ovrflw0xhdmi output is not listed in sound settings! what to do? everything works fine on ubuntu00:01
ovrflw0xbut no on xubuntu00:01
ovrflw0xwhat extra package do i need to install?00:01
ovrflw0xanyone alive?00:14
xubuntu29wsorry.... dont hate me..... first time installing/using linux03:20
xubuntu29wtrying to boot xubuntu from USB drive, powerbook g403:20
xubuntu29wholding down alt, and only get the mac hard drive as an option, not recognizing usb stick03:20
xubuntu29wI created the stick with "Mac linux USB loader" /HELP03:21
Wayward_VagabondGo into your bios options and make sure usb is a boot option, and before hard disk03:22
xubuntu29wI'm using a MAC... how do I go into bios options?03:24
xubuntu11iI am installing XUbuntu 16:04 ... I want to get KXStudio installed too ... I've copied and burnt the DVD and run it Live ... what do I do to load the disk?10:08
xubuntu11iI mean all the programs on the disk?10:08
pleia2might try asking in #kxstudio10:09
pleia2I've never heard of it10:09
SlippersGot cut off ...10:11
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pjotterHi. I recently upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04. I noticed that while typing in mousepad, there appear two grey bands in mousepad that sometimes cover the typed in text. Is this a new feature or actually a bug?23:59

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