cmaloneyHow's the day?13:45
Scary_Guycould use more sleep, that's not happening13:45
Scary_Guyother than that okay13:45
cmaloneyGood to hear13:45
cmaloneyre: the OK part, not the unrequited sleep part13:45
Scary_Guyheh, figured13:46
Scary_Guyalso, finished Stranger Things on Netflix.  it was pretty much the Goonies miniseries I always wanted, minus a few other charachters13:47
cmaloneyI haven't seen that yet but have yet to hear anyone say horrible things about it.13:47
Scary_Guysoundtrack was awesome too13:48
cmaloneyCool. Will have to check it out. :)13:50
cmaloneyBTW: There's the monthly meeting tonight if anyone is interested.13:51
cmaloneyI don't think there's anything on the schedule per-se, but if anyone has something they'd like to bring up please feel free.13:51
jrwrenwait... Scary_Guy soundtrack was awesome?!?!13:55
Scary_Guyyup, anything that wasn't early 80's was something that you would probably hear on r/outrun13:56
jrwrenr/outrun, that one is new to me.13:58
* jrwren looks13:58
jrwrencmaloney: you are my ting expert. GSM or CDMA?15:07
jrwrenwe've been in ATT for many years, so I'm thinking i'll pick GSM and guess I'll get the same coverage.15:07
jrwrenordered GSM ting sims. should be good for saving ~$40/mo15:20
cmaloneyCDMA is Sprint, and I think you're more likely to travel outside of the USA17:12
cmaloneythe GSM is T-Mobile (That's an open secret)17:12
jrwrencmaloney: thanks!17:50
cscheibone thing I don't like about MVNOs is they don't get some of the cooler features, like LTE calling21:11
jrwrenwhat is MVNOs?21:15
cscheibmobile virtual network operators22:02
cscheibthey didn't do LTE or wifi calling last I knew, which is important for me, where I get no reception regardless of carrier22:02
jrwrenoh damn.22:10
jrwrenwhere do you get no reception?22:10
cscheibGrosse Pointe22:15
cscheibthere are no towers along the water... generally pick up Canadian towers22:16
jrwrenoh, damn22:18
jrwreni didn't realize you were so close to the water.22:18
jrwrenor that GP lacked signal.22:18
cscheibabout half mile22:18
cscheibGP residents won't let them build towers22:18
jrwrenI'd have thought all them GP allowance mom's would be phone junkies and complain about lack of service22:18
cscheibwhich usually isn't a problem22:18
cscheibneighboring town towers would usually pick up the slack... but the neighboring town is the lake, and Canada22:19
jrwrenwell, detroit22:20
jrwrenthe shores.22:20
cscheibwhich is where the signal I *do* get comes from22:21
jrwrencolor me surprised.22:21
cscheibyou doing devopsdays?22:22
jrwreni was going to... I need to follow up.22:35
cmaloneyI think Ting will allow you to do wifi calling22:53
cmaloneyI just turned it on for my phone22:55
jrwrenthanks cmaloney23:48
jrwrenthat will be useful23:48

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