mwhudson_would anyone here have any use for an old style thinkpad charger or two?21:57
chiltsmwhudson_: not the square ones?22:36
* chilts doesn't know which is old or new22:36
chiltsI only have square, though I did have a round one at some point22:37
mwhudson_chilts: yeah, the round ones22:39
mwhudson_chilts: i think you can get adapters though22:39
chilts$1.99 - that's extortionate!22:41
chiltsI think I'm gonna get a new Thinkpad in the next couple of months, so I'll pass for now since that'll come with another one anyway22:42
mwhudson_fair enough22:43
chiltswhich means I'll have enough (if not too many)22:43
mwhudson_i don't suppose anyone wants a broken x220 either? :)22:43
chiltshave you got a replacement already? which did you go for (if the former answer is yes)?22:43
* chilts has an E450, but probably gonna get something with a longer battery life22:44
mwhudson_oh yeah, i got a replacement like a year ago, i'm just crap at getting rid of things22:44
mwhudson_i have the x1 carbon gen322:44

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