cmaloneyWe'll get started soon00:59
cmaloneyAnyone here?00:59
gamerchick02_i am but i'm watching Lewis01:03
gamerchick02_Inspector Lewis on Masterpiece Mystery01:04
gamerchick02_its the final season01:04
gamerchick02_or series01:04
gamerchick02_i'm a HUGE Kevin Whately fan and a HUGE Robbie/Laura shipper.01:05
cmaloneyWatching the THelonious Monk documentary01:20
jrwrentotally distracted by olympics01:25
gamerchick02_that's ok i'm distracted by Lewis01:26
cscheibcmaloney: interesting.  that wasn't the case 6 months ago when I looked02:02
cscheibbut that may have been the AT&T MVNOs02:02
Scary_GuyI was distracted by sleep, not that I'd really have anything to say anyway05:02
Scary_Guyjrwren, would something like http://openbts.org work?05:10
Scary_Guyjust set up your own personal tower, fuck'em05:11
Scary_Guyalso if you plan on traveling I'd look into a dual-sim phone05:12
cmaloneymorning pt 213:51
Scary_GuyI haven't really thought about it, we have an afternoon, why no forenoon or preenoon?13:53
cmaloneyBecause we probably did away with those terms13:54
cmaloneyMuch in the same way we dealth with half-pennies13:54
Scary_Guywell afternoon seems just as valid.  also pennies seem just as useless now, let's get rid of those too13:55
cmaloneyAnd furlongs13:55
cmaloneyDeath to furlongs13:55
Scary_Guydeath to the imperial system in general13:56
Scary_Guyalso every other date format than YYYY-MM-DD, and 12 hour time13:58
Scary_Guyand the Gregorian calander13:58
jrwrenall time should be based on seconds since unix epoch14:03
Scary_Guyno, screw that, and year zero too.  all time should be based on the human era https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocene_calendar14:06
jrwrenunix epoch is the start of the human era that matters. :p14:08
cmaloneyjrwren: Totes14:12
cmaloneyThat calendar reminds me of that naff idea that Swatch had for Internet beats14:13
cmaloney634 beats14:14
Scary_Guywas just reading the wiki on it14:15
Scary_Guyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_time is a thing too14:17
Scary_Guyalthough I kind of like the idea of being able to use an 8 hour or 6 hour clock as well.14:17
cmaloneyThat's old news, sadly14:20
cmaloneyAlthough yay, it affects my handset.14:20
Scary_Guymine too14:20
Scary_Guyalso funny the blackphone 1 and 2 are on there14:21
Scary_GuyI need to just break down and get a Nexus14:32
Scary_GuyThen I can run this: https://copperhead.co/android/14:32
jrwrenthen you can get rooted in that quadrooter thing.14:33
jrwreni was j/k.14:33
jrwrenthe quadrooter thing came from defcon this weekend. qualcomm drivers are super vulnerable.14:34
jrwrennexus uses qualcomm chip, so its vulnerable.14:34
Scary_Guyoh, that was in the link I posted14:36
jrwrenyeah, lol14:37
Scary_Guywhat I get for skimming it14:37
Scary_Guybut I could still get an OG Nexus 5, I don't see that listed14:38
jrwrencopperhead os looks like what apple ios does by default.14:38
* jrwren ducks14:38
Scary_Guybut iOS isn't open source14:39
cmaloneyjrwren: DOn't make me shun you. ;)14:39
jrwrenI already ducked all these comments :]14:40
* cmaloney directs the heat of a thousand shuns at jrwren14:40
Scary_GuyIf I wanted an apple like device I'd at least get one with style https://www.turingphone.com/14:44
Scary_Guy(if it ever actually releases that is)14:44
jrwreni'm all locked into apple ecosystem now. i wish it were all open source, but its not, and its too convenient for me to care :[14:50
rick_h_for me is wasn't the open source, but my inability to use a better device with my other stuff14:50
rick_h_"this roku is awesome...oh wait I can't get at any of my apple purchases, or get my roku purchaes on my apple..."14:51
jrwreni don't purchase media other than CDs, so that hasn't been an issue for me ;]14:52
jrwrennot trying to suggest your case isn't valid. I'm highlightning how diff our experiences are ;]14:52
rick_h_custom built customer14:52
rick_h_yea, understand14:52
rick_h_but you've never wanted to bring anything non-apple into your tech mix and been frustrated?14:53
Scary_GuyI have a great story, so I took photos on an old boss's iPhone to sell crap on craigslist.  then I try to transfer them to a PC14:53
jrwrenhrm, yes now that you mention it.14:54
jrwrenI hate that airplay is closed.14:54
jrwrenthe first airplay video was wide open protocol. TRIVIAL to implement14:54
Scary_Guyhe said I needed to use some program called "ifunbox" to transfer them14:54
Scary_GuyI need nothing with an android14:54
jrwrenthen the airplay mirror came out with new protocol and it all went closed.14:54
jrwrenyes, it angers me greatly.14:54
jrwrenandroid and chrome are just as bad in this regarud.14:55
Scary_Guythat's why I use firefox14:55
jrwrenScary_Guy: that is not true at all. an iphone's camera shows up as any USB camera to a windows PC.14:55
jrwrenwhat does firefox do?14:55
Scary_Guywell I don't know why his system didn't see it then14:55
Scary_Guythis was years ago14:55
Scary_Guyfirefox isn't chrome, that's all it needs to do14:56
jrwrenah, yes, firefox is my favorite browser too. ;]14:56
Scary_Guyto me, apple is like TPM gone wrong.  It locks the user down instead of everyone else14:59
jrwrenits true.15:01
jrwrenthe flip side to that is also true IMO. As long as you play in the confines, the experience is very good.15:02
Scary_Guywhat is worse is that the users are so smug about it.  they aren't selling a device, they're selling a status symbol15:02
jrwrenha! that is sad but true.15:03
jrwrenfor me, its just a tool which works well.15:03
Scary_Guycan't sideload apps, can't get root, can't load your own OS.  I mean some android devices suffer from those issues as well15:03
Scary_Guywell, many15:03
Scary_Guyif that's all you need it for then great15:03
Scary_Guybut I also don't see the point in paying $700 for a device that shatters on impact with a feather either15:04
jrwrenthat has not been my experience.15:04
Scary_Guyworked in a phone store, most of the screens that needed repair were iPhone15:05
jrwrenwhat models?15:05
jrwreni've never broke an iphone and I mostly did not use a case.15:05
Scary_GuyI don't know, I never touched them, but some people are more careful than others15:05
jrwren3gs and 4s were solid. SE seems solid15:05
jrwreni could see 6 being fragile15:06
jrwrenI did put a nice gauge in my SE recently.15:06
Scary_Guythe first 6+'s bent, that was funny15:06
Scary_Guyalso was it the 5 which had both front and back glass?  yeah that was great15:06
Scary_Guyanyway boss knew I loved android and hated apple, so he worked on those and I just focused on android15:07
jrwren4 and 4s did too.15:08
jrwreni have a 4 with cracked back glass.15:08
Scary_GuyI did jailbreak a couple iphones, and loaded pineapple on a 315:08
jrwrenone of the things that bum me out with all these old iphones is... there is nothing 3rd party you can do with them.15:08
jrwrenits a damn shame you can't repurpose an old iphone 4 for something.15:08
Scary_Guysorry, not pineapple, iDroid15:09
jrwreni'm pretty sure that does not work anymore.15:10
Scary_Guyno, it doesn't15:10
Scary_Guybut at the time I thought it was funny15:10
Scary_Guyalso your device is older so it MIGHT work on it15:11
Scary_Guyotherwise it makes a neat wifi camera15:11
jrwrenif you keep up with OS updates, those often include firmware patches which prevent the jailbreak.15:11
jrwrenyup, was trying to find decent wifi camera software, none found.15:11
Scary_Guywow, that sucks15:12
jrwrenits ok. i can write my own.15:13
Scary_Guybut can you then sideload it on there? :P15:14
Scary_Guywell at least that's something then15:15
jrwrendev cert is good for a while.15:15
jrwrenat least you can make a dev cert without being a $99/yr member now.15:15
Scary_Guyoh good, I was worried about that too15:15
jrwrenyeah, they changed that last year. A very welcome change.15:16
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