paddatrapperMorning everyone 04:37
superflyMorning paddatrapper 05:26
paddatrapperHows it going superfly?05:40
superflyJust got to town 05:41
superflyThings are not as busy as usual 05:43
paddatrapperI did notice that. No one on the roads today06:01
LangjanGood morning guys06:14
LangjanIs there somebody online who can assist me with some settings on Libre Office?06:16
superflyHi Langjan, what's up? 06:19
LangjanHi superfly I think that I have unwittingly messed up some settings06:25
superflyLangjan: can you give me more details?06:26
LangjanThe system used to tell me how many pages there are to doc that I am reading or editing 06:26
Langjanthis has disappeared and I cannot find out why06:26
LangjanIf I have to tell you exactly where it was displayed I will have t tell a lie06:27
Langjanbut it was somewhere in the menus 06:28
superflyLangjan: did you ask Google to show you? Cause that's what I would have to do.06:33
Langjanthks superfly let me try that, silly of me not to do so in the first place - I did try to search in Libre Office help but obviously did not have the right search terms, will get back to you. 06:35
theblazehenI'm less inclined to trust a VPN client if they have spelling errors..07:27
ra1v3nMorning all07:31
theblazehenhi ra1v3n07:59
ra1v3nhello theblazehen 08:00
ra1v3nvery quiet morning08:00
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theblazehenWireshark is pretty neat, connected via rdp, autofills the "not port 3389" filter08:11
LangjanHi superfly 09:25
superflyhi Langjan09:25
Langjanno amount of googling can help if youre blode09:25
LangjanI had my "view status bar" unchecked09:26
LangjanI opened my wife's computer to see what the diff was, thats how I discovered the problem09:27
Langjanafter hours of battling! 09:27
Langjanthanks and enjoy the day09:27
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Kilosafternoon all12:19
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sicelodid anyone attend the Software Freedom Day last year in PTA? I didn't because I was not around. This year's should be on September 17. Does anyone know if there is anything planned?14:04
* sicelo suspects andrewlsd would have an idea 14:08
superflysicelo: kmf usually organises it14:15
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Kilos-hi Guest77350 14:18
Guest77350hello everybody14:18
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Wolfeyeshey Kilos-14:20
Kilos-hi Wolfeyes 14:20
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Wolfeyessuperfly: can you pm if you have a few minutes to spare please14:20
magespawngood afternoon all14:23
Kiloshi magespawn 14:23
Wolfeyesheya magespawn14:24
superflyWolfeyes: not at the moment, I'm afraid, I'm about to head out14:27
Kilosi go do some chores quick14:28
Wolfeyescool thank you superfly14:31
Wolfeyesmagespawn: you busy or also heading out?14:32
magespawnHey Wolfeyes , nah i am here for awhile14:48
Wolfeyescheck your private messages please magespawn14:49
jeritso weird watching ISS live video feed of Earth coz now and then you get audio between Crew and Mission Control and you're like "wtf is this?"14:58
pavlushkaHello Wolfeyes !14:59
pavlushkaahoy ZA!14:59
Wolfeyesheya pavlushka15:00
jerithey Wolfeyes 15:00
jeritello pavlushka 15:00
pavlushkaHow is it going for you Wolfeyes ?15:01
pavlushkahello jerit !15:01
jeritenjoying your fake friday?15:01
Wolfeyesheya jerit15:02
Kiloshi jerit 15:02
jeritheya Kilos15:02
KilosWolfeyes is my son15:02
Wolfeyesvery busy with work and expanding, 15:02
jeritk now I KNOW you're old :P15:03
Kiloshe is 4015:03
Kiloshe is old15:03
jeritwell its nice to not be the oldest person in the room15:03
pavlushkara1v3n: we were treating the wrong part as driver code, here http://paste.ubuntu.com/21540145/, the driver code is rtl8723be from "lspci | grep Wireless"15:04
pavlushkalol @ Kilos 15:04
ra1v3nok pavlushka 15:05
ra1v3nso its solved now15:05
pavlushkara1v3n: its on testing actually, because the new driver is still on the development phase.15:06
Wolfeyeslol @ jeritand Kilos15:06
pavlushkara1v3n: testing phase of the development15:07
pavlushkaKilos: So Kilos , you just have an old son, :p15:07
Kiloshaha yeah and an old daughter almost15:08
pavlushkara1v3n: the process went smoothly, lets see how the device behaves.15:09
pavlushkaKilos: haha15:09
jeritpeople on Imgur downvoted my pic of the screenshot from ISS15:12
jeritare any of you guys fans of Disturbed?15:14
jeritany favorite songs?15:16
MaNLvoices I guess15:16
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magespawni liked the cover of the sounds of slience15:17
magespawntyping all over the place today15:19
jeritthat cover is amazing!15:20
jeritI'm loving Prayer atm15:20
jeritand The Light is also one I can't stop listening to15:20
magespawni have some of their stuff from google music15:21
jeritMost of their music that I have, friends brought to me. Whether it was acquired legally I can't say15:22
MaNIOf their newer stuff I guess vengeful one and land of confusion are also pretty cool, first album is their best I suppose. Believe isn't terrible but nothing on it really stands out it all just kind of blurs into one15:24
MaNIhave to watch land of confusion and venegeful ones with the music videos for full enjoyment though :p15:26
jeritNot a fan of Land of Confusion but then I didn't like the original at all either15:27
jeritI don't know why but its just a meh song for me15:27
Kiloswb zaki 15:32
jeritzaki waki15:36
jeritKilos I had an idea today to put dog chunks in a 500ml coke bottle for the dogs to play with. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle as well. Now they have to figure out how to get the chunks out of the bottle. Its amazing to watch16:13
Kiloswb Wolfeyes 16:16
jeritmy doxie, Bella is the fatty. She decided she'd stand on the bottle to keep it still while she tried licking up chunks out the hole I cut. She put too much weight on and the bottle shot out from under her, spinning and throwing chunks all across the floor16:17
jeritshe nearly crapped herself16:17
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LangjanHi Kilos how did it go?16:56
Kiloshi Langjan pcs offline so never went anywhere16:56
LangjanOh when do you go for follow-up as hosp?16:57
Langjanat 16:57
Kiloswednesday 16:58
LangjanOk when I did not see you I thought it was today17:00
LangjanAre you feeling ok?17:00
Kilosyeah im getting better all the time, most likely building up resistance to that bug now17:01
Kilossummer will help too17:01
Kilosif i go out in the cold coughing starts17:01
LangjanNo parcel yet?17:02
Kilosnope i havent conacted that auntie17:03
LangjanGlad youre building up and summers on the doorstep17:03
Kilosi looked but dont see a link other than email17:03
Langjantomorrows holiday again17:03
LangjanDid Petro not send a phoone no/17:03
Kilosthese town trips weaken me some because i have to stop drinking anything at 9pm the night before17:04
LangjanTracking nommer: VZ000999753017:04
LangjanFastway Pretoria Depot 010 140 017817:04
Kilosi dont fone man, im not an idle rich17:04
LangjanOK will follow up again from my side17:05
Kilosai! youve done so much already17:05
captineevening all17:14
paddatrapperHey captine17:14
Kiloshi captine 17:20
magespawnHi captine 17:22
d`_`bHi all18:08
Kiloshi d`_`b 18:09
d`_`bhow you doing Kilos?18:09
Kilosok ty and you?18:10
captineanyone go much experience with Oracle linux?  trying to get some "tools" that are windows admin friendly.  Our company is going to try some Oracle Linux boxes...18:11
captinefor JD Edwards application servers18:11
magespawnhome time chat later18:11
Kiloslater magespawn 18:11
ra1v3nciao 4 now 18:40
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Kiloshi zeorin who_da_fly 18:53
Kilosnet split cut linode?18:53
jeritguys I just figured out how to use entity framework data migrations so now I don't have to lose my data when I update my sql databases :319:27
Kilossounds good19:33
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:45
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jeritwhat's a conversation in Afrikaans?20:22

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