WhoAmi00hello ,05:18
WhoAmi00How to redirect requests for a resource that are not on the server ? ,05:18
WhoAmi00i have a website hosted on ubuntu 14.04 - apache 2.4 i want my website to accept only requests for files on the server and the others redirect them to another website , can that done ?!05:18
Xhuinhey all05:47
Xhuincan anyone recommend an irc server?05:47
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gvandeweyerhi, I'm trying to install linux kernel 4.7.0 on an ubuntu 14 LTS server. So far all attemts result into booting into busybox, with the message that the hard drive (/dev/dis/by-uuid/....) cannot be found. the xenial kernel (4.4) boots fine. Any idea what I'd be missing?06:19
gvandeweyerIt was a mainline deb that I installed. I'd like to try it to check if a bug is resoved (mentioned that it should in 4.7).06:20
gvandeweyerthe issue is present on both physical server (dell poweredge) and on kvm/qemu virtual machine.06:20
KpuCkohello i'm trying to install ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS from USB pen drive to software raid & lvm, the problem is that on the 4 console (the log) im seeing errors like that: main-menu: operation not supported, and my installation fails07:53
KpuCkothe errors are seen after disk setup, root & swap partition and starting installing the system07:54
lordievaderGood morning.08:39
xperiahi all. i have executed "apt-get dist-upgrade" and now after reboot i get the error message "init line 277 readlink not found" My server is not booting now! Can somebody tell me how to fix this problem so my ubuntu server start to boot again pleas?09:58
ikoniaxperia: what version of ubuntu09:58
ikoniaxperia: it also should give you a bit more info than that09:58
xperiaikonia: last line is /bin/sh/ can't access tty job control turned off09:59
xperiaits 16.04.1 now10:00
xperiait looks like filesystem is mounted in read only modus10:00
xperiathere is nothing else beside the cusor blinking10:01
RoyKxperia: try to reboot into single user mode10:03
RoyKxperia: once up with that, run an fsck on the root fs10:05
xperiaRoyK: i rebooted with usb and i chroted the rootfs partition. if i try to do apt-get update i get the error message that command can not be found even i have access to all of my rootfs10:09
xperiai guess i need to mount usr too like it said to get access to my commands10:09
xperiaon my rootfs10:09
ikoniaapt-get update won't do anything10:12
ikoniawe need more info about what part of the boot process is failure10:12
ikoniarather than little snippets10:12
ikoniaan fsck as RoyK suggested wouldn't hurt10:12
RoyKxperia: umount your old root and run fsck on it - if it came up mounted ro, something is usually messed up10:16
RoyKxperia: and hopefully that 'something' is just some hichup in your fs and not your drive10:17
RoyKxperia: you may want to run a smartctl -H against the disk first10:17
xperiawell it looks like the installation and upgrade from the last lts version to the new one 16.04.01 was aborted in half.10:19
xperiai chrooted now in my roofs and did again apt-get dist-upgrade10:20
xperiaand got the eeror message that packages need to be reconfigured10:20
xperiadoing it right now so installation can be completed10:20
xperiaRoyK: will do this fsck too but now too late. wil wait till upgrade is finished10:22
RoyKxperia: you should never write to a filesystem with errors10:25
xperiaLOOKS like i am back. i see again root login screen10:26
RoyKxperia: just for safety, run touch /forcefsck and reboot to give it a fsck10:27
mdeslaurrbasak: hrm, bug 1610765 may be related to the new migration stuff...11:03
ubottubug 1610765 in mysql-5.7 (Ubuntu) "mysql server fails to start due to faulty apparmor profile" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161076511:03
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jonahis it possible for two servers to share dns, so both have different websites on them but use the same two nameservers of the master server? so on the second server the domains just use the fist servers ns1 and ns2 and the sites are still routed through the first server from the second and load up properly?13:52
bekksjonah: what are you trying to achieve? With a weird dns setup :)13:53
jonahbekks: haha - well basically I have a server running and orignally wanted to add failover with an identical second server. I can't find a good solution for this though, so wondered if I can just run them in parallel. Both providing mail and different sites. I don't have any spare IPs so hoped the second server could somehow route through the first13:56
bekkstwo server, serving the same sites, and a dns loadbalancer.13:59
bekksAnd basically you dant do that with just one IP.14:01
tuorHi, I want to use a ubuntu-cloud image but not with a qcow2 format, I need it in the raw format.14:11
tuorHow can I convert it?14:11
jamespagetuor, qemu-img can do that for you14:12
jamespageddellav, coreycb: as I managed not todo my ci tidy last week, did some catchup today14:16
jamespagebackported some new revs for client packages for heat; rebased some patches, misc other bits14:16
coreycbjamespage, awesome, thanks :)14:16
jamespageddellav, coreycb: I suspect the need todo another oslo ++ run14:16
coreycbjamespage, ok14:16
jamespagekeystone needs new oslo.db I think14:16
jamespagethedac, hey - I should have something approximating vmware-nsx packages for newton as well14:17
jamespagetap-as-a-service and networking-sfc packaged, but not uploaded just yet14:18
jonahbekks: well the dilemma is I've got a block of 8 ip on order which isn't ready for a month. so I wondered how to use both servers in the meantime...14:18
rbasakmdeslaur: I think that happens because the user has a locally modified apparmor profile and so it doesn't get updated with the new paths.14:37
rbasakI'm not sure what to do about that.14:37
mdeslaurrbasak: oh! I see14:38
mdeslaurrbasak: meh, he gets to keep both pieces14:38
tuorjamespage, thx. worked well. :)14:49
coreycbjamespage, do you have an opinion on bug 1607095 ?14:53
ubottubug 1607095 in Ubuntu Cloud Archive "ubuntu cloud archive repo includes python-setuptools package that breaks with trusty version of python-pip" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160709514:53
jamespagecoreycb, hmm yeah I saw that one14:53
jamespagecoreycb, does that not break dfs?14:53
tuorWhen my cloud-image VM boots up, I cant login. I have configured a user and a password in the user-data file.14:54
coreycbjamespage, good question, I've not hit it14:54
coreycbjamespage, oh.. we pip install setuptools for dfs14:54
tuorI have run the image in a KVM VM.14:54
coreycbjamespage, so no it doesn't affect it14:55
tuorHmms seems like, there is no user created in the VM.15:00
tuorI have to check my yaml file.15:00
coreycbjamespage, yeah we pip upgrade pip and setuptools from what the default virtualenv gives us prior to installing anything with pip15:01
jonahbekks: is mod_proxy any good?15:02
coreycbtuor, ubuntu cloud images require ssh key authentication by default. can you just generate a keypair and use it?15:03
bekksjonah: Depends on what you want to do. Questions without any contexts are pointless, usually.15:04
coreycbtuor, might be useful: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/cloud-images-and-uvtool.html15:05
tuorcoreycb, can't I login with tty?15:05
tuorcoreycb, thx.15:05
tuorI'm using kvm and want to manage the VMs with libivrt. I can start the VM and I see it's screen, the only thing is, I can't login on it. With SSH, I need to know it's IP first...15:06
coreycbtuor, uvt-kvm might be nice for that, I'm not sure that virsh has the capability to find the IP, but arp might work.15:10
tuorcoreycb, ok.15:10
coreycbtuor, uvt-kvm has a --password option too, but of course it's not as secure as using keys15:11
tuorTo login with SSH I need a user to. The user didn't get created. I mounted the VMs partition and check /etc/passwd, but there is no user called "user" or "ubuntu" in it. No user with uid 100015:12
coreycbtuor, hmm not sure, there should be an ubuntu user by default15:14
tuorcoreycb, there wasn't. Maybe I have an error in my userdata file...15:15
tuorAt booting up, after systemd started the journal service, there is no output on the "screen" for minutes...15:16
dannfjgrimm: do you know what version of libvirt will ship in yakkety? (2.1.0 is in sid, 1.3.4 is currently in y)15:32
jgrimmdannf, equivalent with sid would be the goal15:39
dannfjgrimm: cool - yeah, there's some arm stuff in 2.1.0 we're interested in - looking at whether or not to try a backport, will wait on that :)15:41
jayjoI have a crontab that I wrote years go that uses 'env - PYTHONPATH= ...' . What does the '-' do in this command?17:11
Picijayjo: the manpage says that - implies -i17:12
Picii.e. ignore environment17:12
jayjook got it - i'm going to switch it to -i to be more verbose17:13
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coreycbddellav, jamespage: oslo.db uploaded and a few other fixes.  CI should be back to blue now.19:01
xperiahi all. i am trying since hours to get fail2ban to run on a new ubuntu server but for some strange reason everytime i do "sudo service fail2ban start" it just start with the only one ssh jail and nothing else despite the fact that more jails exist in the conf file. what is the problem why is fail2ban not really working in ubuntu?20:53
patdk-wkdid you enable them?20:56
xperiapatdk-wk: OOHH looks like i need to enable them additional yes.20:58
xperiaone second20:58
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MASMHello old my friends21:48
MASMSome one want to help me with my problem of raid121:52
MASMerror on md1 and md321:52
MASMand this is an information about devices...21:53
MASMfdisk -l                       http://paste.ubuntu.com/22741359/21:53
MASMand information about md1 and md3 http://paste.ubuntu.com/22741501/21:53
MASMi saw that one device is not sincronized, in mails that i get some time mentioned md1 and other mentioned md321:55
sarnoldMASM: there's an <hr> in one of the code blocks22:53
tomreynMASM: disk sda has been (or, more precisely, partitions sda1 and sda3 have been) removed off your two md RAIDs (md1, md3)23:06
tomreynyour system log should hint on why this happend.23:07
tomreynif it happened while you did not change the configuration (MBR, grub, partitions) it is often caused by a broken disk (i.e. phyically damaged). check its S.M.A.R.T. attributes using smartmon-tools.23:08
tomreynsmartctl -a /dev/sda23:09
MASMsarnold: Thanks i re-edit it23:09
tomreynsmartctl -t long /dev/sda23:09
tomreynsmartctl -a long /dev/sda23:09
MASMtomreyn:  and what i need to do with that?23:10
tomreynsorry the last line was wrong, should be just "smartctl -a /dev/sda" again23:10
tomreyn*IF* your disk is physically defect (use smartmontools to get a better idea about it, and review your system logs at /car/log/syslog* ), you need to replace it.23:11
MASMi got this message from `smartctl -t long /dev/sda` Please wait 118 minutes for test to complete.23:13
MASMif i undestand the command line show information about disk  this : smartctl -a /dev/sda23:14
tomreynif it's broken: use hdparm to get the broken disks' serial number, power down the computer,  identify the physical location of the drive to be removed (using the serial number), remove it, place a new disk there instead (can be later).23:14
MASMthis is for testing? : smartctl -t long /dev/sda23:14
tomreynyes -t for testing23:14
MASMand when the test finish i need to run this : smartctl -t long /dev/sda23:14
tomreynyou should not start a self test until you have examined your system logs and the -a output23:14
MASMsorry, this for check results?: smartctl -a /dev/sda23:15
tomreynyes, state, and test results, and how much longer for the test to run23:15
tomreynany I/O on any disk makes the disk deteriorate. this is especially true for a disk which is already half broken.23:16
tomreynlook for a websiote which explains how to interpret the output of smartctl -a /dev/sda23:16
MASMi need to wait 116 minutes,  xD23:16
tomreynonly a few of these values actually matter, and their meaning can vary between models and vendors.23:17
tomreynthat's enough time to do what you should have done in the first place - review the -a output, interpret it, and moreover, review your system logs.23:18
tomreyngood luck, i'm off to bed23:19
MASMgood bye men thanks for you help23:19

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