lordievaderGood morning.08:39
daftykinswell i've been trying my first stab at desoldering today, but i'm concerned with how the tip has gone brown like that10:37
OerHeksthat is normal. just the paint/laque is burning.10:38
daftykinsah ok10:38
daftykinsthe tip is still shiny!10:39
OerHeksdesoldering, i used to use a sucktion device like this > http://img.banggood.com/thumb/view/upload/SKU017835/20110914180234862.jpg10:39
daftykinsi've got one here but it didn't seem too useful to what i've been doing10:40
daftykinsthe solder pad area is just so tiny!10:40
daftykinsat first i thought i could just hold the iron against the bottom and start to wiggle it, then i looked up a video and saw you have to put solder on - to take it off! what!?10:41
OerHeksYes, the tip must be fuid, or use something like desoldering wire http://www.robotroom.com/PCB/Desoldering/Desoldering-braid.jpg10:43
daftykinsEriC^^: \o10:45
EriC^^hi daftykins10:46
EriC^^how's it going?10:46
daftykinshttp://imgur.com/a/2mthR <-- dafty learns to desolder10:46
daftykinsall good here thanks :) or would be if i had a clue what i was doing ;D10:46
daftykinshow're you?10:46
EriC^^doing good thanks10:47
EriC^^capacitors are blown?10:47
EriC^^in the motherboard?10:47
daftykinsyep about 6+ all in all10:49
daftykinsit still runs as-is, though it very subtly damaged some RAM a bit ago10:49
EriC^^anybody know some nice split screen games for ps4 free to play from the ps store?10:49
EriC^^like something really easy to play if somebody has never played anything before10:49
EriC^^aha, how old is the motherboard?10:50
daftykinsnot got a playstation i'm afraid (or a modern one at least :) )10:50
daftykinsLGA775 core 2 duo era one i put together for a client in 2009 :)10:50
daftykinsit lasted well!10:50
daftykinsbut yeah just wanted to use it as a project to learn, so i'll take the caps off - write down their values and order some more... then the real challenge begins!10:53
daftykinsthink i'd rather be taught in person though10:55
EriC^^about soldering?11:01
EriC^^it's not very difficult, once you do a couple you'll get the hang of it11:07
EriC^^i once soldered together a whole car ecu, it's a diy standalone ecu for tuning that comes as resistors,capacitors,transistors,etc and a pcb and you put it together following a guide11:08
EriC^^i had never soldered before, it's really not difficult once you do a couple of them and get the hang of it11:09
EriC^^i remember you have to heat up the joint, and careful not to heat up the actual electrical component, and then after it's heated up well you put some solder wire on top of the joint and it'll just melt11:10
EriC^^very easy11:11
daftykinsthese caps are getting very warm as they come off, tough to hold and pull11:33
daftykinsbut yep getting the hang of it!11:34
daftykinsthat ECU looks funky!11:34
EriC^^yeah removing them is definitely harder than installing11:34
EriC^^haha yeah11:34
daftykinsthese through-hole ones strike me as going to be interesting to replace11:35
daftykinsprobably have to hold the tip on the pad and heat it up, then poke the new one through the hole11:36
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daftykinsyay just ordered 20 new ones, £4.65 delivered :)12:35
daftykinsah-har morning paul \o12:36
pauljw_vmmorning daftykins o/12:36
daftykinsi got my iron 8D12:37
daftykinsalready whipped them off and ordered replacements \o/12:38
OerHeksi am sure it is going to fly12:38
daftykinsi can see some slight damage on one area where i had the iron too hot by accident, but i think it was just the kind of lacquer coating to the motherboard melting?12:39
pauljw_vmthat's awesome daftykins12:40
daftykinsno wonder TJ teased, it really is easy12:40
pauljw_vmtedious at times12:42
daftykinsyeah holding the caps got really warm whilst trying to wiggle them off, so my thumb and forefinger hurt a bit now :P12:44
EriC^^looks good12:45
EriC^^my iphone is popping off at the back more and more (4s)12:46
EriC^^kind of worried it's going to explode or something :D12:46
daftykinsoh dear that sounds like a deformed battery12:49
daftykinsyou should turn that off and stop using it, because yeah it could explode12:49
pauljw_vmmight want to be careful which pocket you carry that iphone in, EriC^^12:49
daftykinscapacitors dispatched already :D12:50
EriC^^pauljw_vm: yeah that's a good idea12:50
EriC^^for real daftykins ?12:51
daftykinsyeah i'm afraid so12:51
OerHekshe made a drawing too, EriC^^ http://imgur.com/a/2mthR12:51
daftykinsi've got a degree in MS paint12:52
pauljw_vmcrapple, there, fixed it for ya, EriC^^ :D12:52
EriC^^wow the webcam resolution sucks ass12:55
EriC^^it was like 1mm 2 days ago, each day it's getting farther and farther away from the back12:55
EriC^^damn i need it to last til the iphone 7 comes out12:57
OerHeksWho you gonna call ?12:57
EriC^^how big of an explosion are we talking about?12:57
EriC^^ghost busters :D12:57
OerHekssend it to lotuspsychje as 1st customer12:57
daftykinsi've done 4's :)12:58
* EriC^^ puts the iphone behind the laptop screen12:58
daftykinsyeah that's not good, you really should switch her off12:58
EriC^^i cant though12:59
EriC^^i tether the internet from it12:59
daftykinshaha surely dealing with an electrical fire and combusting phone is more of a problem than being offline :>13:00
EriC^^yeah i guess13:02
EriC^^thanks for letting me know about it13:02
EriC^^you saved my ass13:03
* EriC^^ watched some youtube videos of batteries exploding13:03
daftykinsthere could've been a little roasted eric butt!13:03
EriC^^not fun13:03
EriC^^now to do the sensible thing13:04
EriC^^use the other laptop as a hotspot with the iphone and it in a safe place13:04
daftykinsnooo drive into town and get a $5 replacement ;)13:05
EriC^^battery replacement?13:05
EriC^^i could buy another phone13:06
EriC^^i was thinking to get an iphone se for my grandma in case she needs it13:06
EriC^^i was going to give her mine once i get the 7 in september but it's broken now so i figured the se would be great13:07
EriC^^i could use it til september i guess13:08
daftykinsyeah the 4S has been abandoned for iOS too, so it's now an insecure device13:08
daftykinsplus i'm sure it went super slow running 9+ anyway :)13:08
EriC^^yeah it's ancient now13:09
EriC^^thinking about the internet though, the isp needs a couple months to come if i order dsl13:10
EriC^^maybe i can make a box and put the laptop in it with the phone and put it on the balcony?13:11
EriC^^sounds stupid i can probably do that til i get the iphone se tomorrow13:14
EriC^^now all i can think about is shrapnel coming at me from the iphone13:14
daftykinspoor eric, but rather he live in fear so he doesn't use it, than push it and get hurt13:15
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EriC^^the lenovo laptop wouldn't make a hotspot for some reason (maybe the network card doesn't support it?)13:27
EriC^^so i put the hp as the hotspot and put the iphone in a wooden closet, hehe13:28
daftykinsnice combustible wood :)13:31
EriC^^it has a bunch of notes and books from uni too13:31
daftykins<eric> i'll never need those!13:33
daftykinsrapid data and probably charging are the kinds of things that'd heat it the most13:33
daftykinsif you do have to keep it a little longer, charging whilst switched off might be the best plan (next to not using it at all ;) )13:34
EriC^^i do leave it plugged in all the time and have been using it as a hotspot13:34
EriC^^it's still kind of subpar of apple though13:34
daftykinswell, it happens to all devices really i think13:35
EriC^^damn the closet, it13:36
EriC^^it's still suspenseful13:36
EriC^^explode already13:36
daftykinslittle by little, the crapple product is exploding your dreams one by one13:38
EriC^^i really want the slow motion camera on the new ones13:41
EriC^^pretty nice13:42
EriC^^i've seen recently a nice camera i was sort of wondering to get or not, a nikon 5300 dslr, there's also a nikon 3200 and 3300, they all have the same sensor, but the 3300 has more iso whatever that is13:43
EriC^^and the 5300 has more iso + a lcd screen that you can turn around and stuff, + like 40autofocus points instead of 11 for the other ones13:44
EriC^^they're not really too expensive, 3200 is $430, 3300 is $535, and the 5300 is $62513:44
EriC^^this shop seems pretty legit, we dont have many online shops in leb, haven't used it before but they have a wide variety of stuff, the only odd thing is that you get pop ups every couple of secs "bla from city blabla bought blabla some hours ago"13:45
EriC^^just the first name though13:46
EriC^^it's pretty effective marketing wise i guess, kind of odd though13:46
daftykinson the camera's software? 0o13:58
EriC^^no, i mean pop ups come on the site :D14:09
daftykinssilly me14:09
EriC^^daftykins, do you know anything about cameras?14:44
EriC^^i was thinking to get the cheaper 3200 model i could use the extra $200 to buy something else instead14:44
EriC^^does the iso thing make a difference?14:44
daftykinsnah, never found them interesting oddly enough - almost every other gadget but never cams :> just use my phones!14:44
daftykinsISO rating is all about exposure for different times of day capture i think14:45
daftykinsmy wealthy client is a huge camera buff14:45
EriC^^it says Native ISO 6400, Extended to ISO 1280014:45
EriC^^the other says Native ISO 12800, Extended to ISO 2560014:45
EriC^^i basically just want a nice camera to take photos sometimes of the sun and city and stuff14:46
daftykinsthose numbers strike me as huge then, but it might be worth running by a camera person :D14:46
EriC^^with the iphone camera if i press on the sun everything else gets really dark, if i press on the city, the sun becomes all just a white blur14:46
daftykinsmmm i get much the same with all the smartphones i've used14:49
EriC^^interesting i read about iso, seems higher iso is for when you have a darker environment like you said15:01
EriC^^also higher iso lets you take a picture more quickly, like if you're taking a picture of a moving animal or something so it won't be blurry15:01
EriC^^but it comes at a cost, higher iso -> more noise in the picture15:01
EriC^^also as you said it seems those numbers are super high, wth the guy said he uses iso 800 for fast pics and try to stick to the lowest the camera has to retain detail in the pic and less noise15:02
daftykinsyeah :)15:19
daftykinsdidn't even know they went so high15:19
baizonmicrosoft <3 https://i.imgur.com/8WKKPji.jpg16:44
daftykinstruth they tell16:44
daftykinsclean that screen :P16:45
DArqueBishopAmusing. I admit I haven't seen that message on my Windows 10 boxes yet.16:57
DJonesI saw it once, on a desktop that was mains powered, apart from a cmos & mouse battery, no idea what was being drained16:59
DArqueBishopThat's a good point. It's rare that I have my Win 10 laptop on battery.16:59
daftykinsthat old that the battery is useless, or are you damaging it from perma-tethering?17:00
DArqueBishopdaftykins: perma-tethering. I have it plugged into a docking station.17:01
* DArqueBishop 's Windows 10 laptop is work-provided and is his work PC.17:01
daftykinsah right17:03
daftykinsbattery death it is :)17:03
DArqueBishopI can count on one hand the number of times I've needed to use it on battery this year.17:03
daftykinsprobably better to remove it then if it's a sealed in type :)17:06
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Bashing-omAway for a spell - cutting grass. Be back in a few .21:49
Bashing-omHey not ^^ real bad .. back to the keyboard .23:38

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