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duflurobert_ancell: Hey just FYI, that scrolling speed problem with Xmir, while it has a fix may not get Fix Released as quickly as Xmir itself. We might end up with more people seeing the problem for a while till the next Unity8 update03:57
robert_ancellduflu, is that going to affect the SRU to Xenial?03:58
duflurobert_ancell: Yes, probably. But only for users of X apps in Unity8 on xenial. I'm not sure that's a major audience03:59
robert_ancellduflu, probably not03:59
dufluI'm just warning everyone so they expect the duplicate bug reports when they happen04:00
dufluIt is however a bug that already has a fix04:00
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alan_ggreyback: do the #pragmas have a purpose? g++-6 rightly rejects them, and I don't find a need anywhere. https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/miral/compatibility-with-mir-trunk/+merge/30213710:54
greybackalan_g: it used to silence compiler warnings due to the UAL header files10:55
greybackwhich made compilation with -Werror fail10:56
greybackthat situation may have been fixed now10:56
greybackthough probably not for the qt private header10:56
alan_gWhere should I compile to check? V+O and yakkety desktop build clean10:57
greybackalan_g: yep, v+o most likely culprit10:58
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alan_gSo they're just obsolete.11:00
greybackquite probably11:02
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aquarius_Phone question: how can I launch an application on the phone if Unity 8 isn't running?14:17
aquarius_Unity 8 does some jiggery-pokery with setting up its own mir sockets and so on, as far as I can tell...14:17
alan_gaquarius_: what are you using as a shell if you're not using U8?14:20
aquarius_alan_g: at the moment, assume nothing and that I'm launching apps from the command line. (I'm exploring the idea of a different shell, but the first part is to have some way I can launch apps at all without unity around :))14:21
alan_gwell, if you mean phone apps (not command line programs) they need a shell/mir server to talk to14:22
alan_gIt would be like launching an X app without an X server14:23
aquarius_ya, graphical apps -- qml, whathaveyou. So, question: an app can't launch and talk to mir itself? That's not how Mir works, I take it; something needs to be the "display server", and that's Unity 8?14:23
anpokyou can launch unity-system-compositor14:23
aquarius_so if I don't have unity running, I need to write a separate "dummy window manager" to act as a shell?14:23
anpokor you might have it still running..14:23
alan_gU8 is the Mir server14:24
aquarius_ah! unity-system-compositor is an alternative mir server?14:24
anpoku-s-c owns the screen and unity8 connects as a fullscreen client to it14:24
alan_gaquarius_: you might find lp:miral a good starting point for an alternative server14:25
anpokbut in general it seems that you should write an alternative server14:25
anpoku-s-c could serve as an intermediate replacement but it only accepts full screen clients14:25
alan_gBut IIUC you can find what you need in the "running the software" bit of this: http://www.octopull.co.uk/sw-dev/WorkingOnAPhone.html14:26
aquarius_full screen clients are fine for my use case (which is very simple at the moment! It might get more complex later, but i'm just exploring)14:26
anpokso you are better of launching miral-shell from lp:miral as a client to u-s-c or as a u-s-c replacement.14:26
aquarius_so, if I have u-s-c running, I should be able to launch (for example) qmlscene and it should work?14:27
aquarius_ah, so I still need miral-shell or similar running as well?14:28
alan_gUSC is very fussy about what connects to it.14:28
alan_gaquarius_: have a skim through the above article - you don't need to build things, but it also covers getting control of the screen14:29
aquarius_am indeed reading it as we speak :)14:29
ogra_wasnt there a tiling WM demo in the mir code somewhere ?14:29
ogra_you might be able to spawn that and run your app in it14:29
alan_gogra_: there is, there's also a non tiling one. (But the one in MirAL is a better starting point)14:31
aquarius_alan_g: that demo isn't on the phone already, I imagine?14:37
aquarius_Certainly I'll take a look at miral, which seems like the right thing to do14:37
aquarius_I've just gotta set up a build environment and whatnot to play around with that :)14:37
alan_gaquarius_: is isn't installed by default. But if you've e.g. a chroot set up you can install it14:38
aquarius_that makes sense14:38
aquarius_I was just sneaily hoping to avoid work ;)14:38
alan_gOr if you've made thing RW you can just use apt14:38
* alan_g doesn't recommend doing that though14:39
aquarius_yeah. As it happens I have made this RW so I can experiment with things, but I don't really want to install loads of mad stuff and break the system images just yet14:39
alan_gaquarius_: in that case installing mir-demos shouldn't do much harm. And gives you example servers and apps to play with14:41
aquarius_oh really? that sounds useful14:44
alan_g$ mir_demo_server --test-client mir_demo_client_egltriangle14:44
alan_gBut to get serious set up a chroot14:46
aquarius_certainly I will do when I get serious :)14:46
ogra_when will *that* ever happen ?14:46
aquarius_ha! shush, ogra ;)14:47
alan_gwhen the first phone bricks14:47
aquarius_hm, mir-demos isn't available in the repos. do I need to have a different archive enabled?14:47
aquarius_the phone points at vivid stuff14:47
alan_goh, I guess that's in universe14:48
aquarius_it is. bah :)14:48
aquarius_and vivid stuff isn't available in the archives any more. Can I use the wily version, or does it change in lockstep with newer mir?14:49
aquarius_huh. libmirclient9 on the phone is the version from yakkety. So mir stuff is more up to date than it pointing at "vivid" archives would imply :)14:50
anpokvivid stuff is in the stable-phone-overlay ppa14:51
anpokand xenial stuff too..14:51
aquarius_huh, darn. mir-demos 0.21 and 0.23 will both not install for dependency reasons14:53
aquarius_I bet I have to be running rc-proposed on the phone to match the version of mir-demos in yakkety.14:58
alan_gDon't mix with yakkety - the gcc isn't compatible14:59
alan_gAdd "universe" in /etc/apt/sources.list, apt update && apt-install mir-demos14:59
alan_gOr is that too serious?15:00
aquarius_I already have that, though15:00
aquarius_deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ vivid universe15:00
alan_gShouldn't that be deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports vivid main universe15:00
aquarius_deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ vivid-updates main restricted is in there too15:01
* alan_g is out of suggestions15:02
aquarius_I suspect this is because mir-demos *was* in vivid universe, but vivid is out of support now :)15:03
aquarius_(checks packages.gz file)15:04
aquarius_hey! it's there.15:04
aquarius_mir-demos, 0.12.1+15.04.20150324-0ubuntu115:04
aquarius_but apt-cache search doesn't find it. That's weird.15:05
alan_gIt ought to be in the stable-phone-overlay ppa15:05
alan_gProbably 0.2315:05
aquarius_hm, have I ever actually run apt update on this device?15:06
alan_gthat would help15:07
aquarius_it would rather, wouldn't it :)15:07
aquarius_and there it is. Good one, Langridge, you moron15:08
aquarius_installed :)15:08
aquarius_ERROR: Dynamic exception type: St12system_error15:09
aquarius_std::exception::what: Enable multithreading to use std::thread: Operation not permitted15:09
aquarius_https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1460868 seems relevant here15:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 1460868 in unity8-desktop-session (Ubuntu) "[regression] Mir demo servers don't start at all in release 0.13.1 (mir-platform-graphics-* never installed)" [High,Fix released]15:12
alan_gaquarius_: that's familiar (a bug - IIRC there's an LD_PRELOAD workaround)15:13
alan_gnot that bug15:13
aquarius_the bug sorta suggests that i need a mir-graphics-drivers package installed, but I have mir-graphics-drivers-android15:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1577357 in mir (Ubuntu) "package-built mir_demo_server does not start on device" [Undecided,New]15:14
aquarius_woo, spinning triangle :)15:14
aquarius_very very flickery spinning triangle.15:15
alan_gYou "forgot" $ sudo stop lightdm15:15
aquarius_ah, because unity-system-compositor is still running. I don't want that, right?15:15
alan_gthey fight15:16
aquarius_if I stop lightdm entirely, then the screen goes black15:16
aquarius_and running egltriangle doesn't show anything on screen15:16
aquarius_ah, as per the doc15:17
aquarius_I did forget that this time :)15:17
aquarius_that works.15:17
aquarius_brill. Now to convince qmlscene to start up :)15:18
aquarius_(thank you, alan_g, this is really helpful, btw!)15:19
aquarius_so the mir_demo_server is enough to run mir-understanding clients on top, excellent; is there a layer wich goes in between a "normal" app (say, qmlscene, or a compiled Qt app) and mir-demo-server, or does Qt know how to talk to Mir itself?15:21
anpokaquarius_: QT_QPA_PLATFORM=ubuntumirclient needs to be set15:21
anpokand the user needs to have read write access rights on the MIR_SOCKET opened by the server..15:22
alan_gOr more generally: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/miral/trunk/view/head:/miral-shell/miral-run.sh15:22
anpokor use the --launch-client <clientbinary> functionality of the various servers.. to avoid having a socket file15:22
aquarius_I'm using --test-client15:23
alan_gTrue. --launch-client also deals with the environment variables15:24
anpokthen qmlscene still needs QT_QPA_PLATFORM15:24
anpokoh does it now?15:24
alan_gThat got added in 0.2215:25
aquarius_LD_PRELOAD=libpthread.so.0 mir_demo_server --launch-client simp.sh, where simp.sh is QT_QPA_PLATFORM=ubuntumirclient qmlscene /opt/click.ubuntu.com/org.kryogenix.fontbrowser/current/main.qml , gives me a tiny mouse pointer in the top left of the screen :)15:27
aquarius_ah. org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoServer: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-DTpyAMgnHQ: Connection refused15:28
aquarius_and indeed there is no dbus socket there15:29
aquarius_although $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is set. Interesting.15:29
alan_gPrefix with dbus-run-session?15:30
aquarius_ha haaaaaa!15:31
alan_gOr, maybe, go for an app that doesn't use dbus?15:31
aquarius_and I have an app running! with no unity 8 at all! score. :)15:31
aquarius_thank you very much alan_g and anpok15:32
aquarius_it does still have a tiny mouse pointer :)15:33
anpokand you dont want that?15:33
aquarius_nope. this is on the phone15:33
alan_gaquarius_: tough. This is an *example* of how to use the mir library, not a fully function mir server.15:35
* aquarius_ laughs15:35
aquarius_it wasn't a complaint15:35
aquarius_I have gone from zero to demonstrable in about fifteen minutes with your help, which was exactly what I wanted. Doing this properly needs more than just wiring together existing demos15:35
aquarius_hence I shall look into miral and so on!15:36
alan_gGood luck15:37
aquarius_really helpful. Thank you, people.15:37
alan_ganpok: that make me think MirAL ought to have a way to detect pointing devices and a way to disable the cursor.15:41
alan_ganpok: https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/miral/more-todo/+merge/30230116:10
anpokalan_g: :)..17:24

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