brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:04
christelgood morning brobostigon :)09:04
christelare you well?09:04
brobostigongood morning christel :), i could be better, my partner has been in hospital ill for the last month, and you?09:05
christelauchies, i am sorry to hear she is still not well enough to come out, must be stressful for you both -- especially as you no doubt want to share the joys of pregnancy together09:10
christeli am not too shabby, tired but well :)09:10
brobostigonyes, its very worrying.09:11
christeli can imagine! is she holding up ok?09:13
brobostigonit probably will be a while untill her bipolar settles down and she is well enough to come out, last time she was unwell she was in for about 5 months. when i spoke to her doctors earlier this week, she was bouncing up and down like a yoyo.09:14
* christel nods09:16
christeli guess it is difficult for them to get the medication right while she is also having all the hormonal effects of pregnancy messing all the chemical stuff up09:16
brobostigonhopefully once her hormones settle down, that will help, then just a task of getitng her bipolar striaghtend out.09:16
brobostigonyes, and there are certain medications they cant use while she is pregnant.09:17
SuperEngineerRecipe: 1/ stuff a couple of onions and garlic up a [dead] chicken's jacksie.10:28
SuperEngineer"/ Sprinkle with salt, ground pepper.  Smother with home grown thyme.10:28
SuperEngineerMethod: cook the darn thing before eating!10:29
SuperEngineer[you know... much like a development life cycle]10:30
zmoylan-pirecipie 0:take a dead chicken and apply fire...10:40
SuperEngineerhmmm - rather like an phone app developer's method, isn't it?10:45
zmoylan-pii thought that was more 1) bang rocks together and make fire.... :-)10:47
zmoylan-pior would that better describe assembly programming...10:50
SuperEngineerzmoylan-pi: that made I laugh!!!10:52
zmoylan-piit was a joke in my old place that some languages were so elementary that to get anything done in them you had to build from the ground up, start building basic functions, put together a few libraries.  could take ages.  so it became. bang rocks together and make fire.10:55
zmoylan-pithe current popular term is yak shaving i suppose10:56
DJonesHmmh, is it a bad sign when you get up after a night out and your wife says "where did I take my clothes off last night"12:38
MartijnVdSdepends on the answer to that question I think12:40
DJonesThankfully it was at home and she wasn't drunk, just couldn't remember12:41
DJonesCould have been embarasing if she'd done it earlier since her Dad was bring us home12:42
zmoylan-piit's a good night if you need to start fishing them off the ceiling fan... :-P12:56
daftykinsDJones: sounds like you had a youthful re-enactment ;)13:44
daftykinsoof poor French gymnast chap with the broken leg on landing15:35
diddledandon't try that at home15:36
daftykinsi couldn't, the horse won't stand still15:37
diddledangood news everyone! I've signed you all up to the Donald Trump mailing list.17:12
diddledanno, wait, I mean my RAMs are coming back tomorrow!17:13
* diddledan misses working on "teh beast"17:13
diddledanhow many people do call their desktop a variant of "beast" I wonder17:13
Nokajiubuntu offered me an upgrade (finally) to v16.04 (was 14.04) - all seems well and functioning smoothly except Nautilus; when I open a Nautilus window w/ a tab or more, the window auto closes, typically within minutes. Actually, seems it is called "Files 3.14.3" i this version, maybe that is a clue.17:16
diddledandaftykins: first thing I'm gonna do when I get the ram replacement is to run a proper memtest rather than just hoping17:24
diddledanerr caps21:14
diddledanjust spend an hour or so messing with hardware, getting my finger all cut to shreds, and I power-up the machine to find I used the wrong mobo - doesn't support ECC for my memory where the other board does. I don't know if I can be bothered yanking it all out again now21:15
diddledanin fact the sun was still visible when I started so it's been several hours21:16
zmoylan-piand you can't blame anyone but yourself...21:17
diddledanI could blame God21:17
diddledanhe should have warned me21:17
zmoylan-pimight as well blame santa and the tooth fairy...21:17
diddledanI feel this relationship with $deity is a tag unfairly one-sided21:18
zmoylan-pithat's why you deal with thor... it's hit by lightning or it isn't...21:18
diddledanI like thor21:18
zmoylan-pisimple binary god21:19
diddledanchris hemsworth is good looking even to a straight man21:19
diddledanwonder when the next season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on21:22
diddledanseptember 20 in the US. day-after for us?21:24
daftykinsdiddledan: answer: a horrifying number for 'best' variants :P also yep can't concur more on a full memtest pass (or 2) before considering it good22:18

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