ahoneybunhas anyone looked at https://asteroidos.org/ ?01:02
ahoneybunsmartwatch os based on Qt5 and QML?01:03
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ccis there any good idea for using ubuntu phone?i'm now using MeiZu Pro5 Ubuntu phone06:12
ccbut i know little about it06:12
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black_puppydoghey all. I just flashed the my hammerhead with the latest devel_rc-proposed. I got an "unlock sim" on first  boot but never since. now it's just "no sim card detected" and thus no mobile network. is that a known issue? /cc mariogrip08:44
duflublack_puppydog: There are open issues I think with the network indicator (or related code) crashing, that makes some options unavailable.08:50
dufluLike https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/160707908:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1607079 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "Cellular Option immediately crashes [OTA-12]" [High,In progress]08:50
javier4_my tree builds aosp but fails on Ubuntu. It doesn't find /vendor rules correctly inherited by my device.mk. How could I debug the problem?09:01
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black_puppydogduflu: but the sim unlock should happen on boot, no? or is that just the network-indicator popping up when loading?09:37
duflublack_puppydog: I don't know. I just see patterns in the bug reports :)09:37
black_puppydogduflu: okay thanks. guess I'll try this more tonight, maybe revert to stable if I don't manage to get it working :)09:44
ogra_black_puppydog, dont use devel, thats yakkety ...09:47
ogra_either use the normal rc-proposed channel (thats active development) or a xenial build (though i'm not sure how well that works yet)09:48
black_puppydogogra_: thanks for the tip. I was actually unsure what each channel is exactly :)09:50
black_puppydoggood thing I know now, before doing too much stuff, I can still wipe+reflash :)09:50
kaisozHi there!10:17
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zaolinHey. Where can I document bugs and misbehaviour for ubuntu-touch ?11:22
popeyzaolin: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers11:26
zaolinokay, thanks11:30
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black_puppydogogra_: on first boot with rc-devel, sim works fine. managed to sign into appstore, but then (as also with proposed) the store freezes and cannot be force-quit. it works after rebooting though, including mobile data. :)12:01
black_puppydogon the other hand, nearly all of the apps (telegram, calculator, weather, browser, ...) just fail to launch... :/12:07
black_puppydogthis is weird, a month ago hammerhead was really usable. what happened in the meantime?12:07
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kaisozHi there12:41
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black_puppydogany way I can specify a specific version number for ubuntu-device-flash? and if so, which one would be best for hammerhead?13:13
dobeyyes you can, and the latest in either stable or rc-proposed would be the best for that device, i think13:14
black_puppydogdobey: thing is, in stable I got a version that seemed to be before last month's epic update which fixed a critical bug that prevented sharing or picking *anything* which made the device pretty useless13:15
black_puppydogand rc-proposed (not devel) I had the problem described above. I can deal with shaky booting, but I *do* need mobile data and apps that actually start. that wasn't a problem in the middle of july...13:17
dobeyi don't know13:17
black_puppydogno problem :) maybe mariogrip can comment if he finds the time. I'll check back on this later...13:18
chrisccoulsonWith https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1723, I can use QSystemInfo to enumerate input devices from Oxide inside confined apps, right?13:32
dobeyMirv: ^^13:44
Mirvchrisccoulson: dobey: from within confined apps would need https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1723 landing which is pending on UITK implementing a branch to use it13:59
Mirvyou could ask bzoltan if he can get that landed for OTA-13 still. the qtsystems part is ready.13:59
Mirvchrisccoulson: but yes when that lands, you can14:00
Mirvchrisccoulson: since it uses the Mir API to get the input devices14:00
chrisccoulsonMirv, excellent, thanks14:11
brunch875My youtube scope doesn't work. Am I the only one with this situation?14:12
brunch875Videos aggregator won't load it either14:12
mhall119mariogrip: hey, can you help out this guy who's trying to get started with porting? http://askubuntu.com/questions/808669/im-using-phalbet-dev-bootstrap-to-download-ubuntu-touch-sources-and-it-is-giv14:21
mhall119probably the tools he's using are broken, so if you have alternatives that you know will work, just point him to them14:22
popeyhe was here earlier, the server was down, it's fixed now14:24
javier4_Guys, I generated a working AOSP source tree, that builds and boots quite correctly. If I use device/, vendor/ and hardware/ to build Ubuntu, compilation fails. I noticed that my original tree has some files customized by MediaTek inside its build/ subdirectory. Should I substitute them to the ones shipped by Phablet?14:25
mhall119popey: oh, is that all it was?14:25
mhall119ah, cool, thanks14:25
john-mcaleelyganeshi4u, I have that branch for you.15:21
john-mcaleelyganeshi4u, so, for an android 5.1 based device like yours, use: personal/w-ondra/phablet-5.1.1_r3615:22
john-mcaleelyand w-ondra is ondra on this channel ;-)15:22
john-mcaleelyganeshi4u, ^15:22
ondraganeshi4u I'm now pushing those out of my personal, so soon you could use just phablet-5.1.1_r3615:25
john-mcaleelypopey, ^ fyi15:29
ganeshi4ujohn-mcaleely: thanks 😃15:32
popeyjohn-mcaleely: thanks16:01
jarlathWohoo!! Running irssi from Ubuntu phone using Libetine :) Goodbye raspberry pi - I think.16:08
ondra@all just push phablet-5.1.1 branch from personal to main, you can now sync code with repo init -u ssh://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com:29418/aosp/platform/manifest -b phablet-5.1.1_r3616:49
dobeyjarlath: well, cool that it works, but you'll still suffer from the lifecycle constraints :)16:50
jarlathdobey: true. But so far, so good. I'm listening to Podbird with the screen locked and the phone but the ssh connection/irssi are still running.17:02
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Laneymorphis: BTW, I uploaded libhybris a couple of times to yakkety (looks like you are the maintainer) - you might want to grab those fixes or not. Sorry for not going through the official channels but it was blocking other stuff.19:21
morphisLaney: ah!19:26
morphisLaney: can you submit a PR against https://code.launchpad.net/~libhybris-maintainers/libhybris/+git/libhybris/+ref/master with those fixes?19:26
Laneymorphis: sure, will do tomorrow19:27
morphisLaney: thanks!19:28
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anomwhich is the best phone for connecting to a monitor/keyboard/mouse?21:31
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