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sakrecoerwhat would happen if no one test runs the 14.04.5 release?09:16
zequenceRosco2: Seems the ISOs are rebuilding. Once finished, I could help with testing. At least on virtual machine.15:24
zequenceGoing zsync the old ones, to save some time when the new ones arrive.15:26
Rosco2snap - exactly the same here15:27
Rosco2can't do real hardware as I had hard disk failure before the hols15:27
Rosco2My spare disks are all in use :-)15:27
zequenceActually, I could even do hardware. I have an old laptop that I never use.15:28
Rosco2I will probably at least do a live CD on the laptop15:28
Rosco2live session15:28
Rosco2Still zsyncing the old ISOs. Based on other flavours, the new image will pop up soon16:08
* Rosco2 goes to eat something16:09
zequenceSame here. zsyncs almost done.16:10
zequenceBeen a few hours now..17:29
Rosco2Yeah - US, EdUbubt & Desktop still building17:35
Rosco2Still downloading the old 386 ISO anyway - didn't have that for trusty for some reason17:37
zequenceRosco2: 32 bits is available. If you want to do that, I can wait for the 64bit and do that.19:35
zequenceOh, both are done.19:36
zequenceThe rebuild was a pretty quick now.19:36
zequencexsyncing the amd64 one19:37
Rosco2launchpad & iso tracker were unavailable for 15 minutes back19:40
zequenceAh, no I see that the 64bit build is the same as before.19:41
zequenceSo, only the 32bit is new19:42
Rosco2But it is still building according to launchpad Livefs page19:42
zequencePerhaps it is doing the auto testing19:43
zequenceThough, the 32bit is in current now19:43
Rosco2zsyncing 386 now19:47
Rosco2386 full install started19:51
zequenceOk, I'll do the next one.19:53
zequence..if it ever completes. The build seems to have failed20:05
zequenceI might be able to do the testing tomorrow at work.20:06
krytarikzequence: That was just because it was cancelled though.20:08
Rosco2iso tracker and launchpad unavailable here again20:11
Rosco2Makes it hard to keep track onm the building status!20:11
krytarikRosco2: Both work here.20:12
Rosco2Yeah - was just able to submit first pass result just then20:14
zequencekrytarik: Yes, seems so.20:15
Rosco2Seems to be just my laptop failing to find the server20:17
zequenceI have that kind of problems occasionally, but not very often. Some domain names don't work.20:19
zequenceNo idea where the problem is, but I guess something between the client and the server.20:19
zequenceJust a couple of weeks ago there were some disturbances, periodically. Every 5 min or so.20:20
zequenceBut, for all domains20:20
zequenceThink it was the first time for over a year of perfect service20:20
Rosco2Everything slow on the network for the laptop. Still zsyncing a second 386 ISO!20:21
zequence(except for the occasional problem at the host/server)20:21
Rosco2Just went 95%20:21
zequenceFrustrating. Becoming a long day, this.20:21
Rosco2switching IRC to the other machine to do 386 live session on the laptop20:24
Rosco2All good with 386 for me21:03
Rosco264bit build seems to have moved on to the squashfs preparation21:03
Rosco2But says it may take a while :-)21:03
zequenceWell, I might skip them today, since they are still not ready.21:14
zequenceBut, I will do the test tomorrow. Probably as early as I'm able.21:15
zequenceBefore lunch21:15
Rosco2Yeah - I am shattered21:19
Rosco2I might look in in the morning and at least do a zsync21:19
Rosco2Then do a quick test as soon as I get home21:20
Rosco2after wor21:20
Rosco2See I am tired!21:21
zequenceWell, if you haven't heard of me by lunch time, I might have missed my chance. But, really I will try to do the test first thing. The work I do leaves some opportunity for that.21:22
Rosco2Thanks for that21:22
zequenceSleep well!21:22
Rosco2It is good to have tried 64 bit in at least two machines I think21:22
Rosco2You too21:23

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