dholbachhey hey06:37
svijhey dholbach06:54
dholbachhey svij06:56
davidcalle|afktsimonq2: thanks for the typos bug reports <307:13
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* popey pops to the shop to buy some capacitors to solder into his broken GbE switch12:01
* mhall119 wishes we had a shop that sold capacitors and other electronics bits and bobs14:18
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popeyYou dont have a frys like place?14:24
czajkowskipopey: what ever were you speaking at the weekend ?14:59
czajkowskipopey: were you not podcasting this weekend ?15:03
czajkowskihttp://redmonk.com/rstephens/2016/07/20/stack-overflow-survey-results/  nice to see Ubuntu on there15:03
popeyyeah, fosstalk live was last weekend15:03
popeyhttp://redmonk.com/rstephens/files/2016/07/stackoverflow_operatingsystem.png is telling15:05
czajkowskipopey: aye, but with a lot of these surveys people are encouraged to fill them in, customers/clients/employees to help fill the data15:06
czajkowskinever heard of fosstalk15:06
czajkowskilooked good15:06
czajkowskiwas bored and doing stuff at home while Jon was at EMF camp had I knowd I'd have popped along15:06
popeyit was fun. quite a small event, only 30 or so people15:13
popeybut the room was full at that number15:13
dholbachall right, I need to run for dinner - see you tomorrow! :-)15:32
tsimonq2davidcalle|afk: no problem ;)16:10
josemhall119: hey, wanna do a final sync tomorrow?16:27
tsimonq2jose: how's the conference? :D16:30
josetsimonq2: everything went pretty well, thanks for asking! :)16:30
joseexpect an AAR16:30
mhall119jose: can do, depending on time and schedules16:32
josemhall119: same time as always?16:33
mhall119jose: I might have another call at that time (working on rescheduling it now)16:33
mhall119but if now, same time works16:33
joseawesome, thanks! :)16:33
philipballewhey czajkowski21:28
philipballewwhen you say that it makes me want to go to Honolulu or something...21:28
svijhey philipballew and czajkowski21:29
* philipballew tackles svij 21:30
czajkowskiphilipballew: ah me too :)21:30
knometoo hot.21:30
* knome stays in the nordic countries21:30
svijphillipballew tackles me and then gets a connection reset… coincidence? I think not!21:30
* wxl was just wearing his kauai shirt yesterday21:31
philipballewczajkowski, its only a 5 hour flight from me, but they will have a much higher markup on flight to to HNL than other places...21:32
philipballewsvij, Starbucks WiFi is somewhat fast, but not very reliable to have a constant connection....21:32
philipballewif you come to San Diego, we also have the beach and surfing fun :)21:32
* philipballew will also take people on a tour that includes Tacos21:33

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