ResearcherGood morning every one06:27
ResearcherHello all06:27
Kiloshi lubmil09:24
lubmilhej Kilos09:25
lubmilKill OS09:31
Researchermorning everyone.11:00
Researcherhi chiefjustice11:01
Researcherhi Kilos how are you11:01
Kiloshi Researcher ok ty and you11:19
Kiloswhere have you been again11:19
Kilosim in and out here looking after sheep lambing etc11:20
RajRajRajhello Kilos11:20
Researcherhi kilos11:44
Researcherevery day i come and say hello here11:45
Researchersame in and out11:45
Researcherhi RajRajRaj11:45
Researcherhow are ya dude11:45
RajRajRajhi Researcher11:47
RajRajRajsab theek hi hai11:47
RajRajRajResearcher:  tum batao kya haal chal11:47
Researcherkuch khas nai11:54
ResearcherRajRajRaj kaam chal raha hay11:54
Researchertumhay hindi full maloom hay11:54
Researcherwhich city you are from ?11:54
RajRajRajResearcher:  bangalor11:55
RajRajRajResearcher:  haar hindu urdu ek hi language hain11:55
Kilosoh my11:55
Researcherhi Kilos11:55
ResearcherRajRajRaj : sahi kaha aap nay, tum student ho ya job kertay ho ?11:56
Kiloshi Researcher whats news there11:56
RajRajRajResearcher:  job11:56
Researcherwell doing some chit chat here11:56
Researcherwhat about you Kilos11:56
RajRajRajKilos:  the great news: india and pakistan will rule over the world in near future11:56
ResearcherRaj konsi job kertay ho ? \11:56
RajRajRajsoftware engineer11:57
Kilosim getting ready to fly to australia on the 30th11:57
RajRajRajResearcher:  tum kya kartey ho11:57
ResearcherKilos why Australia :D11:57
RajRajRajKilos:  since when your wings starting to work?11:57
Kilosto visit my daughter and her mother11:57
RajRajRajhe likes australian bats11:57
ResearcherRaj may computer related job or business dono kerta hu11:57
Kiloslol no wings11:57
RajRajRajResearcher:  sahi boss11:57
Kilosgoing with etihad air11:57
ResearcherKilos her mother or your wife :D11:58
RajRajRajResearcher:  Kilos  se pucho kitney kilo ka hai11:58
ResearcherRaj is ka wazan zyada nai hay may check ker chuka hu11:58
Kiloslong story Researcher we had a fight and split 30 years ago11:58
Researcher30 years ago11:58
RajRajRajKilos:  how old are yo u11:58
Kilosnow we grew up and going to try again maybe11:58
RajRajRajabey ye to uncle ji hain11:58
ResearcherKilos its never too late to come back :D made with her11:59
RajRajRajuncle ji ki jawani jaag gayi :P11:59
Kilosjust the costs are heavy11:59
Kilosflying isnt cheap11:59
RajRajRajhaan to urh ke jaaney ka na11:59
Kilosand they wont come to za again11:59
RajRajRajwhats za?11:59
Kilossouth africa11:59
Kiloszuid afrika12:00
RajRajRajkya nakhrel patni hai uncle ji ki12:00
Researcheryeah i understand Kilos12:00
Researcherit is expensive12:00
Kilosname given when duch colonised here12:00
ResearcherRaj uncle jee acha admi hay12:00
RajRajRajKilos:  ask her to come to you12:00
RajRajRajResearcher:  wo to dikh raha, par uski wife ke nakhrey dekho12:00
Kilostoo much trouble here, she wont bring our daughter here12:00
ResearcherRaj us ke patni nai hay tu bach ker reh is uncle say ..12:01
ResearcherKilos how old your daughter is ?12:01
Kilosare you well Researcher ?12:01
RajRajRajResearcher:  usi ki hai12:01
RajRajRajalright she is kinda my age12:01
Researcherahhh she is grown up well12:01
RajRajRajResearcher:  setting karun kya :P12:01
ResearcherRaj abhi tu uncle ke beti ko line karana nai shoro ker dayna12:01
Researchernice timming bro12:02
RajRajRajKilos:  what if i take you to australia12:02
Researcherabay tu thoook k jahaz per uncle ko bhejayga12:02
Kiloshaha why would you do that12:02
RajRajRajinko samajh ni ati lol12:02
RajRajRajKilos:  coz i kinda like you12:03
Researcherin kay bht dost hain is room may translate kernay walay12:03
RajRajRajoh teri12:03
Researcherthora sambhal k meray bhai12:03
Researcheri am 3312:03
RajRajRajoh ab samjha12:03
RajRajRajdekho pehle meine uncle ko approach kiya hai12:04
RajRajRaju line mei lago :P12:04
RajRajRajKilos i will buy you some beverages and food along the flight :P12:04
Researcherabay woh uncle hay laikin porana chawal hay bhola nai hay pherkana12:05
Researcherbach ker reh12:05
RajRajRajbas baad mei uncle ki jaydad meri :D12:05
Researcherabay uncle ke jaeydad may bher bakri or goats hain12:05
KilosResearcher how you doing with your wiki page12:06
Researcherhan na12:06
RajRajRajKilos:  what is your business ?12:06
ResearcherKilos to be honest i am working on draft12:06
RajRajRaji mean you got some land, worth million i heard12:06
Researcherand getting ideas to improve my page12:06
Kilosim kinda retired disabled12:06
RajRajRajKilos:  you got some property?12:06
RajRajRajlike umm house12:06
Kilosno man i live by my sister and her husband12:07
ResearcherRaj is kay pass woh hay bas woh hay day sakta hay tujhay12:07
Kiloscar was stolen at hospital 2 years ago12:07
RajRajRaj30 years without jaydad naa baba naa12:07
Researcheroh my12:07
RajRajRajabey kangal12:07
RajRajRajuncle apke paas hai kya?12:07
Kiloswent for check up after cancer operation and had car stolen instead12:07
ResearcherKilos u lost the car ... this is sad12:07
RajRajRajKilos:  are you out of cancer now?12:08
Kilosyes all gone12:08
Researcheruncle ghareeb hay12:08
RajRajRajthats nice12:08
Kiloscut half my tongue off12:08
RajRajRajholy shit12:08
Kilosdont taste food so good anymore but i survive12:08
ResearcherKilos one day everything will be fine12:09
Researcherjust dont step down12:09
Researcherkeep moving12:09
RajRajRajkon sa din, maran din?12:09
ResearcherRaj he is good with some programming language12:09
Kilosi fight for you guys, you think i dont fight for me as well12:09
RajRajRajis it12:09
Researcherand Mr. Kilos worked in a telecom sector12:09
RajRajRajKilos:  do you program?12:09
Kilosno im an irc greeter bot12:10
ResearcherKilos i am confident on you.12:10
RajRajRajKilos:  how do you fight for us12:10
Kilosi know ubuntu dev peeps all over the world12:10
RajRajRajhow is it fighting ?12:10
Kilosby getting your irc channel working and now to rebuild your loco12:10
Researcherso he work for the betterment of the Global industrial Operating system12:10
RajRajRajoh man12:11
ResearcherUbuntu is the OS which is now the most usable all over the worlds12:11
RajRajRajKilos: what was your work before retirementr12:11
Kilosfarm manager and diesel mechanic12:11
Researcherbrb guy boss callsss12:12
Kilosand started work as a telcom technician12:12
RajRajRajKilos: ok fine this might sound rude12:12
RajRajRaji gotta ask this12:12
RajRajRajKilos:  what did you learn in your entire life12:12
RajRajRajtill now12:12
Kilosmain things are12:12
RajRajRajKilos:  have you shared those thing with your daughter?12:12
Kilosrespect others and reat others as you would like them to treat you12:13
RajRajRajand son (if you have any)12:13
Kilosmy son is 4012:13
RajRajRajhave you taught him those things?12:13
Kiloshe is here in za12:13
RajRajRajok but have you done the teaching job as father would do12:14
Kilosi taught him los yes but kids always know better so many things he first had to bump his head on his own then learn to listen to advice12:14
RajRajRajnice Kilos12:15
Kiloswhenever he has linux problems now he asks me first12:15
RajRajRajthats really cool12:15
RajRajRajand you got resources right :P12:15
Kilosand i still help him fix his car when needed12:15
RajRajRajthats nice12:15
Kiloswe are more like brothers than father and son12:15
RajRajRajfather and son bonding never breaks until art least one person gets tired of the other12:16
Kilosmy main job now is to help revive broken ubuntu locos12:16
RajRajRajwhats loco?12:16
Kiloslocal community12:17
Kiloseach country has a loco12:17
Kilossome have more12:17
RajRajRajyou are trying to learn some modern abbr12:17
Kiloswhats abbr12:17
RajRajRajabbreviation -_-12:17
RajRajRajKilos:  why dont you set up ubunto sdk on your pc12:18
Kilosall i do is i find one friendly person in each country, then we work together to get things going again12:18
RajRajRajtry to do some development12:18
RajRajRajdid you get anyone from india?12:18
Kiloswe have serious data costs here using mobile service providers12:19
RajRajRajin SA/12:19
Kilosafter pakistan and bangladesh im doing india12:19
RajRajRaji am indian12:19
RajRajRajlets get to work12:19
Kilosi know one of the ubuntu council members thats in india12:20
RajRajRajso whats the work12:20
Kilosto get all the community to stand together and promote ubuntu and help each other and get more new people on ubuntu12:21
Kilosthis channel had 2 nicks here when i sarted12:21
Kilosresearcher is gathering the flock12:21
RajRajRajKilos:  so whats the work i can do from india12:23
Kiloslook at #ubuntu-in12:23
Kilosi go feed lambs of ewes with no milk12:46
Researcherwb asadkn12:46
Researcherwelcome to loco team pakistan12:46
Kiloshi asadkn12:46
Researchermeet the friends from all over the world here12:47
Kiloscheck you later Researcher12:47
Kilosbe good12:47
Researchertc Kilos12:47
Researcherasadkn which city u from ?12:48
ResearcherI am from karachi12:49
Researchermany relatives lives in rawalpindi12:49
Researcherand chacho is in askari and one taya in lalazar12:49
asadknNice. So what goes around here?12:52
Researcherwell \12:52
Researcherwe are trying to revive the team12:52
asadknAre you guys programmers or ubuntu users?12:52
Researchermost of them are geeks here12:52
Researcherhi zaki12:52
Researcherprogrammers coders and infrastructure engineers12:52
Researcheri am into intelligent networking, vuln protection and servers geek12:53
Researcherwhat about you asadkn12:54
Researcherhi zaki wb12:54
Researcherspeak man12:54
asadknAwesome. ex-server-admin now web dev.12:54
Researcheryou do web dev professionaly12:55
asadknYes. Did server-admin for 6-7 years before that.12:55
Researcherahh cool12:55
Researcherserver-admin for ?12:55
asadknA few companies and some freelancing. Linux only (RHEL, CentOS, Debian/Ubuntu)12:56
Researcheri understand12:58
Researcherasadkn i used to work with level, lowendbox colo crossing, hostgator , sales force12:59
Researchernow i am working as an ERP manager in OMAN GAS12:59
Researcherand ran my hobby projects12:59
Researcherbut cant get rid of this irc addiction13:00
Researcheri used to offer free linux shell service 13 years ago13:00
Researcherand free hosting etc etc13:00
asadknGood stuff. I have worked with ev1servers back in the days (later known as theplanet, and now softlayer). Good old days :)13:01
asadknMaybe you should revise that addiction offering free SSH tunnels now :P13:01
Researcherwho wants ssh bro13:02
ResearcherI have not more of less 30 hobby servers13:02
Researcheri am paying them for nothing13:02
Researcherdo u need ?13:02
Researcheri can sponcer a project ..13:02
Researchertell me13:02
asadknInteresting. I was joking about SSH tunnels though - someone started a free SSH tunnel service in Pakistan to bypass YouTube ban and it was abused to death.13:03
Researcheryeah i understand13:03
Researcherstill youtube is ban in pakistan ?13:03
asadknNo, it’s not banned anymore.13:04
Researcherso what you will do with ssh tunnel ?13:04
Researcherdont mind i just ask13:04
asadknThat’s why it was a joke :P ..13:12
Researcherasadkn :D13:13
Researcheru r funny bro13:13
Faisal-pkhello bhai jan Researcher13:26
Faisal-pkhow are you13:26
Kiloshi Faisal-pk13:27
Faisal-pkhi Kilos13:27
Faisal-pkhow are you13:27
Kilosok ty and you?13:27
Faisal-pki am fine13:27
Faisal-pkres wake up man13:28
Faisal-pki am calling u13:28
Researchershaddap Faisal13:29
Researcherhi cousin13:29
Researcherwhere are u13:29
Faisal-pkstill in poland13:30
Researcherare you coming to pakistan ?13:30
Faisal-pknot at this time13:30
Faisal-pkbut plan is soon13:30
Faisal-pkon EID13:30
Researchercool cool cool13:30
Researcherwe will have long drive13:30
Faisal-pkcan u go to my home and check my dodge ?13:31
Faisal-pki think it need a service13:31
Researcherlast time your young brother hitted it13:31
Researcherit need a major service now13:31
Faisal-pkare u serious13:31
Researcheryes i am serious13:31
Researcherahsan hitted your car13:31
Faisal-pkWTFFF no no13:31
Faisal-pkdont make m cry13:31
Researcherthis is a fact bro13:32
Faisal-pkno noooooo13:32
Faisal-pkwho gave him keys13:32
Faisal-pkhe is 1313:32
Researcheri dont know13:32
Researchermay be he trick your dad13:32
Faisal-pkfuck nooo13:32
Researcheryes it happened13:32
Researchernow be prepared for expenses13:32
Faisal-pkwhere is my car right now ? it is therei n garage ?13:32
Researcheri have no idea i asked your father he said dont tell faisal13:33
Researcherbut i break the promise for the love of brother13:33
Faisal-pkno no no helllll no i cant believe13:33
Faisal-pki will call to parent now13:33
Researchercall them13:33
Researcherdont take my name13:33
Researcherand be patient13:33
Researcherdont fight13:33
Faisal-pkyeah okk i wont13:33
Researcherplz han ?13:33
Faisal-pkok ok i will kill that small pig13:34
Researcherdont do that13:34
Researcherbrb my boss is calling13:34
Faisal-pkbrb toooooooo13:34
Researcherdont cry13:34
Faisal-pkstop laughing at me13:34
Researcherlol i gave him heart attack13:35
Researcherhis car is all fine not even a single scratch every came to his car13:35
Kilosyou will make him get a heart attack13:35
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=== Sicario is now known as JeDa
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