magespawngood morning06:14
SquirmHey magespawn07:16
magespawnhowdy Squirm 08:21
magespawnmornign Kilos 08:21
magespawnmorning too08:21
Kiloshi magespawn 08:21
paddatrapperMorning magespawn, Kilos, Squirm, everyone 09:22
Kiloshi paddatrapper 09:22
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
d`_`bjerit: the sky, then space, after that it is all relative.11:32
d`_`bwith u?11:34
jeritall's good I guess11:36
jeritcurrently agonizing about whether or not to develop my eCommerce site as a web service to client app or just a website that accesses the data directly11:37
* theblazehen runs a tcpdump on my Android phone11:39
* theblazehen wonders if it's easier to port sailfish os or Ubuntu touch 11:40
jerittheblazehen: got any ideas about how I can improve the performance of my phone? Its a vodafone smart 4 mini but I can barely use the damn thing because its so slow11:43
jeritrunning android jellybean I believe11:43
theblazehenjerit: original os11:43
theblazehenSamsung is way too aggressive with zram11:43
jeritnot factory original but officially updated11:43
theblazehenTry an aosp rom or cyanogenmod 11:43
theblazehenI swear my note 2 on cm performs better than my note 4 on Samsung's rom11:44
theblazehenI mean.. I can barely run gentoo in a chroot.. and yet on my note 2 I could even do a make -j8 without issues11:45
jeritI have no clue how to do any of this stuff and I'm terrified to try in case I brick the phone. Can't get a new one11:45
theblazehenAt bootup due to the zram stuff I now have like 400 MB ram free 11:45
theblazehenIt's *really* hard to brick a phone 11:45
theblazehenHell, I even recovered from a wiped PIT before (basically the MBR)11:46
theblazehenUnless you boot to the bootloader, tell Heimdall to allow you to write to the important stuff, boot back into the os or recovery, get a root shell and wipe out everything, you'll be fine 11:47
theblazehenAnd for like R100 you can even recover from that 11:47
theblazehenI mean.. I've got an octacore processor, and 3 GB RAM, yet my old dual core phone with 2GB ram was faster..11:50
Sicelotheblazehen: i would think sailfish should be easier11:55
Sicelofor porting, that is11:56
jeriton my income currently, R100 is a lot11:56
theblazehenSicelo: sure hope so. And sailfish is better too. Based on mer 11:56
theblazehenAlthough ubuntu is also on mer for some stuff, but they use Mir for display instead of Wayland 11:57
Sicelowhich has its roots in maemo ;)11:57
theblazehenSicelo: why I really want it :) also, neo900.org11:57
theblazehenjerit: do you have an old computer?11:57
theblazehenWith a serial cable?11:57
jeritgave away all the old stuff11:58
theblazehenHmm. Does your new one have headers for it?11:58
jeritheaders for what?11:58
theblazehenWell, either way. You're not bricking it by accident. You have to try _really_ hard..11:58
theblazehenSerial connection 11:58
theblazehenI mean, at no point during the process of putting a custom ROM on do you get a chance to destroy things11:59
theblazehenAnd unless you actually try and read up on how it works and how to brick it, you're not gonna be doing that11:59
theblazehenOnly phone I maybe bricked is when I was trying to get GNU/Linux (and not in a chroot) running on old phone with broken display 12:00
theblazehenAnd was trying to use uboot for bootloader instead of Samsung one 12:00
theblazehenBecause it could do usb gadget serial instead of TTL serial 12:01
magespawnyou can get a serial to usb converter12:02
theblazehenmagespawn: I know12:02
theblazehenBut then I'd need to get one 12:02
theblazehenAnd wire it up12:02
theblazehenHell, I have a physical serial port12:03
Siceloif you have old nokia pop port cable ... it's a proper usb to serial ... free12:03
theblazehenI just need to attach it to the phones micro usb12:03
theblazehenSicelo: 5v or 3.3v?12:03
Sicelo5, iirc12:04
theblazehenYeah. Bad idea then. 12:04
theblazehenPhones serial normally 3.3V12:04
Siceloit's got that pl2032 chip.. or such name12:04
theblazehenBut iirc you can step the voltage down12:04
theblazehenYou got some resistors?12:04
theblazehenBut yeah. It took like hours of looking for shit before I got to a point where it would let me have the kind of access that would need a serial port to fix12:06
Sicelotheblazehen: you use android kernel or standard kernel on the phones?12:19
theblazehenSicelo: Well, I use the cm kernel12:20
theblazehenBut people say "No you can't run normal linux kernel on android phones" and I didn't need wifi, display etc working, so I was like "Watch me.. Challenge accepted"12:21
theblazehenI'm always like that...12:21
theblazehenlxd image not quite right?12:21
theblazehenGuess I better configure jenkins to build them, another container to run as a simplestreams server, and have it integrate into my gitlab12:22
theblazehenDocker image not right? Guess I'm installing gitlab, setting up the CI thing, have it build docker images and push to an internal registry12:22
theblazehenOn my sever network I've got 27 dhcp leases configured12:22
theblazehenot joking12:23
Sicelofew people understand embedded, lol, and therefore reach crazy conclusions12:23
Siceloyou're in it for fun, or?12:24
theblazehenSicelo: Yeah12:27
jeritwaar's oom Kilos?12:31
magespawnfrom where i am sitting very few people understand anything about technology12:31
Kiloshi jerit 12:31
Kiloshows things12:31
jeritdoing okay, you?12:33
jeritmy mom just showed me pics of 6 week old puppies who were rescued but they have demodectic mange... How do you neglect a 6 week puppy enough that it gets mange :(12:34
Kilosok ty, im busy trying to revive locos in bangladesh india and pakistan and help sheep give birth to twin lambs and feed them so i get quiet here at times12:34
Kilosivomec injection under skin cures mange in weeks12:35
Kilos1 injection only12:35
magespawnjust by ignoring them?12:35
magespawnthere are also shampoos etc that can cure that12:36
magespawnmy son got in once12:37
Kilosshampoos cost lots and rarely cure it poperly12:37
Kilosyour son12:37
Kilosfrom playing with dogs12:37
magespawnyes my son, not sure he came home form school with it12:38
magespawnmight have been from the farm animals that he was around12:40
Kiloson peeps id use shampoos yes but vets are very costly and ivomec does the job better and cheaper than shampoos12:41
Kilosyay choqok has been updated12:46
magespawnfor people there is a spray in a can tha works well12:48
magespawnforget what it is called though12:48
magespawnchat later all13:12
d`_`bjerit: depends what your datasource is going to be. What you going to sell?13:27
jeritd`_`b: I'm a tarsus distributor so will be selling anything that they distribute13:27
jeritconsumables, computers, components, printers and such13:28
jeritAlso I'm a distributor for a number of other places so might want to make some distinction there13:29
jerithi ra1v3n 14:01
jeritwow that only took 20 minutes14:01
jeritugh I hate when Tor randomly closes and then I have to restart it :/14:05
jeritproblem is I now know how to search the deep web and get around but I have nothing to search for14:07
ra1v3nThe deep web is actually rather boring14:08
jeritconfusing as well14:08
jeritI was searching ahmia for free vpn and clicked on a link that said "[Hide.me] Free VPN"14:09
jeritthought hey this is just what I'm looking for. Click14:09
jeritAll over the screen "boy love messaging forums" O_o14:09
ra1v3nwhy did you click that!14:10
jeritit said free vpn14:10
ra1v3nNOTHING on the net is FREE14:10
jeritsure it is, free blog @ wordpress.com14:11
jeritfacebook is free, twitter, instagram, snapchat14:11
ra1v3nas a rule I dont click on links with that word14:11
jerityoutube is free and even pays people14:11
ra1v3nlol ..... yes but there you are the product14:11
ra1v3nagain NOT free14:11
jeritanyways you been enjoying your weekend?14:17
ra1v3nnot really14:17
jeritspent it working or with family then? :P14:18
theblazehenjerit: You mean tor browser?14:20
ra1v3nI need a vacation14:20
theblazehenI pass around 100 TB or so I think through tor, no issues with it ever crashing14:20
jeritthe hell is a vacation? This word is foreign to me lol14:21
theblazehenper month that is14:21
jeritI'm just getting started with it. Still learning the ins and outs of the deep web14:22
theblazehenHmm, remembered wrong. And cut it in half, as I was counting data transfer, not tor transfer 14:22
jeritwas hoping I'd find more programming/hacking info like tutorials, courses, etc but to be honest I've not been looking that hard and I have little inclination to dedicate the time14:22
theblazehenSo 25 TB / month14:22
theblazehenjerit: You want some interesting things in that space?14:23
theblazehenLook at i2c for some cool concepts14:23
jeritsure, send in query14:23
inetprogoeie more16:36
inetprooh and hi Kilos as well16:36
Kilosgoofness gracious me16:37
Kiloshello inetpro where were you16:37
Kilosgoodness as well16:37
Kiloswhat why16:37
* inetpro was here 16:37
Kilosyou were gone for days16:38
* inetpro was here but was not here16:38
inetprosorry oom16:38
Kiloswhere was the not here you16:38
Kiloseverything ok inetpro 16:39
inetproall good thank you16:39
inetproen daar?16:39
inetprowhat di I miss?16:39
Kilosook goet dankie16:39
Kilosnot much i think16:39
Kilosoh yes16:39
* inetpro not going to scroll16:40
Kilospaddatrapper did this https://code.launchpad.net/~krobbertze/ibidnext/+git/ibidnext16:40
Kilosand https://launchpad.net/ibidnext16:41
inetprosounds interesting... will check when I have time16:41
paddatrapperKilos: The first link no longer is cirrect, https://launchpad.net/ibidnext is the correct one16:41
inetproanything that changed paddatrapper?16:42
Kilosnow we hoping to pull in fly and weed so its just the old ibid upgrade once rewritten16:42
Kilostell him everything paddatrapper 16:42
Kilosohi superfly wb16:42
paddatrapperinetpro: Well it now runs on distros released this decade16:43
Kilosand it uses ddg inetpro 16:43
inetprooh my16:44
Kilosi ran one here on lappy16:44
paddatrapperThe aim is to move to python 3 and fix the niggles like searching (ddg), changeable gender pronouns, etc16:44
Kilosbut it still has to be done in venv thing16:44
paddatrapperNo deb package yet16:45
Kilosyes she must be a she with panties not jockeys16:45
Kilosinetpro 16:45
inetproKilos: are we getting warmer weather again?16:45
Kilosif you get involved your karma will rise16:46
Kilosyes very slowly16:46
Kiloswas ice here again in the morning16:46
paddatrappersuperfly suggested naming it itrum (again, or refresh) which seems pretty spot on16:47
paddatrapperI should type slower...16:47
Kilosoh then it will meaning getting it accepted as an ubuntu package again wont it superfly 16:48
paddatrapperinetpro: English, just not often used16:48
superflyyes, but that's easy enough, and I'm sure we can pursuade tumbleweed ;-)16:48
superflypaddatrapper: no, inetpro is correct, it is latin16:49
Kilosoh i wont be here in the morning or as long as it takes for second round of pension application16:51
inetprosuperfly, paddatrapper: you want to call it Ibid Iterum or just Iterum?16:52
superflywas thinking just "iterum" but I'm not entirely sure right now. Just been looking at domain names and both .com and .org are taken16:53
paddatrapperI quite like just Iterum, but the domain names are a pain...16:54
inetprovery difficult to come up with something unique these days16:54
superflywow, one could potentially have "https://i.bid/16:54
superfly.um is not a domain anymore, sadly16:55
paddatrapperThere is really a TLD for anything16:55
paddatrapperExcept for what we need16:55
paddatrapperiterum.io and iterum.co.za are both available16:56
superflyugh, .io is expensive16:56
superflyeven with my discount16:56
Kilosyou looking for a host just for a bot?16:57
Kilosweather liars say 7 and 26 inetpro 16:58
superflyKilos: of course16:59
paddatrapperKilos: for documentation, download, etc16:59
superflyi can get iterum.tech for $2 per year17:05
superflyor .online17:06
superflya .io is $3317:06
superflythere's iterum.chat for $2417:09
superflylet's move this discussion to #iterum17:10
magespawngood evening17:18
Kiloshi magespawn 17:22
Kilosgo to #iterum17:22
magespawnokay am there17:24
jeritgave my dog some scraps off my plate and he bit me when he snatched at the meat... I was so shocked from the pain I slapped him across the face :(17:41
jeritand now as a result, I hate myself17:41
jeritnot even my best feel good songs are helping me to feel better now :(17:57
Kiloswhat happened jerit 18:01
paddatrapperjerit: Your dog will be fine, don't beat yourself up about it18:01
jeritI know he'll be fine. I couldn't possibly have hurt him anywhere near as much as he hurt me... But he doesn't understand why he got hurt in the first place18:03
jeritand that sort of thing is what breaks trust18:03
Kilosteach him to take food gently18:03
Kilosturn the food in your hand away from him and keep saying softly softly18:04
Kilosthen slowly turn hand bit by bit18:04
Kilosand dont try it when he is starving either18:04
Kilosour animals behaviour depends on how we train them18:05
Kilosthey learn from the tone in your voice18:06
Kilosstern voice means dont push your luck18:06
jeritKilos I've been trying to teach him to take gently but the bitch my uncle married (they're divorced now) thought it was fun to tease the dogs so from a young age he's been convinced that he's not going to get the food unless he snaps18:07
jeritI never liked that woman18:08
Kiloshard to train out bad habits18:08
Kilosmaybe try with something he eats but not to keen on first18:09
Kiloseven dog pellets18:09
jeritI want to train the dogs to take and to eat properly because they scoff themselves when we give them the tinned dog meat18:11
jeritbut I can't do that with all of them around yet. I have to separate them... First I need the treats to give them that'll keep their attention18:12
Kilosgood luck18:12
Kiloskeep many plasers handy18:13
Kilosand 10 volume peroxide18:13
Kilosalways wash dog bies wih i18:13
superflyjerit: in the wild there is no such thing as positive. Animals either have neutral or negative18:28
pavlushkaahoy ZA!18:30
magespawnjerit patience and time18:31
magespawnhi pavlushka 18:32
jeritsuperfly maybe so but domestic dogs are not wild animals18:32
Kilosjust reward every good move with hugs and pats and many good boys18:33
Kilosnight all. sleep tight. see you tomorrow avy18:50
jeritnn Kilos18:50
ra1v3ngnyt all19:18
magespawngood night all20:04

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