xubuntu98wim trying to download xubuntu for the first timeand I am having issues. once I start the virtualbox with storage pointed to the .iso the screen loads then goes green. I never get to the installation screen. does anyone know what my issue is? I am trying to learn Linux for the first time00:22
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insidiousAnyone know easy way to install themes for xubuntu... like how to add the folders etc05:38
insidiousbecause it tells me i cant move the files because i dont have permissions.05:38
Unit193Why not use ~/.themes/ ?05:40
insidiousyeah how to i move the folder over?05:40
insidiouswhen i try to move them to that05:40
insidioustells me permisson denied.05:40
xubuntu93wHi, guys09:10
xubuntu93wI've recently upgraded to xubuntu 16.04 and my panels are behaving strangely09:10
xubuntu93wI had a vertical panel and the text on the buttons and applets was vertical09:10
xubuntu93wafter the upgrade everything is horizontal unless I hover the mouse09:11
xubuntu93wtried deleting the panel and building it again, but I'm not that lucky, apparently09:11
xubuntu26icomo podria conectar mi auricular a2dp?12:56
FernandoBassoxubuntu93w: What if you mv your ~/.config/xfce4 away and start with a fresh config?13:37
GeekDudeIt seems that libtopmenu-qt just isn't a thing anymore. I can't find build instructions for 16.04 or a working build anywhere13:47
Codfectionxubuntu or ubuntu. confused.14:47
TlinHi guys. I have a small problem with xubuntu connected to a monitor and a TV. During login, the login dialog only appears on my TV but the TV is normally switched off -> no login screen on my monitor. If I move the mouse to the right side far enough, the login screen appears on my monitor. How can I get xubuntu to display the login dialog on the correct monitor by default (or on all screens like in the old versions?)14:48
PiciCodfection: confused about what?14:50
Codfectionwhich one to choose14:50
Codfectionwill I loose packages or developers tools in xubuntu as compared to ubuntu14:50
PiciCodfection: nope, all the Ubuntu flavors share the same repositiories, so you can intall whatever you want on either15:02
Pici(sorry for lat reply, kinda busy here)15:02
CodfectionPici, which one are you using :)15:07
PiciCodfection: I use xubuntu, but I don't do a lot of desktop work.  Nearly everything is done in a terminal.15:08
GridCubeTlin: while both the monitor and the tv are on go to the monitor settings page and move the main monitor to the left15:08
GridCubeTlin: then do this http://askubuntu.com/questions/360886/personalize-monitor-position-before-login15:09
xubuntu75wcan anyone help me?15:26
TlinGridCube: Tanks for the reply. There is no .config/monitors.xml in my home folder. Do I miss something? Maybe the path changed?15:30
GridCubeit has to be somewhere15:31
GridCubeTlin: do a locate monitors.xml15:32
TlinNothing found15:32
TlinGridCube: But I get this right: Turn both screens on, go to Menu->Settings->Display, move the TV to the right, click apply.15:34
GridCubeyou make the left screen the main one15:34
TlinGridCube: Okay, I did this, but there is no config file. Maybe it got renamed or something?15:35
GridCubei don't know, sorry15:35
TlinGridCube: Thank you. Maybe some else has a clue where monitors.xml moved in XUbunut 16.04?15:41
xubuntu52wHi... I just downloaded xubuntu,and thig I need is to instal skype. What version f Skype I can use?16:03
xanguaTlin: you can install Skype from software boutique after enabling the partner repository16:42
xangua! Partner16:42
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »16:42
GeekDudeI've moved a physical installation into a VirtualBox virtual machine. It boots to TTY1, then a few seconds later it goes to a blank console with a flashing cursor. I think it's trying to use the proprietary physical gpu drivers to boot into X, and I'm not sure how to disable that17:15
Codfectionubuntu xubuntu lubuntu kubuntu dubuntu17:31
Codfectionwhich one is good?17:31
GeekDudeAll of them? Never heard of dubuntu17:37
flocculantCodfection: trry them all - make a decision, personally xubuntu - but imagine that in an xubuntu channel17:38
Codfectionactually I have tried xfce in arch and really liked it17:39
Codfectionbut want it on more stable system so read about xubuntu17:39
flocculantso why ask about other de's?17:40
flocculantwhat were you expecting people to say :)17:40
Codfectionxubuntu is lighter or ubuntu mate?17:40
flocculantif you want a more open discussion - #xubuntu-offtopic17:40
Codfectionjust wanna know is xubuntu lighter on system resources?17:40
flocculantCodfection: about the same I'd say17:40
Codfectionoh ok17:40
flocculantCodfection: can't really answer that - don't use it17:41
FernandoBassoXubuntu is the most sensible choice for a distro nowadays. Period. :D17:41
Codfectionin #xfce people are recommending me arch with xfce for better experience17:41
flocculantand before this gets longer - this is a support channel for xubuntu - hence -offtopic17:42
flocculantCodfection: exactly :)17:42
flocculantgo to #windows and ask their opinion :p17:42
Codfectionthis channel is not busy.. so why not ask here17:44
Codfectionbut anyway I am gonna try xubuntu. thanks :)17:44
FernandoBassoAlso remember to try vim and emacs. :D17:46
* FernandoBasso runs in fear for his life.17:46
Codfectionwhy not IDE? FernandoBasso17:46
FernandoBassoLet's move to -offitopic. I don't want to get banned. It hurt my feelings the last time it happened.17:49
puckzGE! OK, I've done something stupid... In the menu newly installed software has been placed in sort order. If you look at https://ax25.org/files/Whisker.png you can see that when I installed Hexchat it worked properly. Then I made some changes... don't no what. When I this evening installed Mumble it was placed last in the list. What have I done? Thankful for any help!20:24
GeekDudepuckz: what's the problem? I don't understand. You can click and drag icons around in there, and use right click to add/remove/sort them20:56
GeekDudeTransmission is at the top of the list, which wouldn't be alphabetical order20:58
pjotterHi everybody. I was just wondering: Why do some applications look so different than most other applications in 16.04? Like: Software center and Catfish for example. They look they have completly other windows managers than all other applications? Is there a way to change that?20:59
knomepjotter, that's because they are gtk3, not gtk2. and no, there is no way to change that.21:05
knomepjotter, fwiw, whole xfce (and pretty much any app in the gtk land) should be migrating to gtk3 sooner or later, so at that point everything should look the same21:06
pjotterSo, there is no gtk3 windows manager or something I can add to the system?21:06
knomeif you are using greybird, you are already having one of the most unified looks you can achieve at the moment21:07
pjotterI using a different theme with kokodi.21:08
knomeeither case, there's really not much you can do.21:08
knomegtk3 apps *will* look different no matter what you do.21:08
pjotterJust curious though: How come Catfish looked ok in 14.04 and not in 16.04 anymore?21:08
knomecatfish is ported to gtk3 between that time.21:08
pjotterah ok21:08
knomeso as i said, everything should slowly convert to gtk321:09
pjotterSo, reverting back to the old catfish could be a sollution?21:09
knomei can't recommend that, but sure, you'd get the gtk2 look21:09
pjotteralright. I will do that. SOftware centre is not much of a problem really as I mainly use Synaptic for installing apps.21:10
knomeplease note that then you will be left with all bugs in the gtk2 version.21:10
knomeand practically no support.21:10
pjotterI'll glady accept those bug in favour of nicer looking windows :D21:11
knomeone more disclaimer:21:11
knomeyou can run but you can't hide. the gtk3 stuff is landing everywhere.21:11
pjotterWell, I just need something that works. These windows have no borders, look very confusing in my theme and can;t be scaled and such. It;s rewally not an option atm.21:12
knomeif they have no borders, it's likely a bug21:12
knomedo they have borders with other themes?21:12
pjotterLet me check..21:13
knomethe most sound way to check that is to change both the gtk theme and the window border theme to greybird21:13
pjotterYes, greybird has tiny borders21:13
knomeok... and kokodi doesn't have any borders at all?21:13
pjotterWell, kokodi has borders. That;s the reason I always select kokodi: for the nice thick clickable borders.21:14
knomebut you say your windows do not have borders21:15
knomedo they have them or not?21:15
pjotterOnly when I select greybird.21:15
pjotterNo wait.. Adwaita has borders too (this is themes I am talking about, not windows manager themes)\21:16
knomethen the bug is in your theme21:16
knomeeg. kokodi21:16
pjotterWell, no not really.21:16
knomeif both greybird and adwaita show themes with gtk3 apps and kokodi doesn't, how could the bug be somewhere else?21:17
pjotterCganing wndows manager theme does nothing to those applications. Only changing theme does.21:17
knomeok, so with what theme do you not have the borders?21:17
pjotterNumix doesn;t appear to have borders21:18
knomethen the bug is in numix21:18
pjotterProbably.This is the Numix that come standard with installation though.21:19
knomeyeah... unfortunately we couldn't make our ISO bugfree ;)21:19
knomemaybe somebody suggested this to you already, but you could download the latest numix version online, and use that21:20
pjotterWell, I actually use another theme right now21:20
knomeas far as i know, numix should generally have good gtk3 support21:20
knomeother themes might not21:20
pjotterLike Numix it also gives no borders in those gtk3 apps21:20
knomeif they don't have borders, then you need to be in touch with the theme developers21:21
pjotterI understand21:21
knomechances are that they aren't really maintaining the themes any more though21:21
knomefixing theme issues like that by downgrading packages isn't really a sound workaround.21:21
pjotterOne day I'll create my own supertheme.21:21
knomeonce gtk3 is more static, and widely used by apps, that should be "a bit" easier than now21:22
knomebut i'm looking forward to it. there's never enough good themes around (even if i don't want to use them myself..)21:22
pjotterMaybe I'll chack in once in a while to see how the gtk3 thing is coming along. But in the meanwhile I just need a workable system and those apps really don;t work well as they are right now.21:23
knomethe workable system is to use a theme that supports gtk321:23
pjotterWell, do you have a suggestion?21:23
knomegreybird or adwaita OOTB, or numix from its repository21:24
knomethere might be others, but these are the ones i know21:24
knomeadwaita specifically, as it's the default theme for gtk3 - it's actually built in in it.21:24
knomebut greybird in xubuntu always has good support too, as the xubuntu/shimmer team is committed to keep it working21:25
Unit193There's that Arc theme.21:26
pjotterSo you would suggest Graybird as theme and also as windows manager?21:26
knomepjotter, if greybird as the gtk theme and something else as the windows manager theme works, then that should be fine21:26
knomebut greybird and greybird is the xubuntu-supported pair.21:27
knome(it's the default too, that's why it's kept in shape)21:27
pjotterI understand. One thing I don't understand about that is why does greybiord has such thin borders? Many apps can be resized by clicking and dragging the borders. But with borders of one pixel it is very hard to actually click on that. That's the main reason I don't use greybird.21:29
knome http://xubuntu.org/news/window-resizing-in-xubuntu-and-xfce/21:29
knomethat's still accurate..21:29
knomewell, in most part.21:29
pjotterSo, there are all sorts of ways to resize windows, but the most obvious one (clicking grabbing borders) is left out? I understand there are more ways to resize windows but resizing by clicking dragging windowsborders are much faster/intuitve than most of the mentioned sollutions, not?21:32
knomedepends really.21:32
pjotterUnfortunately the alt-right click method doens't work well with a wacom tablet I use...21:39
pjotterO wait.. now it does :D21:39
pjotter(pushed the wrong button)21:40

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