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Geom`ubuntu 16.04 server states "support guaranteed until April 2021 — 64-bit only.". what about the 32-bit?02:14
patdk-lapodd, Geom, I can't locat that anywhere03:36
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segmastarAnyone here?08:26
Tobias92Hey guys, since upgrading to Xenial I noticed that '/usr/share/doc/module-init-tools' is a symlink to '/usr/share/doc/libkmod2'. As a result, the 'changelog.Debian.gz' file of 'module-init-tools' and 'libkmod2' is the same file and is overwritten by both packages. The differences are trivial (the package name in the last line), but enough to cause debsums mismatches. Have you observed this issue before?09:26
jin7boyhi.  I can't find the string "EnableSendfile" in the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf.09:53
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ilivhi, I ran into a problem with my RAID-1 devices on Xenial. I would appreciate it if somebody could take a look a this AskUbuntu question that described the problem in detail: http://askubuntu.com/questions/809182/ubuntu-xenial-fails-to-mount-software-raid-1-if-fstab-records-for-dev-mdx-are-p10:26
ikoniailiv: you'll need to either a.) change the metadata on the device names to be md0 etc, or b.) change the mdadam.conf and fstab to point at the current names10:33
ilivikonia both devices were created as /dev/md0 and /dev/md1 and been used as such for years in Arch Linux10:34
ikoniayou're not using archlinux now10:34
ilivno, I am not10:35
ikoniaand to be honest - I'm not going to support askubuntu10:35
ikoniayou want to use askubuntu, use askubuntu, I don't like askubuntu/forum questions being posted in irc10:35
ilivwho are you exactly?10:35
ikoniain what respect ?10:35
Geomis daskubuntu is not related to ubuntu.com?10:40
ikonianever even heard of it10:40
Geom*ask i mean lol10:41
ikoniaaskubuntu is an answer platform from ubuntu, yes,10:41
Geomserver is running fine.. been learning a lot :)10:42
Geommy ubuntu server10:42
ilivokay so the answer to my question is: update-initramfs -k all -u10:46
Guest_84747Allah is doing12:45
Guest_84747sun is not doing Allah is doing12:46
Guest_84747moon is not doing Allah is doing12:46
Guest_84747Allah is doing12:47
Guest_84747sun is not doing Allah is doing12:47
Guest_84747moon is not doing Allah is doing12:47
Guest_84747stars are not doing Allah is doing12:47
Guest_84747planets are not doing Allah is doing12:48
Guest_84747galaxies are not doing Allah is doing12:48
ogra_ikonia, ?12:48
Guest_84747oceans are not doing Allah is doing12:48
ogra_(that wasnt so effective it seems)12:48
ogra_thx :)12:48
ikoniasorry, wasn't watching12:48
\9allah seems like a busy fellow13:13
Geomdoes /dev/cdrom link to all my dvd drives?14:10
Geomlet me rephrase.... /dev/sr# link to /dev/cdrom?14:12
ikonialook at the symlink14:13
Geomi have to google on how to look at it. brb14:14
Geomit is :)14:15
Geomim making a script to auto run a command if it sense a disc insertion on any dvd drives14:18
ikonia"great" ?14:21
jonahhi can anyone help I'm trying to follow this guide: https://www.howtoforge.com/setting-up-unison-file-synchronization-between-two-servers-on-ubuntu-11.1014:22
jonahbut not matter what I try, unison still asks for a password14:23
ikoniano, as guides for 11.10 are obsolete14:23
jonahikonia: haha thanks! but basically on server 2 I've renabled root login, yes unison on server 1 still asks for a password despite me generating the public/private keys!14:24
ikoniaI'm not joking14:24
ikonia11.10 is obsolete and guides for it are obsolete14:24
ikoniahowtoforge is also a pile of garbage in general14:25
jonahikonia: haha that dry humour gets me every time! (But I can tell you're being serious about Howtoforge, that IS rubbish!)14:25
ikoniaI'm being serious in full reference to my statement14:25
patdk-lapwell, it's not rubbish15:35
patdk-lapbut a tutorial is a tutorial15:35
patdk-lapit is how one person solved his goal15:35
patdk-lapthe likely hood of your goals, problems, infrastructure, and knowledge are of atleast the same level, is unlikely15:36
patdk-lapso the tutorial is useless15:36
patdk-lapyou knowledge of each component used is VERY important15:37
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sutliff707I can not get smartmontools to send email reports however i can successfully email myself using mailutils16:22
sutliff707I can not get smartmontools to send email reports however i can successfully email myself using mailutils18:32
jonahhi does anyone use Unison for file syncing? I've got it set up and it works but I wanted to sync a server home dir to a slave server. The problem is I get "user does not exist" for some of the folders which obviously aren't on the other machine. How do you go about syncing users and groups across two machines, so when you make one on one machine it makes it on the other and vice versa? thanks for any help18:52
sypherjonah: Is this still on the 11.10 box from the HowToForge thing?18:56
jonahsypher: Sort of, I got that working in the end but now I'm just stuck with how to sync users across machines...19:00
sypherjonah: Yeah, four and a half hours didn't magically make 11.10 not obsolete.19:00
jonahsypher: haha yeah - it just made it more obsolete! But I guess I just have to try with the resources I have and the guides out there...19:01
sypherjonah: I'm fairly certain that 14.04 and 16.04 are available to you.19:02
jonahsypher: and ask for help in here too of course! Hopefully then I'll get there in the end.19:02
sypherjonah: The problem is that the vast majority of people that have the ability to assist you will likely decline to support a nearly five year old OS that's long been out of support.19:02
jonahsypher: yeah I'm using 16.04 ! Just the guide was for 11.10... as I couldn't find anything more up-to-date19:02
sypherjonah: That's probably why you're running into issues. Instructions for 11.10 will probably deviate SERIOUSLY from what needs to be done in 16.04.19:03
jonahsypher: There was no guide for 16.04 so just tried using an older guide...19:03
jonahsypher: yeah I know... that's why I asked in here!! sometimes it's like going round in circles ;)19:04
sypherjonah: I believe this is the first you mentioned that you weren't trying to do this ON 11.10.19:05
sypherSo, let me give this a swing. I can't really say much to unison, but what issue are you having?19:06
jonahsypher: sorry I should of made that clear, I just said I was following a guide, should of pointed out my OS didn't match the older one in the guide!19:07
sypherThat would have been beneficial, yes. :P19:07
jonahsypher: well baiscally that guide kicks ass (apart from being out of date!!) for what I'm trying to do, which is just sync two server in a basic way to offer some failover. The files will sync if the users match, but I'm not sure how I sync the users up first so that when you make a new user on server1 it syncs to server 2 and vice versa...19:08
sypherYou can sync the home directories, but I would strongly advise NOT trying to replicate created users.19:11
jonahsypher: well in my setup each user is a Virtual Server. So say I have bob.com on server one, it's user is bob - if server one fails and server 2 picks up where it left off it would then need the bob user also to run the site/php stuff fcgi etc?19:13
sypherWait, you're trying to run services with this?19:13
TheEagerPadawanis there something as tail -f for ps aux19:15
sypherTheEagerPadawan: top?19:15
TheEagerPadawani know there is a cron job running somewhere but i don't know what the timeframe is19:15
jonahsypher: yeah just to provide failover, if server one dies then server two can run the sites/mail etc until server 1 is back up19:15
sypherjonah: This doesn't sound like a good failover plan.19:16
sypherTheEagerPadawan: Check the cron log?19:16
sypherTheEagerPadawan: Just trying to think of easier alternatives.19:16
TheEagerPadawancrontab -e iirc19:17
jonahsypher: Is there a better way to achieve failover with just two servers?19:17
sypherTheEagerPadawan: No, the cron LOG. Check for "CRON" entries in the syslog.19:18
TheEagerPadawanand where would that be located?19:18
sypher /var/log/syslog19:18
syphertry: sudo grep CRON /var/log/syslog | less19:19
sypherThat'll let you page through the results.19:19
TheEagerPadawanthat won't work | pentesting system19:19
sypherThen have fun.19:22
sutliff707can anyone help me with smartd monitoring19:34
patdk-lapconfigure smartd.conf and have smartd start on boot, done19:47
sutliff707Yeah I have that all done but I believe something is wrong in my smartd.conf file because I never get the emails19:48
sutliff707here is a link to what my file currently looks like19:48
patdk-lapwell, it uses sendmail19:48
patdk-lapdid you install and configure an mta or nullmailer19:48
patdk-laphopefully a nullmailer19:48
patdk-lapsutliff707, so no, you didn't configure it at all19:49
sutliff707I have mailx, mailutils, ssmtp19:49
patdk-lapdid you bother to read line 16 of that file?19:49
sutliff707scroll to the bottom19:50
patdk-lapit says nothing after line 22 will EVER be read19:50
patdk-laplike I said, did you bother to read line 1619:50
patdk-lapI see it on line 22 and on line 15119:50
patdk-lapso that is twice, lines 154+ will NEVER be read19:51
sutliff707Alright, im an idiot so should I delete all of it except what I have at the bottom19:52
patdk-lapor move the bottom stuff to the top19:52
sutliff707so would this work http://pastebin.com/EVUwBBgX19:53
patdk-lapatleast not if you wanted anything besides the first line to be used19:55
sutliff707How would I have to do it then have the DEVICESCAN be the last line?19:55
patdk-lapjust make line 1 come after those others19:56
patdk-lapI don't see what is so hard about that19:56
sutliff707I guess Im just confused because im new to this, sorry if it makes it frustrating. So you are saying this will work http://pastebin.com/E9vYuMYP20:04
ThumpxrHas anyone a clue why my ubuntu box (apache, reverse proxy, mysql, voice server, openVPN) work fine via openVPN as long as i browse on https sites but redirects to my own server ip/website when i try to access a site which doesnt support https ?20:29
ikoniaTheRinger: you've not given us much info, but I suspect it's down to the proxying20:38
guillaume__i'm in a pretty bad situation, i was doing an upgrade to 16.04.1 on my server and it was telling me it had to update the db which failed and i accidentally pressed "ctrl + c" which cut the ssh connection with a weird bug. I'm in another ssh session and i can't do any command because the process is locked because already open on the broken ssh connection doing the update21:56
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sutliffcan anyone help me configure smartd23:00
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