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pleia2johnc4510: wow, lovely to see you! welcome back :)05:03
pleia2so, I had planned on doing UWN stuff during my layover in London in 10 hours, but my layover is so long (7 hours) that I will likely leave the airport to hang out with czajkowski instead19:06
pleia2not sure if I get to it, if I don't that likely means I'll have to move everything from the doc to the wiki Monday night when I get home, and then release around the same time19:07
pleia2tsimonq2: so if you'd like to do the adding of stats, first pass editing and moving to the wiki, today's your chance :)19:08
* pleia2 packs up for airplane out of Mumbai19:09
tsimonq2pleia2: in a bit :)19:10
tewardpleia2: good luck on your trip back from Mumbai19:12
tewardi see from your Twitter you enjoyed your trip :)19:12

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