jimtendo-X202EPHi all, anyone know what parameter I might be able to add while booting from GRUB to make Kubuntu 16.04 boot into a terminal (as opposed to KDE)?00:21
acheronukclivejo: understood. presumably won't want keyring pw again after 1hr00:57
acheronukyes, hope it does!00:57
acheronuknight clive :)00:57
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valorietesting what, Guest95388?02:20
Guest95388wasn't sure if this still worked im running kbuntu 7.0102:21
valoriethere is no such thing02:21
* valorie is running kubuntu 16.10 which is alpha still02:21
Guest95388kbuntu based on ubuntu 702:22
Guest95388not 7.0102:23
valorieI have no clue to what you refer02:24
valorieKubuntu is at base Ubuntu02:24
valoriewith KDE software02:24
Guest95388do you know that kbuntu is based yeah\02:24
Guest95388do you know of ubuntu 7.0402:24
valorieare you perhaps thinking of Plasma 5.7.2?02:25
Guest95388the kde environment I am running is release 3.5.602:26
valorieGuest95388: you are truly running Ubuntu 7.04 and a KDE 3?02:27
Guest95388I got this old disk at a garage sale with some windows pe and other stuff02:28
valoriethat sounds like 2002 or so02:28
Guest95388ubuntu 7.04 it says when I run cat /etc/issue02:29
valorie$ cat /etc/issue02:30
valorieUbuntu Yakkety Yak (development branch) \n \02:30
valoriewe are at the opposite ends of the spectrum!02:30
Guest95388yeah and cat /etc/debian_version is 4.002:30
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valoriewhat kit are you running this on, Guest95388?02:30
Guest95388you mean version of kde?02:32
Guest95388I also have a dapper drake disk02:32
valorieno, I mean computer02:33
valorieold, or new?02:33
Guest95388ran xp has a centrino rn02:33
valorienot many boxes still have disk drives02:34
Guest95388cd no floppy02:34
valorienot sure we have one around still02:34
valorieoooo, CD, how fancy and new!02:34
Guest95388and dvd02:34
Guest95388I have some dvd ram disks02:34
ahoneybunoh boy02:40
ahoneybunI think I snapped and broke my machine02:41
valorieI don't think that's how it's sposed ta work02:42
ahoneybunit was trying to remove a bunch of packages02:42
ahoneybunbut I thought it was doing it to the snap02:42
valoriesudo apt -f install02:42
valorieshould fix?02:42
ahoneybunno errors02:42
ahoneybunbut I think if I reboot it will not boot up02:43
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xRabbitxyo im new to irc so i dont know the etiquette. But im having some issues, can someone help me?03:48
xRabbitxanyone had this problem, you type: sudo whatever command, and then it prompts username is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.03:50
xRabbitxall solutions i have found ironically require root access03:51
ahoneybunI've seen it03:52
ahoneybunmeans you don't have permission to use sudo03:53
ahoneybun!info sudo03:53
ubottusudo (source: sudo): Provide limited super user privileges to specific users. In component main, is important. Version 1.8.16-0ubuntu1.1 (xenial), package size 386 kB, installed size 1664 kB03:53
ahoneybun!info sudoers03:53
ubottuPackage sudoers does not exist in xenial03:53
dax(sudoers is a file that you edit with visudo, both of which are contained in the sudo package)03:54
xRabbitxI mean i did have permission to use sudo, idk what changed03:54
ahoneybunvi might be a bit hard to new people03:54
daxand yes, in order to regain sudo access, which gives you root access, you need to have root access. if this weren't the case, it'd be rather trivial to get root access on things you're not supposed to :P03:54
daxahoneybun: it opens with default editor, so nano03:54
ahoneybunoh I still use nano <303:54
ahoneybunthanks for the info dax03:54
xRabbitxkate is my default03:54
* ahoneybun updates his machine to yakkety staging03:55
daxcorrect procedure here is "boot from livecd or in single user mode and edit /etc/sudoers", but I'm multitasking so can't walk through it03:55
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords03:55
daxfirst link describes single user mode03:56
xRabbitxi thought you were gonna say live disk :(, my bios has some issue with live usbs so i have to burn a cd. ok thanks i will edit the sudoers file03:57
xRabbitxcheers for your help03:58
mikeplus64anyone know why qt themes might not be applying in kubuntu 16.04 [actually ubuntu 16.04 after installing kubuntu-desktop]? everything is themed with the default (raleigh?) theme04:46
mikeplus64setting it in qtconfig[-qt4] does set the theme for qtconfig itself but nothing else, and changing it in systemsettings does nothing04:46
mikeplus64i can see the preview of the themes fine in systemsettings but it just doesn't apply04:47
mikeplus64er, i mean 'widget styles'04:47
valoriemikeplus64: a few people found that they had to change theme and then change back to get it to "stick"04:49
valorienobody has figured out why yet04:49
mikeplus64no luck after switching it back and forth and logging in/out just to be "sure"04:53
mikeplus64the icon theme also doesn't get applied, strange04:53
mikeplus64i think it's just qt5 things that don't get themed which is basically everything lol04:54
valoriedid you by chance run systemsettings as root or something?04:54
mikeplus64qt4 programs like cantata get themed04:55
valoriebecause that sounds possibly like a permissions issue04:55
mikeplus64the setting is retained in systemsettings04:56
mikeplus64hm, i changed the gtk2 theme in systemsettings -> app. style -> gnome application style, and now everything is themed using the gtk2 breeze style (it's just not the same, man :'()04:57
mikeplus64that's despite the qt widget style being breeze proper04:57
mikeplus64err, by everything i mean qt5 stuff04:58
valoriethat's extremely strange04:58
mikeplus64removing appmenu-qt5 seemed to fix it05:17
valoriemikeplus64: you might ask in #kde-devel about it -- not sure if that needs a BR or not, mikeplus6405:25
user|15230not update driver wireless05:28
user|15230please help05:28
valorieuser|15230: what makes you think you need to update?05:29
zodiac19Affraid to ask, but is anyone there?05:38
valoriepeople are here, for sure05:41
valoriebut that doesn't mean those of us paying attention can help ya05:42
zodiac19Eh, first time using a linux OS, I decided to get serious about  becoming a developer05:45
zodiac19not exactly looking for help so much as looking for someone who might be able to point me to a good developers channel05:46
ahoneybundeveloper apps or for a linux os?05:49
ahoneybunin #kubuntu-devel we work on Kubuntu05:49
zodiac19Actually @ahoneybun Game development and Operating system functions06:14
zodiac19not exactly apps so much as looking into creating different, simpler, or easier OS functions06:17
zodiac19right now though I'm barely a beginner developer, I'm learning Ruby and I dabble in Web dev.06:18
Elec_Ais this ppa safe : sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ivan-safonov/ppa ?06:23
Elec_AI want to experience live wallpapers in KDE Plasma 5.06:23
valoriezodiac19: hang out in #kubuntu-devel and see if you like it06:23
valoriewe use some Ruby and have some webdev work sometimes as well06:24
YankDownUnderElec_A: Um...where did you find that PPA?06:24
Elec_AYankDownUnder: In the description of this youtube video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj8VSp3dTjU06:25
Elec_AYankDownUnder: and also here : https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=12956106:25
YankDownUnderHmm...well, have fun with that...just always be careful about PPA's...because that IS part of your "core"...06:27
Elec_AYankDownUnder: So, how can I know if a ppa is safe or not ?06:27
zodiac19thanks valorie06:27
YankDownUnderElec_A: Well, it wouldn't be in a KDE forum (or other Ubuntu forum)...so, before adding something, it's a good call on your part to "suss" it out before anything else...paranoia is a good thing...06:28
Elec_AYankDownUnder: This ppa contains a package that will add snow effect on wallpaper (not tested yet myself).06:28
Elec_AYankDownUnder: Thanks :)06:29
ahoneybunany users PPA are untrusted other then them signing the Ubuntu CoC06:29
YankDownUnderElec_A: Rather be safe than sorry, eh? You'd be amazed at the amount of "crap" that some folks install...06:29
Elec_AGot it.  Thank you .06:30
Elec_AYankDownUnder: have you ever seen any live wallpapers on KDE Plasma 5?06:30
YankDownUnderYes. Personally, they're a waste of resource...however, for those that like "eyecandy" it's all fine and dandy...for me, though, I work...and it's merely annoying - and it's a waste of valuable system resources that I'd rather use on something productive... :) But that's *me*...06:31
Elec_Ayeah, makes sense. Thank you.06:32
YankDownUnderElec_A: All good, bro...06:33
user|80231I did install Kubuntu64 16.04 yesterday completely fresh (I was until yesterday in Lubuntu64 minimal 16.04). I have 2 problems. Problem No. 1 the cursor often (but not always) let a trace on the screen of my Laptop and Problem No. 2 the apps often opens outside of the visible screen surface. Which values are to change where?07:33
user|8415здарова всем!)))07:35
YankDownUnderuser|80231: Have you looked in "System Settings" => "Display and Monitor" and made sure that your screen/screen size is correct?07:35
zodiac19_finding IRC channels is hard >.<07:37
YankDownUnderzodiac19_: Which channel are you looking for?07:38
user|80231Hi YankDownUnder I find the Systemsettings not in this version... (I use the for me New beautiful menu...)07:39
zodiac19_I'm actually looking for an open programming/development discussion channel07:39
YankDownUnderzodiac19_: Is the IRC client you're using not capable of downloading and viewing the entire Freenode channel listing? Because that's a huge plus, eh...07:40
zodiac19_not sure, completely new to linux and IRC Clients, Using Quassel07:41
YankDownUnderuser|80231: "System Settings" is part of every KDE/Plasma installation...if you click on the "K" menu, then "Applications", then "Settings", then "System Settings" - you should find it...07:42
YankDownUnderzodiac19_: Not familar with that client - however, nearly all IRC clients are able to "fetch" the channel listing...you might have to actually read the dox, hmm...07:42
zodiac19_ah I found a channel listing, thanks ^07:46
YankDownUnderzodiac19_: There are more than 15,000 channels...so looking for one, let alone a few, is a task...07:46
zodiac19_The search should be well worth it when i find what I'm looking for then XD07:47
YankDownUnderzodiac19_: You'll find what you're looking for...AND, if not on this service/server (Freenode), well, there are hundreds to choose from. :)07:48
zodiac19_I'd almost make my own channel, but then I wouldn't find the help I need lol07:51
YankDownUnderzodiac19_: Unless you're striving to help yourself, nah, wouldn't work very well...HOWEVER, that being said, sometimes, temporarily creating a channel with a specific "topic banner" can fetch some like-minded folks...you'll notice a heap of channels with "##" in front of them...07:52
zodiac19_and channels without descriptions07:54
zodiac19_I guess trying to start a channel it is for now O.o Wish me luck07:55
YankDownUnderzodiac19_: Good luck on that - and here is a link - just to acquaint you with IRC - and how to go about things...it's basic, but you'll get the picture - and you'll also find out just exactly how complex it can be (it's been around for a long long time, mate) => http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/new2irc.html07:57
dazdaczcan you do me a favor?08:22
dazdaczi need printscreen of the banlist08:22
dazdaczim making a new channel and want to collect a database beforehand of troublemakers08:23
zodiac19_Sorry to say this, but I'm new to IRC Clients, I wouldnt know where to look08:23
dazdaczok thanks08:23
YankDownUnderdazdacz: You could probably get an entire ban list from the Freenode ops08:23
dazdaczthat would be great08:24
dazdaczwhere are they?08:24
YankDownUnderYou should be able to ask in #freenode08:24
zodiac19_I'm googleing like crazy to start a channel myself to find people with with similar interests to my goals08:25
dazdacztry reddit08:25
zodiac19_reddit is a dangerous place >.>08:27
zodiac19_And my IRC is setup :DD now Like a child who just won a candy store I will devour the nearest sweets!08:33
zodiac19_99 errors of code on the screen, 99 errors of code, take one down, patch it around 6797 errors of code on the screen08:42
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valorie!alis | zodiac19_09:10
ubottuzodiac19_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http09:10
valorieit's really useful09:10
zodiac19_I have already located 2 IRC's close to my needs, but thank you very much09:11
zodiac19_*cant type worth shit right now*09:12
TimHello :)!09:23
TimI have a problem and it would be very nice if somebody could help me please. So I'll just post my problem and hopefully I do not do anything wrong09:24
YankDownUnderPost away09:24
TimAfter having Kubuntu installed with the option for Auto-Login turned on, I now would like it to be off. I do not want to have an auto-login at start up (what makes every other login senseless).09:25
TimI have set it in the settings menu as "off" but that doesn't change anything. The button does not seem to be working (in the GUI).09:25
TimSo how can I deactivate the autologin after start up?09:26
TimI've found a wiki entry about LightDM and it's settings or config files09:27
YankDownUnderTim: Are you using the standard DM? Or something else? Is it LightDM?09:27
TimWell I'm not sure. I installed 16.04 Kubuntu LTS09:28
YankDownUnderhere's another one to look at: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/solved-disable-auto-login/146109:28
Timwhen I open that file - it is empty09:29
YankDownUnderSo basically, look at /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf => you'll see a section [SeatDefaults] => and then autologin-user= NAME ===> so, just delete your username, leave it blank, save the file, restart the DM...should be right09:30
YankDownUnderTim: So if it's empty, WHAT is the DM that you're running? Is it "sddm" perhaps?09:30
YankDownUnderI'll wait for ya to come back.09:34
LloydLhow to run updates after Kubuntu 16.04 installed?10:25
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BluesKaj'Morning folks11:09
zodiac19_morning, and nice to meet ya11:10
BluesKajHi zodiac19_11:11
zodiac19_so what kind of development do you do?11:12
BluesKajI mainly test OSs under development, leaving the devs to do the devel stuff11:15
BluesKajif you're looking for the devel chat it's at #kubuntu-devel11:16
BluesKajand what's your interest in development , zodiac19_?11:18
zodiac19_I'm already lurking there, I'm looking to become a game developer and an OS system functions designer (of sorts anyway)11:21
ikoniaOS system functions designer ?? what is that11:22
zodiac19_I want to work on making certain features and components to opperating systems more efficient and easier to use11:23
ikoniathats not a real job11:23
ikonianever mind, it's nothing to do with this channel11:24
zodiac19_lol, Neither of my interests have anything to do with this channel lol11:26
zodiac19_Basically what I want to do with Operating systems is complicated, but right now I'm just a beginner at development in every sense11:28
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soeehiho ikonia12:47
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Ian_CDoes anyone fancy talking to me about bluetooth dongles?17:00
sithlord48what about them ?17:00
Ian_CHow to make them reliable on kb 16.1017:01
Ian_CI have a  couple of horribly cheap Chinese import BT devices which seem to work fine on my phone but not on kubuntu. I suspect the problem is my USB BT dongle.17:04
Ian_CWhich is also horribly cheap.17:04
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FinetundraGood evening everyone. For some reason my driver manager is not functioning. What would be the best way to get the proper nvidia drivers for my card?23:03
ahoneybunyou can install it from konsole if need be23:15
valorieFinetundra: sudo ubuntu-drivers list23:16
valoriefrom the cli23:16
ahoneybunyou can find the number http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us23:16
Finetundraahoneybun: so you reccomend me downloading and installing the one from the nvidia site?23:16
ahoneybunno, you could fine the version you need23:17
ahoneybunapt search nvidia-36* maybe23:17
ahoneybunbut the way valorie said is better23:17
ahoneybundid not know about that command23:17
FinetundraOh shoot, I completly overlooked what she said23:17
FinetundraSorry :(23:18
valorienp, searching out what you need is best before you run the above command anyway23:18
valoriesince you will be given a choice23:18
Finetundrahmm, well 361 is the latest on offer from the command above but 367 is latest on the site23:19
FinetundraSo I should just use the one form the repos?23:19
ahoneybunthere is a graphics ppa23:20
ahoneybunfor newer versions23:20
ahoneybunjust be careful with PPA's23:20
ahoneybunthat is an official but you should know how to use ppa-purge if needed23:21
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html23:21
Finetundrato add it, sudo apt-add ppa: ppa:address, right?23:21
ahoneybunthanks valorie23:21
ahoneybunsays on that page ;)23:22
FinetundraAh right23:22
ahoneybunnice after adding the ppa, ubuntu-drivers list shows the new ones23:24
ahoneybunvalorie: trying NVIDIA on yakkety23:25
valorieI wasn't willing to try another driver without having my son around to fix23:26
valoriehe had to blacklist something to get kubuntu to install properly in the first place23:26
valorieit's a newish gaming laptop23:27
valorieit was hard to find a linux distro that would run well on it23:27
ahoneybunmm maybe bumblebee does not work on the new 950m or something23:27
valorieunsure of the details -- he and scarlett worked on it23:28
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Rebooting23:29
Finetundravalorie or ahoneybun: So I just do sudo apt install <driver name> right?23:30
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Yea its a package that sets everything up23:30
clivejoFinetundra: did you try the driver manager?23:30
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I got the login23:30
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> clivejo that's broke atm23:31
Finetundraclivejo: doesn't function for whatever reason, but I can check it since I just added the new ppa. Doubt it'll make a difference though23:31
clivejoits fine its xapian is broken23:31
FinetundraWell, if you can tell me how to fix it I'm happy to follow along23:32
clivejoopen a terminal23:32
clivejosudo update-apt-xapian-index23:33
clivejorun that command23:33
ahoneybunvalorie: and we are up23:33
clivejothen open the driver manager again23:33
Finetundraclivejo: erm, that didn't work23:34
Finetundrasudo: update-apt-xapian-index: command not found23:34
clivejook needs installed23:35
clivejosudo apt install apt-xapian-index23:35
ahoneybunI think it is in yakkety or installed from something23:35
ahoneybun!info driver-manager23:35
ubottuPackage driver-manager does not exist in xenial23:35
ahoneybun!info kcm-driver-manager23:35
ubottuPackage kcm-driver-manager does not exist in xenial23:35
ahoneybun!info kde-driver-manager23:35
ubottuPackage kde-driver-manager does not exist in xenial23:35
clivejoits broken in yakkety, a fix was uploaded but it didnt fix the problem23:36
ahoneybunopened for me now23:36
clivejokinda made it worse :/23:36
ahoneybunbut I ran that command first23:36
clivejoyeah you have to run it first23:36
Finetundraclivejo: still doesn't work man23:36
clivejoFinetundra: what version are you running?23:36
clivejoand you installed the package23:37
FinetundraThe one you told me to, yes23:37
ahoneybunit was installed already here23:37
clivejothen run update-apt-xapian-index23:37
clivejothe key is running that update23:38
FinetundraWell I'll be damned23:38
FinetundraIt worked!23:38
clivejoit just needs that index23:39
FinetundraSo what might have happened to cause it not to be there?23:39
clivejoa mix of old and new not playing well together23:39
FinetundraMakes sense23:40
clivejoit should detect your driver and install it for you23:41
* ahoneybun wonders why his razer drivers are not working23:41
ahoneybuncan't find the app at all23:42
clivejotoo sharp23:42
ahoneybunfor my keyboard23:42
clivejowho needs a light up keyboard anyways!23:43
ahoneybunwell since i have it23:43
FinetundraI need to relog for the driver change to take effect, right?23:43
clivejoprobably need a reboot23:43
FinetundraThen I will see you all shortly23:43
ahoneybunreboot is best23:44
clivejoI need you to turn it off, wait turty seconds and turn it back on again23:44
ahoneybunyay he did build for yakkety23:44
FinetundraSomething is a little not right23:48
FinetundraMy desktop isn't appearing on my right hand monitor however it IS detected and useable23:48
FinetundraAnybody have any ideas?23:49
FinetundraI can drag windows over to the second monitor but there's no desktop and the panel has decided to go to the other screen23:50
FinetundraI'm just gonna reboot again and see what happens23:51
TundraPlasma has decided title bars are no longer a thing23:57
TundraI seem to have made a mistake23:58
FinetundraTitlebars are a thing again23:59

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