Omnifrogmy refrigerator is driving me nuts01:23
wrstWhat's up with it?01:44
Omnifrogwhen the door opens is sounds exactly like a hard drive thrashing01:45
Omnifroglike, an old one that's getting ready to die01:46
wrstHa ha that will cause nightmares:)02:02
OmnifrogI'll have to video it some time so it can make you cringe too02:05
wrstHave that's hilarious02:11
netritiousHowdy y'all16:46
netritiouswrst sorry I missed you the other day bud!16:47
netritiousYou too cyberanger16:48
netritiousWow Juzzy and some others also...16:49
netritiousMaybe if I type pace_t_zulu magic will happen heh16:50
netritiousSo how was everyone's weekend?16:51
cyberangernetritious: it's all good.18:26
netritiousWhat did you do this weekend cyberanger18:57
cyberangerAs little as possible18:57
cyberangerBest part was taking a senic drive to Lake Fontana, NC18:58
cyberangerJust off the tail of the dragon, a few miles from the TN line18:58
netritiousNice. Never been there. Peaceful I bet.19:23
cyberangerYes, part of the smokies, southern edge lesser known area19:26
minasotaI killed a copperhead this weekend.22:11
netritiousPoor copperhead :/23:01
netritiousWhat did it ever do to you minasota?23:02
netritiousReally just kidding. Tell us more.23:04

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