ahoneybun!info snapcraft01:51
ubottusnapcraft (source: snapcraft): easily craft snaps. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.13.2+16.10 (yakkety), package size 73 kB, installed size 440 kB01:51
ahoneybun!info snapcraft xenial01:51
ubottusnapcraft (source: snapcraft): easily craft snaps. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.13.1 (xenial), package size 73 kB, installed size 440 kB01:51
ahoneybunso far yakkety has been good03:27
tsimonq2another long day04:05
tsimonq2off to bed04:05
Mirvtsimonq2 / others: it looks like lxqt-config is blocking the Qt & KDE migration now since it depends on libkf5screen6 instead of libkf5screen7. I guess that could be resolved with a rebuild.06:29
Mirvplease remind me to not promise to do combined Qt & KDE transitions at the same time in the future :D06:37
MirvI'm worried about the KDE language packs and other stuff listed at the end of http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt but I can't figure out anything06:44
Mirvanyone up who could comment on muon / plasma-discover?07:39
Mirvmuon-notifier and muon-updater transitional packages seem to depend on missing plasma-discover-updater package no longer available in the 5.7.3?07:40
Mirvthey all come from src:plasma-discover but something seems broken07:40
Mirvright so Kubuntu seeds need to remove dependency on plasma-discover-updater which no longer exists07:51
MirvI've uploaded new plasma-discover and trying to upload new kubuntu-meta08:02
lordievaderGood morning.08:39
acheronukMirv: is new plasma wanting to remove installed kde language packs? if so, then that's a known issue and needs the packs updating with an applications update I think? same issue with our staging ppa if not used with the updated language packs in the staging-kdeapplications ppa08:46
Mirvacheronuk: I have no idea, but I can install language packs too on my yakkety-proposed08:57
Mirvacheronuk: so that's why I'm wondering why update_output.txt does list language packs there08:58
Mirvand I have kubuntu-full installed08:58
Mirvacheronuk: do you know which plasma package would be resposible of requiring / hinting at something like that?08:59
acheronukMirv: odd. not the issue I thinking off then08:59
sheytanacheronuk: you asked yesterday about my kubuntu version when i asked about the plasma update. Yes, it is Xenial :)09:01
acheronukMirv: plasma-desktop data breaks << 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu3~ perhaps while the archive is 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu2 ?09:08
acheronukoh, requires it? not sure09:10
acheronuksheytan: backports are being worked on, but plasma 5.7 requiring Qt 5.6 while Xenial has non kubuntu stuff in it's archives which was built against Qt 5.5 and may break with Qt 5.6, means it needs care and testing09:15
acheronukcan't just put new Qt and plasma in a backports ppa and say "here you go, new stuff, but it may break things not KDE"09:16
sheytanacheronuk: I get it :)09:20
Mirvacheronuk: oh, ok.. so should I copy kde-l10n-* everything from somewhere?09:22
Mirvacheronuk: so right, actually I couldn't install those langpacks on kde, I just tried selecting them but it gives an error :(09:23
Mirvso now those are blockers too09:23
Mirvacheronuk: is there a PPA I can copy all required new packages from, and does it include every last one of them needed?09:24
MirvI wish this would have been noticed earlier09:25
Mirvclivejo: acheronuk: can those 4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa1 versioned packages be used for 16.10 archives or what can be done to unblock the situation?09:28
Mirv(I see those at staging-kdeapplications)09:28
Mirvor could I, as a workaround to get things going, lessen the plasma-desktop-data conflicts actually?09:29
MirvI mean, is it a "nice to have" ie force up-to-date translation, or does it break something if yakkety stays with old kde-l10n packages for a few days until they are ready somewhere?09:31
Mirvif I'd eg remove only Breaks: but not Replaces:09:33
acheronukMirv: my guess would be it could survive with a lessened depends for a short while, but yofel clivejo etc are the ones to say for sure09:34
Mirvlike this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/22676059/ <- yofel clivejo 09:35
Mirvacheronuk: ok09:35
Mirvacheronuk: any idea why kde-spectacle would show up on potential problem list? that I've installed on my yakkety-proposed and I can't see any problem again09:36
MirvI'm prebuilding the updated plasma-desktop in a PPA and copying it later. Leaving the Replaces: in sshould take care of any potential corner cases of -data conflicting with any kde-l10n packages09:43
acheronukMirv: spectacle, maybe the replacing of libkf5screen6 with libkf5screen7 on an upgrade? that I think give a this/that package will be removed and something depends on it warning when upgrading, bit it works cleanly when it proceeds?09:44
acheronukif not that, then I have no idea09:45
Mirvacheronuk: lxqt-config was like that, but kde-spectacle already depends on libkf5screen709:45
Mirvand there is no problem in having it installed together with kubuntu-full09:45
Mirvso what I'm staring at is http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt09:45
Mirvif you search for (currently): easy: 275+0: a-92:a-28:a-2809:46
Mirvit will show per arch packages it thinks there is some problem... but I'm no absolute expert on deciphering update_output.txt09:46
acheronukMirv: I'm staring at that, and I'm honestly none the wiser for it!09:51
acheronukif you are not an absolute expert at that, then i'm 2 or 3 levels lower down!09:51
Mirvacheronuk: I know the feeling! however it correctly identified the maeta package, language packs and lxqt-config.. I really wonder what's up with the rest10:02
acheronukMirv: slightly frustrating is when I did a Xenial to Yakkety upgrade a couple of weeks ago (old fashioned debian dist-upgrade way) straight to our staging ppa packages, I recall some issue with spectacle. Like I think it wanted it removed or somesuch, but it was installable again afterwards. but I didn't pay attention or investigate the issue as I perhaps should have :(10:06
Mirvacheronuk: I'll try some no-change rebuilds in a PPA, if they build I'll copy them over...10:28
Mirvdesperate times10:28
Mirvof camitk itksnap jacktrip kde-spectacle nifti2dicom nomacs10:29
MirvI can't see anything wrong with any of them and all of them installed on my yakkety-proposed together with kubuntu-full, lxqt, everything ..10:30
Mirvbut in case there's anything that a rebuild would update wrt to dependencies, it's worth a shot10:30
Mirvespecially until some kind person on #ubuntu-release would help me out in this deciphering work10:30
soeeand more from Rio: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoKSJpy3yNw10:36
acheronuksoee: ouch!10:47
* soee thinks kmail should be renamed to hog10:54
* acheronuk thinks kmail should just be a meta-package that installs thunderbird10:55
acheronukif I wasn't fairly fond akregator for feeds, I would uninstall all trace of KDE PIM that I could10:58
soeeif kmail would have thunderbird speed and better interface it could be good mail client10:58
soeeacheronuk: i switched to feedly in my browser and phone10:58
acheronuktried that, but didn't find it as friendly as I hoped. akregator I can just add a feed to it straight from Firefox, or right click and add a feed from the clipboard11:00
acheronukplus I want a feed reader that sits in the systray telling me how many new stories it has11:01
soeeay :)11:03
soeekde apps should have LTS release like Plasma 5.8 will be11:03
soeeand instead of doing some new that might break apps, just fix what is not working11:04
soeeand finally have solid Plasma and Apps11:04
* soee dreams ...11:04
yofelMirv: hm, sorry about lxqt-config, I was aware of that 2 months ago, but as qt5.6 took so long I forgot about it. (I even had a ben file back then but by now I totally thought libkscreen7 was done..)11:17
yofelI'll upload l10n in a bit, that *shouldn't* break anything else, as all the breaks are in the app packages, not the translations11:17
yofelnot that I have upload permissions for lxqt-config anyway11:18
Mirvyofel: no problem, that was at the end one of the easiest problems today.. hey great if you can upload l10n, maybe I won't need that plasma-desktop change then and also l10n packages are quick to build11:32
Mirvyofel: can you upload them directly or should I copy them from a PPA?11:54
yofelMirv: l10n I can upload directly11:55
Mirvbtw meanwhile there _are_ built packages that I copied from the applications PPA, just funny version numbers and maybe otherwise wrong too: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-073/+packages11:55
Mirvyofel: ok, great11:55
MirvI'm using that silo for all kinds of rebuilds now11:55
soeewhat is good in  kmail is that inside notification i can enable button to directly open an email and have id displayed: http://i.imgur.com/6iX27jo.png12:05
yofelMirv: l10n up, but I got a reject for kde-l10n-ast, so please copy that from the silo when you have time (version is ok)12:15
* yofel thought the seed wildcard was supposed to catch that, but seems not..12:15
Mirvyofel: great! ast copied now.12:17
Mirvit just might be however that the whole Qt and KDE transition will stop at a GCC6 powerpc issue needed to be fixed to rebuild a package for a s390x issue :S12:18
MirvI don't have currently an idea how to go forward after these other things are done12:18
Mirvyofel: oh, there is no -ast package currently in ubuntu, so my copy went to NEW queue12:31
Mirvalso it doesn't matter therefore12:31
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acheronukclivejo: Mirv's qtchooser build Breaks: libqt5core5a (<< 5.5.1+dfsg-17~), libqtcore4 (<< 4:4.8.7+dfsg-7~)15:00
acheronukxenial I think is libqtcore4 Candidate: 4:4.8.7+dfsg-5ubuntu215:00
Mirvacheronuk: there's updated qt4-x11 too in 01115:01
Mirvdue to that, and due to qtchooser required for other things (I forget now what)15:01
acheronukso I think that is 1 reason why plasma* doesn't build15:01
acheronukMirv: ooh! thank you :)15:02
BluesKajupdate-apt-xapi runs after every boot on yakkety, why does it need to update/upgrade so often ?15:13
BluesKajnever saw that on previous kubuntu releases15:13
yofelit shouldn't need to do that...15:20
tsimonq2Mirv: is that resolved ot 16:12
tsimonq2*or do you need me to do something?16:12
Mirvtsimonq2: if you refer to the lxqt-config yes I recompiled that to upgrade dep to libkfscreen717:55
Mirvseema ages ago since it was 12h ago in the morning17:55
* Mirv -> need rest17:55
acheronukclivejo: tested building breeze with MirĪ½'s qt4-x11 and that seems to work ok.  18:42
acheronukshould that be ok to put in the staging ppa, then not sure if it would be best to copy it over or rebuild. with all the architectures that are enabled in that landing ppa, a copy over would eat up 2.8GB of ppa space!18:43
mamarleyIsn't the PPA like 20GB though?18:45
acheronukmamarley: think so, so can't see an issue, but thought I better mention it anyway.18:49
clivejoacheronuk:  is that the issue with the backported breeze not building? 19:27
clivejomind copying over the correct version?19:28
clivejohi slhk19:28
clivejo<BluesKaj> update-apt-xapi runs after every boot on yakkety, why does it need to update/upgrade so often ?19:28
clivejo<BluesKaj> never saw that on previous kubuntu releases19:28
clivejo<yofel> it shouldn't need to do that...19:28
acheronukclivejo: if it's ok to include that in the staging ppa, then yes, I can do19:28
clivejowould you know why his system is running update-apt-xapi on every boot?19:29
acheronuknope. I saw that and thought, WTF?19:29
clivejosorry that was directed at slhk19:30
clivejoacheronuk: sorry, Ive been out all day, just getting caught up19:32
clivejothe updated package is qt-chooser?19:33
acheronukyes, with a depends on a higher version of qt4-x11 than is in the XX archive19:34
clivejohow did your version work?19:35
acheronukwhich is why there is an updated version of qt4-x11 in that landing ppa19:35
clivejowill that break other components?19:35
clivejo<> plasma19:36
slhkclivejo: there is a cron job running update-axi weekly afaik19:39
slhkand maybe it is run by the updater, when is updates the apt lists of packages19:41
acheronukclivejo: not sure why it worked with my version19:47
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acheronukclivejo: ah. my version was based on Neon's, as I recall 1st go didn't work for some reason. Neon's has those breaks removed.20:04
clivejoIm not sure if we should be updating qt4-x11 though20:06
clivejoyofel: ^^20:07
clivejowhat would you do?20:07
acheronukdebian added those breaks here: https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/qt/qtchooser.git/commit/?id=b42dc5c88bf284e195dfe1017e65c5eccab7351520:11
acheronukpresumably they were just versioned on what debian had for qt4 at that point in time?20:12
clivejowhat do you think?20:22
clivejoWindows 10 Anniversary Update is borking boxes everywhere: Microsoft's response: Have you tried uninstalling it and installing it again?20:24
acheronukLOL indeed20:25
clivejoregarding updating qt4-x11 what are your thoughts?20:25
acheronukNeon went full on and did this: http://packaging.neon.kde.org/cgit/qt/qtchooser.git/commit/?h=Neon/release&id=b8d8e0eba28299b260f8ba887b017a447a5aecd020:25
acheronukbut presumably we want qtchooser not to lose that option20:26
clivejoI dont have enought experience to know :/20:27
clivejoKDE Neon are only concerned about their stack, we have a ton of 3rd parrty software to be aware of and not break20:27
acheronukso I guess it's either a qtchooser with those breaks removed or reduced, or updated qt4-x11 20:28
acheronukclivejo: yep, I know20:28
clivejowhats your gut saying?20:28
acheronukwell, I already copied it over when you said "[20:28] <clivejo> mind copying over the correct version?"20:29
clivejook, we'll go ahead with it20:30
acheronukbut I guess you hadn't quite realised what it was at that point?20:30
clivejoLOL I still dont20:30
clivejohard getting up to speed 20:30
clivejomy mind is still on the wasps nest Im trying to burn out!20:30
acheronukthat's why I waited until people popped up on here this evening, as I didn't know if it would be ok either20:31
acheronukoooh. nasty wasps20:31
clivejoI think one stung my pup on his paw20:31
clivejoand they are terrorising my bees20:32
clivejoso they got to go!20:32
acheronukremember my father burning one out of compost heap they had somehow managed to get into20:33
clivejothey are in a rocky bank20:33
acheronukhim standing there wearing an old net curtain like a ghost, flame gun in hand, is an enduring image from my childhood20:34
clivejoI just empied a litre of petrol into the nest entrance, let it soak for 10 mins and throw a lit pair of underwear into it!20:36
acheronukhe had one of these http://i.imgur.com/VBWvoVT.png20:36
clivejoah cool20:37
clivejoI wasnt planning on standing around that long!20:37
clivejoswarm of angry wasps coming home after a hard days work!20:38
acheronukdon't blame you. they are gonna be a tad angry20:38
acheronukhmmm. gtk update on YY has fubar'd my Firefox theme a bit20:40
acheronukbut Firefox developer is ok. guess they built that with a newer gtk20:41
valorieclivejo: wow, lolk20:45
valoriewhat a mental picture you paint20:45
clivejoit was old underwear!20:51
clivejosurprising how well they catch fire :/20:52
valoriesuch creativity, I love it21:07
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pursuivantmuon (master) v5.6.0-5-gc1b63af * Carlo Vanini: src (2 files in 2 dirs)21:30
pursuivantsave and restore status of columns in changes preview widget21:30
pursuivantSave and restore status (e.g. shown/hidden, sorting) of columns in the21:30
pursuivant"preview changes" tab, like it is done for the list of packages.21:30
clivejoreminds me, must run Muon and do a system update21:34

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