Unit193https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2016-July/039465.html in case you didn't see.00:46
bluesabreUnit193: thanks for the link00:49
flocculantUnit193: perhaps that's why the dropbox one is failing then *shrug*06:43
Unit193nm-applet too?06:48
flocculantUnit193: that appears to be there 06:49
Unit193Hmm.  Didn't in VM, not updating yet on real. :P06:49
flocculantI don't actually have a use for it so don't fiddle with it ever06:49
flocculantgtk320 looks ok on install now - still fubar locally for some reason ?07:14
flocculantguessing difference between real and ppa there :)07:14
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astraljavaWonder if a version update made it better.09:05
astraljavaOops, sorry wrong channel.09:06
flocculantakxwi-dave: didn't get time to check much but gtk320 looks ok on installs now - at least catfish and menulibre do 11:05
flocculantakxwi-dave: might be in a rush tomorrow to get some trusty smoketests done as well - respin for xorg/nvidia implosions apparently11:12
akxwi-daveflocculant, no probs11:58
akxwi-daveflocculant, I am assuming that they will show ok in tomorrows ISO's?  In todays they still look bad..12:26
flocculantakxwi-dave: not sure wth is going on then - because today's iso looks ok here - perhaps ok on kvm *shrug*12:55
akxwi-davei've done one on Vbox and the other on Vmware...  will do it tonight on Real.. also will try to get the .5 respin on real as well.. thats due tomorrow aint it.. if so I can rush a real thru at around 7pm on thurs if needed#12:57
flocculantakxwi-dave: late thurs will be too late 15:00
flocculantI'm not that panicked by trusty anyway tbh15:00
flocculantany bugs that there are won't be ours 15:01
flocculantalso looking at -release respins should start soonish - hopefully there'll be one this evening - I can beat a hardware install out tonight with luck15:02
flocculantakxwi-dave: also ... /join #ubuntu-release ;)15:03
akxwi-davealready there.. :-)15:04
flocculantdidn't see you - sorry :)15:06
flocculantakxwi-dave: so are you saying you still see oddities on yak from gtk3.20?15:07
akxwi-daveyep, can grab a screenie if you need..15:07
flocculantno need - I'll boot on hardware then :)15:08
akxwi-davekk.. i'll also do a boot tonight on a lappie, one has Nvidia other AMD 15:09
flocculantok - well I'm always nvidia15:11
flocculantor intel if I'm brave15:11
akxwi-davei used to be AMD desktop and Nvidia Laptop.. But bought a GTX960 for the desktop.. and that lappy I repaired has AMD in now15:12
akxwi-daveflocculant, started on the idiots guide for testing.. http://imgur.com/S8yfqX515:14
flocculantnice one akxwi-dave :)15:15
flocculantthat's the sort of thing I wanted to do - but got put off because hardly anyone reporting ;)15:15
akxwi-daveif we can make it easier for people to do then all we can do is try15:16
flocculantwe can have a chat with knome - but might be useful to have that wikified - we can do that at 'our' wiki rather than ubuntu one too if we think that's best15:16
flocculantchat with knome would be about our wiki or ubuntu one ofc15:17
flocculantakxwi-dave: so if you boot the xenial iso instead of a yak one - everything looks fine ...15:48
akxwi-daveyep still have a xenial VM installed at the moment.. I'll get you a side by side15:49
flocculantakxwi-dave: no need :)15:50
flocculantthe yak iso is still yuk not yak \o/15:50
akxwi-davealso just noticed that on Yak it dont let me resize em15:56
akxwi-daveignore first one16:03
knomeflocculant, (too bad dave left, but) my gut feeling is "contributor docs", but sure, i guess the wiki is fine too19:10
knomethat said, i should make sure the media upload stuff doesn't look like crap (as it does now)19:11
flocculantknome: not sure about loads of images in cont docs tbh19:12
knomeif the idiots (not my choice of word) will not understand it without, then i think we should have images...19:13
knomethere are two things to that:19:13
knome1) i think everybody should understand most things without images, as long as they are instructed well (and the UI lets them find stuff)19:13
knome2) the UI should be easy enough that those idiots (again not my word) can find the information in it without too much holding hands (and/or images)19:14
knomebut if we feel like images are needed, then sure, they can be in the contributor docs as well19:14
flocculanttrouble with docs is if we need a quick change to image - not happening there is it19:14
knomethe contributor docs are only online, so it's pretty swift.19:14
flocculantno it's not ;)19:15
knomeATM we have at least me an pleia2 who have access to the server, and Unit193 too19:15
knome(i think...)19:15
flocculantand on wiki - it can be changed without worrying about finding someone19:15
knomethough ultimately, i prefer how well the docs are (always) formatted, how easy it is to make a PDF version of them, how easy it is to translate them, etc. over the wiki19:17
knomeand i think we should bang the contributor docs much more in our marketing that we are doing now (and prefer it over the wiki)19:17
knomeyes, it's more maintenance (but tbh, at this point, not too much)19:17
flocculantwell - in a couple of months all pretty moot19:18
knomewhy so?19:18
flocculantakwxi willl be qa lead :p19:18
knomeso why is content created at that point moot?19:18
knomemy main idea with everything we set up is that it can be passed on to new leaders and contributors without having to explain too much stuff19:19
knomeso why would something be useless if a leader changes?19:19
knome(and isn't dave the one who's working on the guide anyway)19:20
flocculantbecause you might be able to browbeat dave into putting that on docs - woun't work with me :)19:20
knomei'm not going to say what you can or can't do19:20
knomeso please don't take this as such19:20
flocculantI'm not19:21
knomei'm just giving my opinion as you were from my POV asking it19:21
flocculantactually if you read what I said - the choice was our wiki or the ubuntu one :)19:21
knomewell... i guess i don't mind choices too much, just think what's the best :P19:22
knomebeing limited to those choices, then i'd say the question is if it's generic enough to be appropriate for all flavors (ubuntu wiki) or specific enough to be useful only for xubuntu people (our wiki)19:23
knomeand if the former, then i'd recommend being in touch with other flavor people *once you have the content ready on the wiki* to see if they want to add something, and to let them let their people know about the page(s)19:23
flocculantobviously I don't have a problem with the qa docs pages - I wrote what we have, and that is probably qty wise the same as the rest put together :)19:24
flocculantanyway - bit midweekish now - might bbl19:24
knomethere's a few things that should be put on the docs for website for example, but that's not high priority (as it's pretty clear on LP already)19:25
knomeyeah, good night if not :)19:25
flocculantbluesabre: 32 bit trusty done again19:31
knometv time19:37
Unit193knome: Yep, though I'm just a backup.20:56
knomeUnit193, sure, i was mostly pointing out that we DO HAVE the backups in case either me or pleia2 isn't around.21:05
bluesabreevening all21:35
Unit193Howdy, bluesabre.21:35
bluesabrehey Unit193 21:35
flocculantevening bluesabre 21:37
bluesabrehey knome 21:40
bluesabrekey flocculant 21:40
bluesabreHow's it going?21:40
flocculanta bit keyed up 21:40
flocculantbluesabre: set meeting for week friday at 2000 utc - just waiting on one response to the council mail - almost a full house :)21:42
knomeso almost three of a kind and a pair?21:43
bluesabreprobably can't make that, but let's see what happens then21:43
knomei probably can21:44
knome(and who cares of bluesabre anyway)21:44
knomebluesabre, i'm just kidding, i love you21:44
knome(not in the wrong way)21:44
* bluesabre knows its all about the code21:45

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