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KilosNa3iL you wanna join #iterum. thats the new channel for ibid rebuild16:48
Kiloshellooo africa as well16:48
Na3iLHello Kilos16:54
Na3iLKilos, btw who have the access to the account Ubuntu Africa in twitter17:01
Na3iLcheche doesn't..17:01
Kilosoh my17:02
Kiloschesedo- do you remember17:02
Na3iLinetpro, ^17:04
pavlushkaPlease someone tell me how to make the text in ubuntu wiki justified!17:06
KilosNa3iL a wiki master17:07
Na3iL''''' before and after your sentence17:08
Na3iLKilos, hahaha17:10
Na3iLpavlushka, take a look here, all the tricks of  formatting https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide/Formatting17:11
pavlushkaNa3iL: 6 inverted commas before and 6 inverted commas after?17:23
pavlushkaor 3-3?17:24
Na3iLlet me check; 1 sec17:25
Na3iLyep 6 before and after17:26
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