tewardknoxyca: the way that bug reports on Ubuntu packages in Launchpad work, is that for the package without a series indicator it points to the development release00:59
tewardthat is, Yakkety (16.10)00:59
tewardit's been fixed in Yakkety, but not yet been fixed in Xenial00:59
tewardthough it has been confirmed in Xenial01:00
tewardthe "Xenial" subitem is the indicator for if it's fixed or not in Xenial.01:00
tewardsince that's still as "confirmed" and not "fix released" my guess is they haven't implemented a fix yet01:00
tewardso your Xenial system won't get an 'update' for it01:00
tewardbecause one hasn't been made yet.01:00
nickkkHey for some reason kernels newer than 3.18.3 freeze on startup, so i was wondering what lubuntu release would use that (or an older) kernel13:55
tewardnickkk: by this point, only Trusty, and that's assuming you install with a 14.04 disk (not 14.04.1, .2, .3, .4, or .5)14:22
nickkkthat one?14:23
tewardmore like http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/14.04/release/ and the images that are marked 14.04 (without a .1, .2, etc.)14:24
teward(lubuntu.net is no longer the official site for the Lubuntu project)14:24
tewardthe *problem* is that i am saying use the original ISO because of the kernel version you specify14:25
tewardany later point release will have a newer kernel that won't work14:25
tewardso you have to install, then `sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`, but you also have to remove any linux-generic-lts-* packages that get installed14:25
teward(among other things, to make sure you have only the older kernel)14:26
mchasardi'm have install lubuntu under raspberry pi 3 and its really fine21:44
mchasardi just would like to know how to change the police for gnome windows21:46
mchasardcause it doesn't take effect for all windows ...21:46
lynorianpolice ?21:46
wxlmchasard: the policy?21:46
mchasardyes for gnome windows size21:47
mchasardth font sorry21:47
mchasardi'm french21:47
wxlfor gtk windows specifically, eh?21:48
mchasardcause for the other it take effects21:48
wxldoes it take affect on the window decoration?21:49
mchasardfor example empathy windows21:49
wxldid you try the openbox configuration manager?21:50
mchasardok i try one moment21:51
wxlcuz i imagine that would change the window decorations only21:51
mchasardyes i think its ok now it take effects from this panel21:52
mchasardthanks a lot21:52
mchasardone other thing i could get youttube video working with another browser than firefox21:53
mchasardand now  its ok with epiphany and midori ...21:54
mchasardi just ad some gstreamer lib and app ...21:54
mchasardcause i saw that comparing with xubuntu for which it worked21:55
wxli use the html5 option in youtube and haven't had a problem in a loooong time with any browser21:56
mchasardgood to here that but for me i wasn't the same21:58
mchasardwhich browser do you use ?21:58
wxloh right you're on the pi21:58
wxlthat miiiight be the problem21:58
wxlnot sure about that offhand21:58
wxli haven't got it hooked up on the pi3 yet21:59
mchasardand under a small eeepc 701 it was the same21:59
wxlthat's rather uncanny. what' happened when you tried to play them?21:59
mchasardit return me an error but now its ok22:00
mchasardwith this gstreamer add22:00
wxli see22:00
mchasardstrangly when i went ahead in the video i could saw the small  display ...sorry some words miss me22:02
mchasardto explain22:02
wxlyou may try:22:02
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:02
mchasardbut allways the same error in normal mode22:02
mchasardok thanks22:03
mchasardhi again22:15
mchasardits about my screen resolution 1920x1080 but on the raspeberry pi the max i could get is 1824x984 so the display is not entire22:17
mchasarddo you have any idea ?22:18
Manuel__a demain bonne nuits a tous22:34

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