OvenWerkszequence: does pulse see any other (even unused) audio interface?00:26
FManyay, I've had my download mirrors online for almost 3 months and I can keep them up until at least the end of this month07:04
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autumnasakrecoer: do you have the white icons you used next to the feature-tour category titles somewhere as images?12:33
zequenceOvenWerks: It's the bridge causing it14:01
zequenceI enable pulse manually on my studio machine, but need to shut it down each time I do a mixdown.14:01
OvenWerkszequence: I have generally found that problem disapears if jack is the only AI pulse can see. If you open pavucontrol and go to the Configuration Tab. If it shows any audio cards... they should be set to "Off" even if they are not being used and that should (it does here) fix that problem.15:47
sakrecoerautumna: :O the home page :') <318:46
autumnahi zequence hhehehe18:46
autumnaleftover from earlier, I need to remember to hit the enter button18:46
autumnahi sakrecoer18:46
autumnabtw ignore the state of the discover page18:46
autumnasevere bug18:46
* autumna is fixing the said bug18:46
sakrecoerok, krytarik made some good workin on it last night (discover page)18:47
sakrecoeroh. but.... <3 <3 <3 <318:47
* sakrecoer sheds 7 tears of joy, halts the 8th to save it for final state :D18:47
autumnahe did, but I am wondering if the unicode character he added is causing this bug18:48
autumna*might not be18:48
autumnaalso fixed all the fonts18:48
autumnawell will have to refix the fonts on discover page but eh18:48
autumnasakrecoer: do you have the white icons?18:49
autumnathe one you used on your mockup?18:49
autumnaI don't have them on the website18:49
sakrecoeri'm looking for them :)18:49
autumnaerr website zip you gave to me18:49
autumnathanks ,318:49
sakrecoeri think they are in the tar ball, except in color...18:49
sakrecoeryes, they should be there... but i'm not sure, let me look...18:50
autumnaI couldn't see them18:54
autumnaif you do find them let me know of the filename?18:54
autumnaok it is official, the upward arrow character is breaking the WP in spectacular ways18:56
autumna...and now it doesn't18:58
autumnawhat on earth?18:58
sakrecoerits not in the zip (--.) brb19:00
sakrecoerautumna: krytarik is a king of text formatting, maybe you should focus on the images, and he can format the text?... its just a suggestion of course...19:01
autumnaits not an issue of text barfing19:02
sakrecoerok, i don't want to cut you in your flow of course :)19:02
autumnasomehow the text seeps into the css the live composer UI is using, and breaking everything19:02
autumnaI've been at fixing this for past *checks clock* 3 hours19:02
sakrecoeryou can do it autumna ! *power-transmissionÃ*19:07
sakrecoeri mentally try to run ./relax.sh in my wet-ware mainframes when it happens to me19:07
autumnakryten, sakrecoer: for context and hilarity http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/live-composer-bug.png19:07
autumnacheck the text under border-width19:08
sakrecoer(krytarik teached me to, actualy)19:08
sakrecoerautumna: here are the icons: http://sakrecoer.com/ubuntustudio/icons_white_svg.tar.gz19:08
autumnasakrecoer, kryten: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/feature-test/20:15
autumnakryten you are more than welcome to try to plug the arrows back in there. I don't think I have courage left to try20:15
autumnaok icons also on front page20:20
sakrecoer\(^^,)/ *discomusic gets louder*20:21
sakrecoerautumna: still missing the icon in audio20:22
autumnaok I am off, but feel free to move things around, especially on the "main" card, which is not currently amazing with readability and organization of things, especially on front page20:22
sakrecoerah.. only on the discover page :)20:23
sakrecoerthe front page has all icons..20:23
sakrecoeras you wrote :D20:24
sakrecoersorry... 20:24
sakrecoerenjoy your evening autumna!20:24
sakrecoerand thank you!20:25
autumnanp, thank you and kryten / krytarik for all your work as well! 20:26
autumna(btw, sakrecoer fixed the icon)20:27
sakrecoergeirdal \o/22:41
sakrecoerwelcome back!22:41
sakrecoergeirdal: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/feature-test/22:42
sakrecoer^ it is what i was wondering if you were seeing, geirdal 22:43
sakrecoerwe are getting there :)22:43
geirdalyes ;)22:43
sakrecoertoo bad i have to log off for today now... :/ but i'm happy to read you! :)22:43
sakrecoerhope to see you arround soon! take care until then! <322:44
geirdalLike to see Krita there22:44
sakrecoerg'night y'all!22:44
geirdalI meen it is good to see Krita there22:46

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