;)08:36
thyphus_is it possible to upgrade to 16.04?08:36
ducassethyphus_: try #ubuntu-for-windows, this is offtopic here08:36
thyphus_okay, thanks08:37
ikoniaI don't believe it's versioned the same way as the standard distribution,08:37
CoolBreeze227you talking about with virtualbox?08:37
CoolBreeze227or virtualmachine?08:37
thyphus_no. not a virtualbox, no vm08:37
CoolBreeze227what are you talking about then?08:38
Jordan_U!ubuwin | CoolBreeze22708:38
ubottuCoolBreeze227: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.08:38
CoolBreeze227that is odd08:38
thyphus_CoolBreeze227: it's not that bad imho08:38
CoolBreeze227thats a little weird but I guess that is more microsofts doing08:39
Jordan_UCoolBreeze227: thyphus_: We really shouldn't need to remind you again that it's offtopic here.08:39
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necrophcodrsam__: you might want to put a forward slash in front of that09:00
=== Guest16355 is now known as oZhinny
folfJust started using 16.04.1 (from 14.04.4) on a Lenovo L450 with the R5 M240 graphics card. Am I correct that there is currently no driver for that card on 16.04.1?09:09
=== alexxxey is now known as alexxey
k1lfolf: amd stopped making the fglrx for linux. they help in making the open soruce radeon and amd_gpu now. which are in the kernel.09:11
folfk1l, yes I understand that. If your answer is then that there is driver support for the card, how do I switch to it? Currently using the HD Graphics 550009:13
Luka00Hello people, does anyone know how you update pepper-flash for Opera?09:14
paul0897hello all09:14
k1lfolf: is it not supported with the kernel drivers?09:15
folfk1l, I don't know ;-) That's why I'm asking09:16
ducasseLuka00: as long as you installed pepperflash from apt, it should be handled as part of regulare updates09:17
MRXyo all09:17
Luka00oh ok ducasse09:18
k1lyou asked if there is no driver. but there is a driver as i explained. if you mean driver==prop.driver from amd. then i already explained, that there is no fglrx anymore. but a quick search says that people have no issue with that r5 card on 16.0409:18
saptarshick1l: I think he wants to know how to use the amd card. For example, my laptop has nvidia + intel hd graphics and I have to use primusrun to launch applications to use the nvidia card. I dont know how that works with amd.09:21
killallhello does any one have a script that keeps the latest ubuntu iuo on my home always up to date?09:24
phaidrossince > 2 days the ipv6 address of security.ubuntu.com is not reachable *for me* .. is that a local problem or does anyone else experience this?09:25
ducassekillall: which iso's? only the devel release has dailys.09:25
k1lsaptarshic: amd_gpu is enabled by default if the chip is compatible09:27
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dreaishello, ive some issues with booting ubuntu09:29
dreaisi am on the emergency sfreen09:29
k1ldreais: what errors do you get? what happens exactly? what did you do before?09:32
dreaisjust booted ubuntu on grub, and it took a minut with ""ubuntu ..."" screnn.09:33
dreaisafterwhat it went on that emergency screen09:33
k1land what did you do the last time on ubuntu?09:33
folfOK, seems like there should be no problem with the card, so the question is: How do I choose to use the AMD graphics card instead of the one builtin on the CPU?09:34
dronetonehello guys09:34
dreaisnothing, yesterday i fixed my problems with grub. since that i cant go back on ubuntu09:34
k1lfolf: as i said, that will be dont automatically09:34
dreaisim on dual boot with w7 and ubuntu09:34
dronetonei have a HTTP proxy enabled connection, and i wish to install various sofwares09:35
dronetonei added proxies to apt.conf file09:35
dreaisbut i can still get on w709:35
dronetonebut i cant seem to install any package09:35
dronetoneas it says" couold not loacte package", any help here?09:35
k1ldreais: so you changed the grub settings and now ubuntu doesnt boot?09:35
dreaisi dont exactly know what i did, i got helped from here. yesterday grub wasnt showing w7 because of a lost partition, and we fixed it09:36
dreaiswe also changed partitions for windows so09:37
dreaisright now im on the emergency mode09:37
k1ldreais: can you press ctrl+d?09:39
dreaisbtw i have nothing important on linux so i can reinstall it if needed09:39
dreaisyes i just did09:39
dreaisloading ubuntu as before, lets see09:39
tachikomasHello. I try to update my 14.04 LTS server, with the 16.04.1 update, and it went wrong.09:40
k1ldreais: i guess you changed the partition scheme somehow and now the new partitionnumbers dont match the old settings in ubuntu and grub anymore09:40
dreaisk1l: still loading09:41
dreaisim back in recovery mode09:41
dreaisso, wouldnt it be easier to reinstall by erasing the old linux ?09:41
tachikomasi think i'm between 2 steps, and i can upgrade more.09:42
k1ldreais: if you like, you can install ubuntu again and mark the old partitions to be used.09:42
dreaishm, i'll try then. brb09:42
dreaisseeya if theres a problem haha09:43
k1ltachikomas: did you change a lot of upstart or sysvinit scripts, or had other PPA or 3rd party repos in us?09:44
tachikomask1l, nothing. Only a bacula dir and a mysql on the server.09:44
folfk1l, thanks, but it doesn't change automatically for me. So any way to debug or force it to change? (I've got the xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu package installed)09:47
k1lfolf: did you reboot into a 16.04? which driver is in use?09:47
dreaishey if i want to do a logic partition, how do i now from here09:48
UbuntuLoveris gnome 3.20 available for ubuntu?09:48
k1lfolf: "lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'"09:48
UbuntuLoverubuntu 16.04?09:48
ikoniaas you've been told already09:48
folfk1l, it says i91509:49
k1lUbuntuLover: no. you might look out for a PPA or other 3rd party repo. but since the release of gnome is always too short to the ubuntu release, ubuntu cant ship the newest gnome with the release.09:49
HalfOfAKebabhey guys09:49
ikoniaUbuntuLover: this has been explained to you at least 3 times09:49
HalfOfAKebabi'm trying to see ubuntu's files on windows - any way i can do that?09:49
HalfOfAKebabi'm on a dual boot09:50
ikoniaHalfOfAKebab: not safely09:50
HalfOfAKebabi have files on my ubuntu desktop i need to get onto windows09:50
UbuntuLoverikonia: i asked this question first time09:50
ikoniaHalfOfAKebab: there is a legacy ext file system driver for windows - but it is not to be trusted09:50
dreaiscreate a ntfs partition?09:50
HalfOfAKebabhow unsafe is it?09:50
ikoniaUbuntuLover: I've answered it for you multiple times09:50
k1lUbuntuLover: it will be standard on ubuntu 16.10 which will be released in fall this year09:50
ikoniaHalfOfAKebab: you can't measure it like that09:50
UbuntuLoverikonia: i am new here09:50
UbuntuLover3.20 gnome has lot of feature compared with unity thats why asked this question09:50
HalfOfAKebabwell, will it brick my drives, or do i run a slight chance of losing a file or two?09:50
dreaishalfofakebab: i can access some files with D:/ on windows09:51
dreaisi didnt lose anything but ask soemone else to do it with u09:51
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k1lUbuntuLover: unity uses the gnome base and is another shell for that base like gnome-shell is.09:51
xanguaUbuntuLover: you're an Ubuntu lover and gnome lover, are you using unity? Why don't you use Ubuntu gnome edition?09:52
k1lfolf: please show the outpu url of "lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 9999"09:52
bakwardsDo you need a fast computer to use ubuntu09:52
madaeonHalfOfAKebab: Why not doing it the other way around? Access your windows file system from ubuntu? Thats easier09:52
k1lbakwards: no. for old and slow hardware there is Lubuntu09:52
=== MobGod is now known as Mob
HalfOfAKebabmadaeon because i don't have the files on windows, i have them on ubuntu :P09:52
HalfOfAKebaboh right09:52
HalfOfAKebabi get you09:52
madaeonHalfOfAKebab: Cool :)09:53
HalfOfAKebabyeah i could do that actually09:53
gr1dl0ckbakwards: how old is your system?09:53
kallehjekhi just have a question about installing and erase disk option, i have looked for an answer, not for very long but still: if i have two disks, what disk does "erase disk" refer to when installing? how can i tell?09:53
folfk1l, http://termbin.com/4g0m09:53
bakwardsit came with windows xp09:53
HalfOfAKebabkallehjek it formats the partition09:53
k1lHalfOfAKebab: just make sure windows doesnt use the "fast reboot" feature, which is a hibernation in reality and block other OS accessing their partitions09:53
kallehjeknote: not pertitions, two separate dissks09:53
seekhey guys whats up09:53
=== seek is now known as Seek
k1lfolf: it uses the radeon driver.09:54
HalfOfAKebabk1l how do i disable that?09:54
gr1dl0ckhello seek09:54
k1lHalfOfAKebab: in the windows settings09:54
Seekhow are you gridl0ck09:54
kallehjek is there a way to tell what disk is being used?09:54
Seeki am so glad i switched from windows to Linux it is so much faster09:55
k1lHalfOfAKebab: look at this: http://www.howtogeek.com/243901/the-pros-and-cons-of-windows-10s-fast-startup-mode/09:55
xanguaHalfOfAKebab: there are some programs for Windows to be able to read ext partitions if that's what you ask for...but dealing with them, installing or issues, would be a Windows issue09:55
HalfOfAKebabkallehjek it should tell you. it doesn't say the drive letter, or the name you gave it, but you can tell which is which by the amount of free disk space09:55
folfk1l: under "Details" it says I'm using the HD graphics 5500, so that's wrong perhaps?09:55
blauHow do you tag somebody on IRC?09:56
HalfOfAKebabjust type their name blau09:56
blauHalfOfAKebab testing it09:56
HalfOfAKebabyep works09:56
gr1dl0ckSeek: nice, which ubuntu flavour09:56
k1lfolf: on some hybrid gpu setups the intel is always the output device and the amd/nvidia is only used for the computing09:56
kallehjekyou mean in the popup where i confirm changes? or any other palce. guess i'll have to do it again because i missed it09:56
k1lfolf: i am not too much into the amd setups there09:56
blauHalfOfAKebab didn't seem tobut thanks ;)09:57
HalfOfAKebabblau your sent pings don't look special, but they're definitely working :p09:57
HalfOfAKebablike mine just looks like every other word09:57
Seekoh my friend has a problem when i was helping him install his Ubuntu he kept getting a black screen and shit so he never installed it complitly09:58
Seekany fixes09:58
gr1dl0ckSeek: anything in the logs?09:58
ducasse!modeset | Seek09:58
Seekhandaxe Nah09:58
ducasse!nomodeset | Seek09:58
ubottuSeek: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:58
abheetwhile installation it gives fatal error i.e " unable to install Grub on /dev/sda2/" .  To fix it i have tried to create partition on hdd with Ubuntu Live session (i.e. Try Ubuntu without installing), actually i have mounted /dev/sda1/ with disks utility i.e mark * to it.  which messed up booting process,now even when i am trying to boot Ubuntu 16.01 with Usb, it open initrams console.  Can you please help me to fix this ??09:59
k1ltachikomas: hmm. dont know if that worked now. issues with plymouth and such should not be that critical. make sure "linux-generic" is installed so you get the new 4.4er kernel09:59
blauHalfOfAKebab I'm confused lol, doesn't matter anyway09:59
Seekthank you09:59
HalfOfAKebabblau basically, type someone's name and they get pinged09:59
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k1l!tabcompletion | blau10:00
ubottublau: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:00
folfk1l, thanks for your time! Seems like I'll need to find a way to force it to change. At least now I know the driver is there.10:00
tachikomask1l: its not only playmouth, but mountall cron initscripts dbus and somes other who are not installed correctly10:00
blauHalfOfAKebab, okay thank you10:01
Seekcan he fix it when he does not have it installed like i know you just change it to nomodeset but he dont have it fully installed and shit10:01
blauk1l, oh yeah nice !10:01
blauubottu, oh great I didn't know it worked there too ! Thanks :D10:01
ubottublau: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:01
BluesKajHowdy folks10:01
ducasseSeek: read the link, it explains it10:01
tachikomask1l: update-rc.d: error: insserv rejected the script header10:02
blauubottu, :'(10:02
kallehjeki have the same problem as abheet that install crashes when installing grub. any ideas?10:03
mcphailkallehjek: I'm a bit vague on the details, but there has to be adequate space before (and alignment of) the first partitiion on the disk or GRUB won't install. If you're using a disk which was partitioned a few years ago, it won't meet the requirements. You have to delete the partitions or the MBR and start again10:06
mcphailkallehjek: I've been caught out by this when reusing old disks for install10:06
mcphailkallehjek: you get a clue if you try to install grub manually from the command line, after the installer fails to do it10:07
mcphail(but I can't rememebr the specifics just now)10:08
Seeksome kid this morning that linux is just used for hacking i facepalmed so hard10:09
IslahDoes anyone know a good usb wifi dongle that requires no drivers (plug & play) for ubuntu/lubuntu ?10:10
kallehjekmcphail so i need a few emtyp mb before first partition?10:10
ducassekallehjek: are you using mbr or gpt partition layout?10:10
mcphailkallehjek: as I said, I can't rememebr the specifics. But if you have an old disk with an MBR partition table, your GRUB install is likely going to fail. Gparted or the Ubuntu installer will do the correct thing with MBR or GPT these days if you wipe the partition table and restart10:11
xanguaIslah: thinkpenguin.com10:11
IslahI heard about them, also i heard about the tl-wn722n10:12
matthias____Hello, i've installed firefox on my vps and i would like to use it with x11forwading. i only get: Error: GDK_BACKEND does not match available displays10:12
Islahbut i think ill give penguin a try :)10:12
=== RudyValencia_ is now known as RudyValencia
mcphailkallehjek: I remember Googling the error message from grub-install, which pointed me in the right direction10:12
mcphailkallehjek: sorry I can't be more specific, but this happened to me a year or so ago10:13
bobbI just tried to upgrade to 16.04, but then I read the release notes which state that fglrx is not supported anymore.10:13
bobbThe open driver has always been complete crap. Are there any reports that it actually works now?10:14
kallehjekmcphail yeah when trying to install i remove the partition table and it creates a new one with 1 mb before the first one, i disliked this and creatyed a "correct one" from an old live cd thinking it might be a bug and then tried to isntall, but it is actually the correct way?10:14
bobbBy that, I mean demonstrations with a wide variety of games, etc. and noise levels.10:15
kallehjekthe first partiton i mean10:15
bobbI cancelled the "upgrade" just in time, but who is to blame for this? AMD?10:15
=== Mob is now known as MobGod
k1lbobb: amd stopped making flgrx and helps now on making open source drivers for the kernel10:16
mcphailkallehjek: yep10:16
mcphailkallehjek: don't ask me why, though ;)10:17
bobbk1l: that's what they said when they released the card I am using 5 years ago too.10:17
kallehjekmcphail awesome thanks. it should be noted in the installation or even hiden that first mb i think =)10:17
kallehjekmcphail no i wont ask i'll just accept the fact10:17
surkovalexandrqq all10:17
mcphailkallehjek: you're probably right. If you file a bug on launchpad, I'll +1 it10:17
bobbk1l: are you saying they have no proprietary bits in any driver anywhere?10:18
k1lbobb: look up "amd_gpu10:18
bobbk1l: does it have working power management?10:18
=== mac_nibblet is now known as Guest50685
k1lbobb: that depends on the exact chip and how much amd contributed to amd_gpu.10:21
bobbk1l: I have a Radeon HD 5xxx series card.10:21
bobbk1l: when I check their website, their form doesn't work...10:22
kallehjekthumbs up10:22
k1lbobb: that is an old card? you need at least a cgn card, iirc10:22
bobbk1l: it works with 14.04 just fine.10:22
bobbk1l: I don't know what a cgn card is.10:23
k1lbobb: amd dropps support for video cards quite fast. so from one point your only choice is the open source driver then10:23
bobbk1l: which open source driver?10:23
k1lbobb: radeon10:23
dreaishello there, im back10:24
surkovalexandrwhat's wrong, i'll can't get root10:24
surkovalexandrrights in the console?10:24
bobbk1l: and that one has not been improved, I suppose?10:24
k1lbobb: sure it has.10:24
dreaismy ubuntu is stuck after i log in my session10:24
bobbk1l: I have used radeon a couple of times in the past and it always sucked (made much more noise).10:24
k1lhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphics_Core_Next   so your 5000 amd card is too old10:24
mcphailbobb: worth trying it from a livecd. The open source drivers work very well for some older cards these days10:25
bobbmcphail: I basically just want to use it to play an old game.10:25
bobbmcphail: installation is a slow process.10:26
mcphailbobb: yep. Try it with the livecd before attempting the upgrade. I much prefer the open source drivers these days10:26
dreaiseee why camt i log in on ubuntu without problen10:26
bobbmcphail: e.g. wine also needs to be configured "just right".10:26
bobbmcphail: can I try these drivers *without* upgrading?10:26
k1lbobb: ubuntu isnt making those drivers. ubuntu only shipps what is there. so you have the open source driver made from the kernel guys, or (for new cards) there is amd support with amd_gpu.10:26
bobbmcphail: I am talking about recent versions, that is.10:26
ducassebobb: try a live image10:27
mcphailbobb: yes, you will get the modern open source drivers by default from the livecd. They won't be the very latest, but new enough to tell10:27
bobbmcphail: which card do you have?10:27
mcphailbobb: I use them with a couple of AMD APUs10:28
bobbmcphail: APUs are those integrated chips, right? Not discrete cards.10:28
bobbmcphail: I am concerned about the fan spinning at a million RPMs.10:28
mcphailbobb: yep. My dad's computer has an old discrete card, which seems to run well enough too10:28
ducassebobb: i've got a 5xxx series chip in a laptop, works fine.10:29
k1lbobb: if you dont test it you will never know10:29
bobbducasse: it doesn't sound like a jumbo jet?10:29
jamenesigkell: hello!10:29
bobbducasse: i.e. have you ever tried fglrx too?10:29
ducassebobb: can't you just try yours?10:29
matthias____Hello, i've installed firefox on my vps and i would like to use it with x11forwading. i only get: Error: GDK_BACKEND does not match available displays10:37
=== czesmir_ is now known as czesmir
popeymatthias____: how did you install firefox? just unpack a tarball from upstream? or did you "apt-get" it?10:38
joeliomatthias____: you'll have to ensure you've got an X setup working on the VPS.. you know you can ssh -D to the VPS and create a socks proxy? Effectively rendering the sites locally but eminating from the vps ip10:39
matthias____popey: apt install firefox10:39
joelioplus you need to set DISPLAY and all that stuff10:39
matthias____joelio: i want to upload some files to another site from my vps, my home upload speed is very slow10:39
* joelio high fives curl10:39
popeysaw that coming10:40
matthias____joelio: it is a jquery based upload with socket.io10:40
joelioso a POST then? :)10:40
popeyyou should just be able to "ssh -X " to your vps and then "export DISPLAY=:0.0" and run firefox10:40
joeliobut yea, understood10:40
joeliofwiw I've had some success with nomachine / nx on remote boxes - better compression of X as it uses h264 or vp910:42
joelioand runs via ssh10:42
popeyx2go is also a good option10:42
joelionot used that will check it out10:42
bobbWhat's your opinion about 16.04.1? Is it something which could better not have been released or does it actually Just Work?10:48
bobbSpecifically in the upgrade scenario.10:48
matthias____popey: joelio x2go looks nice10:49
k1lbobb: upgrades get automated testings before release.10:50
bobbk1l: can I see those tests?10:50
bobbk1l: or are they proprietary?10:50
k1lbobb: sure you can look at those tests. its not a secret. but i wonder what that helps you10:52
bobbk1l: http://mago.ubuntu.com/Coverage is a dead link on the Ubuntu wiki.10:52
popeybobb: i upgraded all my machines to 16.04 - works fine here10:52
popeyupgraded an ubuntu mate system last night, all good10:52
bobbI will run the livecd and hope the open driver actually works.10:53
seekcan anyone help my friend fix his black screen problem when he is in the middle of install ubuntu10:58
=== seek is now known as Seek
smma88how can i configure postfix ?!10:58
ubottupostfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer10:59
lotuspsychjeSeek: is it black screen of energy options he's getting?10:59
MaxFramesis there a way to update from 12.04 to 16.04.01 directly?10:59
lotuspsychje!upgrade | MaxFrames10:59
ubottuMaxFrames: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade10:59
MaxFramesI am running ubuntu 12.04 and it is proposing me the upgrade to 14.0411:00
Seekidk like he will, be in the middle of installing it and it will just go black11:00
OerHeksMaxFrames, no, from LTS to LTS11:00
k1lMaxFrames: no.11:00
xanguaMaxFrames: that's the correct upgrade path11:00
k1lMaxFrames: 12.04->14.04->16.0411:00
MaxFramesxangua: so I have to first install14.0411:00
lotuspsychjeSeek: try key on keyboard first, if that doesnt get you screen back try !nomodeset perhaps?11:00
Seek do you have skype and he can talk to you about it11:01
lotuspsychje!pm | Seek11:02
ubottuSeek: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.11:02
Seek!pm lotuspsychje do you have skype so we you can tell him it like i think you can explain it better then i can11:03
ubottuSeek: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:03
lotuspsychjeSeek: you know wich ubuntu version he is installing?11:03
dionysus69can anyone tell me why theres a cross iconed mouse appearing on screen before I can open atom, I need to click once after that for atom to open up11:03
lotuspsychjeSeek: what about his video card?11:04
Seekidk hold up i will askhim11:04
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | Seek try this?11:04
ubottuSeek try this?: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:04
Seeklotuspsychje amb A10-700p11:08
=== Hobbyboy|BNC is now known as Hobbyboy
lotuspsychjeSeek: amd?11:09
OerHeksblack screen middle of install, how about pressing the spacebar?11:10
Seekgo to #heisdumb11:11
BassKattwojemjy 611:12
yossarianukhi - just seen libreoffice 5.2 is out - where do you get the snap packages?11:13
lotuspsychjeyossarianuk: snap find, to search snaps11:14
MaxFramesduring the 12.04-14.04 update: problem with unity. setup will continue but the package may not be installed. ???11:14
jakobnI'm having some trouble changing the icons in Ubuntu Gnome. When I choose another icon package, the app icons are not changed in the dash. Can anyone help me?11:14
MaxFramesaaaargh. now same stuff with python-apt. "dependency problems. leaving unconfigured".11:15
MaxFramesnow please tell me what I should do.11:15
lotuspsychjejakobn: maybe the #ubuntu-gnome guys know that one?11:15
Ben64MaxFrames: pastebin actual output11:15
lotuspsychjeMaxFrames: did you disable external ppa's before upgrade?11:15
jakobnlotuspsychje: I'll check there.11:15
MaxFramesBen64: I don't see other messages, just this error window11:16
Ben64there's more information than what you put here11:16
BlaXpiritdoes ubuntu 14.04 come with a RAM-based folder that I can write to?  because /tmp seems to be on disk for whatever reason :(11:16
MaxFramesBen64: not in what I am seeing. maybe in some log file?11:16
Ben64BlaXpirit: /run/shm, but you could make /tmp ram if you want11:16
MaxFrameslotuspsychje: how do I check?11:17
OerHeksyossarianuk, there is a Beta package https://skyfromme.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/libreoffice-5-2-0-beta2-as-a-snap-package/11:17
BlaXpiritBen64, hmm  /run/shm  is a bit of a weird location, isn't it?   sure, I don't mind making /tmp ram11:17
BlaXpiritthough that would probably require a reboot11:17
Ben64BlaXpirit: it isn't, and it does11:17
BlaXpiritwhatever, shm it is. thanks.11:18
MaxFrames"unable to install python-apt" (and gnome before that) - "the upgrade will continue, but the python-apt" (and gnome) "package may not be in a functional state. report this event as a bug" - "dependency problems - leaving unconfigured"11:19
MaxFrames^^ translated from italian language11:19
ToAruShiroiNekoa question11:19
ToAruShiroiNekoI am looking at end of life dates11:19
ToAruShiroiNekolater versions for 14.04 seems to have this month as end of life11:20
ToAruShiroiNekowhile 14.04.1 has 201911:20
MaxFramesanyone can help? do I abort the upgrade?11:20
ToAruShiroiNekowhy is that?11:20
Ben64ToAruShiroiNeko: click on it11:20
OerHeksToAruShiroiNeko, those are point-releases11:20
OerHekscurrent is 14.04.4 iirc11:20
ToAruShiroiNekowhat I mean is 14.04.1 lasts till 2019 while other two later (14.04.2, 14.04.3) sooner11:21
Ben64yep, click on that for all the information you want11:21
=== MobGod is now known as Mob
OerHeksthat would be a typo ..11:21
MaxFrames"software center" is another problem package, and more "python-*"11:21
Ben64OerHeks: it isn't a typo11:21
OerHeksi think that april 2019 should be one line down11:22
lotuspsychjeMaxFrames: did you have external ppa's or not?11:22
mmnc Hi guys, my system offered my to upgrade to ubuntu 16 (I have 14). I accepted and went to launch, came back and saw the lock screen, typed the password and got a black screen.... What should I do?11:22
ToAruShiroiNekoI dont quite see the why but it seems like it all imgrates to a higher version?11:22
MaxFrameslotuspsychje: I don't know how to check and I would like someone to tell me11:22
MaxFramesright now I am running the upgrade with the gui11:22
ToAruShiroiNekolooking at 14.04.x Ubuntu Kernel Support11:22
MaxFramesI guess I need to type some command?11:22
Ben64ToAruShiroiNeko: yes, read that page11:23
ToAruShiroiNekoOerHeks it appears correct11:23
BlaXpiritBen64, is this OK?    "tmpfs /tmp tmpfs rw,nosuid,nodev 0 0"11:23
lotuspsychjeMaxFrames: you cant remember adding ppa's?11:24
MaxFramesI don't remember. this machine has been inoperative for quite a while11:24
MaxFramesI'm not even familiar with ubuntu anymore11:25
Ben64BlaXpirit: i have tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 011:25
lotuspsychjeMaxFrames: check your sources.list11:25
lotuspsychje!sources | MaxFrames11:25
ubottuMaxFrames: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.11:25
yossarianuklotuspsychje: cheers11:26
yossarianukOerHeks: also thanks11:26
OerHeksyossarianuk, have fun!11:27
MaxFramespath to sources.list......11:27
MaxFramesok found it11:28
MaxFramesit seems stock11:29
MaxFramesmeanwhile the upgrade is rolling11:29
MaxFramesno more errors after those ones11:29
MaxFramesI may end up without unity, python and software center.11:30
MaxFramesin which case, I'll be damned if I know what to do.11:30
lotuspsychjeMaxFrames: there always a liveusb to rescue stuff11:30
MaxFramesbut is there something I can do _now_ to fix things on a terminal?11:31
MaxFramesit has halted again11:31
MaxFramesthis time on the unity-2dspread package11:32
k1lMaxFrames: halted? or is it just computing11:32
=== YankDownUnder is now known as YDU_away
MaxFrameshalted waiting input11:32
MaxFramessources here http://pastebin.com/Vc7pNm3X11:32
MaxFramesthese packages it cannot install are all dependent on unity11:33
k1lMaxFrames: what is the error?11:33
MaxFramesk1l: I've pasted it before11:33
MaxFrames"unable to install *some package* - the upgrade will continue, but *some package* may not be in a functional state. report this event as a bug" - "dependency problems - leaving unconfigured"11:34
Ben64MaxFrames: now check everything in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/11:34
k1lMaxFrames: well. let the upgrade run11:34
MaxFramesBen64: this is ubuntu-defaults.list11:36
MaxFrames# deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-defaults-it-team/ubuntu-defaults-it/ubuntu trusty main # disabilitato durante l'avanzamento a trusty11:36
MaxFramesthat's all.11:36
MaxFramesBen64: this is ubuntu-defaults.list.distUpgrade11:36
MaxFramesdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-defaults-it-team/ubuntu-defaults-it/ubuntu precise main11:36
MaxFrames(the end)11:36
MaxFramesshould I uncomment the source in the first file?11:37
k1lMaxFrames: what is the upgrade doining right now?11:37
MaxFrameswaiting for me to click on "close" on the nth error message, this time about the "rythmbox" package11:38
MaxFramesit's a calvary11:38
k1ljust go through them. we can reinstall packages afterwards11:38
MaxFramesshouldn't ubuntu-defaults.list.distUpgrade point to some trusty repo?11:39
MaxFramesit points to precise........11:39
k1lMaxFrames: no11:39
k1lthe .distupgrade ending shows it got disabled on the upgrade11:39
MaxFrameswhat about ubuntu-defaults.list11:39
MaxFramesthe only line in it is commented11:39
k1lso that means that ppa is not enabled now.11:40
MaxFramesand should it be enabled?11:40
MaxFramesso my sources are all correct?11:40
k1llet the upgrade run as far as possible. then we can look what is the issue on the system11:40
MaxFramesI hope it doesn't halt every 10 seconds.....11:41
MaxFramesnightmarish upgrade experience..... lubuntu went quite well in comparison11:42
MaxFrames!!!!! gedit11:42
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code11:42
MaxFramesgedit also problem11:42
k1lMaxFrames: what problem?11:42
MaxFramessame one11:43
MaxFramesalways same message11:43
k1lMaxFrames: details matter11:43
MaxFramesidentical. verbatim. to what I pasted before.11:43
MaxFramesonly the package name changes.11:43
k1lthat befre wasnt specific enough to get any clue out of it11:43
MaxFrameseven "ubuntu-desktop"!11:43
k1lso let it run. we try to fix things later on11:43
MaxFramesk1l: I am sorry, but it's the whole complete error text.11:43
MaxFramesthere is no "details" or "more" or whatever11:44
MaxFramesI asked if there was some log I could retrieve with more informations, but no one answered11:45
=== seek is now known as Seek
MaxFramesall I have is a GUI, and the GUI reports that exact error. over and over. with only the package name changing.11:45
k1lMaxFrames: that doesnt help us right now. let the upgrade run11:45
MaxFramesit will be painful. it stops every 10 seconds11:45
MaxFramesI hope it doesn't always go like this...11:48
MaxFrameswith upgrades I mean11:48
MaxFramesI just booted the system after a long time, and I got a request about 14.04 being available and if I wanted to install it11:49
MaxFramesit's not like I did anything weird....11:49
k1las said before, the upgrades get automated testings. and in here we are used to users who "had done nothing" but the system is a mess.11:50
MaxFrameswell now it asks for reboot... let's see what happens11:50
k1lplease open a terminal and run "lsb_release- d" and show the output here11:50
MaxFramesI am afraid I can't anymore... already clicked on reboot :(11:51
MaxFramesI more or less have a desktop11:52
MaxFramesand a few errors "system problem detected" and "software updates has to be closed"11:53
MaxFramesand it's asking now if I want to upgrade to 16.04.01 (!)11:53
k1lk1l> please open a terminal and run "lsb_release- d" and show the output here11:53
MaxFramescommand not found11:54
MaxFramesmaybe my typo11:54
k1lsorry, typo "lsb_release -d"11:54
MaxFramesUbuntu 14.04.05 lts11:54
k1lok. first run a "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"11:55
MaxFramesok two unneeded packages11:56
MaxFramessudo apt-get autoremove11:56
MaxFramesno other errors11:57
k1lMaxFrames: ok. first we make sure we have some common packages11:57
laserbeak4445Is Nagios still the leading monitoring tool or there are now better alternative to it?11:57
MaxFramesit seems all working now. strange11:57
k1lMaxFrames: "sudo apt install linux-generic ubuntu-desktop "11:57
MaxFramesI mean I have a unity desktop for example11:58
Seekyo my friend is having a really hard time with his ubuntu install he keeps black screening and i would how to fix it11:58
ducasseSeek: did he try nomodeset?11:59
MaxFramesk1l: says already installed11:59
MaxFramesand now linux-generic is marked for manual install, whatever that means11:59
Seekhe dont have it installed yey11:59
k1lMaxFrames: ok. i would recommend to run the cli upgrade to 16.04 now "sudo do-release-upgrade" (and not close that terminal!)11:59
Seekdo you have skype i can get you in a call with him and shit12:00
MaxFramesright now I only seem to have a single problem. a "system error" pops up every now and then and it seems related to cupsd12:00
k1lSeek: we do support only in this channel. best is you get your friend in here.12:00
MaxFramesubuntu 14.04 has had an internal error. path /usr/sbin/cupsd12:01
MaxFramesanyway... I'm doint the release upgrade in terminal12:01
MaxFrameswill go to eat something in the meantime12:01
MaxFramesthanks cya in a while12:01
Seekdo you know how hw can on windows?12:02
killalli love lena12:03
k1lSeek: he can from the live ubuntu system.12:03
k1lSeek: if that isnt loading you were asked several times to use nomodeset as kernel option.12:03
k1lSeek: but that is not for when its working and suddenly getting black.12:03
Seekyeah its on a part of the install he does then he got passed it then it fucked up again12:05
ikoniaSeek: please don't swear12:06
Seekight my bad12:06
k1lSeek: so he has a fully wokring desktop in the live system?12:07
=== EriC^^ is now known as opensource
=== opensource is now known as EriC^^
Seekits fine there12:08
k1land then he starts the installation program on that live system and then happens what?12:09
Seeknah it is the update part it gos black on him12:11
reactormonkHow can I list the versions a package has available and how can I install a specific one?12:11
k1lSeek: update?12:11
k1lSeek: your informations are too vague. i dont know what you are doing or what is failing12:11
Seekyeah the update part of the install12:11
Islahwoo, ordered my wireless adapter12:11
k1lreactormonk: apt-cache policy package12:12
k1lreactormonk: and you can add the exact versionnumber on "apt install package:versionnumber12:12
OerHeksreactormonk, install synaptic, more detailed softwarecenter12:14
reactormonkOerHeks, kinda hard without an X :D12:15
OerHeksoh, that would be cruel12:15
Shadowbird123hi, I just bought a new graphic-card. I was wondering how should I remove earlier graphic-card driver from use, before installing the new one.12:23
k1lShadowbird123: which was the old card and which is the new one?12:23
Shadowbird123K1l: I had amd radeon 6970 and the new one is nvidia gtx 96012:24
k1lShadowbird123: what is the output of "lsb_release -d"?12:25
Shadowbird123Description:Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS12:25
mapkycahi all, posted on askubuntu about this but not got a reply: upgraded from 14.4 to 16.4, I get the drums on boot, but when I log in (gnome fallback compiz, rather than unity), I only see my usb headphones. Built in soundcard doesn't show in the list of sound sources. Scratching my head, any suggestions?12:26
k1lShadowbird123: you should be able to just switch the cards.12:26
Shadowbird123ok, nice12:27
Seekwhats up12:27
k1lShadowbird123: if the system is only giving a black screen on the boot, then you could need setting "nomodeset" on boot. then install the nvidia driver from the ubuntu repo12:27
Seekhow do you pm?12:28
ducasse!pm | Seek12:29
ubottuSeek: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.12:29
Seekthank you12:29
zteamHi all!12:32
ducasseSeek: if the install has problems installing updates, then install without, and update the system later - _then_ figure out any problems that moght show up.12:32
Seekyou can skip the update?12:32
ducasseSeek: yes, it's a checkbox in the installer - simply don't check it.12:33
zteamI did use sudo dd if=ubuntu-12.04.5-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdc1 conv=fsync to install Ubuntu 12.04 to a usb-drive, but the filesystem got corrupt, did I miss something important in my dd command?12:33
zteamany thoughts?12:35
ducassezteam: /dev/sdc, not sdc112:36
k1lzteam: yes. dont dd to sdc1 but to sdc12:36
srulihi, i am trying to change my mac address on wifi with mac-changer but when i try to connect to wifi network it resets to the permanent mac, how can i make it persist?12:36
ducassesruli: what's the problem with using the same mac address?12:37
zteamahh, okey, I thought I was supposed to use the device name since dd does clone the whole parttion but that means it don't ? :-)12:38
sruliducasse: i need to get a particular ip from my dhcp, i connect with different device each time12:38
k1lzteam: dd copies 1to1 bytewise. but the iso includes already a partition setup so it needs to be copied onto the bare metal and not into another partition12:39
sruliducasse: the point is how can i use macchanger if it doesn’t persist when trying to connect to network12:39
zteamk1l, okey, then I get it, thanks :-)12:40
ohai_hello, can you hear me?12:41
k1l!tests | ohai_12:41
k1l!test | ohai_12:41
ubottuohai_: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...12:41
ohai_looks like it works! trying to get into irc community, what irc clients do you use?12:42
ducassesruli: the last time you asked this, is was to get around restrictions on a free wifi...12:43
OerHeksmulti devices using same mac and want to share the same lease???12:44
OerHeksohai_, tons of irc clients, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat12:46
sruliducasse: i dont remember, must have been a very long time ago,12:47
sruliOerHeks: i dont connect them at teh same time12:47
=== 17SAAUYQS is now known as marcin_
MaxFramesthe upgrade to 16.04.01 is going well for now... no errors12:53
neomexwhats the ubu version of paint? ^^12:59
k1l!info pinta12:59
ubottupinta (source: pinta): Simple drawing/painting program. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6-2 (xenial), package size 674 kB, installed size 2795 kB12:59
Seekwhen you are trying to help  a friend fix his pc from black screening and he falls a sleep i swaer i would beat the shit out of him if i was there13:01
ikoniaSeek: i won't ask you again - stop swearing13:02
xroHi, is there a simple way to do : wget x.y.z > /dev/n13:03
MaxFramesupgrade over... zero problems13:03
ikoniathats the output flag13:03
MaxFramesI wonder what was wrong with the upgrade to 14.0413:03
vibhuHi sameer how are you13:03
SameerHi Vibhu how are you13:04
=== capri is now known as zz_capri
embrikanyone who knows how to get new laptops with uefi to boot on pxe? Trying to clone a bunch of new laptops at my school13:13
=== zz_capri is now known as capri
ducasseembrik: not sure, but pxe booting is something you might get more help with in #ubuntu-server13:14
OerHekswiki seems to be up2date https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/PXE-netboot-install13:14
cyberorgembrik, try this image https://sourceforge.net/projects/cyberorg-home/files/Li-f-e/  with instructions OerHeks posted ^^13:15
Seekdoes anyone know if Arch Linux is good?13:17
k1lSeek: ask in ##linux or #archlinux13:18
yossarianukSeek: it is if you have time to learn it. and spare time to maintain it13:18
guest2256need help installing ubuntu 14 4 on my machine, Ubuntu installer is not detecting my partitions and I don't want to lose any data13:19
OerHeksif you don't have a backup of your data, it is not important.13:20
n1ghtmar3hi, any news on ubuntu recover from sleep bug13:20
k1lguest2256: what is the output of "sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999" ?13:20
guest2256k1l: just a sec13:21
k1ln1ghtmar3: there is not that one bug. most times its an issue with the hardware not beeing ready when the module is loaded13:21
OerHeksguest2256, what ubuntu are you trying to install, side-by-side?13:21
guest2256k1l: i can't paste the output here, I'm installing on another machine13:22
guest2256OerHeks: ubuntu 14 413:22
n1ghtmar3buddy, it recovers fast but the menu bar remains transparent13:22
n1ghtmar3it's annoying13:22
n1ghtmar3i tried to dig deep in the code, but no luck13:23
guest2256ubuntu's installer is not detecting my partitions on which i want to install ubuntu, I have set aside 20 GB of extra space but ubuntu's installer is not detecting the partitons13:23
k1lguest2256: we need the facts what setup there is.13:24
guest2256k1l: I am unable to paste the output as the machine on which I'm trying to installubuntu doesm't have internet access13:24
OerHeksdoes the first part, sudo parted -l  give a list?13:24
guest2256OerHeks: yes13:24
guest2256there is a list of sectors and numbers, oerk13:25
guest2256OerHeks: ^13:25
guest2256OerHeks: but it is not showing the partition on which I want to install ubuntu13:26
k1lguest2256: can you make a screenshot with a smartphone or such?13:26
k1lguest2256: details matter here13:27
guest2256k1l: i can do that, just a sec13:27
OerHeksdetails will help yes, does it mention GPT ? or is it an UEFI machine?13:27
guest2256OerHeks: it says GPT: not present, and it is a UEFI machine13:28
echelonhey, i'm trying to follow this.. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/burn-a-dvd-on-ubuntu13:42
echelonbut i don't see brasero in the software store13:42
echeloni'm on a live booted usb13:42
leeyaaany idea why would "apt-get update" get stuck on 100% [1 InRelease gpgv 65.9 kB] ?13:44
leeyaai tried several mirrors and i checked for weird proxy settings13:44
yossarianukechelon: its likely you don't have all the repos available on the livecd13:45
yossarianukyou could enable them - then 'sudo apt-get update'13:45
echelonwhich repo would i find brasero in13:45
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rajkanemy screen is flickering when I reduce brightness. can you help me?13:46
rajkanemy driver is intel i91513:47
Guest17106Anyone can help , see i cant login using ssh to my server but i can using remote KVM13:47
vahe1hi all~13:47
=== Guest17106 is now known as on247
vahe1how to fully remove unity desktop and use it as a server?13:48
=== Nach0z_ is now known as Nach0z
vahe1or stop desktop13:48
vahe1how to fully remove unity desktop and use it as a server or stop desktop?13:49
on247join ubuntu-server13:49
cold-fireCan anyone suggest a solution for Ubuntu 16.04 ethernet problem ? ethernet does not connects to internet automatically disconnects13:50
vahe1on247: I need it without reinstalling my mini PC13:50
echelonok, for some reason it says there's only 325MB of free space on the blank dvd-r13:50
on247sorry i meant "/join ubuntu-server"13:50
echelonshould i just ignore it?13:50
on247was just changing channel13:51
vahe1I need it to stop or delete unity13:51
tachikomasvahe1: why ?13:52
kantlivelongis there a way to reset the X idle timer?13:52
kantlivelongfrom command line13:52
kantlivelongif anything, temporarily disable idle based suspend13:53
vahe1tachikomas: I bought a miniPC and want to use as the server and reinstall the OS very difficult as there emmc13:53
=== magic is now known as Guest64841
vahe1just tell me how to remove that would not be desktop or stop :)13:54
Guest64841how is china sever ?13:55
vahe1Guest64841: yes china server13:56
ducassevahe1: remove ubuntu-desktop and all the xorg stuff, i guess.13:56
ducassevahe1: ?13:57
Guest64841unity 8 air?13:57
vahe1dont know :(13:57
vahe1apt-get remove unity?13:57
Makalakhi, is there somewhere i can check ubuntu's default packages13:58
vahe1or change chmod 64413:58
ducassevahe1: i said 'ubuntu-desktop', that is the metapackage for unity.13:58
Makalakmy install failed to finish during grub install, and I've noticed that I not longer get the annoying update dialog at boot, even when disabled/re-enabled13:58
vahe1ducasse: what do you suggest?14:00
ducassevahe1: 'sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop'14:00
Guest64841maybe remove unity14:01
Guest64841sudo apt-get -y –auto-remove purge unity14:03
Guest64841sudo apt-get -y –auto-remove purge unity-commonp14:03
Guest64841sudo apt-get -y –auto-remove purge unity-lens*14:03
Guest64841sudo apt-get -y –auto-remove purge unity-services14:03
Guest64841sudo apt-get -y –auto-remove purge unity-asset-pool14:03
BluesKaj !flood | Guest6484114:04
ubottuGuest64841: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:04
Makalakfound http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/allpackages14:05
embrikThanks - the wiki-article helped me a lot14:05
bigpichey guys I’m struggling with getting a default route established.  I’ve created a bonded nic with vlan overtop14:06
bigpicdespite the fact that I only have a gateway defined on the vlan14:06
bigpicwhen I pull up the routes there’s not defaut defined14:07
pabedhey guys , I installed ubuntu on machine which windows was on it , now grub takes boot manager? in grub I have dual boot both ubuntu and windows right now ,? the Strange thing is that how did it  happen?14:08
vahe1thanks ducasse Guest6484114:08
BarzoghHello Guys , i have some probles updating from ubuntu 14.04 to ubuntu 16.04 ( both are LTS ), mysql-server is broken ... it gives me an error 11 with mysql-upgrade, can someone guide me into fixing it please?14:09
bigpiceven more strangely.. If I reboot the default route does not exist14:12
bigpicBut if I /etc/init.d/networking restart after reboot14:12
bigpicit shows up14:12
ducasseBarzogh: did you read this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes/#MySQL_5.714:12
mcphailpabed: what do you feel is wrong, and what would you have expected to happen?14:13
ducassepabed: not strange at all, windows boot manager can't boot linux, but grub can boot both. hence you use grub to boot.14:14
ToAruShiroiNekoI am trying to follow http://gotechnies.com/install-magento2-ubuntu-lts-16-04-nginx-varnish-php7-mysql-server-lemp/14:15
ToAruShiroiNekoah wait14:15
ToAruShiroiNekomaybe I should try this14:15
ToAruShiroiNekoits telling me to pick a package14:16
sarekthe HFS drive connected to Ubuntu if i use sudo, but cant otherwise. do i need to sudo chown -R the whole mount point or something? i mounted it with sudo mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw /dev/sdXY /media/mntpoint14:17
ToAruShiroiNekowhat exactly is this?14:17
pabedmcphail: Windows has a tendency to write its standard MBR boot loader when it’s installed and after installed ubuntu I expected to reinstall windows but it did not want to do14:17
knittHi guys,14:18
yossarianukmcphail: are you using UEFI ?14:19
yossarianukAlso have you all seen this, win 10 anniversary edition wipes linux installs... -> http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/08/windows-10-anniversary-update-delete-partition14:19
ducasseToAruShiroiNeko: looks like you are using some ppa? anyway, the message is pretty explicit in what it wants you to do - select _one_ of the packages it suggests for each virtual package.14:20
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knittI was installing kubuntu-desktop over unity when power failure happened. Now it shows that i have UNMET DEPENDENCIES14:20
knittnothing installs now14:20
=== jorge_ is now known as Guest99761
knitt i have tried apt-get update & other options as in askubuntu, cant figure out whats wrong14:21
ducasseknitt: 'sudo apt-get install -f'14:22
k1l_knitt: run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" and put all the output into paste.ubuntu.com14:22
knittyes, that as well. Not working, its shows failure14:22
killallHEllo i have pulse audio daemon but whenever i type a pacmd command i get No PulseAudio daemon running, or not running as session daemon.14:23
pabedducasse:  grub in either the MBR or the boot sector of a boot partition. Thus, it can either keep a Windows-style primary boot loader and direct the system to boot a kernel from a boot sector installation then first I have to face mbr boot loader , and boot loader gives boot mangment to grub14:23
k1l_knitt: show the output. details matter14:23
Barzoghyep i read it ducasse i got the fixed version 5.7.13-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 but it won't work14:24
ioria!info php7.0-xsl | ToAruShiroiNeko14:25
ubottuToAruShiroiNeko: php7.0-xsl (source: php7.0): XSL module for PHP (dummy). In component universe, is optional. Version 7.0.8-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 (xenial), package size 0 kB, installed size 6 kB14:25
ioria!info php7.0-xml  | ToAruShiroiNeko14:25
ubottuToAruShiroiNeko: php7.0-xml (source: php7.0): DOM, SimpleXML, WDDX, XML, and XSL module for PHP. In component main, is optional. Version 7.0.8-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 (xenial), package size 116 kB, installed size 437 kB14:25
knittk1l_ : http://paste.ubuntu.com/22032972/14:25
knittthis error pops every time14:25
k1l_knitt: that is totally different from "i installed kde and got a depency error"14:26
ToAruShiroiNekooh so I just define the version like that14:26
ToAruShiroiNekoI was a bit confused14:26
ducassepabed: i still don't understand what you think the problem is.14:26
knittk1l_ : I installed kde, some packages are showing.14:26
k1l_knitt: what you showed is "i want to remove unity"14:26
ioriaToAruShiroiNeko, the first 2 pkgs are provided by php7.0-xml and the third is php7.0-xsl not php-xsl14:26
knittk1l_ : In fact my desktop is broken in lightdm14:27
k1l_<k1l_> knitt: run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" and put all the output into paste.ubuntu.com14:27
knittk1l_ : nothing opens. When i do STARTX then a broken lightdm opens14:27
k1l_knitt: thing is kde doesnt use lightdm. and startx doesnt work at all on ubuntu standard setup. so we can try things that dont help at all or start debugging14:28
knittk1l_ : yeah, my unity to fde migration failed & i cant revert back14:29
knittk1l_ : Only command line is working :(14:31
pabedducasse: my problem is that how grub takes boot managments  ,if it installs in MBR that we lose windows boot loader , if it installs in boot sector of a boot partition that MBR loaded how find the windows boot partition?14:32
ToAruShiroiNekoioria still a bit confused. so instead of apt-get php-dom I do apt-get php7.0-dom ?14:34
ToAruShiroiNekois that the difference?14:34
ioriaToAruShiroiNeko, no14:34
on247Anyone can help me sort out my ssh issue14:34
ioriaToAruShiroiNeko, the first 2 pkgs are provided by php7.0-xml14:34
on247password works on console directly on server(KVM remote)14:34
ducassepabed: are you saying grub doesn't start windows?14:34
on247it doesent work on ssh14:35
on247I enable passworded login14:35
ioriaToAruShiroiNeko, php-dom and php-simplexml are both provided by  php7.0-xml14:35
pabedducasse: it starts but I want to know how ?14:35
ducassepabed: no idea, i don't use windows. try #grub.14:37
ducassepabed: i'm guessing it chainloads the necessary boot code for windows, read the grub config to see what it does.14:39
pabedducasse: ok thanks14:40
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=== sebbu3 is now known as sebbu
ricebeanI'm having Lubuntu crash constantly since a few days ago. It's either a freeze (mouse doesn't move, keyboard doesn't do anything, REISUB and other commands don't work), kernel panic (not syncing: Attempted to kill the idle task!), or the screen just going black altogether until I restart the PC via the power button. I have tried reinstalling the OS, switching the hard drive for another and installing it there, but no dice. What can I do>14:44
ioriaricebean, remove light-locker14:45
OerHeksricebean, run a memtest86 run, from live iso14:45
ricebeanioria, I'll try that.14:46
ioriaricebean, 16.04, right ?14:46
ricebean14.04 LTS14:46
horseso i'm STILL trying to get remote desktop working into a 16.4 VM using the "unity" desktop environment.14:46
ioriaricebean, no,14:46
horsehow can this not be possible?14:47
ioriaricebean, don't remove it14:47
ricebeanioria: ???14:47
ducassehorse: i told you vnc won't work, and why.14:47
ioriaricebean, light-locker it'a a little buggy on 16.04 not 14.0414:47
horseducasse: : it just seems bizzare to me14:47
ioriaricebean, uname -r14:47
ricebeanOK. What can I do then? This is my work PC, and I have to make it work, else I don't have any money.14:48
ioriaricebean, uname -r14:48
OerHeksricebean, seems more like bad ram, run a memtest86, from live iso14:48
ducassehorse: yes, but there you are. use something besides unity, or find a solution that supports it.14:48
ricebeanAnd they happen when I'm doing Internet activities.14:48
ricebeanInternet is required for my work btw.14:49
ioriaricebean,  and you need a full upgrade i think14:49
ricebeanI don't think that would work, ioria.14:49
marshi have a question14:49
ricebeanI mean the full upgrade.14:50
ducassehorse: did you try the chrome remote desktop thing? maybe that works? i really don't know, though.14:50
horseducasse: this seems like a very odd decision (not to supprt RDP using the default desktop env) which this distro's maintainers have made14:50
ioriaricebean,  you can say 'n' and the end ... just run apt update and apt full-upgrade14:50
horsegiven that ubuntu is supposed to be a desktop friendly/user friendly distro14:51
ricebeanI'll try switching the RAM from my other PC.14:51
marshi am needing to run Office 365 on Peppermint 714:51
marshcan it be done14:51
OerHekshorse, it is your responsability to set it up right, like firewall perhaps?14:51
ducassehorse: afaik, there are no rdp servers for linux, and vnc does not support 3d accel.14:51
k1l_marsh: ask the peppermint guys for help. this is ubuntu help14:52
horseOerHeks - the difference is the firewall actually works14:52
marshkil_:do you know the server14:52
k1l_marsh: look at their website what support they offer14:53
ducassehorse: you've been told what the problem is, and how you can solve it.14:54
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
horseducasse: i'm just surprised that these design decisions where made in the first place14:55
horsewho want's a desktop that's impossible to remote into?  for the sake of what?  some "3D" rice?14:56
ducassehorse: if you want to discuss that, try #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-discuss. this is not the place.14:56
horseseems weird to me14:56
horseok thanks14:56
k1l_horse: they are working on the new unity8 which is using a total different technic in the underlaying system. so the state of the actual unity7 is more in "keep running" mode than to make heavy changes.14:57
k1l_horse: so there are some things with compiz etc that are not going to be changed since its way too much effort. they change those things in the new unity running on mir. (which is already running on the tablets and smartphones)14:58
horsek1l_ interesting.  thanks14:58
horsei'll shut up about this now14:59
alex___can anyone help me, i want to install ubuntu on my intel atom windows tablet, it has a keyboard attached to it, but when i put the usb in it and try to boot to it14:59
alex___it just goes to windows ignoring the flash drive, my other pc will boot the flash drive just fine, and the bios has no eufi setting14:59
k1l_horse: and back then, when that decission was made, there was no interest in remote using a 3d desktop since internet was slow and most pcs were slow.14:59
=== apb1963_ is now known as apb1963
horsek1l_: but surely people must have wanted to log in minus the 3D stuff, what ever that actually is15:00
k1l_alex___: those tablets need some special handling to install ubuntu on it. so best is to look out if someone managed to get that working already and if he made a exact howto15:00
alex___i did i couldnt find anything15:01
k1l_horse: back then there was a 2d version, which is discontinued since gnome-base uses llvmpipe now since cpus are powerfull enough to make those 3d calculations in the cpu when the gpu is not for 3d15:01
alex___so theres no way to install it, i mean it has windows 10 on it but the bios has no eufi settings just a eufi shell, that says no mapping on any command i do15:03
alex___its like the smallest bios i ever seen only like 3 tabs and 4 configurable options15:03
k1l_alex___: i didnt say that. but most times they need some awkward 32bit uefi support and maybe other special treatment.15:03
k1l_alex___: you can look at what other tablets needed as handling. and if that works for you too15:04
OerHeksalex___, 32 bit?15:04
alex___its a 64 bit processor, but 32 bit windows15:04
alex___its a intel atom Z something15:04
RonWhoCaresA window has gone postal.  I can't get to it.  Any way to get a window that I can't get to15:05
Elec_AHi does anyone know what is Client Display Library is ?15:05
Elec_A./configure is looking for cdl and cdl_open libraries.15:05
DJonesalex___: It may be worth asking in #ubuntu-touch thats the main channel for tablet versions of Ubuntu, I'm guessing you want to install a full version of Ubuntu rather than the touch version, but people there may have some experience with your tablet15:06
=== Poof|| is now known as NoobsFlyNVFR
howtodownload32bdoes anybody know how to download the 32 bit version of ubuntu15:15
howtodownload32bI accidentally installed ubuntu kyle because i couldnt find another one15:15
DJoneshowtodownload32b: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads You should be able to pick the iso from one of the torrents or mirror sites15:16
howtodownload32bI checked that15:16
howtodownload32bBut I don't want to download bit torrent15:17
howtodownload32band I don't exactly know how to download a mirror image15:17
DJoneshowtodownload32b: Have a look at http://mirror.pnl.gov/releases/16.04.1/15:18
howtodownload32boh thanks!15:18
howtodownload32bthanks alot15:18
DJoneshowtodownload32b: 32 bit iso is at http://mirror.pnl.gov/releases/16.04.1/ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-i386.iso15:18
ricebeanBack. The piece of RAM from the other PC didn't fit, and memtest86 shown 0 passed and loads of errors. It actually crashed in the process - the first time displaying Unexpected interrupt - halting, and the second time just staying at the same position.15:18
ricebeanIs it really bad RAM?15:19
howtodownload32bI just came back to linux after 4 months because of the infinite automatic repair thing15:19
howtodownload32b4 gigabytes but i have a really old intel core duo 215:19
howtodownload32b7 year old laptop15:19
ducassericebean: looks that way if memtest fails15:19
howtodownload32bwell now i need to download and mount the iso again...15:20
ricebeanIt didn't even complete the test before crashing.15:20
howtodownload32bthanks anyway!15:20
ducassericebean: then i would think either the ram is bad or you have another serious hardware problem.15:21
OerHeksricebean, check each memory strip one-by-one to be sure15:21
OerHeks* with memtest8615:22
ricebeanAnd how would I do that?15:22
OerHeksthat would be the logical step when you find one error, but no clue what ram position15:22
OerHekshow? pull the powerplug, hold power button 10 seconds, open case, remove ram15:23
ricebeanI only have one stick of RAM, if that's what you're asking.15:24
=== aaron is now known as Guest69044
designbybeck_Was trying to install some software on Ubuntu 16.04 64bit... and the software said it needs:  ia32-libs-gtk15:24
atralheaven_I want to ask for a simple feature in ubuntu, that I need it has to have, where should I ask for it?15:24
designbybeck_but I'm not finding that to install on 16.0415:24
OerHeksricebean, then you know what to do, replace it.15:24
ricebeanCan you do the same thing with RAM - reallocate the bad sectors - as you can do on an HDD?15:24
joelioif it's ECC ram, but it won't be in a laptop (generally)15:25
ricebeanIt's a nettop, an Asus EEEBox EB-1007.15:25
=== Guest69044 is now known as ahoneybun
designbybeck_can  ia32-libs-gtk be install on 16.04 64bit?15:25
joelioricebean: no, it wont' be only really in servers15:25
OerHeksnever heard of reallocating bad ram 'sectors'15:26
OerHeksmust be a marketing thing :-D15:26
ducasseatralheaven_: what feature?15:26
joelioOerHeks: yea, semantics :)15:26
OerHekshot plugable too ?15:27
atralheaven_ducasse: being able to set a default language for login screen, so I won't type my password in wrong language anymore15:27
mike_ser1Hi, I got a fresh install of Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.5 LTS (4.2.0-27-generic #32~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 22 15:32:26 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux) when running 'sudo apt-get build-dep qt5-default' I get an unmet dependency error. Does anyone know why could this be and how to solve it? I didn't find any useful information online15:27
=== precise|6-0 is now known as precise
ducasseatralheaven_: that should follow the locale settings of the system, i would imagine.15:28
joeliomike_ser1: pastebin the error (assuming qt5 build dependencies can be got in 14.04)15:28
mike_ser1I have done this before without problems on another machine. Actually did this yesterday on a Ubuntu Server fresh installation15:29
joelioseems to be from a quick checl15:29
joeliook, so 1st thing did you do an apt-get update15:29
joeliobefore getting buildeps15:29
mike_ser1@joelio: http://pastebin.com/cBSgjxZv15:30
ducasseatralheaven_: try 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration'15:30
mike_ser1@joelio: I did an apt-get update and even upgrade when I got the error, but didn't help15:31
atralheaven_ducasse: it doesn't have this option, I mean for login screen, the password input place, being able to set english, or another language as default. so even when my screen is locked when I was on the other language, it would be on english on login screen. its not a problem, its a feature im asking the developers to put in ubuntu15:31
joeliomike_ser1: do an apt-cache policy libopenvg1-mesa - and pastebin that too15:32
=== precise is now known as onions
=== onions is now known as precise
mike_ser1joelio: apt-cache policy libopenvg1-mesa -> http://pastebin.com/jywE3iBz15:34
ducasseatralheaven_: the lock screen will use the default system keyboard layout by default, but if you have switched to another layout it will of course use that. you can file a report on launchpad, but...15:35
atralheaven_ducasse: imagine I locked my screen when I was typing in fr, now if I enter my password, it wont be in en, it would be in fr, and thats annoying. so if there was an option to set the default language for lock screen, that wouldn't happen. do you know what I mean?15:38
OerHekswhen you type in french, why would that bug you ?15:38
alex___hmm, my tablet has a ufi partition with microsoft folder in it, i was able to do some tricks to mount it in windows, maybe thats why it wont boot to any usb. and also my bios has no uefi settings, so thats not changable, im using a intel atom tablet trying to get ubuntu on it, but like i said it always goes to windows anythime i use a bootable usb.15:39
ducasseatralheaven_: yes, sort of, i just don't think it makes any sense. i would expect it to use whatever layout i had specified. there is also a menu for selecting layout if i'm not mistaken.15:39
joeliomike_ser1: *looks* ok - let me try it on a VM15:40
mike_ser1joelio: I installed it and it had to also get many xserver packages, I wonder if the installation was incomplete15:40
joeliopossibly, should work ok that afaict15:41
ducasse!ru | ubuntu-mate15:42
ubottuubuntu-mate: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:42
mike_ser1joelio: thanks for your help. actually this is a step on a script that I have run before on a number of fresh installation. It must be have been an issue with this particular machine15:42
joeliook, np15:43
atralheaven_ducasse: now, when I want to enter the password in lock screen, the input language is whatever it was before locking, ok? what I want, it to be able to set the default input language for lock screen password input, so I wont type my password in wrong language, that happens alot for users who use more that one language15:46
OerHeksi think you hit bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/128691015:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1286910 in unity (Ubuntu) "Lock screen uses last active window's language instead of default keyboard language" [Medium,Confirmed]15:48
killallin ubuntu by default does ti use alsa or pulse?15:50
ronaldsmazitishello, if 16.04.01 is released then when Ubuntu will start pushing upgrade15:54
ronaldsmazitissummer is already gone by 2 halfs15:55
DJonesronaldsmazitis: It should be now, I think the updates were released at the end of last week15:55
ducassekillall: both, pulse sits on top of alsa.15:55
atralheaven_ubottu: thanks!15:55
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:55
Lucky7hello all, can any1 share a howto on LDAP SAMBA integration?16:10
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CuriousErnestBrowhat are your favorite aesthetic themes?16:37
guzzlefryHow do I generate the xorg.conf file for this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/418398/tear-free-disabled-in-intel-graphics-tearing-in-xubuntu16:38
guzzlefryOr do I just add that one bit of text in an empty xorg.conf file?16:38
ducasseguzzlefry: you don't generate it, you simply write it.16:38
guzzlefryThere has to be a way to generate it...16:39
guzzlefryOr just enable that one option somehow. :P16:39
=== nuclearbob is now known as nuclearbob_afk
ducasseguzzlefry: just add an xorg.conf snippet with the options you want, like the answer suggests.16:40
guzzlefryokay, I'll try that. Thanks.16:40
ducasseguzzlefry: sna should be on by default now, but you might also want to enable dri3 if your gpu supports it.16:41
transhuman_hi! I am wondering if there is a fix for the combination headphones and microphones, in order to get the microphone working?16:42
transhuman_bought it hat fivebelow16:42
asd_hey guys, what's the best IRC app for ubuntu??16:46
DJonesasd_: Best is what suits you, most recommended seem to be hexchat with a gui interface (similar to MIRC etc) or from a command line - irssi16:47
DeruyterHexchat has been good so far - GUI based16:48
skinuxIs there a way to get Terminal to recognize Ctrl+V as paste command?16:49
OnkelTemHi all. Is sgfxi still the best/quickest way to get latest video drivers for nVidia cards on Ubuntu 14.04?16:49
OnkelTemI'm gonna replace an old card with a new one16:49
DJonesasd_: xchat used to be recommended, but thats no longer in active development and has pretty much been replaced by hexchat16:50
ducasseskinux: ctrl+v is used by bash, so that would be a bad idea16:52
skinuxAhh okay16:52
skinuxHow about shift+ctrl+v?16:52
daxisn't that default?16:53
ducasseskinux: that's what is normally used by terminal emulators, or shift+insert for the selection buffer16:53
SchrodingersScatthought it was using 'Insert'16:53
skinuxOh..didn't iknow16:53
asd_DJones, Thanks.16:55
hgdhhHey guys, is it alright to ask linux general questions here? I got banned from #linux for asking something.17:05
spyhermithgdhh, this is about ubuntu, you can try #ubuntu-offtopic17:06
spyhermitmaybe it's an _17:06
hgdhhIt's kinda related to ubuntu. I wanted to install ubuntu on a pen and run it as a live-usb, using only RAM. The issue is I'm currently running SLAX, and have no idea how to do that.17:07
* dax looks at hgdhh and hggdh and blinks17:08
mike_papaHello. I'm looking for M.2 to PCIe x4 adapter that works with Ubuntu 16.04, and Windows 10. By work, I mean really work, so I want to be able to install and boot those systems from M.2 drive connected. Any advice?17:08
hggdhdax: nope :-)17:08
hggdhhgdhh: you can use unetbootin (for example) to create the pen-drive.17:09
mike_papahgdhh: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu ?17:10
hgdhhYeah, that's where the more general question comes from, since I only had linux for a day I have no idea how to even install a program here.17:11
squintyhgdhh, tutorials -> http://www.pendrivelinux.com/17:13
hgdhhUNfortunatly I already tried the tutorials. They only have help for ubuntu, whcih i'm not running17:18
mike_papahgdhh: Well... to create live-USB you just need to burn iso image to it. Nothing else. To install program - it depends on which linux. In Ubuntu either "Ubuntu Software" (GUI) or "apt" (apt-get, or aptitude - CLI tools) are for that.17:18
mike_papahgdhh: Why are you asking in Ubuntu channel then?17:18
hgdhhYeah ubuntu seems very documented. I'm on SLAX and there's no help or guides whatsoever. So I'm really lost here... I already tried the guides but they don't work in this distro.17:19
mike_papahgdhh: Why did you choose slax? It's not really begginer-friendly.17:20
orion7what is [pdflush] for when i do ps ax17:21
hgdhhBecause it's 100Mb. My HDD died yesterday and I had to install something.17:21
orion7what is [pdflush] ?17:21
katronixHi all, having kind of an odd issue. Not sure where to look. Trying to use Google's "Hangouts Online" service, the other party can see me, but can't hear me even though the microphone is set correctly. The same microphone works just fine in Skype so I know its not a microphone issue. Any suggestions? (using Google Chrome to connect to it)17:21
orion7sometimes its running sometimes it not17:22
mike_papaorion7: http://www.makelinux.net/books/lkd2/ch15lev1sec417:22
orion7mike_papa, thanks17:23
DeruyterCouldn't hgdhh just dd his ubuntu .iso file to a new USB stick if he's having issues with 3rd party programs to do it?17:26
id10t'lo all. anyone runnign their own mirror? i'm having issues on mine with the translation files for xenial, they are 404'ing...17:27
katronixor anyone know if Google offers IRC chat support?17:27
bobb_katronix: officially, no.17:28
katronixbobb_: yeah I didn't think so17:28
bobb_katronix: if you want to contact Google support, I think you can better just find a different service provider :)17:29
Picikatronix: #google exists, but its unofficial17:30
bobb_I tried the LiveCD and am still upgrading my system. I hit around 4 release critical bugs thusfar.17:30
bobb_E.g. fixing an instal-info problem with gcc-doc  was the last issue.17:30
bobb_Why do you release this?17:30
bobb_It's crapware.17:31
katronixPici: thanks!17:31
bobb_I suppose everyone who upgraded who didn't have any issues doesn't actually *use* their systems.17:32
bobb_Sure, if you are running just apache2 on a server, it will probably works.17:32
kangievCan u tell me where can get about mail serve i have windows 08 serv ant centos for ruter but cant open lokali the mail with domain17:44
katronixwhat sound engine does Ubuntu 16.04 use?17:44
CovenerI've got a system with LUKS and LVM where /dev/mapper shows that dm-0 uses the UUID instead of the e.g. sda5_crypt name. This causes a problem for initrd creation, but I know nothing about LVM setup -- this was just setup implicitly on a single-disk laptop.  Anyone know I can influence the name used in /dev/mapper?17:47
shadows_hello i have problem withy my ubuntu server17:47
shadows_it's on rescue mode and  i would want to mount raid drive but i have no idea how17:48
katronixSomeone suggested that I disable linein, how would I do that in 16.04?17:49
katronix(using Plasma)17:49
=== DrBrownBear is now known as Guest10167
katronixor would there be a better channel to ask in?17:53
hackingnerdI could not login after changing my user name. i have followed this post http://askubuntu.com/questions/558669/renaming-user-name for changing user name. Now When I enter password, no error, system again ask for passwrod17:54
etxzayHi! I was trying to upgrade Ubuntu desktop from 14.04 to 16.04, but got "Could not calculate the upgrade. An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade ".17:54
etxzay"grep Broken /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log" gives me about 670 rows. I don't understand what package  is the source of the my problems, it looks like dependency hell. I need some kind of methodology how can I resolve this.17:54
etxzayAppreciate any help.17:54
ducasseetxzay: any ppas?17:58
hackingnerdaccording to my system logs: systemd-logind: got pause for 13:76 Fatal server error, cannot open log file "home/xxxx/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.pid-3676.log" , Please consult the The X.org Foundation support, #011 at http://wiki.x.org, unable to run X server, gdm3: GdmDisplay: display lasted 0.56929 seconds17:59
hackingnerdPlease help me, I am not able to login in my system17:59
EriC^^hackingnerd: what happens?18:01
etxzayducasse: I was trying without third party ppas, it does not helps. And installation wizard turning them off anyway.18:01
katronixanyone know how to disable linein under kubuntu 16.04?18:02
_adbhackingnerd: check that /home/xxxx/.local/share/xorg directory exists and that your user can write to it. also, it seems odd to me that the path cited in the error message does not begin with  a leading /18:03
hackingnerd_adb: yes i missed / when typing...18:05
_adbensure the user you're logging in as has permission to write to that directory. it might be sensible to chown -R xxxx /home/xxxx. if you created the home directory, for example, as the root user, and never chown'd it back, that can cause problems18:06
Codfectionhow to install gvim on ubuntu18:07
Codfectionapt get install gvim doesnt work18:07
geirhaapt-get install vim-gnome18:07
hackingnerd_adb: /home/xxxx/.local directory is not exist at my system,,, Another thing I am using builtin encryption for my home folder18:07
Codfectiongeirha, but I am not using gnome interface18:08
geirhaCodfection: there are multiple packages that provide graphical vim, vim-gnome is only one of them18:08
_adbhackingnerd: i'm not sure if it'll help, and i don't know how encryption will change things, but i suggest trying to create the directory  structure it's expecting. you can do that with a mkdir -p /home/xxxx/.local/share/xorg18:09
geirhaCodfection: aptitude show gvim  lists the packages that provide gvim, but I'm not sure how to get the same with the other apt front-ends18:12
naccgeirha: 'gvim' is a virtual package18:12
naccgeirha: provided by, e.g. 'vim-gnome'18:12
geirhanacc: yes18:12
EriC^^apt-cache rdepends maybe?18:13
naccgeirha: err, sorry, should have directed that at Codfection18:13
naccEriC^^: iirc, virtual packages don't work so hot with rdepends18:13
geirhaCodfection: here's the output from aptitude show gvim on a 16.04 install: http://sprunge.us/gfjG18:14
katronixhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/806709/microphone-and-google-hangouts can someone check this? does it have enough info for someone to help? a lot of times people tell me I don't include enough info, so wanting to double check18:19
explodesHello. After unplugging headphones, I have no audio. (16.04, Nvidia card also in the computer)18:28
katronixexplodes: to make sure its nothing simple, is speakers plugged into sound card?18:31
explodesThey were working before, too18:31
explodesSelecting the correct output device in sound settings has no effect18:31
katronixexplodes: is your nvidia card connected via hdmi? want to make sure its not sending the audio to that18:33
explodesIt is HDMI but that is not the selected output device- I have no way to attach audio to that either to test it, unfortunately18:34
katronixexplodes: might try restarting the sound engine, or restarting the computer (if all else fails)18:36
srulii have a fresh installation of ubuntu-mate 16.04 it keeps on crashing, how do i start troubleshooting it? where do i look to start?18:37
katronixsruli: do you get an error box?18:38
explodesDo you have shell access, or can you access /var/log/syslog?18:38
MonkeyDustsruli  start by analysing the error messages18:38
srulikatronix: there is but the user closed it, will have to wait for next crash18:38
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katronixsruli: then you might want to look at syslog like explodes suggested18:39
vladimir_i from Crimea18:40
sruliwill wait for next crash to get a start and follow that to syslog, thanks18:40
Sebastienvladimir_, he is not talking to you18:41
Sebastien1944 people in here18:41
MonkeyDustvladimir_  great, simply ask your ubuntu question an wait18:41
katronixanyone able to suggest how I can disable linein via alsa?18:43
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MonkeyDustkatronix  try and ask in #ubuntustudio18:46
katronixMonkeyDust: thanks18:46
daveomcdI tried using the following command: "sudo apt-get install wkhtmltopdf" and it tells me it's a the most recent version of [] -- then when i do "wkhtmltopdf -V" I get the version [wkhtmltopdf 0.9.6].  Can someone tell me how to correct this so I'm using the most recent version?18:51
katronixdaveomcd: check your path18:51
katronixyou probably have multiple installed18:52
daveomcdkatronix, how to i check/correct my path?18:52
gerepI have some "ip route" rules and I don't know if those are persistent after a reboot, if not, how can I persist that?18:52
EriC^^try type -a wkh....18:52
katronixdaveomcd: try http://www.linfo.org/path_env_var.html for more info18:53
katronixyou might want to look at the which command also18:53
daveomcdahhh ok thanks!18:54
nadunhay guys!18:55
=== mentat_ is now known as mentat__
naduncan you guys tell me how to get a ubuntu partnership for a competition18:56
nadunorganized by university college18:57
srulitry http://partners.ubuntu.com/18:58
JCM83hey I'm trying to install archlinux from usb and I keep getting error msgs19:01
JCM83can yall help?19:01
Sebastienthis is #ubuntu JCM83. not #archlinux19:01
EriC^^/join #archlinux19:01
EriC^^they can be tough, just a heads up19:01
hwk[   25.425245] xhci_hcd 0000:03:00.0: WARN: SuperSpeed Endpoint Companion descriptor for ep 0x83 does not support streams -- if i upgrade this might have a chance of working?19:01
explodesOk now, somehow, there is a stream of audio being sent to the correct device from my music player, but there is no audible output19:05
hwk[22:04] == one00handed [~one00hand@c-68-53-162-217.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has quit [Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…] --- "gone to find my owner" would be a better qoute19:05
ioriaexplodes, do you have the right codec (decodec) ?19:07
xentity1xHi so I tried installing ubuntu from a usb stick. I clicked erase disk and install. The installer then froze. So i rebooted. Now the entire boot sequence is messed up. I cant even enter bios settings. Anyone know what might have caused this?19:07
explodesioria: It was working before, so I assume that I do19:08
hwkmight be something corupt on you usb data19:08
ZtaUbuntu 16.04.1 must be the most buggy and generally horrible experience I've never had just booting a live dist.19:08
hwkyeah, updating didnt fix my issue.... any suggestions anyone? got a seagate usb3 hdd19:09
ioriaexplodes,  check SystemSettings -> Sound19:09
ZtaAnd that's: "ever had"19:09
hwkwhen i plug it into a usb3 port i get the error above, when connected to the usb2 port it work, but with "crappy usb2" speeds19:09
hwkrunning on 14, too afraid to upgrade to 1619:10
explodesioria: in pavucontrol, I see the correct device, and the volume meter is jumping, but there is no actual audio19:10
QuinnStormxentity1x: your box may be UEFI...if so, there's a 50/50 chance you're bricked19:10
* QuinnStorm glares at UEFI19:10
xentity1xquinnstorm, what does that mean19:11
ioriaexplodes,  but sound is working  (in general) or is a specific stream issue ?19:11
Ztahwk: I was just about to pull my guts together and upgrade myself, but after 10 minutes with that live dist, I'm not at all convinced that this will even run on my computer.19:11
QuinnStorm(basically UEFI requires certain files in a special partition on the disk, without them it depends on the machine if it'll boot)19:11
explodesioria: sound works through the headphones19:11
ioriaexplodes,  no speakers ?19:11
hwkxentity1x: live dist :D for now19:11
QuinnStormyou may be able to recover with uefi files on an external disk19:11
explodessound does not work through the speakers19:11
* QuinnStorm nods "many live dists come with uefi boot files"19:12
xentity1xhwk, im not sure i understand19:12
Jordan_Uxentity1x: QuinnStorm: There is *not* a 50% chance your hardware is bricked.19:12
QuinnStormwell, in the old world, bios was in rom or flash ram and all was good19:12
QuinnStormJordan_U: sorry, I was being figurative19:12
Jordan_Uxentity1x: What exactly happens when you try to boot?19:12
* QuinnStorm steps back and lets Jordan_U handle this, apologizing19:12
ioriaexplodes,  have you checked alsamixer ?19:13
Jordan_UQuinnStorm: The boot firmware is still in flash on the motherboard with UEFI.19:13
xentity1xI get to a screen that says press del if you want to enter the bios. Whether I press it or not I get a black screen after.19:13
ZtaI've initiated an upgrade from 14 to 16.  I want to see if this really works.19:13
explodesioria: yea, everything looks good19:14
branHello, I was here a couple days ago, and I reported an issue with not being able to boot a Ubuntu live USB on a laptop (tried everything I could think of, including nomodeset). After ruling out every other possibility, I think the reason why it won't boot is because it has a openSUSE btrfs partition. Because I remember being able to boot Ubuntu 16.04 in this laptop before having the btrfs partition.19:14
QuinnStormJordan_U: but if its misconfigured and can't find a bootia32/64.efi it won't help19:14
branShould I report a bug or something? I can't find anything related with this online19:14
xentity1xI also have this stupid software asus express gate. it runs before the bios. It says the installation of that software is incomplete.19:14
Jordan_Uxentity1x: What model comouter (ideally what model motherboard if you know)?19:14
QuinnStormJordan_U: I've seen some that refuse to boot one on an external device19:14
hwkxentity1x: try pressing the button repeatetly and faster19:14
xentity1xasus m4a79t deluxe19:15
explodesioria: i guess it is possible my speaker system died.. but i had a weird issue in previous versions of ubuntu where the speaker output wouldnt work after unplugging headphones. i would have to use pavucontrol to reselect the device manually. now that is no longer working (16.04)19:15
QuinnStormof course this laptop is the exact opposite, it defaults to bios mode if it finds an mbr disk as its only disk19:15
xentity1xis my hard drive screwed?19:15
hwkZta: drop a line when your done and share if its stable19:15
hwkim running it as vm19:16
ioriaexplodes,  pavucontrol -> Configuration ?19:16
Ztahwk: Will do.19:16
QuinnStormxentity1x: not forever, almost certainly, its just a matter of recovery19:16
explodesioria: tried that, too19:16
QuinnStormI let my personal feelings toward uefi get in the way earlier and spoke hyperbolically19:16
xentity1xquinnstorm, any idea how i can do that? I cant even load the bios.19:16
ioriaexplodes, when exactly stopped working ?19:16
Ztahwk: How do start the vm?19:16
explodesioria: of all available output (not "unplugged") output devices, only the two headphones devices play actual audio19:17
Ztahwk: qemu?  and what options?19:17
QuinnStormxentity1x: work with Jordan_U , I think they are doing sensibly here19:17
explodesioria: the speaker devices, although receiving audio streams as indicating by their jumping volume meters, play no actual audio through the speakers19:17
eelstrebori recently installed 16.04 on an asus laptop but i can't seem to insert text into a field using shift-insert like on other pc's - the asus manual is no help and it appears that it's not a common problem since i can't find an answer with a search engine19:17
hwkahh im using vmware rightnow19:17
hwkand the their toolkit is busted as well for 14.0419:17
ioriaexplodes, ok... but when exactly stopped working ?19:17
xentity1xJordan_U: asus m4a79t deluxe19:17
hwkthe precompiled one doesnt work for shares/mounts19:18
ZtaAh, this seems to boot something: qemu-system-x86_64 downloads/ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso19:18
hwkwhen trying to compile i get some kguid error19:18
Jordan_Uxentity1x: Is the Ubuntu LiveUSB still plugged in? Do you have a bootable DVD you can try using?19:18
hwkmaybe i got a bad kernel version19:18
xentity1xjordan_u, i unplugged the usb. I dont have a dvd.19:19
hwkused to compile android stuff which worked no issues19:19
explodesioria: my gf was playing a game with a headphone set with a microphone. when it was unplugged it got messed up, even through restarts19:19
Ztabooting ubuntu 16.04.1 image like that crashes19:19
explodesioria: im gonna try using a microphone i may have lying around, maybe that will trick the system or whatever19:19
Jordan_Uxentity1x: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/275878-31-asus-m4a79xtd-bios-help says that you need to start pressing delete immediately after powering on the machine.19:20
ioriaexplodes,   do you have a liveusb at hand ?19:20
explodesioria: i just wiped it a few days ago :\19:20
explodesioria: what would you have me do?19:20
explodesioria: boot and test?19:20
ioriaexplodes,   just try it19:20
ioriaexplodes,   yep19:21
explodesioria: well that is curious. it isnt detecting a microphone19:21
explodesi wonder if this is all caused by a shitty mobo19:21
ioriaexplodes,   laptop or desktop ?19:22
rodney77Hello, I am having trouble connection to repos after upgrading to 16.0419:22
rodney77when i run sudo apt update it sticks on 0% [Working] for about 30 seconds19:22
xentity1xjordan_u, thanks but that doesnt solve the problem. I still get sent to the same black screen with a blinking cursor19:22
rodney77and when i try to install anything in apt or synaptic it hangs in the same way19:22
rodney77also, installed kodi and the repos time out19:23
rodney77some sftp sites are slow to connect. once these things finally connect, the download speed is fine19:23
rodney77i disabled ipv6 and added usedns no to my ssh config but this didn't fix the problem19:23
aroonihey folks; i'm loving ubuntu 16.04 ; but question;  gnome-do has a feature to suspend my computer; which appears not to work, even though clicking the power button then hitting suspend works fine.  any ideas on how i can quickly suspend the laptop via a gnome-do/spotlight/alfred type approach?  thanks!19:23
=== octacian_ is now known as octacian
ioriaexplodes,   do you have a Built-in Audio  in Systesettin-g> Sound or in Pavucontrol   ?19:26
Epx998Anyone get Ubuntu working with an Intel® SSD DC P3700 ?  Im having problems with it.  Under ubuntu 16.04, the drives were detected and the OS installed, but it doesnt look like GRUB accepted the entry.  Not sure of my next step.19:26
mike_papaRepeating question: Any M.2 to PCIe 4x adapters knowing to be 100% Ubuntu 16.04 compatible (install & boot included).19:27
Jordan_Uxentity1x: OK, since your internal drive is already wiped, you could physically put the hard drive in another computer and put an Ubuntu live system on it.19:28
mike_papaI want Samsung 950 Pro ssd drive in my desktop.19:28
explodesioria: yea "Digital Output (S/PDIF)"19:28
ioriaexplodes,   no, Analog19:28
QuinnStormwhen I build a desktop I want a Raid0 of SSD's :-P19:28
explodesioria: oh, nope.19:28
xentity1xjoradn_u, im not sure it is wiped. It seems like it was only partially wiped. I think that might be the problem.19:28
MonkeyDustxentity1x  type jor, then hit tab to autocomplete19:29
Jordan_Uxentity1x: (Installing Ubuntu normally on the drive then moving it back won't work with UEFI for reasons I don't have time to explain at the moment)19:29
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
ioriaexplodes,   do you have a dedicated sound card or is integrated on the mb ?19:30
ZtaDoes UEFI prove us anything good?  Or is it just MS being assholes?19:30
explodesioria: integrated19:30
xentity1xMonkeyDust, I cant even get to a terminal.19:30
Jordan_UZta: That's a question for #ubuntu-offtopic .19:30
ioriaexplodes,   no sound if you play a youtube video ?19:31
ZtaJordan_U: A simple "the first" or "the latter" won't cut it? =)19:31
explodesioria: headphones only19:32
Jordan_Uxentity1x: I need to go unfortunately. You might also try ##hardware, and maybe try just physically removing the hard drive entirely and see whst happens when you boot with no drives, or with just the LiveUSB.19:32
ioriaexplodes,   speaker-test -D plug:surround51 -c 6 -l 1 -t wav19:33
explodesPlayback open error: -16,Device or resource busy19:34
explodeswhen i select the speakers as output, the speaker-test plays through headphones19:35
_adbdoes anyone have recommendations for allowing users to switch keyboard languages on the fly? i remember unity having something like this built in, but the current DE i'm working with is openbox19:36
ioria!ask | rajkane19:37
ubotturajkane: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:37
explodesI give up D:19:39
rajkanemy screen is flickering when I reduce brightness19:39
ioriaexplodes,  sudo alsa force-reload19:40
ioriaexplodes,  and ... ? no sound ?19:42
explodesnot through speakers19:42
xentity1xjordanu_u: thanks!19:43
Epx998when installing ubuntu - can I load a driver for the install? or does that have to be built into the install image .iso ?19:43
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ortsvorsteher!install | ubottu19:46
ubottuortsvorsteher: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate19:46
ioriaexplodes,  try a liveusb   (or read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure)19:49
explodesioria: ok. thanks for your help, I appreciate it19:51
ioriaexplodes,  good luck mate19:51
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* eelstrebor is going to roll back to 14.04 - too many issues with 16.0419:53
orion7mike_papa, thanks19:56
=== sandeepkr is now known as X7R
bigpiccan anyone tell me in a multi nic box why the default route doesn’t get established on boot?19:58
Epx998eelstrebor: I installed 16 and my grub write didnt even take, buh.19:58
bigpicyet if I restart the networking with the exact config19:58
bigpicthe route get’s established19:58
bigpicso far switching from freebsd -> ubuntu hasn’t been smooth at all19:59
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rmota_hello, can anybody hep me?20:01
MonkeyDustrmota_  start with a question20:01
Jordan_Ubigpic: Does only one NIC connect to a network with a DHCP server that's advertising a default gateway?20:02
JCM83hey all20:02
rmota_I can't do a cURL from my server to its public IP20:02
JCM83I'm trynna boot from USB archlinux distro20:02
bjornbjornhi guys, I borked my ubuntu a while back after upgrade and now I only get grub rescue> wile booting and an error saying file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found. If I do an 'ls' I see a bunch of filesystems, all of which say "unkown filesystem" if i ls it (ie. ls (hd0)) - except for (hd0,msdos1) but that looks empty if I ls it .. any hints?20:02
rmota_the message is that it can't connect to server20:02
MonkeyDustJCM83  wrong channel, this is is ubuntu only20:03
rmota_but when I do it from client machine it works perfecctly20:03
JCM83I'm trynna boot from USB archlinux distro and I'm getting ""/dev/disk/by-label/ARCH_201608" device did not show up after 30 seconds....20:03
JCM83falling back to interactive prompt20:03
JCM83and then I'm in ramfs$20:03
bigpicno one is a local interface the other is a public interface20:03
JCM83any ideas what to do here? I'm wasting so much of my life on this.20:03
bigpicI want to set the default route to the public interface20:03
MonkeyDustJCM83  ask in a arch linux channel, not here20:03
bigpici’ve tried with and without the bonding and ucarp20:04
bigpicno diff20:04
bigpicthe up script doesn’t do anything20:04
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bigpicyet if i do a sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart20:04
srulii want to set my chat log files on a remote server and mount it so all log files are accessible from all my PC's, what would be the best file server to setup for this? ftp nfs, webdav, other?20:04
bigpicI can 2 routes20:04
bigpicI get*20:05
JCM83MonkeyDust wait is archlinux not ubuntu20:05
JCM83son of a bitch what a waste of time20:06
Jordan_Ubigpic: What version of Ubuntu are you using?20:06
Jordan_Ubigpic: Then you should be using systemctl. Don't ever call init scripts directly or they can't be properly monitored by init.20:07
bigpicthat doesn’t explain why the routes are non existent on boot20:08
Jordan_Ubigpic: Please pastebin the output of "journalctl --boot".20:11
GiGaHello, I've just installed a 16.04 computer and have installed dnsmasq.  Unfortunately DNSMasq seems to start before the computer's interfaces are up so it fails to start20:11
GiGacan anyone tell  me how to delay dnsmasq's start please?20:11
Jordan_Ubigpic: journalctl --boot | pastebinit20:11
bigpicthat’s a nifty option20:12
bigpiccould this be it?20:14
bigpicAug 03 15:29:43 db2 kernel: IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): vlan100: link is not ready20:14
Jordan_Ubigpic: I wonder if "Aug 03 15:29:43 db2 sh[1935]: ifquery: recursion detected for interface bond0 in pre-up phase" is related20:16
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Snappy_Hi can anyone help me with installing shout with ubuntu Snappy?20:21
=== sandeep is now known as sandeepkr
Snappy_I'm getting an error saying "unsupported protocol scheme"20:22
Snappy_hi fuad, do you know anything about ubuntu snappy?20:23
ChrisP_I still can't get gnome to come up on boot after my upgrade from 14.04 >16.04 gdm is loaded and running - http://paste.ubuntu.com/22074768 I'm at a loss as to what I should do now20:24
=== kouki_ is now known as kouki
Jordan_UChrisP_: Have you tried "systemctl restart gdm"?20:26
GnomeKrisI just did a fresh install of 16.04.1. Clean install. I have no sound. alsamixer and pavucontrol show the correct sound device selected and unmuted with volume at max...20:27
GnomeKrisI'm at a loss now.20:27
Jordan_UChrisP_: Also, does "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade" confirm that packages have in fact been successfully upgraded?20:28
ChrisP_I've got one dash now in the upper left corner of the monitor20:29
ChrisP_nothing else20:29
GnomeKrisDoes anyone have any idea as to why I have no sound?20:30
ChrisP_yes the only issue is with sa-compile20:30
GnomeKriswtf is sa-compile?20:30
GnomeKrisIn all my googling for the last hour, that has not come up at all.20:30
GnomeKrisoh, nvm. not me.20:31
GnomeKrismy bad20:31
ChrisP_ctrl-alt f1 takes me back to the console20:31
ChrisP_part of spamassassin20:32
streetchildhi, can any1 explain 2 me how 2 use pyvnc2swf (screen recorder) on linux mint? thnx20:34
merpnderpAnyone know what iOS Live Photos look like in Shotwell?20:34
GnomeKrisstill no sound and speaker-test doesn't output anything.20:37
ChrisP_when booting I press 'e' when the kernel I want to run is highlighted. On one of the lines that brings up there is an 'ro' at the end. I can't save it to paste to paste in but I can write it down and put in a file if it would help20:41
GnomeKrisso I guess nobody knows anything about why 16.04.1 doesn't have sound...20:41
GnomeKrisGood to know20:41
ChrisP_if I could boot into gnome I'd check for q20:42
Jordan_UChrisP_: Have you tried "systemctl restart gdm"?20:43
Jordan_UChrisP_: Also, does "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade" confirm that packages have in fact been successfully upgraded?20:43
bigpicJordan_U: if I move the gateway definition out of the vlan onto the bonded interface the route get’s established20:43
bigpickinda flaky20:43
SeburoHi.  Anyone available to help with a Ubuntu/Firefox question?20:44
dm_comphi, it would seem that "grub-mkrescue -o grub.iso" doesn't work. please text if on 16.0420:44
dm_compit doesn't create a file grub.iso20:45
dm_compgrub-mkrescue (GRUB) 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.120:45
SeburoFirefox downloaded from Ubuntu Software has a menu bar (file/edit/view etc) integrated into the Ubuntu desktop.  A Firefox build downloaded from Mozilla does not.  What is the difference?  How can I "fix" a Mozilla build?20:46
ChrisP_<Jordan_U> yes the only issue is sa-compile20:49
SeburoAny ideas?20:50
SkylakeMXSeburo: prob. an optional package of firefox unity or something, let me check for you20:54
dm_comphttp://pastebin.com/5uN1J4n9 problems start happening on line 26620:54
SeburoskylakeMX: Thank you, appreciate any help you can provide.20:54
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=== ntpttr- is now known as ntpttr
SkylakeMXSeburo: could you navigate to about:config and search for 'unity' and report back what you found?20:56
SkylakeMXSeburo: because you should create if it's not there 'ui.use_unity_menubar' and set it to true20:57
Seburoskylakemx: Six entries, but not that one...  let me give that a try.20:58
SkylakeMXSeburo: could you also send a pastebin link with the ones you have?20:58
Seburoskylakemx: How do you create an entry?20:59
SkylakeMXSeburo: Just use right-click on some space where no entries are; New -> Boolean, insert name and switch it to true20:59
SkylakeMXSeburo: Just a small note that i'm not using ubuntu myself :P so some things are hard to check myself like the existing entries21:00
SeburoskylakeMX: no problem, fully understand21:00
SeburoSkylakeMX:  Just have to restart Fx, back shortly.21:02
ChrisP_Top shows gdm3, gdm-session-wor, gdm-x-session and gnome-session-b running. Xorg also is running.21:04
SuperMechaCowHey, if I just "apt remove lubuntu" is that gonna mess up my unity?21:04
SkylakeMXSeburo: u there?21:06
SkylakeMXSeburo: hey, did it work?21:06
SebutoSkylakeMX: tried that entry, but no luck.21:06
SkylakeMXSebuto: could you post a pastebin with all your unity entries?21:07
SebutoSkylakeMX:  Will create a pastebin.21:07
borkedHow can I use /var bind mounted from /home/operatingsystem/var such that systemd doesn't put me in an emergency shell?21:08
borkedOn 16.04.121:08
borkedThis did work on
borkedAnother problem I have with the emergency shell is that it doesn't tell me *why* it puts me in an emergency shell.21:09
SebutoSkylakeMX: http://pastebin.com/1TJeGVmg21:10
SkylakeMXSebuto: did you delete the added one already?21:10
SebutoYes, happy to put back if required.21:11
SkylakeMXSebuto: let me check for another solution first21:11
SebastienSebuto. funny nick21:12
Sebastieni got hilighted from it21:12
sarekMy computer seems to be randomly shuting down after a while or its crashing. Not exactly sure. what logs should i be looking at?21:12
SebutoSebastian: Ouch, sorry about that.21:12
Sebastienno dont worry21:13
Sebastieni find it funny21:13
SkylakeMXSebuto: may I ask you why you exactly use the one from mozilla and not from the repos?21:14
SebutoSkylakeMX:  Recomended to me by some mozillians to help provide feedback to mozilla through using the nightly build.21:15
Bashing-omsarek: /var/log/syslog give any hints ?? .. could be overheating .21:16
SkylakeMXSebuto: But you could also provide feedback from the repository one?21:16
sarekHmmm Bashing-om its a desktop that it sutting down when its idle and asleep21:17
sarekLemme take a look21:17
knoboIs it time to upgrade 14.04 to 16.04 now?21:17
houssamsalam 3likom21:17
SebutoSkylakeMX:  Fair point, now that telemetry has been fixed.  Still interested to understand this difference though, if only to feedback to Mozilla.21:17
borkedHow can I reboot from the moment the kernel loads instead of rebooting the whole machine?21:18
k1l_knobo: the LTS upgrade is open now. but you have time till the end of 14.04 support time to do the upgrade21:18
borkedknobo: ubuntu upgrade is completely broken.21:18
SkylakeMXSebuto: I've read on some forums that the repository one contains some patches that make the integration work smoothly, not to sure if that's done by an extra dependency or something21:18
borkedknobo: there are at least 5 bugs which I have hit already.21:18
k1l_knobo: dont listen to borked21:18
Bashing-omknobo: While one can release upgrade, why If 14.04 is stable and does all you want ??21:19
borkedk1l_: why shouldn't he/she?21:19
k1l_borked: upgrades get automated testings. so the question is: what did you change on your system21:19
SkylakeMXSebuto: If you could, could you put the result of 'sudo apt-get install firefox' on paste bin so I know what packages will be installed, are optional and will get removed etc.?21:19
SebutoSkylakeMX:  Okay.  Thank you for your time and your help.  Appreciate it.21:19
borkedk1l_: then obviously the tests are not exhaustive... duh21:19
SkylakeMXSebuto: u don't need to install, but if you do that output would help too21:19
sarekBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/22083430/ i dont see anything there that might indicate as to why its shutting down or crashing http://paste.ubuntu.com/22083430/21:19
knoboI would like systemd to keep my services up.21:20
borkedk1l_: all the issues I am talking about have been acknowledged by 50+ users.21:20
k1l_borked: and systemd is very picky about what is allowed and working with the fstab. upstart did boot a lot better.21:20
Bashing-omsarek: I look, see if I see aught .21:20
SkylakeMXSebuto: no problem, glad to help21:20
borkedk1l_: yes, like /var bind mounts.21:20
borkedk1l_: and an upgrade should take that into account, which it doesn't.21:20
SebutoSkylakeMX:  I have to go now, but thanks for the offer and your time.  Bye. :-)21:20
arca_voragoOn 16.04, I want to script windows launching to certain positions on certain workspaces (running 8x8 workspaces) what would be the best way?21:21
knoboI like systemd so far.21:21
SkylakeMXSebuto: no problem, cya21:21
borkedk1l_: so, no, it's not tested in any meaningful way.21:21
sarekthank you Bashing-om21:21
k1l_borked: so you made customs mounts that dont work with systemd? and you blame ubuntu now?21:21
borkedk1l_: you must be getting paid to say these things.21:21
knoboI have not read the negative things about systemd. So I don't know what it would be.21:21
borkedk1l_: yes, it's Ubuntu, isn't it?21:22
k1l_borked: i dont get paid, i just see your attitude which is way out of line21:22
knoboI have used systemd on archlinux since the transition.21:22
borkedk1l_: why should I not expect that to work?21:22
sarekhere is syslog Bashing-om http://paste.ubuntu.com/22083773/21:22
knoboBut I will never put archlinux on my servers.21:22
borkedk1l_: if upgrades don't work with changed configuration, then it means nobody can write to /etc/fstab.21:22
knoboI think.21:22
k1l_borked: the question is: why do the systemd guys dont expect such settings and make systemd work with that?21:22
SkylakeMXknobo: I use archlinux as my development / home OS, but I would strongly to don't recomment it too as server since the bleeding edge rolling :D21:23
borkedk1l_: no, Ubuntu choose to use systemd.21:23
borkedk1l_: why are you now blaming anything on systemd guys?21:23
k1l_borked: ubuntu can only ship the software as it is. if systemd is broken what do you expect ubuntu to do?21:23
SkylakeMXk1l_: to not roll that systemd update.21:23
Bassemhow can i know my vga memory21:23
knoboThat's why I want to upgrade to 16.10... to get systemd.21:23
borkedk1l_: no, Ubuntu could have ... tested it first.21:23
knoboThen I will have the same initscript on my dev/laptop as prod.21:24
borkedk1l_: the bugs I am talking about have existed for over a year.21:24
borkedk1l_: so, not releasing would have been my preferred solution.21:24
hggdhborked: please propose a test to test your issue. Both Ubuntu QA and the systemd folks would be happy21:24
k1l_SkylakeMX: there is no maintained other solution. if you know about inits then you would not say such a thing.21:24
knobo 21:24
knoboborked: what kind of bugs did you find?21:24
k1l_borked: stop that pointless rantings in here. its enough21:24
borkedk1l_: uhm, pointless ranting? I am just saying that Ubuntu upgrades are broken (the whole internet is full of blogs saying the same thing).21:25
SkylakeMXborked: there is currently a bug that causes a minute hang up because a systemd is trying to get a network device link, you mean that one?21:25
borkedknobo: one was the gcc-doc bug.21:25
borkedknobo: another one is that /var via bind mounts results in an emergency shell.21:25
arooniany way to network mount amazon cloud drive in ubuntu 16.04 ?21:25
borkedknobo: I still have that problem.21:25
borkedknobo: I asked a question above, which nobody answered.21:26
Bashing-omsarek: I would be concerned that Internet file system sharing is causing the system to go nuts . /22083430/ is filled with reports . Maybe ' df -h ' see if errors have filled up the log partition ??21:26
borkedPresumably because everyone believes that Ubuntu has no bugs.21:26
SkylakeMXborked: what was your question?21:26
hggdhborked: indeed. Why don't you ask on a channel that can actually look at the code involved?21:26
knoboborked: I don't understand the bug. "/var via bind mounts results in an emergency shell"21:26
borkedSkylakeMX: my 16.04.1 install starts with an emergency shell. I don't have any idea why.21:26
borkedknobo: then perhaps you lack the skills to help. Thanks for inquiring, though.21:27
hggdhborked: if you want help please stop with your ranting21:27
SkylakeMXborked: you mean the grub rescue one?21:27
borkedSkylakeMX: *no*21:27
knoboborked: nobody understands your bug description.21:27
borkedSkylakeMX: I think it's a systemd rescue shell.21:27
borkedemergency shell*21:28
SkylakeMXborked: could you post a image / log? It's a bit hard to do it without any information21:28
sarekBashing-om: is there anything i can do about that? Im sharing my external drive with my mac21:28
borkedSkylakeMX: sorry, the system is broken.21:28
borkedSkylakeMX: how am I going to make a picture of that?21:28
SkylakeMXborked: with a phone?21:28
borkedSkylakeMX: and besides, you would know what I am talking about if you had a clue.21:28
borkedIf someone comes along with a clue, talk to me.21:28
k1l_arooni: what protocol is it? sftp? sshfs? nautilus works with sftp and such21:28
hggdhborked: last warning. Stop being agressive21:29
borkedOtherwise, please don't "try to help".21:29
SkylakeMXborked: some people try to help you but if you can't clarify your issue then we can't help21:29
borkedhggdh: why is just explaining that you aren't such great helpers agressive?21:29
borkedhggdh: it's not. Thanks.21:29
hggdhborked: please go elsewhere and return with patience and education.21:30
sarekAny way maybe i can minimize those reports or disable them so it doesnt shut down Bashing-om21:30
borkedIf you want to tell people that the Ubuntu upgrade actually works, I would say you should first do a search for all the bugs and if there is a result saying "upgrade", it probably isn't bug free.21:30
k1l_!attitude | borked21:30
ubottuborked: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:30
SkylakeMXborked: the upgrade does actually work, but yes a clean install would be better tho.21:31
k1l_this is community support by volunteers. if you cant act according to common community standards and just get aggressive and rant then this might not be the right place for you. maybe you better try on askubuntu, ubuntuforums, discourse or mailinglists.21:31
SkylakeMXborked: do you mean some error like this? http://i.stack.imgur.com/r8EXO.jpg21:32
SebastienSkylakeMX, the user has been muted from the channel.21:32
arca_voragoHow would I launch a windows application on login in 16.04?21:32
SkylakeMXSebastien: ok, thank you for notifying me21:32
Sebastiennp <321:32
knobohmmm. now I remember why I do upgrades inside tmux21:32
Sebastienarca_vorago, using wine?21:32
ngaiolesirc is still a nice place to communicate21:32
knoboatleast not in X21:32
Sebastiendepends of the days21:33
Sebastienand time of day21:33
arca_voragosorry not windows21:33
=== fifty-sevenC_ is now known as fifty-sevenC
k1l_SkylakeMX: is that picture from you?21:33
SkylakeMXk1l_: ofcourse it isn't, I handle my linux systems with care <321:33
arca_voragoI am doing an 8x8 workspaces setup but I want to auto launch all the apps on the right workspaces21:33
Bashing-omsarek: Over my head .. I also do not know why the wireless interface is being hit so hard . Lots of request .21:34
sarekProbably because i have the hard drive smb mounted and am on wireless Bashing-om21:34
SkylakeMXk1l_: what version of ubuntu do you run?21:35
k1l_SkylakeMX: different ones. but all are at least 16.0421:35
sarekis this addressing the issue Bashing-om ?21:35
SkylakeMXk1l_: any issues so far?21:35
* sarek http://askubuntu.com/questions/9269/system-hangs-on-shutdown-if-windows-network-drive-in-fstab21:35
_adbi'm looking for the application and relevant package names for the graphical input/language selector built into unity, or something similar. the need is to change from english to russian, for example, and back. any suggestions? for what it's worth, i'm running openbox on ubuntu server 14.0421:37
=== nuclearbob_afk is now known as nuclearbob
Bashing-omsarek: Xferring many files ".. All I can suggest at this point is to read the logs when returning form a shutdown/crash . Looking at the link .21:37
knobodoes anyone here do upgrades inside tmux?21:38
sarekyeah i dont think that is addressing the issue in that link21:38
sarekim not even sure what to google21:38
sarekthe reason this is happening is because i have my ubuntu hard drive being shared smb wirelesly to my mac and a lot of activity on that smb hard drive21:39
arca_voragoscreen but samessame21:39
SkylakeMX_adb: is this relevant to your issue? http://askubuntu.com/questions/289190/how-to-change-system-language21:40
sarekim not sure how that would cause the computer to crash/shut down21:40
k1l_knobo: the do-release-upgrade does launch a screensession (or tmux) for the upgrade. it even makes a nother ssh port for the case the ssh gets updated and something goes wrong21:40
_adbSkylakeMX: probably. looking into it now. thank you21:40
SkylakeMX_adb: please report back if it doesn't, I will keep looking for a solution then21:41
Bashing-omsarek: The lonk is not releavent . And sharing files with your Mac .. no experience, can not advise . But you can see in the logs the system is not happy with the way the interface is run .21:41
knobok1l_: how do I access that tmux session then?21:41
sareki see Bashing-om21:41
k1l_knobo: iirc its a screensession and should be listed in "screen -ls"21:42
knoboI remember once I did the upgrade inside tmux. Then tmux it self was upgraded, and I could no longer connect to the tmux server.21:43
knoboso I used /proc/PID/exe to connect.21:44
Bashing-omsarek: Might start my making sure of your mountpoints and permissions in the config file /etc/fstab, and that any and all  UUIDs agree with ' sudo blkid' .21:44
sarekthis is all i have in fstab Bashing-om /dev/sdb2               /media/storage  hfsplus  defaults  0  021:45
_adbSkylakeMX: i've complicated things for myself here by not running gnome (or any real full-featured DE), but this is a starting point. i'll have to come back to it tomorrow though. thank you, again21:45
SkylakeMX_adb: your welcome, good luck tomorrow!21:46
SkylakeMXgurnoor: hey21:46
gurnoor hey21:46
sarekBashing-om:  https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/tm19BREo/21:47
SkylakeMXgurnoor: having any problems?21:47
gurnoorwhat do we do here just chat21:48
sarekBashing-om: the hfs one is the one smb mounted21:48
k1l_gurnoor: no, this is the technical support channel for ubuntu. for chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic21:48
gurnoor i did not get anything21:49
gurnoorare you gone21:49
knoboSo, there.. My laptop is upgraded :)21:49
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)21:51
Bashing-omsarek: ^^ I would go with UUIDs rather than "/dev/sdb2" that identifier is subject to change . Then the system has no valid reference . Then I can see why the fault reports .21:53
sarekok thanks Bashing-om21:53
Bashing-omDid the problems begin with this mount ? or when activating the file sharing ?? That then would indicate where the problem lies .21:54
deadmundSo Firefox was released today, but becuase of the Ubuntu package management system it seems that I have to wait a couple extra days to get the newest version.  Can anybody help me figure out how long exactly I'll have to wait?21:56
bpromptdeadmund:    you can always just download firefox from mozilla.org, it comes in a bzip2 file that you can simply unzip, and then run "firefox" from it21:58
deadmundbprompt: Then I will be off the package manager track correct?21:58
bpromptdeadmund:   or just wait till it makes it to the repository21:58
bpromptdeadmund:  correct21:58
deadmundbprompt: I planned on waiting till it hits the repo.  How long does it take?21:58
deadmundAre you talking like 1 day?  or like 1 month?21:59
bpromptdeadmund:    that... I dunno21:59
bpromptdeadmund:   are you looking/waiting for version 47?21:59
deadmundbprompt: Currently running 47 (from the repos).  Looking for 48 (released today I think)22:00
k1l_deadmund: depends on if its over one weekend or in the working week etc. i would say its about 3 days22:02
deadmundk1l_: thanks!22:02
Jochen_wvdTwar nen script *schäm22:04
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
k1l_deadmund: firefox48 is already in proposed in the development 16.10. so i guess it will come to proposed for the other ubuntus in the next days for the automated testings and if they pass with all related packages then it gets put into the main repo22:04
sarekBashing-om: i will mount using uuid and see if the problem persists22:04
deadmundk1l_: thanks again!22:04
Bashing-omsarek: Good deal .. we see then .22:05
vecchiolociao a tutti ragazzi22:06
ChrisP_https://vVYUnwzN my Xorg.0.log if it helps22:07
ChrisP_carp I screwed that up https://paste I22:09
SkylakeMXChrisP_: holysh1t, that link hehe22:10
=== Warrigal is now known as tswett
k1l_ChrisP_: that url still doesnt work :)22:10
bpromptwhen the clipboard, attacks22:11
Abe_someway to turn the upgrade notification off ?22:12
k1l_ChrisP_: what was the issue?22:12
ChrisP_fat fingers on my tablet keyboard22:12
SkylakeMXbprompt: I'm having that problem a lot with archlinux and i3 window manager hehe, there is no ctrl+c and ctrl+v :')22:12
k1l_ChrisP_: no, not with the url :) with your system22:12
bpromptSkylakeMX:    get AutoKey then :)22:13
ChrisP_when I boot it won't load gnome stops at a console login22:13
sarekthanks again Bashing-om22:14
SkylakeMXbprompt: I'm going to check that out, thanks :D22:14
SuperMechaCowDoes anybody know what would cause my lxde not to show up in my DM after i've installed it?22:14
k1l_ChrisP_: can you show the dmesg or syslog file? i dont see an obvious error in the xorg.log22:14
k1l_ChrisP_: is lightdm installed?22:15
bpromptSkylakeMX:    I use it for quite a few things, specially for my IDE, to automate some coding stuff22:15
SkylakeMXbprompt: but it does not solve copy pasting which I need to do with middle-click right?22:15
ChrisP_Top shows gdm and other related processes running.  sure I have to pull it from the desktop via ssh22:16
Abe_upgrade notification to 16.04 appears when pc boots. how to get rid of it? what do I have to remove. I always do my updates manually anyway.22:16
bpromptSkylakeMX:     well, dunno i3 WM, but I"m pretty sure it's configurable to do that, though find it odd it's not22:16
k1l_ChrisP_: ok, so gdm is running. hmm22:16
Bashing-omsarek: Hey .. not done much .. let's wait and see if the fix is in befor the thanks .22:18
SkylakeMXbprompt: have to say that I haven't really got to much time to figure out my clipboard, programming is more my priority too hehe22:18
ChrisP_that gave me an error but systemctl shows gdm running.22:20
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Seekis there a way to get to the purple grub menu with having it installed?22:20
Seeki mean grub menu in general22:21
Bray90820What's a good app to create a bootable USB on ubuntu note I am not creating a bootable USB of ubuntu I am using ubuntu to create a bootable USB of another OS22:22
Abe_No answers hello.. can I just remove the update-manager, with apt-get remove update-manager22:22
k1l_Abe_: no22:23
Abe_will notifications to 16.04 go away then?22:23
Abe_k1l_: why I do upgrades updates manually over terminal22:23
ChrisP_k1l: copying dmesg to the tablet22:23
k1l_Bray90820: the regular tools like: dd, unetbootin, usb-creator schould work22:23
Abe_I don't need gui help actually22:23
Abe_to do my upgrades22:24
Bray90820k1l_: sudo dd if?22:24
=== irinix is now known as zebiz
SeekAbe_ its in the [art when he is installing ubuntulmfao22:25
Abe_http://askubuntu.com/questions/218755/how-to-disable-the-update-manager-popup tells me different though22:25
k1l_Abe_: i dont understand why you want to uninstall the update-manager22:25
Abe_cuz it's annoying22:25
=== zebiz is now known as irinix
k1l_Abe_: what ubuntu are you using?22:26
Abe_I can still do release-upgrade if I want to22:26
k1l_ok. you could try removing it22:26
Abe_k hope the 16.04 upgrade goes away with it too then22:27
k1l_ChrisP_: what did you do before the system didnt boot to the dm?22:29
gjoIt is recommended to update ubuntu 14.04 to ubuntu 16.04 ?22:33
ChrisP_k1l upgraded from 14.04.4 > 16.04.122:33
k1l_gjo: yes. any time from now to the end of the support for 14.04 you need to upgrade.22:34
gjoChrisP_: what ?22:34
k1l_ChrisP_: ah ok. its still using the 14.04 kernel and xorg.22:34
k1l_ChrisP_: did the upgrade work? what does "lsb_release -d" bring you?22:35
exploracritikal: ei sharp22:35
ChrisP_:gnome upgraded from 14.04lts22:35
k1l_erm, ok. i would have expected a 16.04 there22:36
k1l_"lsb_release -a"?22:36
gjok1l_: It is recommeded to ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 ?22:36
ChrisP_I can't type I upgraded from22:37
k1l_gjo: its your choice. you can use 14.04 for 2,5 more years or upgrade to 16.04 now22:37
critikalexplora: thanks22:38
ChrisP_:k1l ubuntu 16.04.1lts22:38
gjok1l_: Yes, however, I'm with a problem. The dash not open with keyboard super.22:38
aroonianyone know how i can network mount a ubuntu ext3 drive for read/write access on my mac mini (but only allow an authenticated user on the network to access it )?22:38
YankDownUnderarooni: If you install "netatalk" on the Ubuntu machine, access by the Mac will be easy enough...which then makes it even easier if you create a user on the Ubuntu box with that particular share setup for that user only...does that make sense?22:40
ChrisP_dmesg https://pastebin.com/sTqM8hAH22:41
=== mirami is now known as loa_notebook
k1l_ChrisP_: uh, using a 4.7 kernel? the xorg.log did say a 4.4er trusty kernel22:42
arooniYankDownUnder: hey thanks!  all makes sense except the part of me having to create a user on the Ubuntu box... why would i Need this?  im the only user of this laptop and only need to access my only user account on the laptop22:42
loa_notebooki think intel have best driver stack for video, i wonder why they don't do full blown gpus =/22:43
YankDownUnderarooni: Fair enough - that's how my "home" system is setup...*I* am on the Mac accessing specific shares on the Ubuntu server/workstation - however, there are public shares on the Ubuntu server/workstation that others on the home network can see - but as far as "special" shares, they're only accessible to ME via "Apple Sharing" through my "home" directory on the server...22:44
ChrisP_I've got various kernels installed I have been using 4.4.0-31 that's what's running now22:45
gjoWhy Dash not open with super keyboard ?22:45
BrokenCoghello.  I'm trying to configure dovecot on ubuntu, using tls.  it seems the dovecot service is runnig as non-root?  I'm not sure how that happens.  hopefully someone here might have a suggestion?22:46
k1l_ChrisP_: i dont see any error in the log22:46
YankDownUnderBrokenCog: Have you asked in #dovecot yet?22:46
BrokenCogYankDownUnder: crickets ...22:47
hwkztane: how is the update?22:47
=== newguy is now known as Guest45894
stacks88so ive got this remote server i rented today, with ubuntu 14.04. i didnt mention any instructions for partitioning.. but now i see when i run df -h i see that /boot hags 268M size, 213M available (15% used).. and / is the rest of the space, 910 GB size. my question is, when i upgrade kernels in the future, via apt-get dist-upgrade, is the kernel goign to be installed to /boot ? i reckon it22:50
stacks88would be. would 213mb be enough space ? i mean it should be right?22:50
gjosuper keyboard not open Dash on Ubuntu 14.04. Someone can me help ?22:50
k1l_gjo: does the key work?22:50
gjok1l_: what ?22:51
YankDownUnderstacks88: When you've done the upgrade (if you're going to do the upgrade) you can use "sudo apt autoremove" to clear up space if required. You should be good to go, but.22:51
ChrisP_k1l: running $gnome-shell outputs 'clutter-CRITICAL unable to initialize clutter unable to open display you have to set the display environment variable or use the--display command line argument22:51
k1l_stacks88: new ubuntu should be removing old kernels when there is a new kernel update22:51
stacks88k1l_ yeah, just wanted to make sure or double check with you guys, i figure it should be fine22:52
cknavigatorHello. After a lot of trial and error, I think I found the cause of a Ubuntu bug, can anyone help me on how to report it with useful info?22:53
cknavigatorI don't have experience reporting bugs22:53
stacks88Is everyone on 16.04 now? How are people liking it? I am still on 14.04, but i guess sometime this year ill upgrade22:53
stacks88i am a big fan of the LTS releases22:53
YankDownUnderstacks88: It works quite well. Stressing "quite".22:54
k1l_ChrisP_: well, i dont know what is going wrong. the xorg.log is from an old state (before the upgrade). the dmesg is with 4.7 kernel which is not the regular one. you say gdm is running. maybe try installing lightdm and see if that is working?22:54
ChrisP_I'll give it a q22:55
ChrisP_says it's already installed :(22:56
k1l_"sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"22:57
SkylakeMXgoodnight ppl22:57
arooniYankDownUnder: so netatalk will only work to share ubuntu drives ==> mac's ?  is  it a two way street?  would the same approach work for windows?  or not22:58
django_in Synaptic Package Manager if it says "instaled version" thats the current version right?22:59
django_tht is installed on the system23:00
ChrisP_ran it in test mode. failed to get D-bus connection tried sudo lightdm goes back to $doesn't even ask for pw23:03
k1l_no dont sudo lightdm23:03
k1l_sudo service lightdm restart23:04
k1l_and what is "test mode"?23:04
k1l_ChrisP_: well, i got to go. maybe others in here can help you from here on.23:08
nemecihey ciao a tutti23:08
ChrisP_k1l: that came up when I ran just $ lightdm. the sudo command you gave shows job for lightdm service failed because the control process exited error code systemctl status shows loaded: not-found no such file or directory. running off to eat be back in a bit23:13
xentity1xhi can anyone help me output display to a secondary monitor with nvidia optimus. I have optimus and everything setup, but I'm not sure how to get it to output display.23:14
hwklast time i tried optimus, i needed to start apps via bumblebee arg to get gpu usage23:15
hwkit possible that in the meantime (2yrs) some things might have changed23:16
xentity1xhwk, i think you still need to do that. There's apparently a way to get it to output to external monitor. I'm having a little trouble following the guide https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/wiki/Multi-monitor-setup23:17
aroonihey everyone.  i'm trying to configure my ubuntu 16.04 laptop such that my mac mini running 10.11.6 (on same wireless network) can access its files (all of them).  i only want my mac to be able to access them... perhaps with some sort of passowrd?  would love your help setting it up23:17
Phlunk3hey all, I have had an issue which I believe was caused by dpms being enabled, however am hoping to confirm this... is anyone aware of a log which would record actions taken by dpms?23:18
hwkxentity1x: there is a ppa i think which has proper nvidia drivers compiled23:19
hwkxentity1x: from there you need figure out how you run apps with gpu support23:19
YankDownUnderarooni: If you're using the laptop to access the Mac - nearly "natively" - make sure you install "netatalk" - and you'll be able to locate the Mac on the network, mount your "Home" and use it that way (yes, there will be a password) - sharing has to be enabled on the Mac (System Preferences => Sharing => go through the settings properly)23:19
hwksome apps like hmm, steam "start themselved" with gpu support23:20
arooniYankDownUnder: but this link https://kremalicious.com/ubuntu-as-mac-file-server-and-time-machine-volume/ suggests that since i'm running a version of os x > 10.9 that i need to use samba23:20
cobordismhello everyone.23:20
cobordismI need help fixing a broken dist upgrade from within a chroot.23:21
hwkif someone else can help with some more recent insights, regarding this....23:21
cobordismspecifically I cannot run "sudo dpkg --configure -a" or "apt-get -f install" becuause of errors23:21
YankDownUnderarooni: I'm only telling you exactly what I'm using here - right now - right this minute. But you can use what you wish. SMB transfers end up being slow, and I don't like slow - therefore, I stick with using the AFP protocols - speed...ease...whatever...BUT, that being said, your choice, mate. If anything, you can always check in #MacOS as well...23:22
hwklast time i tried samba (1 day ago) for a 72gb file transfer (read) it crashed :)23:22
cobordism"/usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d: 1: /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d: /sbin/runlevel: not found"23:22
arooniYankDownUnder: gotcha; it was talking about how smb had advantages over afp23:22
arooniYankDownUnder: what version of mac os x do you have?23:23
hwkfileroller reading a file on a samba share23:23
YankDownUnderarooni: 10.11.623:23
Steven_MH all :)23:23
arooniYankDownUnder: is it secure?23:24
arooniYankDownUnder: (afp)23:24
YankDownUnderarooni: Hehehehe..."secure" is a matter of perspective - however, that being said, the "MS" machines on the network here at home cannot see nor access anything that I have under OSX/afp...23:25
aroonihmm; do you have a guide to follow?23:25
aroonimaybe that one i linked to earlier?23:25
Steven_Mgr1dl0ck: hi, I'll just type out my question :)23:25
YankDownUnderarooni: I've been linking Macs & linux boxes for more than 16 years...um...so it's kinda second nature - HOWEVER, that being said, you should be able to find ample stuff via Google...like AMPLE...hmm...23:26
truexfan81ok on 64bit ubuntu what do i type to get 32bit libstdc++ ? i have a program that specifically needs the 32bit package23:26
arooniYankDownUnder: gotcha ; i will investigate23:27
tgm4883truexfan81: you'd install the 'libstdc++:i386' package23:27
Abe_k I didn't remove update-manager, I just looked under "software-properties-gtk" Software & Updates > Updates > Notify me of new a new Ubuntu Version and checked "Never"... should have solved my problem23:27
truexfan81tgm4883: thanks23:27
GnomeKrisI'm getting sick of not having sound...I've force  reloaded alsa, made sure nothing is muted, added myself to the audio group and did it all again. Even --purged alsa and pavucontrol then reinstalled...nothing is getting sound. Someone Please come up with something that the first two pages of Google can't tell me.23:27
klystronhi can anyone tell me how to downlaod adobe flash player for chromium web browser on ubuntu 15.10 or 16.0423:28
truexfan81also is there a channel for ubuntu on windows? or would those questions be asked here?23:28
tgm4883truexfan81: #ubuntu-on-windows23:28
hwktruexfan81: hatred question :)23:29
ahmed751995truexfan81: you should enable i3 packages by :sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38623:29
tgm4883ahmed751995: that should't be necessary23:29
hwkdoes the guest os has a linux kernel (heart) :P23:30
truexfan81i'll try the i386 package when it finishes installing tomcat723:30
truexfan81i'm just working my way through the list of deps needed to run Forsaken World server23:30
truexfan81i have it running on an ovh dedi, i'm now setting up a test server on my pc23:30
hwktry some virtualization solution  if possible23:31
xcyclistIs there a utility like yes that can yield random integers?23:31
truexfan81not enough ram23:31
GnomeKrisThis is just rediculous. I have never had an ubuntu install that had sound working off the first boot, but never has it been this complicated to fix.23:31
hwk..... why did you bought windows in the first place?23:32
hwkor get a trial of possible23:33
hwkto see if the os suits your needs23:33
tgm4883that seems off topic23:33
truexfan81for ubuntu for windows should i be worried about this error? initctl: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused23:34
YankDownUndertruexfan81: You do realise that the linux subsystem in MS is NOT a full blown system, correct?23:34
truexfan81YankDownUnder: so long as it will run apache2, mariadb server and tomcat7 it will be fine23:35
hwkit sound offtopic, but it more like common sense guidelines --- wich ubuntu has a well example23:35
Steven_M How do I over come these dpkg --remove errors?: http://pastebin.com/raw/dAeYv0cg23:35
YankDownUndertruexfan81: Um...have you actually considered Virtualbox do accomplish that task properly...?23:36
truexfan81YankDownUnder: can't, pc only has 4GB ram, can only give 2GB to a vm and forsaken world server won't start with less than 3.1GB23:36
hwkim waiting for other os's to launch their live version23:36
hwk.... not going to happen23:36
Bashing-om!info brscan223:37
ubottuPackage brscan2 does not exist in xenial23:37
critikalHuawei mobile wifi modem not working , I need help23:37
YankDownUndertruexfan81: In considering all of the "what could go wrong?" bits - you're kinda creating a "chaos", don't ya reckon? Either which, I'm sure you'll dig and have patience enough to figure it all out if that is what you're truly desiring. Kinda a bit unrealistic from a Microsoft standpoint, really...but hey, that's your goal, not mine.23:38
Jordan_Utruexfan81: #ubuntu-on-windows for ubuwin support.23:39
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Guest93655anybody know a ubuntu webcam app?23:40
critikalGuest93655: try cheese23:41
GnomeKrisSo, does anyone know how to get sound working in ubuntu 16.04?23:41
SuperMechaCowHey guys. Does anyone know what would cause newly installed LXDE to not show in my DM?23:41
YankDownUnder(Kinda funny to think that after all the time and effort and money chucked into a distro, that they'd forget a webcam app...) :)23:42
SuperMechaCowGnomeKris, have you checked the additonal drivers?23:42
GnomeKrisYup, I'm using literally the only driver available on that screen.23:42
tgm4883YankDownUnder: how many people use a webcam app...23:43
SuperMechaCowGnomeKris, I used this: http://yktoo.com/en/software/indicator-sound-switcher23:43
SuperMechaCowdunno if that will help23:43
Steven_MBashing-om: dpkg !info brscan2 isn't a valid command.23:43
SuperMechaCownvm. i guess all of that is already in the system settings23:44
YankDownUndertgm4883: That I honestly couldn't tell you - however, for *me*, I've used webcams for more than 10yr on linux - in some version or another...ditto with my Macs...so, for me, it's like asking if you can use a keyboard and mouse with linux...nearly a redundant question - does that make sense?23:44
Jordan_Uxcyclist: echo $RANDOM23:44
SuperMechaCowBut seriously, does anybody have any ideas why lxde is not in my DM?23:44
Jordan_Uxcyclist: What is your end goal though?23:45
tgm4883YankDownUnder: not really. How often do you use a webcam to just take a picture or look at yourself vs using it to communicate with other people23:45
GnomeKrisYankDownUnder: there is already a sound indicator plugin included with ubuntu 16.04, and it works well. I believe my problem is deeper than that.23:45
GnomeKrisshoot. wrong person23:45
xcyclistThanks.  I needed a list of integers to test a sort algorithm.  Thank you.23:45
SuperMechaCowGnomeKris, yea I realized that after I said it23:45
tgm4883YankDownUnder: my point being, which webcam app should be included?23:46
YankDownUndertgm4883: I use it to communicate to my parents - 15k km away...not take pictures of my ancient grey skull... :) ...but that's me...23:46
tgm4883YankDownUnder: exactly23:46
YankDownUndertgm4883: I used to like Ekiga, but, well, Cheese is better...(linux side) - for the Mac, well, duh, Facetime...(have always avoided Skye like the plague)23:47
lordcirthJitsi is nice.23:48
lordcirthAnd Tox hopefully, when it's ready.23:48
tgm4883Oh cheese is installed by default anyway23:50
YankDownUndertgm4883: :) Shore iz!23:50
Bashing-omSteven_M: My though was to see if that package is from the repo .. appears not .. maybe 3rd party stuff ? ' apt-cache policy brscan2 ' give any hints where it came from ?23:56
YankDownUnderIsn't "brscan2" from the Brother drivers? (Third party drivers for Brother Printer/Scanner units)23:57
Bashing-omYankDownUnder: Steven_M Sounds likely so to me .23:58
senchaAnyone using Ubuntu on Windows 10?23:58
tgm4883!ubuwin | sencha23:59
ubottusencha: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.23:59
senchatgm4883: No support needed. :) Thanks though, I'll visit there.23:59

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