Gallomimiawhy's my gui filebrowser suddenly look like win95?00:19
Gallomimiawhat did i do? how can i undo it? it's not the worst in the world just feels icky00:22
Gallomimialike i'm drinking bill gates' urine00:22
YankDownUnderGallomimia: Did you change any themes or styles?00:24
Gallomimiadon't think so. i checked on those...00:24
Gallomimiathe rest of the system is still "normal"00:24
YankDownUnderWhat was changed or installed or re-configured since it was last the way you wanted it?00:25
Gallomimiahaven't really done anything to the system. aside from add a monitor whose absence was causing problems, windows appearing on the wrong screen00:26
Gallomimiathe absent screen. also, the Main Menu has abherrant behavior: it won't open.00:26
YankDownUnderGallomimia: Fair enough...have you gone back into the monitors/displays and made sure that all of that was correct - and rebooted afterwards to make sure it was kept right?00:27
Gallomimiaseveral times in fact00:27
Gallomimiawhat's the name of the file browser?00:27
YankDownUnderSomething you can do is to open a terminal - and type: killall -9 mate-panel00:27
Gallomimiai was adding that to my panel as a hot-launch icon when i noticed the trouble00:28
YankDownUnderGallomimia: In most instances, that will kill and re-load the "main" panel...00:28
Gallomimiathought i'd changed the default browser to something else00:28
Gallomimiathe problem with the main menu persists.00:29
YankDownUnderIt's meant to...00:29
Gallomimiaah. i've discovered what's going on00:30
Gallomimiai've got my 27" monitor in portrait mode, and so, my desktop is rather huge and L shaped00:30
Gallomimiathe menu is popping up in empty space!00:30
YankDownUnderGallomimia: Ah...well, funny that.00:30
Gallomimiachanging the layout fixes the problem.00:30
Gallomimiabut this layout is dreadful!00:31
Gallomimiawhere's the bug report forum >:(00:31
YankDownUnderIt's easy enough to muck with - to change around...experimentation...and as well, you can play around with different themes (GTK2/GTK3) to make things less, er, "Windows" like...00:31
YankDownUnderhttps://ubuntu-mate.community/ => you can find where to do bug-filing there, mate.00:32
Gallomimiastill no idea why the caja browser suddenly took on the win95 theme00:32
Gallomimiait's the only program that looks that way.00:32
Gallomimiaand it never used to...00:32
Gallomimiai changed themes and no luck00:33
YankDownUnderIt's something freaking out the basic theme - could be the display settings that screwed it up...00:33
YankDownUnderYou can always "blow out" the configurations and "caches" to see if that helps...00:33
Gallomimiai'll admit, this portrait view is going to take some getting used to00:34
Gallomimiaum. where might that be?00:34
YankDownUnderIn a terminal, you can look in the ~/.config and ~/.cache directories - and figure out what to rename or delete => they'll be re-created on logout/login...00:34
Gallomimiai don't think this system likes logout :O00:36
Gallomimiamost of the themes seem to have nuked themselves back to default00:37
YankDownUnderGallomimia: Kinda been through this before - what I ended up doing was exactly what I described...I logged out and did it from the console (CTRL-ALT-F1) - then restarted the DM and logged in - recreated all my stuff, and was happy after that...hmm...00:38
Gallomimiaah. that's better. danka00:38
Gallomimiacaja looks normal again00:38
Gallomimiai nuked its entire dir in .config00:38
Gallomimianow for that menu bug. it's reproducible 100%00:41
YankDownUnderGallomimia: Yep...been there done that. Ja ja ja ja...I did the same to all the caches and configurations for the menu and mate-panel...seemed to fix it...(well, since last using it...using something else right now) :)00:43
Gallomimiano, this seems to be entirely related to the screen layout00:43
Gallomimiathe height of my main monitor is less than half of the height of my 2nd00:44
YankDownUnderGallomimia: You're going to have to sort that out - truly - and you're absolutely sure you've configured everything correctly for your display/monitor settings? Because I have several monitors and it did take me a bit, but once I figured out the "layout", I was able to properly setup the correct resolutions (two different resolutions) - oh, and I had to drag the "menu bar" from the one display to the next to set it as my00:45
Gallomimiathe menu shows when i change the layout to have the tops of both monitors aligned00:46
Gallomimiabut in RL the bottoms of the monitors are aligned00:46
Gallomimiasome routine makes it show above the top of my screen, in a non-visible area00:46
YankDownUnderGallomimia: And have you looked through the wiki about different display issues?00:47
Gallomimiaif i change the layout to have the landscape screen in the middle of the portrait one's edge, things work fine also00:47
Gallomimiathat i'm going to have to locate00:47
YankDownUnderHang on...00:47
YankDownUnderCouple of different options for "chatting" or "reading up on" things: https://ubuntu-mate.org/community/00:48
YankDownUnderMeanwhile, have a read through some things - it's Monday here, and I'm going to get out of the house and get some lunch, mate....00:49
Gallomimiai'll give a read. but maybe i should get back to what i was doing00:49
YankDownUnderGallomimia: Coolbeans...see ya on the flipside00:50
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Guest6709Has anyone gotten Repetier Host working on the RPi 3?02:00
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arun_is there any video driver for Dell laptops ? The scrolling smoothness is pathetic on my newly installed ubuntu mate11:39
ouroumovarun_, dell is not a GPU maker as far as I know11:40
ouroumovPlease check what graphics you have using the command: inxi -G11:40
arun_Graphics:  Card: Intel Broadwell-U Integrated Graphics11:41
arun_           Display Server: X.Org 1.18.3 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa)11:41
arun_           Resolution: 1366x768@60.00hz11:41
arun_           GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Broadwell GT111:41
arun_           GLX Version: 3.0 Mesa 11.2.011:41
arun_thats what i'm getting11:41
ouroumovSo it's Interl integrated graphics. Usually not an issue and drivers are stock installed. Check under "Software & Updates" -> Additional Driver if you've got Inter Microcode in use11:41
ouroumovAlso your choice of window manager can impact your experience, use MATE Tweak to test it11:43
swift110hey all14:24
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swift110how are you15:47
Codfectionwhy my plank is not running automatically after restartin16:06
Akuliis it the dock thing?16:18
DarkPsydeLordwell planks are forms of dead trees you cant make em you cant really restart em and turn em into living plants again :( its a shame16:19
DarkPsydeLordbut for the docking thingy did you added it to the startup apps?16:23
veter900how to install Navigator wound or seven roads on rasberry PI 3 for Ubuntu mate and how to install cards,especially cards that give the video to see how to do it I'm not a Profesional,let the installation video cards17:34
veter900как на навит установить карты видео есть или тут бесполезно писать??17:53
mate|90409Hi, I'm still having the issue with synapse, crashing when I try to type something.18:12
mate|90409I'm using the comment GTK_IM_MODULE='' 'synapse'18:12
mate|90409in a terminal window after every reboot18:13
Akuliwhat is synapse?18:13
mate|90409Sorry I'm not sure what do you mean?18:14
Akuliwhat is it supposed to do?18:15
Akuliis it a photo viewer? software manager? what is it?18:15
mate|90409Synapse is a graphical launcher enabling you to start applications and also to quickly find and access relevant documents and files (by making use of the zeitgeist engine).18:17
mate|90409Synapse is a graphical launcher enabling you to start applications and also to quickly find and access relevant documents and files (by making use of the zeitgeist engine).18:17
mate|90409Synapse is a graphical launcher enabling you to start applications and also to quickly find and access relevant documents and files (by making use of the zeitgeist engine).18:17
mate|90409Synapse is a graphical launcher enabling you to start applications and also to quickly find and access relevant documents and files (by making use of the zeitgeist engine).18:17
mate|90409Synapse is a graphical launcher enabling you to start applications and also to quickly find and access relevant documents and files (by making use of the zeitgeist engine).18:17
mate|90409its one of the pre-installed applications on Ubuntu-mate18:18
DarkPsydeLordwow spam!18:18
mate|90409Sorry :D18:18
mate|90409Not spam I promise :D18:19
Akulii wonder why it's not in my repositories18:22
Akulianyway, just go to startup applications in whatever menu you use and add it there :)18:22
mate|90409This would resolve the issue. I can open the program that bit is fine, the problem that it crashes when I try to type anything into it18:26
mate|90409This might give you some more info of the issue18:27
mate|90409I have seen few people posting about the issue but couldn't find a fix :/18:28
Akulii have no idea why it segfaults18:29
Akuliif run it from the terminal with GTK_IM_MODULE="" synapse, does it still segfault?18:30
mate|90409I have been using this workaround for weeks now but I have to do this in a terminal window after every reboot its not really a fix18:32
mate|90409I was expecting a fix for the bug as its affecting many users18:33
mate|90409and the application is unusable18:33
Akulion the ubuntu mate bug report there was a fix for your .desktop file that launches the program18:39
mate|90409what is the fix? is it just an update fix?18:39
mate|90409can I have the link?18:40
Akuliin this https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/synapse-crashes-in-16-04/5348/818:40
Akulithe third last comment, by scarciuz18:40
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gordonjcpI'm running Ubuntu MATE 16.0419:57
gordonjcpwhen I do CTRL-ALT-F1, F2, F3 and so on, I don't get a terminal window up19:58
monerysame gordonjcp, I am running it on an armv819:58
gordonjcpwell, this is on plain ordinary intel19:58
gordonjcpis this specific to MATE or is it upstream in ordinary Ubuntu?19:59
alkisggordonjcp: which graphics driver? lspci -nn -k | grep -A 2 VGA20:01
gordonjcpalkisg: intel20:01
alkisgmonery: ctrl+alt+fX work fine here on a raspberry pi 2 / mate20:01
gordonjcpiirc it's an intel 4 series chipset20:02
alkisggordonjcp: it should work fine with mate. Did you disable it with no vt switch somewhere in xorg.conf?20:02
alkisgYou can run that command and see which drivers are loaded20:02
gordonjcpalkisg: it's a fairly fresh install20:02
gordonjcpalkisg: with nothing particularly strange done to it20:02
gordonjcpI could run the command if I could open a console20:02
gordonjcp00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:2e12] (rev 03) Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller [103c:3646] Kernel driver in use: i91520:03
alkisgInside vt7, in a normal graphical terminal20:03
gordonjcpalkisg: that had locked up20:03
gordonjcpI've just rebooted it, same weirdass behaviour20:03
gordonjcpalthough now the desktop works20:03
alkisgIf it locked, then that may be the reason it wouldn't switch20:03
gordonjcpnope, it still won't switch and it never has20:03
alkisggordonjcp: can you try: sudo chvt 120:04
alkisgThen login, and try sudo chvt 7 to come back20:05
gordonjcpsame problem20:05
alkisgAny errors in dmesg or in xorg.log when you are trying to switch?20:06
gordonjcpit'll switch to a black screen, no way to type a command in, alt-F7 brings the desktop back20:06
gordonjcpno errors in dmesg that pertain to the display, nothing exciting in Xorg.0.log20:06
gordonjcpalkisg: aha, a clue20:08
gordonjcpalkisg: it works if I reboot (not restart X, actually reboot) with the second monitor disconnected20:09
gordonjcpalkisg: great, looks like I get to dig out my Intel chipset datasheets and go bughunting20:09
alkisggordonjcp: the sna intel driver isn't very actively developed, and in 16.10 ubuntu will switch to the older one20:09
alkisgI think you can force it now with specifying UXA for the acceleration20:10
alkisgSo, maybe a minimal xorg.conf will help20:10
gordonjcpalkisg: good point, I've got some old HP desktops that require UXA20:10
alkisgIt shouldn't be related to mate at all though, just to the intel driver20:10
gordonjcpI wonder if this slightly newer one needs it - it doesn't have the stripey crap bug that older chipsets have with SNA20:10
gordonjcpalkisg: yup, plug the analogue VGA monitor in, and although I can switch to other VTs none of them are running getty21:00
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mateGrantAnyone have issue with using multi-monitors with the new amdgpu pro drivers?22:54
Gallomimiahave they come around? that sounds wonderful23:49
Gallomimiai changed to nvidia due to lack of drivers myself23:49
Gallomimiai'm looking at a graphical grub with the ubuntu-mate logo. it freezes. the graphical grub does not play nice at all with my system. willing to give bug reports on the issue if needed, but for now I just want to disable the graphics. how is this possible?23:50
Gallomimiaer, pertinent info: it stops on the unlock full-disk encryption part23:51
Gallomimiafreezes and doesn't work the first boot. ctrl-alt-del restarts, 2nd time thru it fails to display the unlock screen but at least captures the passphrase and unlocks, letting me boot. supremely annoying. how can i disable graphical grub?23:52

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