bluesabreUnit193: so, I'm thinking we do one more "shimmer-themes" package where it just becomes a metapackage and drop all the source packages, so there is a graceful transition, and then add greybird-gtk-theme and numix-gtk-theme to the task/packageset and the others to supported02:37
bluesabreseem fairly reasonable?02:37
Unit193Don't all the packages already exist and are already installed?03:19
bluesabreright, but in the case of a rebuild, wouldn't the existing shimmer-themes fail?03:24
bluesabreto upload03:24
bluesabreor would the shimmer-themes package simply not be needed anymore, even for upgrades?03:25
bluesabrebed time, back tomorrow03:25
Unit193See shimmer-themes (2.1.3) yakkety; urgency=medium06:01
bluesabreUnit193: wow, I'm just completely out of the loop these days :D11:08
bluesabreUnit193: simplest way to make sure we can still upload (since supported seed is buggy) https://paste.ubuntu.com/22566098/11:46
bluesabreI suppose adding shimmer-themes into supported would be wise as well11:48
flocculantknome: votes all done now - nothing to stop us changing contr docs :)12:09
flocculanthi bluesabre :)12:10
bluesabrehey flocculant 12:29
bluesabrehow are you today?12:29
flocculantpretty good thanks - had a chilled weekend - you>]12:31
flocculanteven 12:31
flocculantbluesabre: nothing to stop nominations for council now - not sure how long to let that go on - perhaps a fortnight12:32
bluesabrepretty good, I've been productive lately for a change12:32
bluesabrecurrently packaging the new exo for ochosi12:32
flocculantI saw the xfce mail for that12:33
bluesabregtk3 support for exo, required for porting xfce4-settings and probably others12:33
flocculantnot long now till the freezes start happening12:36
bluesabregetting myself into gear12:37
flocculantI'm pedalling backwards so I'm at a complete stop mid October :D12:38
bluesabre11 days in fact for feature freeze :D12:38
flocculantyea - was just looking12:38
bluesabrebuilding exo packages takes way too long just to find out I messed up somewhere12:43
bluesabregot a package that seems to work, sent to ochosi for testing (and hopefully not breaking his system)13:25
ochosibluesabre: seems i can compile it14:32
ochosiand the dialogs you ported seem to work14:36
ochosimanager and display was still missing, correct?14:36
ochosinice work14:37
knomeflocculant, ack16:30
knomeflocculant, were there some typo fixes we needed that are not in the branch?16:31
knomepleia2: i've been starting to think that we could create different projects for different website branches16:38
knomepleia2, there isn't so much overlap as with docs16:39
knomeflocculant, branch merged, if there were any typos, we can merge them without voting16:39
pleia2knome: it would allow us more grandual control over who has access, fine by me17:20
flocculantknome: hadn't looked to be honest18:42
flocculantthanks for merging - when will it actually get updated though?18:43
flocculantI assume you meant other bits of contributor and not that specific change :)18:54
knomei'll update web today19:22
knomeflocculant, should be updated19:30
bluesabreochosi: I believe manager is mostly ported, and display is not started19:59
bluesabreochosi: I'll try to get it moved to git.xfce today19:59
flocculantknome: thanks :)20:05
ochosibluesabre: you mean manager is ported and pushed?20:14
ochosiwhen i tried it, it looked suspiciously gtk2 :)20:14
bluesabreochosi: https://github.com/bluesabre/xfce4-settings-gtk3/commit/9fff5000548ed99a4bf65f9862e50bd201552c0f20:36
ochosihm, maybe i was on the wrong branch the20:37
ochosior greybird just looks too consistent...20:37
ochosihm, no, definitely gtk2 here20:38
ochosii didn't install it though, just launched it directly20:38
ochosithat worked with all the other dialogs20:38
ochosimaybe the settings manager is different20:38
ochosibluesabre: anyway, lemme know what i'm doing wrong here20:42
ochosioh weird20:42
ochosisomehow my local branch is still behind your master :/20:42
bluesabreochosi: there's a bug that helps make it obvious, the gtk3 version can't be resized down below the current number of columns20:43
ochosiok yuck, now i have the gtk3 version :)20:44
ochosithe theming is also a bit broken20:45
bluesabrevery possibly a bug in new exo, but got too busy to further investigate back then20:45
bluesabreand yeah20:45
ochosibut i guess i could fix that one20:45
ochosioh yuck20:48
ochosiyou can do that a lot easier i think20:48
bluesabremaybe in a way that works too20:49
ochosion it20:51
ochosialmost there...20:54
ochosimaybe you can enlighten me: http://i.imgur.com/8cfaqpp.png20:56
ochosibluesabre: ^20:56
ochosisomehow what i'm doing is affecting the whole dialog20:57
ochosinot just the part i'm interested in20:57
ochosioh haha20:57
ochosiforget it..20:57
ochosithere you go: http://i.imgur.com/EmX5Vnm.png20:58
ochosithe resizing problem is for you :)20:58
ochosiguess this one also needs a fix: http://i.imgur.com/WQrobxg.png20:59
knomehey ochosi 21:01
ochosiheya knome 21:02
knomewatched the olympics a lot so far?21:02
ochosinot at all21:03
bluesabreochosi: neat21:05
ochosibluesabre: so where do you want me to put the patch?21:05
ochosior are you pushing to git.xfce anyway, then i'll just push it there21:05
bluesabreochosi: hold on to it, it will force me to push it sooner21:07
ochosipush it!21:09
bluesabreUnit193: going to upload my new exo package to the gtk3 ppa... I'm ready and willing to work on the 4ui package that you got together and we can decide a direction for it and the glade issue21:30
Unit193bluesabre: OK.22:43
bluesabreohai Unit193 22:44
bluesabreyou have a few pings :)22:45
bluesabreall from me bugging you22:45
Unit193I got one.22:52
bluesabreUnit193: opinion on https://paste.ubuntu.com/22566098/ (+shimmer-themes in supported)22:56
bluesabreUnit193: and libxfce4ui22:56
Unit193Ooooh right I was supposed to click that link.  And yes, sounds good.22:56
Unit193Though you could just downright properly wrap it.22:57
bluesabreopen to suggestions :)22:57
Unit193bluesabre: You good now? :323:28

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