xnoxubuntu's tasksel is quite a beast10:28
xnoxopenssh-server (key task package) is installed10:28
xnoxyet rerunning tasksel during d-i shows that tasks as not marked for installation10:28
xnoxcyphermox, cjwatson: guidance as to what network-console / tasksel should do with the openssh-server tasks would be appreciated. I am confused about ubuntu's tasksel =) bug #157519811:18
xnoxubot9, hi11:18
cjwatsonPass, sorry.11:24
xnoxmaybe one cold winter day, you will be thrilled to poke that over a cup of hot chocolate =) when browsing your wishlist bugs =)11:25
xnoxis there any existing place where tasksel/force-tasks is correctly used?11:25
cjwatsonI think it would probably be better if you didn't assign bugs to me without checking first and thus put me into the position of having to appear like I'm shirking something that IBM asked for.11:36
xnoxok, sorry.11:56
xnoxit's marked as "FEAT" so they are not actually actively persuing for said thing to be fixed. and it's arch-independant.11:57
xnoxanything that is installed with network-console has openssh-server installed, even though displayed tasksel says it's not going to be / isn't marked for installation.11:57

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