FinetundraIs it normal for the system to freak out after a graphics driver change?00:00
Finetundraclivejo: do I need to run that update command every time I wish to manage the drivers?00:01
clivejommmm not sure00:01
clivejoit should work for a while after running that00:02
clivejodepends on how often the driver packages are updated I guess00:02
Finetundracan you give me the command again00:03
clivejosudo update-apt-xapian-index00:03
FinetundraWell, it works again00:05
FinetundraThough I'm worried about touching things00:05
FinetundraSo I'm gonna leave it be00:05
FinetundraThanks clivejo00:05
clivejono problem00:06
clivejohopefully it will be fixed in Yakkety and can be backported to Xenial00:06
FinetundraAnd thanks to valorie and ahoneybun too00:06
Finetundraclivejo: hopefully00:07
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lordievaderGood morning.08:39
iciubotaruHi, everybody10:34
iciubotaruI am trying the podcast functionality in Amarok 2.8.0 which comes in Kubuntu 16.04. I have a quick question: when adding a new podcast, only the newest episode is being shown. How can I get the full list of episodes of the podcast?10:36
YankDownUndericiubotaru: Have you asked in #amarok yet?10:45
iciubotaruYankDownUnder: nobody replied there, so I thought that I could ask here as well10:48
YankDownUndericiubotaru: Time and patience. Not everyone is in the same timezone, nor in the same frame of mind.10:49
YankDownUndericiubotaru: There is a wiki on the Amarok project page...have you looked in there as of yet?10:49
YankDownUndericiubotaru: https://amarok.kde.org/10:50
iciubotaruI've googled the problem, but found nothing pertinent to it. And also, for the "Hello Internet" podcast, Amarok gets only the last episode, while for The Skeptics Guide to the Universe all the episodes are listed10:51
iciubotaruI've checked the XML of the RSS feed of the Hello Internet podcast and it contains the older episodes10:52
YankDownUndericiubotaru: If I used Amarok for more than what I do, I might know something - however, the case is that I merely use it to play music locally - therefore, I can only point you in other directions...my knowledge of (or desire to know about) podcasting is basically NIL. :)10:53
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konradosMorning :)11:34
konradosFrom time to time my Ubuntu "freezes" for ~5 - 10 seconds, i.e. I can move the mouse pointer around, but clicking on anything does nothing. There is nothing in dmesq, what should I look at?11:37
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lordievaderkonrados: I'd look at vmstat and see if it swapping.11:42
lordievaderAlso keep a look at the cpu stats too.11:43
konradosThanks lordievader I'll try it.11:43
konradoslordievader, result of vmstat: https://gist.github.com/konrados/4144d4363a9df7a3911d600ee2e35f1c it seems it doesn't swap?11:44
konradosHow to get the cpu stats?11:45
lordievaderkonrados: Could you run the command 'vmstat 1' for a bit longer and then give the output.11:45
lordievaderkonrados: The cpu stats are in there too ;)11:45
konradoslordievader thanks again. I started vmstat 1 now I'll wait until it freezes.11:46
lordievaderThanks ;)11:46
konradoshello orhan_ :)11:47
orhan_i was wondering that is there way to get windows apps work in linux ?11:47
lordievaderThere is wine...11:48
orhan_like steam windows version11:48
lordievader!info wine11:48
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu14 (xenial), package size 0 kB, installed size 6 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)11:48
orhan_that was fast11:48
lordievaderPersonally I dislike wine... but that's me.11:49
orhan_i was gona install windows11:50
orhan_but hdd didnt register in windows11:50
orhan_boo windows11:50
lordievaderWhat kind of drive is it?11:50
orhan_samsung 1 t11:51
orhan_i did install 2 times11:51
lordievaderDoesn't sound special :P11:51
orhan_it not like come from space11:51
orhan_fun fact it take 9 hours to install kubuntu11:51
orhan_so i guest hard drive is gota go11:52
lordievaderorhan_: Time for a smart check, I'd say.11:52
orhan_it failed once11:52
orhan_i found seagate11:52
orhan_drive fixing stuf11:53
orhan_it fixed11:53
orhan_than smart sad ok11:53
lordievaderorhan_: Could you pastebin the smart data from the drive?11:53
orhan_how do i do that can you say :)11:53
lordievaderorhan_: How many drives do you have in your machine?11:54
lordievaderOkay, 'sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda11:55
lordievaderYou might need to install the package smartmontools11:55
orhan_i need to install smartmontools11:57
konradoslordievader, this happened again (freeze) and this is the result of vmstat when it happened, I see no difference: https://gist.github.com/konrados/babdf6696f2d74348188283bdcb77c7d12:03
lordievaderLooks mostly idle.12:04
konradosThanks lordievader i.e. You don't see any problems there?12:06
lordievaderNo, I do not.12:06
konradosIs there some other command, I could use?12:06
lordievaderkonrados: Is there anything in the .xsessionerrors file?12:07
orhan_this installing program is borring12:08
orhan_how its can take like  hour to install 14 app ?12:08
orhan_14 jobs pending the updateing app thing12:09
lordievaderorhan_: Sounds a bit like that drive is toast... indeed.12:09
lordievaderorhan_: You could go the live-usb route.12:09
orhan_its boot in 5 minute12:10
orhan_i bet its hdd failng12:10
orhan_i never had hardware falure12:10
orhan_everery ting going down in same time12:10
konradosI have no such file, lordievader12:13
lordievaderkonrados: No, ~/.xsession-errors?12:29
konradosYes, there is xsession-errors (with a dash) - and there is only one line in my language, something like "script for ibus started in run_im."12:33
lordievaderHmm, that is not harmfull12:34
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Guest21147lordievader im orhan13:01
Guest21147yay my drive failing time to trow it on trash can13:07
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moparisthebestI 'upgraded' to 16.04 from 14.04 the other day, is it normal for kwin/plasma to be so unstable?14:03
moparisthebestwhen my monitors go to sleep, or I change configuration or whatever, kwin crashes, plasma crashes, I have to fight to get them back up and running again14:03
moparisthebestwhen I connect to a vpn with networkmanager, plasma crashes14:03
moparisthebestit's terrible...14:03
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mgolden_moparisthebest: you have any log files for the various crashes?15:40
moparisthebestmgolden_: sometimes I can get to the crash dialog so I can save them15:41
moparisthebestI can 100% reproduce the connect-to-vpn-plasma-crash15:41
moparisthebestthe others are random when changing monitors15:41
BluesKajmoparisthebest, which vpn protocol?15:44
moparisthebestBluesKaj: openvpn15:48
lordievadermoparisthebest: What happens when you instanciate the openvpn connection from the terminal?15:48
moparisthebestlordievader: with networkmanager somehow?  if you tell me how I can try that15:58
moparisthebestif I just use the openvpn command as root with a suitable conf file it works fine15:59
lordievadermoparisthebest: No, that is what I meant. So the problem is somewhere in the networkmanager...16:01
moparisthebestyes lordievader , or the kde networkmanager ui code at least16:11
lordievaderYes, indeed.16:11
moparisthebestthe vpn connection does work, it's just plasma crashes then starts back up whenever I click connect16:11
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zhangjiajiaAnybody here?18:49
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yuanziyongkai hei?18:56
yuanziyongwhere are you from?18:57
sithlord48can i help you with something?18:57
yuanziyongare you chinese?18:58
sithlord48me no18:58
zhangjiajiaso,where are you from?18:58
yuanziyongthe same question18:59
zhangjiajiait's the first time I use the software19:00
yuanziyongme too19:00
sithlord48so are you looking for help ?19:01
sithlord48what  is your question?19:02
zhangjiajiaso, how to add a friend?19:04
yuanziyonghow to delete friends?19:04
sithlord48on irc?19:04
sithlord48there is no friends on irc19:04
zhangjiajiathat is awkward...19:05
sithlord48irc is not that kind of network19:05
yuanziyonghow to send pictures?19:06
sithlord48you do not with irc19:06
zhangjiajiaso it rely on channels?19:06
sithlord48yes channels19:07
zhangjiajiaGot it,thank you!19:08
sithlord48your welcome zhangjiajia19:08
sithlord48your welcome too yuanziyong19:09
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matt1Hi, I've got a query about kdeconnect on kubuntu20:59
matt1When I run the kdeconnect plasmoid on the desktop, I get a gui with a list of notifications etc.21:00
matt1When I put the plasmoid in the panel, left clicking on the panel icon, I get nothing.  Is this the correct behaviour?21:02
DragnslcrNo, you should get the same battery status and notification list in the system tray21:03
DragnslcrThough it doesn't seem to always sync the notifications correctly21:03
matt1Dragnslcr: Any way to get an error log from the plasmoid?21:05
Dragnslcrmatt1- I don't know off hand, I've never looked21:48
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matt1Dragnslcr: OK. Thanks22:24
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LinuxUser2how to setup Brother HL 2270DW to print wireless23:35
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu23:38
valoriethat last link looks most helpful to you, LinuxUser223:38
LinuxUser2ubottu and valorie, will it a try. Thx!23:42
ubottuLinuxUser2: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:42
bprompt!bot | LinuxUser223:44
ubottuLinuxUser2: Hi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone23:44

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