danny_Hi, Ive just installed Ubuntu mate on my laptop and the wi-fi dont seems to appear in the section: '' aditional drivers'' what should I do to make it work?00:44
featherstonedanny_: what chipset is the wifi card?00:47
danny_Humm... how I know that... do you have a line of command to know it?00:48
danny_Sorry for the poor quality of my english... Im a French Canadian00:50
featherstonedanny_: lspci | grep -i wireless00:51
featherstonelol...that's quite alright danny_00:51
featherstoneyou will have to add sudo if you are not root00:51
danny_Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)00:52
danny_that is my answer00:53
featherstonedanny_: does the interface show up with an ifconfig?00:55
danny_a what? LOL00:56
featherstoneunfortunately Broadcom wireless drivers are not well supported under Linux00:56
featherstonedanny_: ifconfig will display network interface information00:56
danny_ok Ill check it00:57
danny_eno1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 2c:76:8a:d1:4b:3800:58
danny_          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
danny_          inet6 addr: fe80::6039:af7d:4838:9aa6/64 Scope:Link00:58
danny_          inet6 addr: fe80::705:2ee2:e3bb:1960/64 Scope:Link00:58
danny_          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:100:58
danny_          RX packets:986 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:000:58
danny_          TX packets:799 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:000:58
danny_          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100000:58
danny_          RX bytes:341433 (341.4 KB)  TX bytes:67517 (67.5 KB)00:58
danny_lo        Link encap:Local Loopback00:58
danny_          inet addr:  Mask:
danny_          inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host00:58
danny_          UP LOOPBACK RUNNING  MTU:65536  Metric:100:58
danny_          RX packets:276 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:000:58
danny_          TX packets:276 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:000:58
danny_          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100:58
danny_          RX bytes:22740 (22.7 KB)  TX bytes:22740 (22.7 KB)00:58
danny_wlp7s0b1  Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 94:39:e5:4f:16:be00:58
danny_          inet6 addr: fe80::90ac:c581:c2b8:80fa/64 Scope:Link00:58
danny_          inet6 addr: fe80::3235:3793:4b1e:c9eb/64 Scope:Link00:58
danny_          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:100:58
danny_          RX packets:129 errors:0 dropped:6 overruns:0 frame:000:58
danny_          TX packets:59 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:000:58
danny_          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100000:58
danny_          RX bytes:12214 (12.2 KB)  TX bytes:11390 (11.3 KB)00:58
featherstonelooks like it did install drivers for your card...the wlp7s0b1 is your wireless card if just isn't configured with your wireless network01:00
danny_damn... I dont understand... With Xubuntu everything worked flawlessely01:01
danny_... Im a little bit disapointed :P01:01
featherstonedanny_: did your wireless work upon install? what version of Xubuntu was it...16.04?01:01
danny_nop it was... 15. someting01:01
featherstonethat might have something to do with it...for some reason Cannonical shipped a LTS version that has wireless issues with it01:02
featherstonesupposedly 16.04.1 was supposed to fix it but reports are that it didn't01:03
danny_ok... so it is with all the 16.04 distro of Ubuntu?01:03
featherstoneI believe so...some of the flavors might have work arounds for it but I believe it is a problem across the board01:03
featherstonetry just restarting your network stack and see if you can then select a wireless network01:04
featherstonesudo service networking restart01:04
featherstonedanny_: are you fairly new to Linux?01:05
danny_Im not new... but Im not very good in command lines.01:06
danny_I use linux mind with cinammon on my PC01:06
danny_and used to use Xubuntu on that laptop01:06
danny_I used a little bit of majaro on it but I did not liked it01:07
featherstonefair enough...it does take some getting used to...I wasn't very comfortable with it at first either...now I try to do most things with it...I have a lot to learn though01:07
featherstonewhat didn't you like about Manjaro?01:07
danny_I had some issues with firefox01:07
danny_the text did not always appeared01:08
danny_Of all the desktop Ive tried... XFCE was my favorite01:09
featherstonehuh that's weird...Antergos and Apricity also make some really nice Arch distros...not to detract from Ubuntu-Mate...I am running it right now on my old Samsung netbook01:09
featherstoneit is nice and lightweight01:09
danny_With a XFCE? or MATE environnement?01:09
featherstoneI was saying that XFCE is nice and light...but really so is Mate01:11
danny_Im tryong MATE because Ive saw a review on FPS in gaming... and MATE was the king... so I give it  a chance01:12
danny_My laptop is for testing01:12
danny_the distros01:12
featherstonehave you tried the Software Boutique in Ubuntu-Mate?01:12
danny_not for now01:13
danny_but it seems well made01:13
featherstoneyeah Wimpy and the team have done an excellent job making installing common software easy01:18
featherstoneany luck with the wireless after resetting the networking?01:18
danny_Ill try it01:20
danny_usually I see all the connection possible01:20
danny_I look connected but the connection dont work01:20
featherstoneah...well that's actually good...it does sound like the wireless bug is getting you...a networking restart should fix it01:21
latitudeis there a recommended IDE for C/C++ with Ubuntu Mate 16.0401:45
ouroumovProbably the same as with Ubuntu01:50
Joe_Tthanks for a great distro02:54
blackwaterhey guys, I'm having some problems with compiz after upgrading to MATE 16.04.1 LTS03:28
blackwaterconstantly crashes, i rebooted and windows are missing their borders/controls, can't move with Alt F7. Switched back to marco for the time being, but I don't know if this is a mate 16.04 issue, or a 16.04 issue in general03:29
bahamut127good evening... any gurus on?04:14
bahamut127having some major issues with freezing when selecting 3rd party and/or updates on install.  using 16.04.1 is this a known issue?04:16
segmastarAnyone Here?08:20
YankDownUnderEveryone's sleeping. Or the world has ended.08:29
segmastarOh,sorry.It 16:30 here08:30
YankDownUnderIt's 18:30 here...must be way too late (or way too early)08:30
segmastarDo you know thing about installing Ubuntu?08:31
YankDownUndersegmastar: Yes. What's the issue?08:31
segmastarI want to install Ubuntu on my external hard drive but it can't boot.08:32
segmastarIt shows like: Can't find /boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod   grub rescue>08:33
YankDownUndersegmastar: "It can't boot" - which means what, exactly...?08:33
segmastarJust like that. Can't find boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod08:33
segmastargrub rescue>08:34
YankDownUnderSo then you didn't install "grub" on the MBR of the primary hard disk in the machine?08:34
segmastarI do install08:34
segmastarAnd the file normal.mod is exactly there08:34
segmastarAnd I install ubuntu on main partition.08:35
SuperEngineeror put a live dvd in machine & do a grub-instal?08:36
segmastarBut I have installed grub on my hard drive08:37
SuperEngineerbut it ain't working, is it?108:37
YankDownUndersegmastar: If you read completely through the link I just posted, you might be able to resolve the issue...08:37
segmastarYankDownUnder:Can't access that url.08:38
YankDownUnderAs per what SuperEngineer had stated, give that a go. You can't access the URL?08:38
SuperEngineer[also, is a windows dual boot machine?]08:38
segmastaryeah.Due to the Firewall Great Wall08:39
YankDownUnderOh, lovely.08:39
segmastarSuperEngineer:No. It's on my external hard drive.08:39
YankDownUnderFollow what SuperEngineer just stated...use the bootable DVD and do "grub-install" and read the options.08:40
SuperEngineerah!!! are you sure of where you installed grub to is where it's looking on power up?08:40
segmastarYes.There is only one partition on my hard drive.08:41
SuperEngineeryour internal or external hard drive?08:41
segmastarNo,Another is swap partition08:41
SuperEngineerwith external drive connected & powered, use live disk or usb08:42
segmastarHard to deal with.I've tried 3 times.Failed08:42
SuperEngineerrun ubuntu as a live system from your install disk or install usb.08:43
SuperEngineercheck you can see your ubuntu instal once live disk is fully running08:44
SuperEngineerthen instal grub from live disk/usb08:44
segmastarsudo grub-install /etc/sdc like that?08:45
SuperEngineerhang on!   /dev/sdc  - surely?08:47
SuperEngineer[and from the live system the sudo may not be needed]08:48
segmastarOkay. Finished Installing. Of course it should be dev:)08:49
SuperEngineernext... is that external drive set as a bootable disk?  [bios, uefi]08:50
segmastarNo.It doesn't work08:54
segmastarNow the screen showed before disappear.08:55
segmastarJust boot from my internal hard drive.08:55
segmastarNo useful message shows.08:55
SuperEngineerThe next option is *very* risky without knowing what's on your internal drive... install gub to /dev/sda???08:56
SuperEngineerseek other advice before considering08:56
segmastarto /dev/sdc/!\08:56
segmastarnot sda08:56
SuperEngineerThe next option is *very* risky without knowing what's on your internal drive... install gub to /dev/sda???08:56
SuperEngineerseek other advice before considering08:56
segmastarAgain not sda. It's sdc.and nothing happened.08:57
SuperEngineeragain - that's why I am suggesting SDA!!!! do you have an SDA?08:57
SuperEngineerthanks YankDownUnder08:58
segmastarOf course.Or how can I use this xchat?08:58
SuperEngineerthe live disk!08:58
SuperEngineerask on #ubuntu ?08:58
SuperEngineerask on #ubuntu-uk ?08:59
segmastarOkay.I'll have a try08:59
SuperEngineeror use YankDownUnder's link???08:59
SuperEngineer[and he/she still doesn't want us know what's on sda?!!!]  hmmmmm09:01
SuperEngineeroh well ;-)09:01
YankDownUndereither in China or North Korea.09:01
segmastarI'm in China :)09:01
SuperEngineeragreed - may not be "conveniant"09:02
YankDownUnderMany Chinese here in Australia.09:02
YankDownUnderArgh...meanwhile, there is an #ubuntu-cn => Chinese channel for Ubuntu (and all flavours)09:05
SuperEngineerI bet the most often asked question there is, "how do I set up a VPN" ;-)09:07
YankDownUnderYes - spot on there - most of the tech-heads I know here (the Chinese folks) "assist" in that matter...ahem...09:07
SuperEngineerpraise & well done to them09:08
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lain__Hey, Is there anything I should know before i start using mate, i've been using debian for a few years now so I know a little bit.16:30
rampdoganyone having issues installing VBox guest additions?17:42
Gallomimia2how odd. i started an install from inside a live session, got thru all the setup options, and the window just closed.17:42
Gallomimia2the desktop has the spinning wait cursor when i mouse over, and other than that, the system is running fine. but there's no install happening.17:43
Gallomimia2anyone else seen this?17:43
ouroumovGallomimia2, not that I'm aware of17:48
ouroumovGallomimia2, did you check the .iso's integrity using the provided checksums?17:49
Gallomimia2don't think i did. but i have used this particular LiveUSB to install on another system successfully17:49
ouroumovGallomimia2, maybe go for the Install route at boot time?17:50
ouroumovInstead of going through the live session, I mean17:50
Gallomimia2could be... i'm fussing with crypto and LVM tho17:50
Gallomimia2i always get problems using those17:50
Gallomimia2hm. there does seem to be a lot of stuff in /target17:50
Gallomimia2very interesting.17:51
gallomimia2ouroumov: negative. cant mount crypto and lvm without a terminal18:01
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mertcan_how can ı use this21:35
ouroumovYou seem to be using it21:36
ouroumovHe seems to have stopped using it21:37
ali1234yeah i got a silly pm21:46
ali1234why do i only get silly pms from this channel?21:46
ouroumovBecause here you're on top of the nick list21:46
ouroumovJust change nick to "zali1234" and nobody will bother you anymore21:47
Gallomimiahey. for some reason my mate panel menu won't open. it clicks and changes color, but the menu never appears. i can't launch any programs!22:51
Gallomimiayou know... aside from the ones i have as buttons22:51
ouroumovThe standard menu?22:51
Gallomimiajust allava sudden stopped functioning22:52
Gallomimiatried rebooting to fix too. no joy22:52
ouroumovIt was working before?22:52
ouroumovWhat did you do?22:52
Gallomimiamight have something to do with putting my 2nd monitor back on the system22:52
ouroumovDid you try removing the menu from the panel then adding it back?22:53
Gallomimiauh, i just tried adding a 2nd one. still won't work22:53
Gallomimiathe "other" type of main menu seems to still work22:54
Gallomimiaoh well. good enough for now...22:59
mate|67362Does AMDGPU Pro work with Ubuntu Mate?23:39
ouroumovmate|67362, does it work with Ubuntu?23:47
mate|67362Far as I know yes23:50
mate|67362I currently have elementary OS Loki which is based on Ubuntu 16.04 but I get "unsupported os" when attempting to install so as a new linux user and pure amd guy looking to possibly move on23:51
ouroumovIf it works in Ubuntu 16.04 it will work in Ubuntu MATE 16.0423:53
ouroumovBut if Loki is based on 16.04 and it's not working, well I'm not too optimistic23:53
mate|67362Yea . .  I think from what I read the kernel has to be rebuilt to enable some cik setting or something.23:54

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