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bluebirchCan't get any sound out of JACK here... drives me nuts. I did this before. Why not now?08:51
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katronixHi all, in 16.04 how do I disable LineIn via Alsa? Having issues with Google Hangouts working with my Mic18:47
katronixWonder if I should try installing UbuntuStudio and see if that does better...18:49
zequencekatronix: Ubuntu Studio uses the exact same pulseaudio server, so there will be no difference.18:57
zequenceThink you are not the first person to have a problem with that. But, I never heard what caused it or what solved it18:57
katronixzequence: someone in #google suggested disabling linein18:58
zequenceI suggested the guy who had problems earlier to check out #pulseaudio and #opensourcemusicians18:58
zequenceNot sure you can disable the linein, but if you can, I'm sure the pulseaudio folks can tell you how it is done18:58
katronixis opensourcemusicians another audio engine?18:59
zequence#opensourcemusicians is just a channel for the audio interested (especially those who make music on Linux)18:59
zequenceThere's a web page too http://opensourcemusician.com/index.php/Main_Page18:59
katronixoh ok19:00

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