Trevinhotsdgeos: hey, I've fixed https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity8/fake-indicators-model/+merge/297509 again09:03
tsdgeosTrevinho: okidoki09:04
Trevinhohaving also https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity8/indicators-client-modernize https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/ubuntu-system-settings/fix-system-update-linking and https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/ubuntu-settings-components/cmake-staging-install-fix reviewed would be nice09:05
tsdgeosyeah :/09:07
cimipstolowski, welcome back :) I have a question for you when you free10:04
pstolowskicimi, hi!10:06
cimipstolowski, we would like to have some sort of unique id per preview, so we can on our unity8 side store some temporary data per each preview (for example, a text area of the preview of Dekko application preview)10:08
pstolowskicimi, the preview can be updated on user interactions, but it's still the same preview. e.g. when you install an app it's still the same preview model being updated, where some widgets change10:17
pstolowskicimi, would you expect such preview to have same id during entire user journey?10:18
cimiif the widgets are "the same" yes10:18
pstolowskicimi, and if any bit of a widget changes, it's a "new" preview?10:19
cimiso the point is we use a plugin to store data.... imagine you are writing a review for Dekko, then you rotate the device and the model updates and all widgets are refreshed... you lose the text you entered10:19
cimiyou understand that?10:19
pstolowskicimi, yeah, i see how rotation can affect something like this.. but how does ID help?10:21
cimipstolowski, I'd like to store those text for multiple previews of the same scope10:21
cimipstolowski, widgetId seems like "text" "audio" pretty useless10:22
pstolowskicimi, i'm a bit unclear why we need that to help with this issue, seems a bit overcomplicated. when you rotate you're not re-requesting new preview, are you? unless user hits a preview button you know you're dealing with same preview, no?10:26
davmor2bregma: unity8 desktop on yakkety is not fun, not fun at all, not even11:58
bregmadavmor2, did you file bugs?  I've been gone for a week's vacation, I expect everything has gone all to heck11:59
davmor2bregma: no I will be, if you're off is there someone else I should check in on for this kinda thing?12:00
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bregmadavmor2, I would like to think things have only improved while I was away, but the hardcore cynic in me is saying I will be very busy for the next few days now that I'm back12:05
* bregma powers up his yakkety test machine and starts updating12:05
davmor2bregma: I have 2 massive issues right now accounts don't work so I can't install stuff, in the main unity7/tty session the screen blanks after 5-10 seconds and you can't do anything except unplug and plug the power back then you get another 5-10 seconds12:07
bregmadavmor2, the second problem is a bug in repowerd, I believe he's already working on a fix for that12:10
tsdgeosbregma: there was an email somehwre about the repowerd thing12:13
bregmayes, that's how I know he's working on it12:13
tsdgeosah :)12:13
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tsdgeosltinkl: no tests in https://code.launchpad.net/~lukas-kde/unity8/fixPromptSurfaceKeymap/+merge/302276 ?12:23
ltinkltsdgeos, hmm nope... I can look into adding/extending one if you want12:23
tsdgeosltinkl: well i mean it was top-approved already, but if it's not hard and you think it's worth it, i'd like one, otherwise i'll just top approve again based on dandrader's review and that's it12:24
tsdgeosTrevinho: ping-o-matic12:34
Trevinhotsdgeos: pong-o-matic12:35
tsdgeosTrevinho: why the modelprinter import in https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity8/fake-indicators-model/+merge/297509 ?12:35
tsdgeosyou don't use it anywhere, no?12:35
Trevinhotsdgeos: qmlRegisterType<ModelPrinter>(uri, 0, 1, "ModelPrinter");12:36
tsdgeosTrevinho: yes, i mean in the qml12:36
Trevinhoin fakeplugin.cpp12:36
tsdgeoswhy you need to register it if noone uses it?12:36
Trevinhotsdgeos: it's used by indicator-client12:36
Trevinhoit's loaded dynamically when using indicators-client to load those12:37
tsdgeosah i see what you mean12:37
tsdgeos./qml/Panel/Indicators/client/IndicatorsTree.qml:28:    Indicators.ModelPrinter {12:37
tsdgeosneeds it12:37
tsdgeosso the fake plugin needs to provide it too12:37
Mirvdandrader: so qtdeclarative copy to yakkety as soon as it doesn't potentially explode the whole world of GCC6 wonders, I'm working huge amounts of fixes in KDE, Lubuntu, Ubuntu, powerpc, s390x.. to get Qt transitioned to release pocket right now. hopefully it doesn't affect your work too much, I assume there's some MP you can't compile without it or something?12:49
tsdgeosMirv: well unity8 basically doesn't compile unless you have the new uitk which needs the new qt12:51
tsdgeosfor us yakkety'ans means to get those packages from proposed12:52
dandraderMirv, no. Was jut trying out a branch that depends on this qtdeclarative fix on yakkety and verified that it still wasn't working over there. So for the time being I have to resrtict myself to testing only on stable-phone-overlay12:52
tsdgeosMirv: btw the KDE stuff seems to be working fine12:52
Mirvtsdgeos: yes so you should be happy if the migration would happen soon..12:53
dandraderMirv, As long as that fix is also slated to land on yakkety I'm happy12:53
Mirvdandrader: ok12:53
Mirvdandrader: it is12:53
dandraderMirv, great, thanks12:53
Mirvtsdgeos: except that there are blockers there like muon/plasma-discover migration brokenness, missing language packages plasma-desktop-data conflict upon etc12:53
Mirvtsdgeos: but right now I'm blocked by a powerpc GCC6 issue that I need to fix to be able to rebuild UITK in yakkety to workaround s390x issue. welcome to my world :(12:54
tsdgeosMirv: oh by no means i'm saying that the KDE packages in proposed are in good shape, what i say is that the KDE packages in yakkety "non-proposed" + qt from proposed works fine12:54
Mirvright. Qt can't migrate without KDE now though12:55
Mirvor without LXQt12:55
vigoI'm finding troubles when loggin on unity8, it gives me black screen16:58
vigoI've seen bugs about it but all I've tried wasn't enough, any idea┬┐(intel+nvidia drivers- noveau)16:59

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