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danialbehzadiExcuse me. Where should I ask my question about building an Ubuntu image for a device?09:14
lotuspsychje!devices | danialbehzadi09:15
ubot5danialbehzadi: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices09:15
lotuspsychjedanialbehzadi: see also the porting wiki in our topic09:15
lotuspsychjedanialbehzadi: and the XDA forums contain alot of info also09:16
danialbehzadilotuspsychje: I'm not looking for images. I am trying to build one and I have problem with the instructions in wiki.09:16
lotuspsychjedanialbehzadi: ask here in chat or the XDA forums09:16
lotuspsychjedanialbehzadi: perhaps someone might know09:17
lotuspsychjedanialbehzadi: specifying wich device model and issue would be usefull09:17
OerHeksYou better check if there is a project already running for your phone.09:17
ganeshi4uI can't sync the ut sources09:30
TenLeftFingersI'm using the Kyle Nitzsche tutorial for running X Apps on Ubuntu devices. So now VLC is downloading to a container :) Can VLC actually run on the phone? Sounds.. impossible.14:36
TenLeftFingersAnswer: yes, it does!14:40
javier4Hi guys. I'm trying to port a new device for which I regenrated the source tree that builds correctly (mostly). Ubuntu make instead fails because it cannot find the rule to generate libvcodecdrv_intermediates/export_includes. In my tree that lib is generated from a binary placed under vendor, and inside my device/$my_producer/$my_device/device.mk there's this statement15:03
javier4$(call inherit-product, vendor/$my_producer/libs/Android.mk)15:03
javier4that make this call15:03
javier4include $(call all-makefiles-under,$(LOCAL_PATH)/$my_project_name)15:03
javier4why make ignore it?15:03
javier4*makeS, *ignoreS. Sorry. Non native speaker here.15:04
javier4_I'm trying to port Ubuntu touch to a new device for which I generated a working source tree. I can build AOSP, but even if I copied the correct device/ subtree, make seems to ignore my device.mk. Am I missing something?16:29
kajoverhi, two questions ;) does ubuntu touch have a mail client with gpg encryption? how do you auto sync pictures, is there some service?17:42
javier4_could it the problem be that my tree is AOSP and not CM?18:01
TheKitwhat Android version newest Ubuntu Touch images for mako are based on?19:53
javier4_I'll try again to ask:20:07
javier4_I get:20:07
javier4_no rules to make target /phablet5/out/target/product/y991/obj_arm/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libvcodecdrv_intermediates/export_includes", necessario per "phablet5/out/target/product/y991/obj_arm/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libmedia_compat_layer_intermediates/import_includes"20:08
XaRzhi, any hints if I can mount an OTG with extfat in ut OTA3-?20:09
javier4_but that rule is present inside phablet5/vendor/$producer/libs/$project/libvcodecdrv/Android.mk20:09
javier4_that's inherited by this line inside device/$producer/$devicename/device.mk20:11
javier4_$(call inherit-product, vendor/$producer/libs/Android.mk)20:11
XaRzI've done a remount to / with rw and installed exfat-fuse and exfat-utils but no luck20:11
javier4_it works building AOSP, but fails building ubuntu.20:11
TheKitjavier4_, y991 is 6795?20:17
javier4_TheKit, yes20:18
TheKitcurious what is the device you're trying to port to20:19
javier4_It's just a sample I need to port to illustrate my project.20:20
TenLeftFingersDosbox is crawling on the E4.5 (Running Doom - and it's still starting up after ten minutes I've just got to the splash screen). I saw it working on a video before - are there any special tweaks needed? popey <- ping!21:12
TenLeftFingersUsing libertine of course21:13
ogra_TenLeftFingers, neither has libertine been designed for the E4.5 nor has it ever been tested officially .. i doubt you will have much fun with it on that hardware (it will most likely make the device hit swap and such stuff, 1G is really not enough)21:48
TenLeftFingersogra_: thanks, but how is this possible then: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOsUJHVaiUY21:58
dobeywell doom in dosbox is also presumably emulating x86. i think popey did that in a chroot in terminal app though, not with libertine22:06
TenLeftFingersIt was quite some time back actually, so that sounds right.22:06
dobeywould probably be a bit smoother to play using one of the source ports, built for armhf, with sdl on mir22:07
TenLeftFingersThat's a bit out of my depth. I guess I can wait until it comes out in the software store.22:10
TenLeftFingersSo, now that I've got Libertine running on the E4.5.. any recommendations for X Apps ? :)22:15
TenLeftFingersOr is the 1GB Ram just a lost cause22:15
bregmaTenLeftFingers, sgt-puzzles are small and remarkably fun casual games22:16
bregmagnome-mahjongg also works acceprably well22:17
bregmaI ad 1GB on my development machine for years, it wasn't a problem, but running an x86 emulator on a pokey ARM CPU is going to kill performance (so running on DOSbox will give you heartbreak)22:19
bregmait's generally not a memory bound problem, it's a problem emultaing CPU architectures22:19
TenLeftFingersThanks. I'll probably get away with Gorilla on DosBox but not much else :) I'm trying Frozen Bubble now.22:23
TenLeftFingersCrashed :) Bed time, thanks guys.22:30
mcphailpopey's Doom demo uses SDL2 & dosbox on Mir directly, without any libertine stuff22:34
mcphailand the e4.5 is powerful enough for some useful x86 dosbox emulation22:36
mcphailGetting touch control is another issue entirely22:37

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