TheMusoHey hikiko.04:56
hikikoGood morning TheMuso :-)04:57
RAOFGood morning TheMuso, hikiko!05:00
TheMusoHey RAOF. :)05:01
hikikoHi RAOF!05:01
desrt...and greetings07:00
TrevinhoMorning folks07:14
dufluHi Trevinho, folks07:15
Trevinhohi duflu07:15
seb128good morning desktopers07:16
seb128hey desrt Trevinho duflu07:16
Trevinhohi seb12807:17
dufluMorning seb12807:17
dufluIf I vanish, it was the weather. Might drown or get blown away. Or both07:17
* desrt sits down to relax after a crazy weekend07:18
desrt(by approximate calculations post-facto using google maps) i think we biked 60-70km on saturday07:19
dufluThat's crazy talk07:20
desrti know :(07:20
desrta lot was uphill, too07:20
desrtand the craziest part: it was to celebrate the birthday of mascha's mother.... who is 61.... and kicked my ass...07:21
* desrt feels old07:21
didrockshaha, waow, she is really in shape :-)07:21
didrockshey desrt, duflu, Trevinho, re seb12807:21
Trevinhohey didrocks07:21
desrtmorning didrocks07:22
desrtand seb, Trevinho, duflu07:22
desrtdid everyone else have more relaxing evenings?07:22
didrocksI think it can only be more relaxing :)07:23
* didrocks went to some nice bouchon restaurant07:23
seb128yeah, w.e was relaxing here, quite some reading/tv07:23
* desrt jealous07:24
desrtwe also went to a cool park yesterday with ~100 sculptures... some of them very permanent, others very temporary07:25
desrtlike, one was made out of drinking straws, even...07:25
desrtand of course, very many of them were portals :D07:25
didrocksI can't imagine if desrt starts one day to play to pokemon go in parallel to ingress ;)07:32
desrt....must...buy... second... phone07:33
desrtpokemon has added a new gameplay aspect... the "stops" in pokemon are all taken from portals in ingress, so if you see a bunch of 12 year olds sitting around in some random location outside, all looking at their phones, you know that you probably have a chance to hack a portal07:33
desrtthis happens _a lot_07:34
desrtone other major difference, though: every time i've encountered another ingress player, they've been standing up and walking around.  when i've encountered pokemon players, it seems that they are far more likely to be sitting in one place, doing [whatever]07:35
didrockstrying to capture a pokemon07:37
* desrt just thought "why don't they make them run around?" and immediately realised "... uh... cars... right."07:38
didrocksheh :p07:39
didrocksit seems that you only capture them with luck07:39
didrocksso you aim them, through a pokeball07:39
didrocksand maybe they will get captured07:40
desrtbut this happens away from the 'stops' right?07:40
desrti thought the stops were for like buying/selling or training, etc.07:40
desrtwhich is what i think i see all the kids sitting around doing07:40
RAOFThey're item dispensers that activate every ~5min.07:41
desrtso this sounds like ingress, then :)07:41
RAOFHowever, you can also attach a lure to them which makes pokemon spawn around them for 30min.07:42
desrtand i guess the reason for wanting to stand in the middle of a cluster of the things is because that way you can get more stuff per 5 minutes?07:43
RAOFSo, optimal behaviour is either to walk around, hitting whatever stops are around you every 5 minutes and collecting whatever pokemon are around, or sitting somewhere where there are lots of stops and people attaching lures (which affect everyone, not just the person who attached the lure) to them.07:43
RAOFMainly they're playing non-optimally ;)07:43
desrtlures sound like frackers :)07:43
desrti guess it's not a surprise that there should be elements in common07:43
didrockswell, it's not like it wasn't the same company behind it :)07:46
Laney~/sb e08:02
didrockshey can't focus correct window Laney ;)08:04
didrocksmorning willcooke08:04
Laneythat's an irssi command08:04
Laneybut I typed a ~ by mistake08:05
seb128hey willcooke Laney08:07
seb128had a good w.e?08:07
willcookeDid some tidying up in the garden.  Can barely move this morning08:09
seb128glad to be back to work then? ;-)08:10
Laneyoh yeah, hi fo realz08:10
* duflu recommends pre-or-post-gardening pilates (or yoga) to solve willcooke's woes. I know what it's like.08:10
Laneywe went to Manchester to go to a baptism (not of fire)08:10
willcooke:) thx duflu08:10
Laneythe best bit was the cake shop visit prior to that08:10
seb128huumm, cake :-)08:10
Laneyhow are you seb128?08:11
seb128I'm good thanks!08:12
seb128had a relaxing w.e08:12
seb128trying to find my work rythme again, not quite there yet!08:12
* seb128 has coffee and is almost done with emails08:12
Laneygood old emails08:18
LaneyI've got a new place to work to try out this afternoon08:22
seb128seems worth visiting08:24
seb128hey Sweet5hark, how are you? had a good w.e?08:39
Sweet5harkweekend was good: Cleared out the basement (for moving soon), which sounds like no fun and mostly wasnt. But it was a lot less work than expected, so that was good. Also hunted some more pokemon.08:41
* Sweet5hark wonders how willcookes pokemon adventures are going.08:42
seb128oh, you are moving?08:42
seb128I wanted to try pokemon08:42
seb128but I don't have any device compatible with it08:42
Sweet5harksoonish. just another place in Hamburg.08:42
seb128Android sucks08:42
seb128or Samsung not updating their devices08:43
Sweet5harkyeah it does08:43
seb128in any case I don't have a device with an android recent enough to install pokemon08:43
* Laney slaps flexiondotorg 08:55
willcookeSweet5hark, I've run out of balls and there are only 3 stops in my village, all of which are miles away.  I'll try and load up when I'm in London on Wednesday09:05
Sweet5harkwillcooke: meh, yeah. pokestops density seem to be very different in places.09:23
* Sweet5hark has the luck to be able to activate a pokestop from his (current) apartment ...09:24
seb128but you are still moving?! ;-)09:25
Sweet5hark... and the park 300m from here was the pokemon meeting place for all of hamburg for some time because it was a dratini source (saw 4 dratini spawned at the same time there once). but that was before the patch. the area was nerfed a bit by the patch it seems.09:26
Sweet5harkseb128: I should reconsider.09:26
Laneymy display isn't scaled09:40
* Laney squints09:41
Laneyu-c-c says 1×09:41
seb128that sounds like not scaled indeed!09:43
Laneyyeah, it's not that it failed to apply it09:43
Laneyit forgot the config09:43
seb128anything in the u-s-d log?09:44
seb128or unity one09:45
seb128did you log into a different session type or had issues with one of the sessions?09:45
Laneyjust restarted 'cos of that intel crash09:45
Laneylogs don't seem to have anything09:46
Laneythe unity one is full of firefox stuff09:46
LaneyI should dist-upgrade and get the systemd stuff anyway09:47
Laney413 packages can be upgraded.09:48
Laneyflexiondotorg: GTK is now holding up Qt and loads of stuff in proposed, so I'm going to move it in - you can catch up when you're back09:56
Laneymove it in -> unblock at least - there will probably be some other unexpected crap09:59
happyarongetting rid of kyotocabinet from all my packages, FINALLY10:11
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Laney[ubuntu/yakkety] gtk+3.0 3.20.6-1ubuntu1 (Accepted)10:52
* Laney argh10:52
TrevinhoLaney: I've fixed this https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/force-quit-dialog-gtk-3.20-selectors/+merge/302049 to use css name too... Would you mind to review it? Since andyrock is in vacation, so I guess you could give your ack there.10:55
LaneyTrevinho: yep10:56
Laneydo you have a deb handy?10:56
Laneylooks good code-wise10:57
Laneyalthough you could probably give that label a style class instead instead of using '*' ;-)10:57
Laneybut that doesn't actually matter10:57
TrevinhoLaney: yeah,. it's in the ppa https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/173810:57
Trevinho(which, at this point you could either publish :))10:57
Laneylet me try it10:57
Laneyhow do you get a window to show the force quit thing?10:58
TrevinhoLaney: yeah, I though about the label thing... But... Well, it's not relevant at that level10:58
Trevinhokillall -STOP anything-you-want-with-ui10:58
Trevinhothen play with it for a second... try to close it...10:58
Trevinhoand the msg shoul dhappen10:58
Trevinhoyou're going to publish the silo too?11:02
Trevinhotaaaaa :)11:21
* Trevinho trying a new LTE connection at his parents home.... Not bad at allll11:22
LaneyTrevinho: do you have to buy a special package?11:23
Laneymy mobile provider blocks tethering11:24
TrevinhoLaney: no tethering is always allowed by italian providers (at least, the ones I tried)...11:24
LaneyI tried at the weekend to get on a VPN to work around this11:24
Laneybut the tethering interface didn't go over the vpn11:24
TrevinhoLaney: but I'm using another SIM card here with only data package... I've a 15Gb for 10€, but I could get a proper router some antennas and with 30€/month I would get 100gb, wich are enough for them and me visiting them :-)11:25
LaneyI look forward to LTE reaching rural areas over here11:26
TrevinhoAnd.. speeds are nice... With no external antennas I'm getting 20/20mb, that is not bad for a such rural area11:26
Laneythen I can go buy my climbing cottage in the peak district11:26
Trevinhoeheh, indeed11:26
Trevinhoif you come to italy, I've to say that the 4G network is really good also in remote areas... So if you want o climb on dolimites for example..11:27
Laneybit of forest for winter heating11:27
Laneysome grass for chickens and vegetables11:27
Trevinhoa place like this seems right for you http://www.globoalpin.com/prCache/12596016414_ec84dff56b_z.jpg :-)11:29
Laneyin reality I'm like "where's the pub/cinema/people?"11:30
TrevinhoLaney: down there, just take the paraglider to get there :-)11:30
Laneycable car back up11:31
* Trevinho vm's doesn't start unity anymore ... -_-11:31
xnoxparaglide back with a mini-motor.11:31
Trevinhoand unity-settings-daemon... and anything!11:31
xnoxi thought those exist these days11:31
Trevinhoxnox: they do11:32
Laneythink there might be a bug there11:32
Trevinhoxnox: ^11:32
Trevinhoah, wait... did systemd in session thing landed?11:33
Laneyyeah last week or the week before11:33
xnoxi was more thinking http://www.gorj-domino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/deltaplan15.jpg11:34
TrevinhoI upgraded this last sat and... no working now11:34
xnoxone needs a bit of "roof" for the british drizzles11:34
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qenghoGood morning!11:53
anpokhm is there a qt-free content hub interface?11:59
anpoksomething that could be integrated into c toolkits.. with .. less .. review friction?12:00
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andyrockTrevinho: since when I m on vacations?13:23
Laneyandyrock: you could have had some free time off!13:31
* Laney is in the new city centre office13:32
xclaesseis it just me, or scrolling on tabs in firefox suddently stopped working?13:34
xclaesseprobably since 48.0 ?13:34
seb128Laney, just mentioning it in case you didn't see but libgtk2.0-0 seems to try to pull gnome-icon-theme back in main since today's landing13:36
seb128xclaesse, scroll on tabs does nothing indeed, could be a feature/wanted change from upstream to remove a confusing behaviour?13:36
xclaesseseb128, wondering if that's beacuse of gtk3 port13:37
seb128could be, though the switch to gtk3 is not new13:38
xclaesseAFAIK, only gnome-terminal still has that feature now :(13:38
seb128I never scroll on tabs so I can't say if that was working in 4713:38
xclaesseseb128, I'm doing it all the time and I noticed only this morning, so must be latest update. When was 48 uploaded into 16.04 ?13:39
seb128on friday13:39
seb128but 47 does the same for me, still had a binary on disk from a snap playground13:40
xclaessehm, ok13:40
xclaessemaybe I wasn't doing it as much as I though, and it didn't bother me until now :p13:41
seb128or it's a user config thing13:41
Laneyseb128: I thought the alternate on adwaita-icon-theme would be good enough, is it not?13:41
LaneyIs scrolling on tabs where yo u use the mouse wheel on the tab bar?13:41
Laneybecause I have 46 apparently and that does nothing13:41
seb128Laney, I don't know, could be a component-mismatch bug13:42
seb128Laney, right13:42
seb128Laney, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2016-August/003845.html was the email I saw pass by13:43
seb128but yeah, the alternative depends should work so no clue...13:43
Laneyya, I see it13:43
Laneymaybe it does have to be the first one13:43
Laneynot sure why debian put it second tbh13:43
seb128seems wrong even for them indeed13:44
xclaesseseb128, Laney: oh maybe it's my fault, Chrome does scroll on tabs, could be that firefox never did? I'm mixing stuff probably13:45
Laneygo boot an ancient iso and see if it works there13:45
Laneyand if so, have some iso bisecting fun13:45
xclaessenot worth it :D13:46
xclaesseI could just install one of those extensions that does it13:46
seb128xclaesse, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=128581213:47
ubot5Mozilla bug 1285812 in Tabbed Browser "Switch tabs by scrolling with the mouse wheel in the tab bar" [Normal,Reopened]13:47
seb128but yeah, just install an addon ;-)13:48
Laneyannoying, I didn't check if the port forwarding to my desktop is working and it seems it's not13:55
* Laney is on pants wifi13:55
didrockspants wifi?13:59
Laneyyou need to level up your britishness14:00
ogra_can you combine that with snaker network ?14:00
didrocksI can add snakers if needed :)14:00
didrocks(this was on the first google image page result)14:01
Laneytoo american14:01
didrockshehe :)14:01
didrocksthx for the link!14:01
didrocksah, you can even say "you are …"14:01
Laneycan't remember the last time I used it, think I'm going to bring it back14:03
Laneyit's quite school-ish14:03
* Laney forgot to push gtk2 apparently14:04
didrocksLaney: you should blame it on the pants wifi :)14:05
Laneymy pants self14:05
Laneythe pants wifi is making it hard to download the source package though14:06
tedgseb128: Is it allowed for a package to optionally build-dep on one of it's binary packages?15:11
seb128tedg, what would that mean "optionally"?15:48
seb128like a suggests?15:48
tedgseb128: What I did is put an "|" in for something that's likely in the archive, but not needed for boot strapping.15:48
tedgseb128: I dont' think you can do a suggests on a build dep, no?15:49
seb128no you can't15:49
seb128I was just trying to understand what you are doing15:49
seb128"somethinginthearchivenot needed | yours" sounds like sounds like you could as well comment the line to bootstrap?15:50
seb128also what are you doing? writting a new language/compiler? ;-)15:50
Laneyyou can have <!stage1> on a build-dependency15:52
tedgseb128: So trying to do get an ABI check that works... so looking at the version in the archive and making sure the compiled version doesn't break compared to the archive version.15:59
tedgseb128: Specifically: https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/ubuntu-app-launch/abi-compliance/+merge/30221615:59
tedgLaney: I'm not sure what "stage1" is there15:59
tedgLaney: Is that for everything or just my package?16:00
LaneyI didn't find it on policy, perhaps it's not documented there yet16:00
seb128tedg, I don't understand why you need that line16:00
seb128if you do | randomthingnotneeded you can as well do an upload without that build-depends16:01
seb128and then another to add it16:01
seb128like what's the value of | unless over nothing?16:01
seb128unless -> useless16:01
tedgI figured that if you had a brand new archive, that package wouldn't exist, so you had to handle that case. For things like an archive rebuild.16:01
tedgi.e. new compiler from scratch or something16:01
seb128ah, I see16:02
seb128what Laney said then16:02
seb128https://wiki.debian.org/DebianBootstrap mentions it as well16:03
tedgK, so, then in the case of building from scratch the person doing it is should know to build everything with stage1 first time around.16:04
seb128there is a DEB_BUILD_PROFILES16:04
seb128which whoever is doing the bootsrap would set the right value for first build round16:04
tedgI'm liking this approach because it solves the gcc 4/5/6 problem that we have with tripple landings.16:08
tedgEnsures no ABI breakage on all. Also all architectures.16:08
seb128jbicha, do you plan to update e-d-s in yakkety? I was going to look at that bug saw your Debian commit, also we probably want to wait for the current proposed transitions to go through before adding more potential blockers16:08
jbichaseb128: right, that's why I waited until today to work on it, the only abi bump is libcamel-1.2-54 > -57 which is relatively small and shouldn't affect qt16:12
LaneyJust don't do it :(16:12
LaneyI'll cry16:12
attenteare there any recent audio issues? did an upgrade, but no sound output16:13
Laneycheck which output is selected in indicator-sound16:13
attente"Dummy Output"16:13
Laneyis that the only one that's listed?16:14
Laneythat was a rapid end to my knowledge of the sound system16:14
LaneyI forgot where pulseaudio logs, but maybe that is interesting16:15
Laneyjournal it seems16:15
attente[pulseaudio] module.c: Failed to load module "module-alsa-sink" (argument: "device_id=1"): initialization failed.16:16
attentenot sure what happened there16:17
attentethere was also16:17
attente[pulseaudio] module.c: module-detect is deprecated: Please use module-udev-detect instead of module-detect!16:17
attentebut it wasn't highlighted in red, so it must be ok16:17
attentekilling pulseaudio seemed to fix it for some reason16:21
Laneyit probably respaned and worked16:22
attenteyeah, seems to be the case. not sure why re-spawning is different though16:23
Laneybugs bugs bugs16:23
attentewhich are good? which are bad?16:25
Laneyall bugs are created equal16:28
seb128is that xenial or yakkety?16:28
seb128if you can reproduce try to see if TheMuso can help you filing a bug16:28
attenteyakkety. i don't think pulseaudio is even starting on session start up16:30
seb128I don't know how it's supposed to be started16:31
attenteactually, it is starting16:34
attentestill don't know why the re-spawning fixes it though16:34
Laneyif you can reproduce it, get a log (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio/Log), file a bug and grab TheMuso later on16:35
bschaeferanyone else have a broken lightdm on yakkety? (clicking on the icon to switch from U7 to U8 causes the password box and icons to go away leaving the background only + outline of where the password box normally would be)16:36
bschaeferpossibly dbus issue in the seat0 logs...16:36
Laneybschaefer: Are you fully upgraded?16:45
bschaeferLaney, yeah16:45
LaneySpecifically light-themes16:45
bschaeferwell it was working (before todays upgrade)16:45
LaneyToday GTK got upgraded, along with the theme16:45
bschaeferi see. dang, hmm16:46
bschaeferill attempt to downgrade that and see what happens16:46
bschaeferthough its strange it works fine until i click on the icon to get the list of other destop interfaces (like u8)16:46
LaneyI would rather you confirmed that everything is up to date first of all16:46
Laneyand unity-greeter16:47
Laneythere was a bug that soundsl ike that in there, but mterry fixed that a while ago16:47
bschaeferunity-greeter:   Installed: 16.10.1-0ubuntu216:47
* Laney checks it got out of proposed16:47
Laneyget the -proposed one16:47
* bschaefer has had bad times with adding proposed to his system :)16:47
Laneyoh FFS it's upstart crap16:47
Laneyjust add it, install unity-greeter, remove it16:48
bschaeferLaney, roger16:48
Laneyseb128: can you help and remove unity-greeter/s390x from yakkety and yakkety-proposed please?16:48
LaneyI'll add the build-depends tomorrow16:49
Laneythis sucks16:49
Laney...but I've got to run right now, will check in later16:49
bschaeferLaney, thanks for the help! (hopefully it fixes it :)16:49
Laneythe above should get it to migrate16:49
Laneygood luck!16:49
seb128Laney, k16:49
Laneysee you later!16:50
seb128have fun, see you later!16:50
seb128bschaefer, let us know if that fixes it16:52
bschaeferseb128, Laney fyi it fixed it thanks!16:55
bschaefercool, if i see anyone else have that problem ill let them know16:56
seb128thanksfor confirming16:56
bschaeferthanks again! (most my work today depended on switching to U8 :)16:56
Trevinhoandyrock: oh sorry, I thought you were...16:57
willcookeseb128, I'm going to get dinner and such, will be back later though17:10
seb128willcooke, exactly what I'm doing as well, back in some hours17:39
jbichaseb128: don't know if https://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/versions.html is still used but it's been stuck for a while17:57
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mhall119hey, has anyone else had a problem with their laptop screen turning off after a cold boot?19:37
mhall119I think I might be having a problem with repowerd19:38
mhall119either that or acpi19:40
mhall119whatever it is, after a couple suspend/resume cycles and switching to vt1 I at least have my screen power on now19:40
robert_ancellwillcooke, seb128 meeting now?19:43
jbicharobert_ancell: good morning19:45
robert_ancelljbicha, hi19:45
seb128robert_ancell, yeah,well willcooke put a meeting for in 15min but I can start earlier if you guys want19:46
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, it's in 15 mins but if you guys are ready now...19:46
seb128jbicha, I saw for versions, I removed the lock a bit earlier today before you pointed out, need to look at the log, I was going to do that around now19:46
seb128robert_ancell, right, let's see when willcooke shows up then19:46
willcookehey seb128 robert_ancell20:00
robert_ancellon the dot!20:00
willcookethanks robert_ancell seb12820:34
* willcooke off to watch Twitch streams 20:34
willcookeactually, GTA5 multi player first20:34
ochosijbicha: hey, still around?20:36
jbichaochosi: hey20:36
ochosii'm trying to fix some gnome apps (starting with files/nautilus) in greybird and i was wondering whether i could get some feedback from you (since i have a slightly broken setup atm and can't actually test nautilus 3.20)20:37
jbichaochosi: sure, yakkety has nautilus 3.20 as of a few hours ago now too20:38
ochosii noticed that there is quite a bit of theming in nautilus itself, not sure how it's actually supposed to work with adwaita (and most of it doesn't seem to with greybird), so i'll pull in what is needed, but i don't really just want to blindly copy-paste everything20:38
ochosiso e.g. disk-space stuff, does that look ok? (i see there are some style definitions in nautilus itself, regarding coors etc)20:39
jbichaI looked in Other Locations (which shows the Computer) but I don't see any colors for disk space at all with Adwaita20:42
seb128jbicha, the versions page is updated btw20:43
seb128unsure why it wasn't when you asked, I had removed the cron job lock which was staled some hours earlier20:43
seb128and it's supposed to update every hour20:44
seb128in any case it updates without change, should be usable again20:44
ochosijbicha: odd, i wonder what this is for then: https://git.gnome.org/browse/nautilus/tree/src/resources/css/Adwaita.css?h=3.20.2#n9620:44
jbichaochosi: you could also try http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/daily-live/current/ in a VM (it's not 100% GNOME 3.20 yet but it does have nautilus)20:45
ochosijbicha: right, well the other aspect is i've practically never used it before, so i wouldn't even know where to notice breakage20:46
ochosiand tbh comparing adwaita with greybird in every view is too much to ask ;)20:46
jbichaI don't know, nautilus has had a lot of changes in the past 2 years so maybe the diskspace theming isn't used any more20:49
ochosiright, i'll not include it for now20:49
ochosii can always pull it in if someone notices issues20:49
ochosibtw regarding your PR, i think i'd like to keep the compiled css around20:49
ochosiit's a nice fallback if ppl just wanna download the latest version or something20:49
ochosiplus adwaita/gtk+ does it too20:50
ochosijbicha: nice work on the makefile stuff!21:06
ochosiautogen throws a wrong greybird version here on the 3.20 branch though, haven't looked into it yet though21:06
ochosioh, seems to be hardcoded into configure.ac21:07
ochosiis that intended?21:07
jbichaochosi: yes, you'll need to bump that when you want to change the version21:08
ochosican't we just extract it from the last git tag?21:08
ochosithat way ppl would also end up knowing whether they're installing a devel version of something21:09
ochosi(i was thinking of git describe)21:09
jbichaI don't know how to do that, I just recommend remembering to set it to the right number before you tag a release (or bump the version immediately after a release if that's easier to remember)21:10
jbichaor if you don't want to bother, you can just leave out $VERSION, that value is used for make dist to make an appropriately versioned tarball…21:14
jbichabut my makefiles aren't complete enough for make dist to work21:14
ochosiwell if i knew how to output some shell stuff there i'd know how to continue :)21:18
* ochosi is a make noob21:18
jbichaochosi: this is what I mean by not caring about the version number: http://paste.ubuntu.com/22738182/21:21
ochosibasically i would have to 1) check whether git is available on the host system and if so 2) print the output of "git describe" to get what i want21:23
ochosibut yeah, it's just convenience to have that there and makes it look a tad nicer for the user21:23
ochosiso if you know how to do that, let's throw it in, if not nvm21:26
jbichayeah, maybe later21:28
jbichaas in, I'm not planning to work on that this week21:30
ochosialrighty, i'll just drop the version string for now and do the first 3.20 release of greybird21:30
ochosithanks for your help!21:30
attenteTheMuso: hey, have you encountered any problems with pulseaudio on session start?22:51
attenteTheMuso: i filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/1611055 with a good and bad log22:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1611055 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "module-alsa-sink fails to load on session start-up" [Undecided,New]22:52
TheMusoattente: yakkety or xenial?23:13
TheMusoattente: But no I haven't.23:13
TheMusoOk yakkety.23:14
TheMusoI've been running yakkety on a few systems here, and all are ok.23:15
TheMusoAnd all are different HDA codecs too.23:15
TheMusoattente: The only thing I can think of from the top of my head is that pulseaudio in the greeter session still has a hold of the hardware.23:16
TheMusoAlthough logind should take care of that switch and cut that off...23:16
attenteTheMuso: yeah, yakkety. just updated today if that helps, but i guess the last update was a week ago23:20
attenteno idea why it works after re-spawning23:21
TheMusoUrm ok if you just updated today, then I haven't updated yet... I might bring up yakkety on another system and update that and see if I get the same problem.23:29
TheMusoRather not risk my main work system.23:29

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