Mirvcan we fix lubuntu-qt-desktop somehow to not fail installing on yakkety-proposed where it depends erronously on muon-discover and muon-update which depend on plasma-discover-updated which no longer exists?07:45
Mirvcan I simply remove the muon transitional package dependencies for the time being? this maybe be preventing the KDE and Qt transition07:45
Mirv(because lubuntu-qt-desktop becomes uninstallable)07:45
Mirva correction, muon-discover depends on existing plasma-discover but muon-updater incorrect on plasma-discover-updater07:47
Mirvright, muon-updater has been completely removed in Debian already, so I think I can proceed with this and there is time to do additions regarding plasma-discover for beta 1 still07:49
tsimonq2hi Mirv16:30
tsimonq2Mirv: I'll talk to Julien, it'll be a few hours though16:30
tsimonq2Mirv: *technically* I'm maintaining the lubuntu-qt-desktop package right now (internally delegated) so that's fine16:35
tsimonq2Mirv: if anything in the future blocks something like that, merge proposals to https://code.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/lubuntu.yakkety are more than welcome :)16:36
Mirvtsimonq2: so yes as you probably saw I pushed directly to the seed and updated meta-package. I was really hoping the big transition could happen today, but alas it seems impossible again.17:44
Mirvtsimonq2: please review the change with Julien - as plasma-discover-updater is no more, please check what you want to depend on. I also later modified the muon transitional packages from plasma-discover to be just dependencies to plasma-discover instead of the now broken dependencies to plasma-discover-updater17:46
Mirvtsimonq2: another thing to discuss/resolve, I bumped into bug #1559481 today and I'm not sure if it could be some sort of blocker or not - but at the very least plasma-workspace and lubuntu-default-settings can't be installed at the same time, that should be resolved. maybe rename your plasma.desktop to something else? or at least define a Breaks against plasma-workspace so they really can't be17:47
ubot93bug 1559481 in lubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "lubuntu-extra-sessions conflicts has a conflicting plasma.desktop file with plasma-workspace" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155948117:47
Mirvinstalled at the same time, but preferably so that they could be coinstalled.17:47
Mirv"lubuntu-qt-desktop" is still flagged as problematic, so that's why I'm wondering if it's due to this and if it could block Qt & KDE transition even if other issues would be resolved17:48
Mirvanyway, not really here now, burned out enough today and time to sleep soon :)17:48
wxltsimonq2: if lubuntu-qt-desktop is problematic, that may explain the reasons your merge proposals to cdimage and livecd have not been approved. possibly.17:49
Mirvtsimonq2: btw, bug #1496292 is starting to be really critical and it seems there was finally a decision regarding that on #ubuntu-release so it will progress this week. remains to be seen on which day.17:50
ubot93bug 1496292 in packagekit (Ubuntu) "Needs to be ported to packagekit 1" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149629217:50
Mirvthe problematics with lubuntu-qt-desktop may all come down to just the packagekit 1 transition and plasma-discover, but I just note that the file conflict and co-installability problem is also critical that might be detected by some automatic test infrastructure17:53
tsimonq2I'm back18:15
tsimonq2Mirv: I have the Plasma desktop installed alongside LXQt, so a conflicts is simply not an option18:16
tsimonq2Mirv: re: bug 1496292, thanks18:18
ubot93bug 1496292 in packagekit (Ubuntu) "Needs to be ported to packagekit 1" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149629218:18
tsimonq2wxl: bug 1496292 is a showstopper in installing lubuntu-qt-desktop\18:18
tsimonq2wxl: it makes it completely uninstallable18:18
tsimonq2wxl: so getting it fixed is high priority for us, so I poked him18:19
tsimonq2wxl: I just subscribed the packages team so we can keep a tab on it18:19
tsimonq2wxl: and re: it not being accepted because of that, the least they could do is comment on the MPs indicating so...18:27
wxltsimonq2: i don't know about you, but i've run into things before where i was going to work on it and hit a road block and just moved on to the next thing and put that other thing on the back burner.18:28
wxltsimonq2: maybe not ideal, but reasonable.18:28
tsimonq2wxl: seems kind of rude, doesn't it? to at the very least not just say *something* >18:28
wxltsimonq2: i wouldn't say it's rude. i'd say it's the result of having limited time and an unlimited amount of stuff to do.18:29
tsimonq2wxl: yeah18:29

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