DANtheBEASTmansomebody mind pasting the output of this command for me? i don't have an ubuntu machine on-hand for me to test..00:01
DANtheBEASTmanawk -F'=' '$1 ~ /^NAME/ {gsub(/"/, "", $2); print $2}' /etc/os-release00:01
bekksDANtheBEASTman: Ubuntu00:04
mariooliveiraHi did apt-get install cgroup-bin  and i dont have /etc/cgroup.conf file.00:05
DANtheBEASTmanbekks: vunderbar, danke00:05
heysoneste canal es para consultas y esas cosas?00:05
bekksDANtheBEASTman: you're welcome :)00:05
DANtheBEASTman! Es | heyson00:06
ubottuheyson: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:06
motaka2hello after two hours I turned on my ubuntu 14.04 and on my wired modem I dont see the light of the computer with ubuntu is on, I changed the cable , it didnt work, is my network adapter  out of order? is there a way to check that ?00:08
watermarkHi! I need help to make an WINDOWS USB BOOT KEY on Ubuntu 16.0400:10
Hydr0p0nXmotaka2 - ifconfig?00:10
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: it gives some results, do you want to see?00:10
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: http://paste.ubuntu.com/22638815/00:11
Hydr0p0nXmotaka2 - is it the ethernet or usb adapter?00:13
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: U dont know the difference00:13
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: I dont know the difference00:13
Hydr0p0nXmotaka2 - easiest thing is just trying " sudo ifconfig eth0 up "00:14
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: it outputs nothing00:15
mariooliveiraway dont u use network manager?00:16
Hydr0p0nXrun ifconfig again and see if it has an address now00:16
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: I have conneted my computer to internet using my mobile hotspot thtering00:20
Hydr0p0nXmotaka2 - then thats the usb device show in ifconfig, does eth0 show any ip address now?00:21
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: I gave you the link to all it shows00:22
Hydr0p0nXdid you run ifconfig eth0 up ?00:22
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: yes, it outputed nothing00:23
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: donkarlo@donkarlo:~$ sudo ifconfig eth0 up00:23
Hydr0p0nXthat's normal, did you run ifconfig and check what it showed for eth0 after ?00:23
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: http://paste.ubuntu.com/22638815/00:24
Hydr0p0nXyea, that's the same link from before00:24
motaka2You I disconnect the usb thetering and run again ?00:24
Hydr0p0nXifconfig eth0 up attempts to change the state of eth000:24
Hydr0p0nXupi dpm00:25
Hydr0p0nXyou don't need to disconnect from usb, just run ifconfig and see if eth0 has an ip address assigned00:25
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: I ran it again, here is the result :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/22640300/00:26
Hydr0p0nXdoes dmesg show any errors ?00:27
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: is that a command i should run in terminal ?00:27
Hydr0p0nXyes, dmesg basically just shows the syslog00:27
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: http://paste.ubuntu.com/22640565/00:29
mariooliveiramotaka2, way dodnt u use network-manager?00:30
motaka2mariooliveira: How?00:30
mariooliveiravery easy to set up00:30
mariooliveiramotaka2,  u using desktop?00:31
mariooliveiragnome or mate?00:31
motaka2mariooliveira: i use lubuntu00:31
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mariooliveiramotaka2, type service network-manager status00:32
Hydr0p0nXmotaka2 - have you got another port on your modem/router ? dmesg shows :  eth0: no link during initialization00:32
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motaka2Hydr0p0nX: I have 4 ports00:32
motaka2mariooliveira: donkarlo@donkarlo:~$ service network-manager status00:33
motaka2status: Unknown job: network-manager00:33
Hydr0p0nXmotaka2 - try another port on the router00:33
MartynKeigherhey all.. whats the best way to have a SH script run on startup?00:33
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: It doesnt work00:34
mariooliveiramotaka2,  apt-get install network-manager00:34
mariooliveiralubuntu i think comes with network manager00:34
danielthebaguehi i seen after the upgrade to 16.04.1 lts my ATI graphics card is unsupported i have since replaced it with an nvidia gt610 but get this before grub loads on my screen can not display this mode. change computer display input to 1680x1050 at 60 hz00:34
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: here is the result after changing the port:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/22641235/00:36
mariooliveiramotaka2,  ubuntu mate is great  even for low end computer like mine00:36
mariooliveiramate is basicle gnome 200:37
motaka2I wanted to start a new project, whenever I want to start something new, a problem takes place00:37
mariooliveiramotaka2, did u instale it?00:37
mariooliveiramotaka2, the only problem i have with network manager is with my wireless card i have to config manualy without network manager00:39
mariooliveiramotaka2, you could also try dhclient eth0 to see if get at ip adress00:41
Tin_mandid they rename IDLE to something else lately, I searched the Store, and type in idle, and the only match was Caffeine that came up? I downloaded idle 2.7 with apt-get, but was wanting 3.5?00:42
motaka2Hydr0p0nX: Are you there? sorry I was disconnected00:44
mariooliveiramotaka2, did u install network manager?00:44
motaka2mariooliveira: no, it gave me errors00:45
mariooliveiratry also dhclient eth000:45
motaka2mariooliveira: I am on my laptop now00:45
PenguinMan98Hey smart people. I need help.  My mail.log.1 file is growing ridiculously fast. It looks like somebody is trolling my server for valid email addresses at my @myDomain.com. How can I stop this?00:45
mariooliveiramotaka2, what error did u get?00:46
PenguinMan98Strike that, they7 are sending the emails to many many different domains00:46
PenguinMan98I need this to stop obviously but I'm an ubuntu newb00:46
orlockPenguinMan98: Turn it off?.. Otherwise, welcome to the internet?00:46
PenguinMan98What resources can you point me to to secure my mailserver?00:47
motaka2mariooliveira: previousely, when I plugged a cable to my computer network adapter, an orrange light was on, now I dont see that light. does that mean I should buy a new network adapter ?00:47
orlockWhat mail server?00:47
PenguinMan98I'm on  a VPS00:47
PenguinMan98Ubuntu 1400:47
orlockSendmail, qmail, postfix...00:47
Tin_mannever mind found it in searching the cache idle-python3.500:47
mariooliveiramotaka2, there are other network managers like wicd00:48
PenguinMan98orlock: I .. don't know?00:49
motaka2mariooliveira:  dhclient eth0 is hangged in terminal00:49
PenguinMan98Oh, postfix00:49
PenguinMan98It's all over the logs00:49
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mariooliveiramotaka2, take a good look  at this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Network_configuration   they have very good manual howto00:51
ApteryxHow to access grub settings when booting? I gives me black screen because of mode settings.00:51
motaka2I think I should by a new network adapter00:52
notadeveloperman amazon just charged me for prime membership00:52
notadeveloperanyway its cool i use their OS00:52
mariooliveiramotaka2, take alook at link i gave you00:52
Bashing-omApteryx: MBR partitioning hold a shift key .. UEFI spam the escape key .00:53
motaka2mariooliveira: It is too long and I am angry, i really cant read it. thanks for your help00:53
mariooliveiramotaka2, network manager has also  console tools like  nm-xxx00:54
ApteryxBashing-om: OK, thanks!00:54
Bashing-om!nomodeset | Apteryx00:55
ubottuApteryx: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:55
notadeveloperthanks now i got to write something about product, content and entertainment services00:55
mariooliveiratype in consol nmtui00:57
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popcorn_loverwhat are the steps in troubleshooting a computer that won't even make it to a bootloader?01:01
popcorn_loversometimes I get to a bootloader and select an OS then it jitters and cuts out before I get into the OS01:02
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Guest14475Hello Guys01:03
Guest14475I'm got a problem with ubuntu 16.0401:04
motaka2mariooliveira: sudo service network-manager status    says    status: unknown job: network manager01:04
popcorn_loverwhat's up01:04
Bashing-ompopcorn_lover: What does bios say about handing off to the boot code on the hard drive ?01:04
ahoneybunGuest14475: 16.04 uses systemd01:04
Guest14475When I boot the SO, it stop at password, it's like it got suspend01:04
Guest14475So I have to press the power botton to get SO back01:05
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ApteryxIs an AMD R9 285 supposed to be bootable with mode settings on Linux 4.4?01:11
Apteryxby 'bootable' I mean supported.01:11
Bashing-omApteryx: Yes, supported . see: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu-1604-amd&num=1 .01:20
ApteryxBashing-om: OK. Thanks again!01:23
sarekI cant modify my cronjobs now for some reason. danny@danny:~$ crontab -e crontabs/danny/: fdopen: Permission denieddanny@danny:~$ id uid=501(danny) gid=1000(danny) groups=1000(danny),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),33(www data),46(plugdev),113(lpadmin),128(sambashare),131(plex) . Any ideas?01:39
ApteryxHow can I check if amdgpu driver is in use?01:40
rypervenchesarek: namei -om /var/spool/cron/crontabs/*01:43
rypervenchesarek: Put the output in a pastebin, please.01:43
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sarekrypervenche https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/2lZi7oqM/01:44
uioHi, using ubuntu 12.04 and when I try to change the desktop background using an image from unsplash.com (this one : https://unsplash.com/search/lime?photo=c8TWWQ5ZnUw) then the firefox cpu hits 99% and the fans go a bit crazy. Any thoughts on why? I just installed all updated and restarted.....01:44
rypervenchesarek: Hmmm, what about: ls -l /var/spool/cron/crontabs/01:44
sarekrypervenche:  https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/An0lXN5d/01:45
uiofree -m gives 5642 as free mem01:47
rypervenchesarek: ls -l /usr/bin/crontab01:48
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sarekrypervenche https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/nboj4MmD/01:48
_memory_yancy_crontab -l01:49
rypervenchesarek: That's why.01:49
rypervenchesarek: You changed the permissions on your crontab binary.01:49
Bashing-omApteryx: ' sudo lshw -C display " the configuration line will say what driver is loaded .01:49
sarekWhat should i do rypervenche01:49
rypervenchesarek: sudo chown root:crontab /usr/bin/crontab01:49
sarekrypervenche https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/2tn38H0m/01:50
sarek_memory_yancy_ https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/cNrOKghd/01:51
rypervenchesarek: Yes, now you need to change the perms, one sec01:51
rypervenchesarek: sudo chmod 2755 /usr/bin/crontab01:52
sarekworked rypervenche thanks01:52
rypervenchesarek: No problem. Next time, don't run permission changes to files unless you really know what you're doing.01:53
sareki did this rypervenche http://askubuntu.com/a/106935/13526101:55
rypervenchesarek: Do me a favor and run this: ls -l /usr/bin/test01:56
sarekrypervenche https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/aj8iU066/01:57
rypervenchesarek: Ok good. I thought you may have done it to all of your binaries, but it doesn't look as though you have.01:57
sarekrypervenche: the problem with what i followed in the link above is '/etc/login.def' doesnt exist01:58
sarekhe said 'Once you change your UID the login manager will stop listing that user. You have to change the UID_MIN option in /etc/login.def from 1000 to 5'01:58
rypervenchesarek: What is it you are trying to do?01:59
sarekexactly what the OP of that question was trying to do word for word01:59
sarekAnd the 'answer' worked02:00
sarekother than that one eror about/etc/login.def not existing02:00
ApteryxI can boot using 'nomodeset', but the video drops at boot time if I leave it. Even with using nomodeset, I have OpenGL 3.0 mesa support. Any idea as to what to look for? I read that amdgpu open source driver *requires* mode set.02:02
Apteryx(I'm trying to sort a video mode setting issue for Ubuntu 16.04)02:03
etyrnalis it impossible to use ati radeon hd 2400 xt/pro with ubuntu 15 or 16 ?02:07
pauljw_vm!binarydriver | etyrnal02:10
ubottuetyrnal: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing »02:10
ubottuOpen driver for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). Closed drivers: amdgpu-pro (>= GCN1.2) fglrx (older cards, unsupported by AMD in 16.04+). For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units . For fglrx info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD02:14
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Geomif k transfer my HDD (where my ubuntu resides) do i need to edit just the fstab, or do i need more of that?02:26
Geomon a new computer02:26
reisioon a new computer, you might need to do other things02:26
cfhowletttransfer means you would need to edit your guid's at the very least.02:26
Geomcan you define what depends mean?02:27
reisioGeom: not identical hardware, right?02:27
Geomreisio:  no02:27
reisioso any customizations you've done to the kernel02:28
reisiotelling additional modules to load, or not load02:28
reisioyou may well not want that02:28
reisioyou might further need new particular modules loaded02:28
reisioor it might just work02:28
Geomi have done nothing in kernel. its a stock install02:28
reisiothere's no particular harm in swapping it in and seeing if it boots02:28
NSABearSo I'm setting up a PTPP vpn server.02:29
Geomthe only thing i configured is smb02:29
NSABearHow could I go about making it authenticate against mysql?02:29
Geomreisio:  il donthat first and report back02:29
Geomdo that*02:29
NSABearI'll be completely honest. I'm surprised no one has attacked me for using PTPP02:30
NSABearWell the other option is L2TP02:31
reisiohard to have an interest at all after you said 'mysql'02:32
NSABearWhat would you suggest.02:33
reisiomariadb would be a no brainer, postgresql if you want like, better02:34
NSABearok but that doesn't answer my question remotely.02:34
reisiocourse not, I think I led with it was hard to have an interest :D02:35
NSABearI'd love to use PTPP as the goal isn't security.02:35
NSABearThe goal is to block ads thoguth sinkholing on the go02:35
ApteryxI migrated from Ubuntu 15.10 to 16.04, I was using proprietary AMD driver (fglrx), now I think it is using the amdgpu open source driver (Linux 4.4), but I'm loosing video unless I use the 'nomodeset' boot option. Any idea?02:39
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reisioApteryx: use nomodeset?02:40
mbtamuli12_How can I install from a tar.xz package? More specifically, http://download.gna.org/wkhtmltopdf/0.12/0.12.3/wkhtmltox-0.12.3_linux-generic-amd64.tar.xz02:40
mbtamuli12_It contains these directories - bin, include, lib and share02:41
mbtamuli12_The so bin contains the binary.02:41
mbtamuli12_I can move it to /opt and symlink it to /usr/bin02:41
mbtamuli12_But what about the other directories?02:42
mbtamuli12_Or am I completely going about it the wrong way?02:42
reisiombtamuli12_: you want something called wkhtmltox?02:42
mbtamuli12_Well, it contains a older release.02:44
Apteryxreisio: Does this not completely turn amdgpu off?02:44
mbtamuli12_reisio: Well the repo contains an older version. I want to install the latest version.02:45
reisioApteryx: AIUI it will merely disable it until X is loaded02:46
reisiotwo part system02:46
reisiombtamuli12_: why02:46
juan_hello i have kubuntu 14.04 how can i upgrade  can anyone help02:48
cfhowlettjuan_, sudo apt update && sudo full-upgrade && sudo do-release-upgrade02:48
thetravso I'm seeing a lot of installation things that tell me to do something like `echo "deb http://repo.mongodb.org/apt/ubuntu "$(lsb_release -sc)"/mongodb-org/3.0 multiverse" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb-org-3.0.list `02:49
thetravhowever I'm aware that there's apt-add-repository02:49
thetravis the former convertable to the latter?02:49
juan_ok will try thanks02:49
thetravI trued just apt-add-repository with the http uri in there, but that didn't work02:49
mbtamuli12_reisio: Well, I am writing a script to install this and if I can install from this and not from the repo, it can be made to work on multiple linux distros02:50
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reisiombtamuli12_: dunno who would use it02:51
thetravok, so it looks like I could do it, but it won't auto download the key02:51
juan_ok is downloading it will take like one and a have hour02:52
mbtamuli12_reisio: well, not everyone. But if you could even point to any document I would read it.02:53
cfhowlettjuan_, time enough for a jog!  a02:53
mbtamuli12_That would help me install this package02:53
juan_not at this time will live the computer on have to work tomorrow thanks for the help here is 11 pm02:55
reisiombtamuli12_: it's in the repos..02:57
cfhowletthappy2help! juan_02:57
Jordan_Umbtamuli12_: It's bad form to have an installation script that ignores the distro's packages.02:57
chris_good evening02:57
juan_will let you know tomorrow02:57
chris_I have been battling with an issue a few weeks now which involves ubuntu 12.05 and 14.0402:58
chris_I have installed apache on both systems and I am unable to get the apache page up on some networks02:58
Jordan_Umbtamuli12_: And in an ideal world you would create a package for your software rather than just an install script, and if it's popular enough tgen distros will do the packaging for you.02:59
mbtamuli12_Jordan_U: It's not my software.03:01
mbtamuli12_Jordan_U, reisio: Thanks.03:01
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trumeeI am running ubuntu on a server, and using rdesktop/remmina to access the GUI. Unfortunatley, bash-completions doesnt work for me in the GUI. However, if i ssh into the bash it works.03:08
trumeeIs there any reason why bash completion doesnt work in rdp/vnc?03:08
Jordan_Utrumee: Does the tab key work at all? What happens when you try to tab complete via vnc?03:11
trumeeJordan_U, looks like solution is this http://askubuntu.com/questions/352121/bash-auto-completion-with-xubuntu-and-xrdp-from-windows03:11
trumeeJordan_U, this solution worked, http://codebangers.com/autocomplete-not-working-using-xrdp-xfceubuntulinux/03:16
trumeeAnother issue i have is that Copy/Paste text from host to the rdp session doesnt work03:17
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vahehi,as from ubuntu unity to make ubuntu server (to desktop stop ,remove X)03:25
reisiovahe: removing 'ubuntu-desktop' would go a long way03:27
vahereisio: thanks,and how do you do?03:29
vahewhat to do?03:30
ezioi have the following fstab entry: ramfs   /var/www/te/cache       ramfs,auto      size=200M       0 003:33
eziobut it doesn't load on startup03:33
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glitchdhello all03:39
glitchdas usual, having a weird problem03:39
glitchdi had messed up burg, and had to reinstall grub. that went fine.03:40
glitchdhowever when i finally got back to my desktop, pulseaudio was not running, nor can i get it to run which results in no sound..03:40
jland252007does anyone know how to get empathy to work with fb on 16.04?03:42
lordcirthjland252007, Facebook disabled XMPP03:43
jland252007thats what i been thinking03:44
jland252007thnx lordcirth03:44
sarekrtorrent doesnt have an irc channel so im not sure where to ask this question since their forum registration seems to be a bit buggy. I followed this guide and changed my UID and all seems well and running fine other than rtorrent, which gives me an error or tracker couldnt resolve hostname and i cant seem to download anything03:46
sarekhttp://askubuntu.com/a/106935/135261 - anyone familiar with rtorrent?03:46
glitchdsarek, use deluge.03:48
sarekhaha fantastic03:48
elandroidperdidoneed help with my mobile phone family03:48
glitchdsarek, lol03:48
sarekgreat glitchd that answers my question perfectly03:48
glitchdsarek, lol thought u would get a kick out of that03:48
elandroidperdidoi am trying to install a rom trought ubuntu in my galaxy core 2 but i can't enable usb for my mobile device and the data is wiped03:48
jland252007@sarek havent messed with torrents in a long time nut i remember having same problem on ubuntu 9 so i just installed wine and used u torrent03:49
wasqHi. I am unable to automatically execute a script at startup for some reason. The script works fine and I've added it to 'application autostart' in 'session and startup' but it doesn't execute at startup for some reason. Can someone help?04:04
Geomits not in the path probably04:12
briansup yall04:14
wasqGeom, hmmm i don't follow04:14
ApteryxWhat could this mean: "Error: can't open /lib/modules/4.4.0-31-generic/updates/dkms" ?04:14
ApteryxIt appears in my boot logs.04:14
ApteryxCould it has anything to do with amdgpu not working?04:15
Apteryx*Could it have*04:15
Geomwasq:  thats the only thing i can think of. startup doesnt find where your script is04:19
TheFlyEvening or morning, ya'll.  Question... In Gparted, my "C:" drive for windows and only windows looks like this.  Is this normal?  >>>  http://imgur.com/0FrE1Ud04:19
jess_Hey guys, I feel like a got a simple question but haven't been able to figure this out from the googling I've done. I want to give user x read/write permission to user y's home directory and subdirectories. There's a simple way to accomplish this, right?04:24
jess_Oh, and I have shell access only (no GUI)04:25
eziohow can i execute an arbitrary script on rc3 without having to create a service?04:26
r00t_is anyone on i need help\04:27
r00t_im desprate04:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:27
r00t_my system keeps freezing and i dont know what to do about it04:28
cfhowlettr00t_, df -h | pastebinit04:28
r00t_okay ill do it now04:29
jswagnerTheFly: looks normal to me04:30
cfhowlettr00t_, any error messages on boot??04:30
r00t_none......i open kodi and start watching  a movie and it freezes.....when that happens a;ll i can do is force reboot04:31
cfhowlettr00t_, what ubuntu version?04:32
jswagnerr00t_: anything interesting in your kodi log?04:32
r00t_im running 14.0404:32
r00t_and nothing in log04:32
r00t_the entire system freezes and nothing works04:32
cfhowlettr00t_, HD movies?  or low resolution?04:32
r00t_it happens no matter the quality. and its happened during normal use as well, but kodi always makes it freeze04:33
jswagnergeneral instability makes me think hardware issues04:33
r00t_i had the freezing issue on 16.04 so i downgraded and still having same issue04:33
cfhowlettr00t_, so kodi only?  other players are OK?04:34
jswagnerespecially when you say "always when i stress the system, but occasionally other times too"04:34
wasqHi. I am unable to automatically execute a script at startup for some reason. The script works fine and I've added it to 'application autostart' in 'session and startup' but it doesn't execute at startup for some reason. Can someone help?04:34
r00t_it freezes often.......i have only tried kodi to be honest04:35
cfhowlettr00t_, well there's your next test then.  try vlc player04:35
jswagnercfhowlett: r00t_> it happens no matter the quality. and its happened during normal use as well, but kodi always makes it freeze04:35
glitchdhello all04:35
glitchdneeding a little help04:35
cfhowlett!ask | glitchd04:36
ubottuglitchd: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:36
glitchdubuntu 16.04 xubuntu desktop04:36
jswagnercfhowlett: i think it's safe to rule out player software as the problem04:36
r00t_damn.......it froze with that to but this time it unfroze after a few seconds.....but no error messages04:36
glitchdi had burg installed on top of grub because it looked better. it developed a problem where it would not show the chosen theme so i opted to reinstall it04:37
glitchdafter that i could not get back into my ubuntu installation04:37
r00t_theres got to be something i can do04:37
glitchdfinally i was able to get back in after burning a live cd to 16.04.1 and reinstalling grub04:37
glitchdnow here is where the weird problem is, pulseaudio stopped working completely04:38
cfhowlettr00t_, start your player from command line and see if you get error messages:  vlc mediafile.mp404:38
glitchdi have reinstalled it several times already04:38
glitchdbut still cannot get it to work04:38
cfhowlettglitchd, stop reinstalling04:38
glitchdim really trying to save this install because i dont have a seperate home partition nor do i have the external media to backup all of the info i have on the install04:39
glitchdcfhowlett, 1 step ahead of ya04:39
glitchdcfhowlett, im here arent I?04:39
jswagnerr00t_: i think you might need to consider that it's a hardware issue -- check system temperatures and disk health.  if this is a desktop with a dedicated GPU, ensure it's not jammed up with dust and dirt04:39
r00t_VLC media player 2.1.6 Rincewind (revision 2.1.6-0-gea01d28) [0x826b910] main libvlc: Running vlc with the default interface. Use 'cvlc' to use vlc without interface. Fontconfig warning: FcPattern object size does not accept value "0" Fontconfig warning: FcPattern object size does not accept value "0" Fontconfig warning: FcPattern object size does not accept value "0" Fontconfig warning: FcPattern object size does not accept value "0" 04:39
glitchdis there any way to reinstall without losing data if im on 16.04.1?04:40
r00t_i did a disk check already when i was having the same problem on 16.04. nothing came up04:40
r00t_glitchd if you have your /home on a seperate partition you will still have your files and settings04:41
r00t_jswagner thanks for your replies.....is there a command i can run that will tell me if its hardware related?04:42
glitchdr00t_, seriously, i just said that i dont have home on a seperate partition..04:42
cfhowlettglitchd, do a "something else" installation, do NOT format your home or change the partition in any way.  set the current /home as /home and you *should* be ok04:42
mi11k1does anybody know how to put a ubuntu you on Android M6 media boxes?04:42
mi11k1I know how to flash them, but I don't know what image I can use04:43
r00t_is there a way to flush out the cause of my freezes?04:43
cfhowlettr00t_, should be logged.04:43
r00t_okay, but i dont know what command to issue for that04:43
mi11k1on boot or shutdown, or both?04:44
glitchdcfhowlett, i did do that, unchecked format, however when it was about to start it said that everything i folders like /var /other folder was going to be deleted, and im not sure if im gonig to lose data because of that or not. it didnt say it was going to format home. but im just being cautious04:44
r00t_sorry ive been off linux a while im a bit rusty04:44
cfhowlettglitchd, /var is a system folder not in the /home chain.04:44
cfhowlettr00t_, no apology needed.04:44
mi11k1use cat filename04:44
glitchdcfhowlett, right, but i just wanted to make sure before i shoot myself in the foot.04:44
jswagnerglitchd: just to be clear: you only have one partition and /home exists within it, correct?04:45
mi11k1or maybe if you type dmesg it will show04:45
r00t_thanks man.....so what command do i need to enter? i have terminal open04:45
glitchdwell i have several partitions, ubuntu is on its own partition tho04:45
glitchdcfhowlett, ^^04:45
mi11k1so nobody knows how to put Ubuntu on one of these ARM  boxes?04:46
jswagnerglitchd: one ubuntu partition, and /home exists within it?04:46
jswagnermi11k1: probably not, there might be a dedicated channel for the hardware you're interested in04:46
glitchdjswagner, yes04:46
cfhowlettmi11k1, pretty esoteric scenario.  ask again at reasonable intervals or see the dedicated channel for your hardware04:46
glitchdjswagner, ubuntu and swap are both on an extended partition04:47
r00t_guys i read a post online that points to a possible issue with my graphics card or driver......how do i found out if thats the case?04:47
mi11k1is it nvidia?04:49
glitchdjswagner, did u have somethign to add?04:49
mi11k1root do lspci04:50
glitchdcfhowlett, mmk well i think im gonna give it another try and hope for the best, thx for the info04:51
cfhowlettglitchd, best of luck to you04:51
glitchdcfhowlett, thx bud04:51
r00t_graphics is intel baytrail x86/mmx/sse204:52
mi11k1what drivers did you install04:52
mi11k1do you have non-free enabled?04:52
r00t_i didnt install any...........and i believe so but im not entirely sure04:53
r00t_i went into the sources and enabled some04:53
r00t_but it should be noted that nvidia did get installed on here04:53
r00t_nvidia xserver04:53
r00t_but i didnt install that04:54
mi11k1install nvidia-detect04:54
mi11k1I think it will tell you what other packages you need04:54
mi11k1nevermind it's in intel04:54
r00t_it says unable to locate package04:54
mi11k1nvidia's another company has nothing to do with your card04:55
r00t_okay what do i need to do? btw i looked on software update app and it says no additional drivers needed04:55
mi11k1doesn',t ubuntu have some third-party driver tool04:57
mi11k1like a GUI that installs the proprietary drivers over River04:58
mi11k1in the menu It's called driver manager04:58
r00t__its r00t04:59
r00t__system froze again04:59
r00t__had to do hard reboot04:59
mi11k1type sudo driver-manager04:59
r00t__says command not found05:00
mi11k1install it05:00
r00t__unable to locate package05:01
mi11k1put --no-install-recommends if tiu want05:01
r00t__installing now05:01
r00t__didnt see that in time05:02
mi11k1is it bringing a 1000 of its frinds tinthe party05:02
r00t__keeps saying unknown media type05:02
mi11k1where does it say that?05:03
r00t__said that during install05:04
mi11k1it installed right?05:04
r00t__dont think it did cause i issued the command to launch it and nothing05:04
mi11k1did you type sudo driver-manager ?05:05
mi11k1you have x running right ?05:05
r00t__yes says command not found05:05
YankDownUndersudo ubuntu-drivers list05:06
mi11k1start typing driver and push tab05:06
mi11k1tgere you go, sorry i dont use ubuntu05:06
r00t__still nothing05:07
r00t__im sorry :(05:07
r00t__not trying to be a pain05:07
r00t__i just really want this issue fixed05:07
YankDownUnderIn a terminal, type: sudo ubuntu-drivers list => that shows the drivers required for the system. If  you want to install them, type: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall => follow the prompts, probably have to reboot the system after that.05:08
dragon5611Does anyone know much on gnu grub version 2.0205:08
cfhowlett!grub | dragon5611 in the future, strenuously avoid "does anyone ..." question forms.  YOUR issues with YOUR specifications please.05:09
ubottudragon5611 in the future, strenuously avoid "does anyone ..." question forms.  YOUR issues with YOUR specifications please.: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:09
r00t__i typed that and nothing came up05:09
mi11k1yeah are you in terminal?05:09
r00t__do i need to gain root access to do it? using sudo -s -H?05:10
mi11k1insteae of sudo gksu?05:10
YankDownUnderJust simply type: sudo ubuntu-drivers list05:11
r00t__i did that and nothing showed up05:11
r00t__just a blank line05:11
mi11k1just wait05:11
dragon5611I want to merge 2 folders in my file system through grub2.  I moved my boot files into a folder in the same area as boot called temp boot.05:11
mi11k1maybe the windows taking a second to load05:11
r00t__i did wait.....nothing populated at all05:11
r00t__and i did it several times05:12
YankDownUnderr00t__: The program will take a minute or so....05:12
YankDownUnderType it once, and just wait.05:12
mi11k1open another terminal and type top05:12
mi11k1and you'll be able to see the processes05:12
r00t__yeah its not in running processes05:13
mi11k1whats at the top?05:13
mi11k1is there is it just at idle pretty much?05:13
dragon5611Also I have the option of using a iso with the new version of Ubuntu 16 64 bit on my desktop. Just need help in order to boot to desktop through grub05:14
r00t__i dont really understand the question05:14
r00t__usage keeps changing05:14
r00t__a couple times xorg came to top then firefox again05:15
mi11k1if it hasn't loaded yet it probably won't try it with the - - help flag05:15
mi11k1sorry --05:15
mi11k1or try gksu instead of sudo, did you even get. a chance to put your password in?05:16
r00t__that time it gave some commands i could do05:16
mi11k1anythimg look useful?05:17
WhoAmi00hello ,05:17
WhoAmi00How to redirect requests for a resource that are not on the server ? ,05:17
WhoAmi00i have a website hosted on ubuntu 14.04 - apache 2.4 i want my website to accept only requests for files on the server and the others redirect them to another website , can that done ?!05:17
ser_este cineva din romania?05:17
mi11k1dns, i dunno05:18
WhoAmi00hello ,05:18
WhoAmi00How to redirect requests for a resource that are not on the server ? ,05:18
WhoAmi00i have a website hosted on ubuntu 14.04 - apache 2.4 i want my website to accept only requests for files on the server and the others redirect them to another website , can that done ?!05:18
r00t__asked for password05:18
r00t__kept telling me its wrong05:19
mi11k1it's kind of a vague question still you don't mention how you want to separate05:19
mi11k1you put in your user password not the root password05:19
r00t__no drivers found05:20
mi11k1do gksu driver-manager05:20
mi11k1i know buddy05:20
orangesparki have  a trouble with create a dual boot with windows and ubuntu05:20
mi11k1windows 8 and newer hijack tge system, just google it05:21
r00t__typed it05:21
r00t__it asked for pass05:21
r00t__i put it and nothing happened05:21
mi11k1just wait now05:21
mi11k1check top05:21
dragon5611I'm looking for how to merge a folder to my boot folder in grub. Only way I can boot my computer past grub.05:22
r00t__its not on top at all05:22
r00t__no process for it05:22
mi11k1you got me fooled man, i have no idea05:22
dragon5611Since my boot folder is empty and contents are in a folder called boot temp05:23
r00t__i was afraid you were going to say that :(   thanks for trying though05:23
mi11k1its too hard for me to understand wgats going on05:23
r00t__heres whats going on in a nutshell....................my entire system keeps freezing. completely locking up. only way to fix is hard reboot05:24
mi11k1when you boot, edit the grub and after the nosplash add nomodeset05:24
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:24
orangesparkwhile installing ubuntu i am seeing only one sda partition05:24
YankDownUnderr00t__: Since doing this install, have you allowed the systemp to update?05:25
cfhowlettorangespark, booting ubuntu from the USB?05:25
orangesparkwindows is intalled in c05:25
orangesparkand i have 4-5 partitions i guess05:25
orangesparkone with dos05:25
r00t__!YankDownunder if i am supposed to do that manually somehow then no05:25
ubottur00t__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:25
orangesparkwhich are 700 mb05:25
orangesparkin siz05:25
cfhowlettorangespark, this will be related to uefi IIRC05:25
orangesparkone is recovery key drice05:26
YankDownUnderr00t__: Ok...so, you've basically JUST installed Ubuntu, yes?05:26
orangesparki have to join someother05:26
mi11k1ohh man, its nkt the channel size that seems to be the issue05:26
r00t__!YankDownUnder correct05:26
r00t__!YankDownUnder just did install this morning05:26
ubottur00t__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:26
orangesparkanybody has a solution05:26
cfhowlettorangespark, sudo fdisk -l tells you what?  and be patient please05:27
mi11k1how did how did these people even find Linux if they've never even done a Google search before05:27
orangesparkit gives me all the drives05:27
dragon5611Only see quiet  Splash05:27
orangesparkabout 6 partitions05:27
YankDownUnderr00t__: Right oh...so, what would be a really good idea is to get the machine booted...and once you've gotten the machine booted and you're at the desktop, to open a terminal, and run: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ==> and after that's finished, and you'll most likely have to reboot, THEN see if the stability of the system has changed, hmm?05:27
cfhowlettorangespark, so what tool is NOT showing you what you want to see?05:27
orangesparkwhen insatlling ubuntu05:27
orangesparkit shows no operating system found05:28
mi11k1magic, voila!05:28
dragon5611Lol looked through over 22 pages of info. Also read the grub manuel05:28
orangesparkand when i select something else05:28
orangesparki should be getting a partition table right05:28
mi11k1dragon get rescutux05:28
orangesparkin my case only one single 500gb partition is showinf up05:28
r00t__i did run a similiar command but with the wrong handle05:28
r00t__please forgive me05:29
EriC^^orangespark: click on try ubuntu05:29
r00t__!YankDownUnder did command without the && im sorry05:29
ubottur00t__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:29
orangesparki have done that05:29
EriC^^orangespark: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999905:29
orangesparkokay wait05:30
orangesparkits stuck05:30
r00t__!YankDownUnder it didnt ask me to reboot05:30
ubottur00t__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:30
dragon5611If I could get to tty I would be fine. Just stuck in grub due to my boot folder being empty and all contents are in a folder called temp boot05:30
cfhowletthttp://superuser.com/questions/744916/ubuntu-14-04-installer-doesnt-show-existing-partitions orangespark05:30
orangesparki need to restart05:30
r00t__!YankDownUnder it did install a package but it was just a language pack05:30
ubottur00t__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:30
mi11k1dragon its a frifgi05:30
EriC^^orangespark: the whole session is stuck or just the terminal?05:30
YankDownUnderr00t__: It's relatively important to type things exactly as you're directed...however, let's try this again....in the terminal, type: sudo apt-get upgrade05:30
mi11k1bootable iso05:30
dragon5611I have a iso on my desktop also if that helps.05:31
orangesparkjust the ubuntu05:31
cfhowlettorangespark, ^^^05:31
r00t__!YankDownUnder i did and everything has already been updated......i did it after install, just a different method. i sense you are growing frustrated with me and im sorry. i just want to make sure i do what i need to do05:32
ubottur00t__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:32
pvddi'm gonna dd my whole ssd (cause of boot nd windows b*shit causing low start), but i'm worried about my uefi vars05:32
EriC^^orangespark: does another terminal work?05:32
pvddwill dd erase them?05:32
mi11k1good chance05:32
YankDownUnderr00t__: No, I'm just moving slowly, bro...patience and step-by-step05:32
cfhowlettr00t__, stop putting ! before names - that is a bot trigger05:32
orangesparktotally stuck05:32
orangesparkplease give me sometime05:33
pvddpls help05:33
orangesparkneed to restart it05:33
EriC^^orangespark: ok05:33
YankDownUnderr00t__: So you've done the "updates" - or so you believe, yes?05:33
gvandeweyerhi, I'm trying to install linux kernel 4.7.0 on an ubuntu 14 LTS server. So far all attemts result into booting into busybox, with the message that the hard drive (/dev/dis/by-uuid/....) cannot be found. the xenial kernel (4.4) boots fine. Any idea what I'd be missing?05:33
cfhowlett!patience | pvdd, !05:33
ubottupvdd, !: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:33
r00t__YankDownUnder yes05:33
mi11k1newchannels making my eyes bleed05:33
YankDownUnderr00t__: Right oh...so, in a terminal, can you type: sudo ubuntu-drivers list05:33
YankDownUnderr00t__: And just wait a tick...it takes a moment to "search"....so be patient...05:34
dragon5611Mi11k1 I will try that. However,  I have no disk or usb drive to create a bootable os with or rescue grub.05:34
r00t__YankDownUnder just ran and waited. no drivers came up05:34
YankDownUnderr00t__: So it returned to the prompt?05:35
r00t__YankDownUnder yes05:35
iulianr00t__,  can you post output from lsb_release -a05:35
dragon5611That is why I am asking how I could just merge my boot with the file named temp boot05:35
YankDownUnderr00t__: Coolbeans. So now what can you tell us about your system - what type of graphics card do you have?05:35
r00t__r00th4ck3r@r00th4ck3r-HP-15-Notebook-PC:~$ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS Release:14.04 Codename:trusty05:35
r00t__YankDownUnder intel® Bay Trail x86/MMX/SSE205:36
cfhowlett!kernel | gvandeweyer also consider asking the #ubuntu-server channel05:36
ubottugvandeweyer also consider asking the #ubuntu-server channel: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)05:36
YankDownUnderr00t__: Ah...so you're on 14.04...you've not moved up to 16.04...and so, WHEN did your system start locking up? Was it directly after you installed Ubuntu?05:36
r00t__YankDownUnder no....it was after i started using it. i was on 16.04 but i downgraded because i was having the exact same problem05:37
gvandeweyercfhowlett: It was a mainline deb that I installed. I'd like to try it to check if a bug is resoved (mentioned that it should in 4.7).05:37
YankDownUnderr00t__: "Downgraded" - what - you wiped the system and started over from scratch?05:37
r00t__YankDownUnder yes. i downloaded the iso for my current version and did a fresh install05:38
YankDownUnderr00t__: Right oh...and can you tell me how much RAM you have in this system?05:38
r00t__YankDownUnder 4GB. 3.8 usable05:39
r00t__YankDownUnder it was the gnome version i tried with 16.04 and thats the version i was also having this issue on05:39
orangesparki have a windows live usb05:40
YankDownUnderr00t__: Yes - because the Intel graphics card is sharing the RAM...hence 3.8gb instead of 4gb...so what can you tell me about when it "locks up"? What are you doing when it does that?05:40
cfhowlettorangespark, windows?  this is ubuntu support ...05:40
orangesparkwhen i used bootrec /scanos05:40
r00t__YankDownUnder last time i was on here......the past few times before that i was watching a movie and it froze05:40
orangesparki want to install ubuntu05:40
iulianr00t__, this is hapend only with Kodi ?05:41
orangesparknow in the windows when i tried bootrec it shows no windows installations05:41
r00t__YankDownUnder i tried to access the console and nothing05:41
cfhowlettorangespark, bootrec is a windows tool and is not supported here05:41
r00t__iulian no, but most of the times it happened i happen to have been using that05:41
dragon5611In on #grub asking also05:42
cfhowlettorangespark, suggestion: go to windows and sort your windows issues first.  it will make ubuntu installation much easier05:42
r00t__YankDownUnder when it locks up the mouse and keyboard fail to work05:42
YankDownUnderr00t__: IRC isn't very "intensive" as far as applications go, however, running an app that is processing a video, well, that's a bit intensive...that being said, something you might want to consider is trying a different "Desktop" - you've tried Unity and Gnome - both of which are relatively heavy handed on using the CPU...there is LXDE and XFce - they're much lighter on CPU usage...has anyone mentioned that to you yet?05:42
YankDownUnderr00t__: Yeah - I've "seen this" before - here, and also here at home...with "low end" client machines...05:42
orangesparkcan you u give me the chanel name05:43
cfhowlettorangespark, ##windows05:43
r00t__YankDownUnder i was already familiar with those desktop environments but to be honest i didnt think to try them05:43
iulianr00t__, i google it a bit they have addons called Exodus it's buggy05:43
r00t__iulian ran it on tons of linux systems. never any issues05:44
YankDownUnderr00t__: This is something that you might possibly consider - and either of those desktops can be installed right over the top of what you've already got...easy done...05:45
iulianr00t__, http://bestforkodi.com/kodi-crashing-fix/05:47
r00t2yankdownunder sorry system froze again05:47
r00t2YankDownUnder Im installing lxde now and im gonna try it out05:48
YankDownUnderr00t2: So, if you want to at least TRY to get some stability, you can open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ==> which, when it's done doing what it does, you can simply logout, and then login to a "lighter" desktop - and give that a go...05:48
YankDownUnderr00t2: LXDE or XFce - doesn't matter - they're lighter on the system, bro...and at least you can start to narrow things down...as well, in all honesty, the machine you've got isn't truly a "work horse" as it were.05:49
r00t2YankDownUnder brb gonna log into lxde. ill come back here and let you know if it fixes the problem05:50
r00t2YankDownUnder and thank you for your time and patients05:50
orangesparki tried ##windows05:50
YankDownUnderr00t2: Do yer thang.05:50
orangesparkits utterly useless05:50
orangesparkonly u guys can help me05:50
orangesparkthey are utterly useless05:50
dragon5611Lol take it as no one here knows grub commands well enough to help.05:52
YankDownUnderdragon5611: Patience.05:52
dragon5611I have it. Just been at it learning for two days straight.05:53
YankDownUnderdragon5611: What exactly is the issue you're having?05:54
pvddi'm gonna dd my whole ssd (cause of boot nd windows b*shit causing low start), but i'm worried about my uefi vars05:54
dragon5611My boot files are in a folder called temp boot in the same file system.05:54
pvddwill dd erase them?05:54
pvddand brick my computer?05:55
dragon5611Wanting to just merge the contents of temp boot to my boot folder in grub.05:55
r00tAgainYankDownUnder so far no freeze05:55
orangesparkis there anyway to fix the mbr of windows from ubuntu05:56
orangesparki have a live cd05:56
r00tAgaini even opened kodi and played a movie.....only let it play for a couple minutes tho so that doesnt mean im out of the woods but so far so good05:56
YankDownUnderdragon5611: A bit of a dangerous operation - I'm not going to ask the logic behind that, but I do wonder if you realise how tricky this can be, hmm?05:56
YankDownUnderr00tAgain: Keep plugging away...05:56
dragon5611Very actually05:57
r00tAgainYankDownUnder im gonna stay in this room so i can update you....thank you so much for having the patients to try to help me05:57
YankDownUnderdragon5611: Have you thought about using "grub-customizer"?05:57
dragon5611Since I actually made the mistake of moving them to the file called temp boot. Lol05:57
r00tAgainto repair master boot record, reformat hard drive to NTFS filesystem using Gparted05:57
YankDownUnderdragon5611: Take a look at this, mate... http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/04/install-grub-customizer-ubuntu-16-04-lts/05:58
orangesparkthere is windows which i need05:58
orangesparki cant format that05:58
dragon5611Lol well I have no disk or sub. I'm stuck in the grub menu. Which means no access to tty1-705:58
orangesparkand i dont think my mbr exists in c: at all05:58
orangesparksomehow its installed in the one key recovery drive05:59
dragon5611If I had tty at start instead of grub I could just manually connect and rd download05:59
orangesparkwhich is 7-00mb in size05:59
r00tAgainif your master boot record is messed up, your windows install is the least of your worrieds05:59
dragon5611Or usb05:59
r00tAgainwith a messed up mbr you wont have a functional OS05:59
YankDownUnderdragon5611: So you don't have a USB or anything that you can boot to?05:59
r00tAgainsorry ill let yank help you06:00
dragon5611Not currently.  Hence why I have racked my brain going through solely grub command06:00
YankDownUnderdragon5611: Fair enough, fair enough...hang on a sec...06:01
dragon5611All my files to boot are in the folder called temp boot.  Can even use ls (hd0,msdos) \ and see at the very end the file. Appreciate you.06:02
YankDownUnderdragon5611: How did you move them into "temp boot"?06:04
dragon5611ls (hd0,msdos1) /06:04
dragon5611Well manually06:04
orangesparki dont know06:04
orangesparkthere is a bootmgr file and other boot folders in the onekey recovery drive06:05
YankDownUnderdragon5611: So in doing an "edit" on the grub boot options, have you tried to add the new path to the boot entry/entries?06:05
dragon5611Before I rebooted I was to move g parted to my boot. Was setting up my partitions at boot.06:06
dragon5611Ile tell you the error as well as what is entered06:06
YankDownUnderdragon5611: And you have NO means by which to boot - at all - with an Ubuntu USB or CD/DVD...?06:06
dragon5611Lol it's a harsh situation06:07
YankDownUnderdragon5611: And do you have a means by which to obtain something?06:07
dragon5611Not currently.06:07
YankDownUnderdragon5611: Because you're kinda put yourself between a rock and a hard place, right now, ya know...06:07
dragon5611Ok in the command line. I have currently as my location.06:08
THeBossIsHereis swap partition can be common between fedora and ubuntu06:08
YankDownUnderdragon5611: IF it was me, I'd be doing my best to edit the paths for the bootloader/chainloader in grub -> to point to where the stuff is in "temp boot" - but you're going to be stuck - again - because you're going to have to run "grub-update" or "grub-install" - which you're not going to be able to do...unless you can get to a point where you can "chroot" into your old system and have access to the proper binaries...does that make06:09
dragon5611Linux.       /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-76-generic06:10
dragon5611In that line and initrd line06:10
dragon5611I should be able to simply replace/    /boot with temp boot06:11
dragon5611It does06:12
YankDownUnderdragon5611: Without ME knowing exactly where things are, just make sure the path(s) are absolutely correct, hmm...06:12
dragon5611Lol so grub is useless on this06:12
orangesparki want to see the partition table while installing ubuntu06:12
orangesparkits just showing single partition06:13
YankDownUnderorangespark: ...and I want to see dancing Chinese girls whilst installing Ubuntu...06:13
orangesparkwhy dont you ask ur mother06:14
orangesparkmay be she can put a gif of her good old times06:15
YankDownUnderorangespark: She's 15k km away...06:15
YankDownUnderorangespark: :)06:15
orangesparkmr flinstone06:15
dragon5611Lol doesn't work with just editing the path to temp boot06:15
YankDownUnderorangespark: Meanwhile, what's going on? You're having an issue with partition(s)?06:15
orangesparki am totally on my nerve now06:15
orangesparksorry for being rude06:16
dragon5611Is there a way to get to tty before,grub?06:16
YankDownUnderdragon5611: Get a liveUSB or CD/DVD...you're going to hose things even worse if you don't...hmm...06:16
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
orangesparki am trying to dual boot with ubuntu and windows06:16
YankDownUnderorangespark: Are the partitions you're not seeing "Windows 10" partitions?06:16
orangesparkwindows 806:16
YankDownUnderorangespark: Same thing, same issue. You're not able to see or do anything with those partitions because of the fact that "Windows" is using a modified "hibernate" on the drives - which therefore locks them from any other OS (except a Windows OS)...so you have to boot into Windows, turn off all hibernation - and probably best to do a manual "chkdsk -f" on the drive as well - just to be on the safe side.06:18
orangesparkchkdsk -f from live usb ubuntu06:19
YankDownUnderorangespark: Nah, bro - you're going to have to actually boot into Windows - and turn off hibernation (powercfg -h off) - can't really be safely done any other way, mate.06:20
orangesparkafter turning of hibernate then what06:21
orangesparkthere is a dos partn06:21
orangesparkin which dos came preinstalled06:21
orangesparkwith the lap06:22
ruijanpallaswhen i select all my files and folders in my home folder, it takes about 7Gs, but when I right click thunar says that the space usage is 13 gigs :s06:22
YankDownUnderorangespark: When you've done that - and, like I said, run the "chkdsk -f c:" on the system, you can then safely and easily install Ubuntu and you won't have any issues with seeing the "Windows" partitions and whatnot...and grub won't have any issues trying to establish "boot" installation - does that make sense?06:22
ruijanpallasis it possible that the hidden files double the space usage06:22
YankDownUnderruijanpallas: Yes. Open a terminal and type: du -sch06:22
YankDownUnderruijanpallas: THAT will tell you the true usage in your "home" directory.06:23
orangesparklet me see06:23
YankDownUnderorangespark: Do what you need to do...lemme know how it goes, bro.06:23
r00t_i think im just gonna go back to windows06:24
r00t_my system is still freezing06:24
r00t_and im fed up with it06:24
YankDownUnderr00t_: Fair enough.06:24
ruijanpallasthe thing is tho, i dont have almost anything major installed so what could be taking so much space06:24
r00t_YankDownUnder i dont want to but i dont know what else to do06:24
ruijanpallassome old dosbox games and diablo206:24
YankDownUnderr00t_: There are other distros...06:25
YankDownUnderruijanpallas: Those would take up some space...surely...06:25
orangesparkchkdsk -f06:25
orangesparkwhat should be the parameter to thi06:25
YankDownUnderr00t_: If you want something "easy" on a low end system, you can check out "Bodhi Linux" - it's great for low end machines and older stuff, too...very light...06:25
YankDownUnderorangespark: "chkdsk -f c:"06:25
orangesparkinvalid parameter c:L06:26
orangesparkinvalid parameter c:06:26
=== __raven_ is now known as __raven
YankDownUnderorangespark: chkdsk /f c:06:27
YankDownUnderorangespark: My bad...06:27
ruijanpallasYankDownUnder, thank you for your advices.06:27
YankDownUnderruijanpallas: Coolbeans.06:27
orangesparkchkdsk cannot run because the colume is in use by another process06:27
orangesparkits asking to shedule this check next restart06:28
dragon5611You have to have your boot kern in order to use tty06:28
YankDownUnderorangespark: It will run on the next reboot - so, reboot the machine into Windows, let it run it's task, when it's done, then you're good to go. I'll assume you've turned off "hibernation", yes?06:28
YankDownUnderorangespark: Cool bananas...06:28
orangesparkso what is the desired output of the chkdsk06:29
orangesparkwhich is a green signal06:29
atralheaven_can I have a small partition in my ram?06:29
YankDownUnderorangespark: Si. I mean Oui. I mean Da. I mean Ja.06:29
martixhello room06:33
martixwhat is a good place to start06:33
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=== TheAyatollah is now known as JakeSays
orangesparkstill not working06:35
orangesparkno partitions06:36
orangesparkanybody who can help me06:36
b4rI'm getting a "unabled to find valid context" from gdm, solutions online do not seem to help (ie: restorecon -R / and filefix restore)06:36
b4rany other ideas?06:36
b4rorangespark: what is the problem?06:36
orangesparki amtrying to install ubuntu06:37
orangesparkwith windows06:37
b4ra "dual boot" instance?06:37
orangesparkbut the prob is when installing ubuntu its not detecting any os06:38
b4rand the problem is something with grub?06:38
orangesparkand no partitions06:38
orangesparkits showing a single disk06:38
orangesparkits just that i have 6 partitions06:38
orangesparkfrom whcih only 4 are visible in windows06:39
dragon5611grub> ls (hd0,1)/ lost+found/ bin/ boot/ cdrom/ dev/ etc/ home/ lib/ media/ mnt/ opt/ proc/ root/ run/ sbin/ srv/ sys/ tmp/ usr/ var/ vmlinuz cdrom/ vmlinuz.old initrd.img initrd.img.old temp boot/06:39
orangesparkother one is a dos partition06:39
orangesparkwhich came with the lap06:39
dragon5611Temp boot/ is my location06:39
orangesparki dont understand06:40
orangesparkthere is a prob wth mbr i guess06:40
orangesparkand also there is a drive for one key recovery06:40
orangesparki dont understand06:40
orangesparkthere is a prob wth mbr i guess06:40
b4rorangespark: pastebin the information perhaps?06:40
b4rorangespark: like mount information or fdisk information or both or some other stuff06:41
orangesparkfdisk with option06:41
orangesparkehich option06:41
b4rorangespark: fdisk /dev/<device>06:42
b4rI'm getting a "unabled to find valid context" from gdm, solutions online do not seem to help (ie: restorecon -R / and filefix restore) ; any other ideas?06:43
YankDownUnderorangespark: What's going on now? I just stepped back in...?06:43
orangesparkstill same06:44
gebbionejust upgraded to 16 from 14 but my monitors are not detected06:44
orangesparknothing has changed06:44
b4rYankDownUnder: shed some light?06:44
gebbionein displays i try to run a detect but it doesnt see both06:44
gebbioneany suggestions?06:44
b4rgebbione: xinerama and stuff are installed?06:44
YankDownUnderorangespark: "Nothing has changed" does not really tell me much...please, elucidate?06:44
gebbioneb4r i have no idea, i just upgraded06:45
gebbionei only got an error with upgrading mysql06:45
b4rgebbione: xinerama is usually what you want for multiple displays so maybe check for that06:45
orangesparkstill single partition is showing up06:45
orangesparkturning off hibernate didnt help06:45
YankDownUnderorangespark: WHICH partition is showing up?06:45
b4rorangespark: be very certain you're modifying the correct partition and/or device06:45
orangesparki have executed the command u said06:46
orangesparkits asking for command06:46
orangesparkwhich command06:46
gebbioneb4r libxinerama is installed06:46
b4ruh `p'?06:46
orangesparkgot itr06:46
b4rgebbione: then idk rn what else it could be06:46
b4rorangespark: good06:47
YankDownUnderorangespark: Firstly, I can only see what you describe to me. I am blind. I cannot read minds, I do not know the past, nor the future. I can only go on exactly what you tell me. Secondly, I do this for a living - exactly what I described to you enables me to do dual-boot systems for clients. That being said, is there something I do not know - something you're possibly not telling me that would shed a huge amount of light on this06:47
YankDownUnderentire situation?06:47
ruijanpallashmm, i may have messed up with playonlinux, hold on and i baste06:47
b4rruijanpallas: holdinnng06:47
orangesparki will pastebin it06:48
b4rorangespark: great thanks06:48
dragon5611Well. Lol I know it's possible to boot from the file called temp boot. Which is in the same sub folder with the rest of the system files.06:48
orangesparkgot it?06:50
orangesparki have shed more light i gues yank06:50
YankDownUnderorangespark: So the /dev/sda - your "Windows drive" - you're not installing on that drive, right?06:51
ruijanpallasor is that just the way playonlinux works that it needs to stackup like that06:51
b4rruijanpallas: what's the problem? the directory structure? because it looks fine06:52
b4rto me06:52
Nika7Where get tiny WM on shell?06:52
orangesparki have only sda06:52
orangesparki am installing in sda06:52
orangesparki have unallocated space too06:52
orangesparkfor ubuntu06:52
YankDownUnderorangespark: So you're either going to have to delete a partition or resize a partition - which you would use "Gparted" to do that...06:53
orangesparki was thinking of creating a new one during ubntu installation06:53
ruijanpallasb4r, yea I guess I'm reading it wrong then :s06:53
b4rorangespark: yeah you got like 500 million sectors left yeah?06:53
b4rruijanpallas: maybe idk too much at all of PoL06:53
YankDownUnderorangespark: You can't create a new one if there's already a zillion partitions - so you have to verify which of the partitions you have that you can either delete or resize...06:53
orangesparkhow much is the limiti06:54
orangesparki am afraid that deleting one partiotion make my windows unaccesable06:54
b4rthere's a limit? (even with extended partitions?)06:54
dragon5611Lol as long as you have the space06:54
b4rthought so06:54
YankDownUnderorangespark: Look - if you resize /dev/sda6 (150gb) to give you, say, 50gb, that would be more than enough space to have a good Ubuntu installation...hmm?06:54
Nika7Where get tiny WM on shell?06:54
b4rNika7: google06:54
b4rNika7: i3 / dwm06:55
orangesparkbut that would make another partition06:55
orangesparkwhich u said i cant06:55
orangesparkto make a partitoin i already have 45 gb unallocated06:55
YankDownUnderorangespark: If you leave the "table" the way it is, no, you can't do anything at all. However, if you resize a partition, you can (or, well, linux can) have the system create the required partitions to run a valid system.06:56
orangesparkhow much06:56
dragon5611Lol I tried to figure out one night how to rewrite and delete data from  a dvd-rom. Know it's not possible. However,  figure anything is in the realm of possibility.06:57
orangesparki dont understand i already resized my partitoin06:57
orangesparkand got 45 gb of it06:57
YankDownUnderorangespark: Like I said - if you can free up (by resizing) 50gb - or even 20gb - that should be more than enough.06:57
orangesparkfor doing the same06:57
dragon5611Gparted is easy to use.06:57
orangesparkthat 200gb u r seeing is wrong06:57
orangesparki did shrink it06:57
orangesparkro get 45gb06:57
orangesparki dont knw why its not showing up06:58
YankDownUnderorangespark: Then what is the new partition layout? I'm only seeing what you pasted.06:58
orangesparkme too06:58
orangesparki am surprisde06:58
YankDownUnderorangespark: If you've created space by resizing, then Gparted should be able to create a partition in the unused space....06:58
Nika7Where get tiny WM on shell?06:59
dragon5611Only problem I seen was not making two initial partitions of equal size to work with from installation.06:59
orangesparkand in ubuntu live usb06:59
orangesparkits showing the partitoin resized06:59
orangesparkbut nothing on the partition table which i pasted06:59
orangesparkwhy is it so06:59
orangesparkit should be showing 160gb06:59
ruijanpallasb4r, the problem was that I was confused what is taking so much space, but maybe it's just the Pol works, the folder structure06:59
dragon5611Then you are stuck with one big partition unless you make a live g parted CD with a iso07:00
orangesparkbut its showing 20007:00
ruijanpallasthe way*07:00
YankDownUnderorangespark: Did you create a new partition in the free space?07:01
dragon5611Either way appreciate the help. Lol I know how to make a live cd. Think more or less I made the mistake of moving my boot files to learn how to use grub.07:02
YankDownUnderorangespark: 1.) You've got this huge hunk of free space now, right? so 2.) You need to create a partition in that free space so that 3.) The installer will see it and do something with it...easy as.07:03
orangesparkso you are saying that creating a new partition will fix everything07:03
orangesparki mean its not showing any of the windows partitions07:03
YankDownUnderorangespark: Create a partition. Click apply. Exit Gparted. Start the installation. Await any errors.07:03
craptalki created windows bootable usb on linux, and i got error while trying to boot from my usb later on, why? i am using disk creator, and from terminal command also07:04
craptalkplease help07:04
orangesparki will try that too07:04
rosganicraptalk: have you try make the usb using Rufus?07:04
EriC^^orangespark: are you in the ubuntu live usb?07:04
EriC^^hold on..07:04
EriC^^ok, pastebin sudo parted -l07:05
EriC^^you fixed the windows install and ubuntu doesn't show windows in the installer?07:05
ruijanpallasyea now I get it :) no problems after akk07:07
YankDownUnderorangespark: Did you create another NTFS partition?07:08
EriC^^orangespark: where do you plan to put ubuntu?07:08
orangesparki am going to create one07:09
orangesparkfrom 45gb as yank said07:09
orangesparkbut you said hold on07:09
orangespark i waited07:09
ruijanpallasb4r, I was just reading it wrong *sigh, thanks for help07:09
YankDownUnderorangespark: Make sure it's not NTFS...07:09
ruijanpallasback to diablo ->07:09
orangesparkext4 then07:10
EriC^^orangespark: your whole partition table is pretty screwed07:10
orangesparkya i know07:10
YankDownUnderorangespark: Make space, create a new ext4 partition, click "apply", exit Gparted, start the install07:10
EriC^^orangespark: there are overlapping partitions07:10
EriC^^do you have stuff you need on windows?07:11
orangesparkso i have to do something abt it07:11
orangesparki mean its gonna make trouble ahead07:11
orangesparkgparted shows error cant have overla[pping partitions07:11
orangesparkwhat should i do07:12
EriC^^do you need anything from the windows install?07:12
orangesparku mean a clean isntall07:13
orangesparkso i will have to start with everything from the start then07:14
orangesparkso tell me what should i do07:15
EriC^^yeah, copy the stuff you have on it and fresh install then copy back07:15
orangesparkback up everything07:15
dorfenHi guys, I can't write the letter "r" in my bash terminal all of a sudden? How can i fix or locate the error?07:15
orangesparkand delete all thepartitions07:15
EriC^^orangespark: yeah, install windows first, then ubuntu07:15
orangesparkis there anyway i can backup my windows to restore point in my external hardisk07:15
EriC^^orangespark: i dont think so07:16
EriC^^no idea07:16
V7fsociety.dat ... so what was there ... who knows :D ?07:17
EriC^^no idea really07:17
EriC^^orangespark: i'd copy the stuff and make a fresh install07:17
orangesparkthanks for the help07:18
orangesparkwill do the same07:18
=== j is now known as Guest91103
EriC^^orangespark: no problem07:22
squighi, is there a apt-get command to install the dependancies for a particular package07:23
squigI am building QT out of the apt but I need to install all its dependencies07:23
ducassesquig: apt-get build-dep07:29
squiggreat thanks07:31
OnkelTemHi all07:35
OnkelTemAfter a regular packages update on 14.04 now all my fonts are ugly: in terminal, in PHP storm, in Google Chrome07:35
OnkelTemWhat could made this change and how to configure font size?07:36
=== Fuchs is now known as evilfuchs
OnkelTemMy Window mananger is Awesome07:36
V7OnkelTem: Send screen capture07:37
V7Show us your loly07:37
OnkelTemV7: not that ugly07:39
OnkelTembut bigger then it was07:39
pvddi'm gonna dd my whole ssd (cause of boot nd windows b*shit causing low start), but i'm worried about my uefi vars07:41
pvddwill dd erase them?07:41
pvddand brick my computer?07:41
ducassepvdd: if you're doing this from a live image the efivars won't even be mounted07:42
pvddok ty07:43
fishcookeri've got many error windows like this http://imgur.com/a/Nqdm5 ... how to kill all windows like these?07:44
KpuCkohello i'm trying to install ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS from USB pen drive to software raid & lvm, the problem is that on the 4 console (the log) im seeing errors like that: main-menu: operation not supported, and my installation fails07:44
ducasseKpuCko: is that all it says? what are you trying to do at that point?07:46
KpuCkoducasse im trying to install ubuntu fresh installation from usb drive07:47
-doggydoodoo:#ubuntu- I shit my pants.07:47
KpuCkomaybe at this moment im rebuilding my software raid, its that ok?07:48
V7OnkelTem: I'll show you my one ;D07:48
ducasseKpuCko: i can't see why that would fail. are there no other messages?07:48
uebera||fishcooker: Have a look at https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/85205/is-there-a-way-to-simulate-a-close-event-on-various-windows-using-the-terminal07:49
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KpuCkoeveryting else is like normal install, retriving files from iso, installing deb packages07:50
ducasseKpuCko: so at what point does it fail? package installation is done later than disk setup.07:51
KpuCkoim seeing this errors after i press the install system now07:51
V7OnkelTem: http://i.imgur.com/nHM5FpN.png07:52
KpuCkothe errors are seen after the disk setup, root & swap partition and starting installing the system07:52
doggydoodooI shit my pants, guys07:52
ducasseKpuCko: then i don't know, sorry. try #ubuntu-server07:52
doggydoodooI really did07:53
doggydoodoocrapped them real good!07:53
KpuCkoon the setup screen im seeing the setup is going very fast, and when i see the console 4 (the log) im seeing this errors07:53
KpuCkoducasse thanks a lot07:53
doggydoodooKpuCko: did u shit urself?07:54
KpuCkodoggydoodoo if you aren't here to help peoples just leave, thanks07:55
doggydoodooKpuCko: thats rude07:55
doggydoodoou made me shit my pants agaib07:55
dragon5611Lol trollin07:56
V7Flannel ... I got your IP :D07:57
dragon5611Is there any possible way to get to tty through grub?07:57
V7dragon5611: ... grub is not an os07:59
fishcookernoted uebera||, thanks for pointing07:59
uebera||fishcooker: yw08:00
V7Ha ... there's not an cp existing acctually :D08:00
dragon5611I know... lol just figuring out any way to get out of my rock and a hard place.08:01
uebera||dragon5611: nowadays, once you've installed a system, grub should show a menu item labeled "rescue mode"--that's likely what you're looking for.08:01
V7dragon5611: o.o08:02
dragon5611No rescue mode has popped up08:02
V7Listen to Silversun Pickups :D08:02
dragon5611Lol nice08:02
dragon5611But my boot files are in a folder called temp boot08:03
sruliwith samba is it possible to make a user only read and add files, (not write to existing or delete)? my scenario is all PC's are linux but 1 windows VM, that VM is what worries me, if it gets infected with some crypto malware i dont want it to be able to damage the files on the share08:03
dragon5611In the same directory as all system files08:03
dragon5611However a live CD is not a option,08:03
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craptalkcan rufus be installed in ubuntu?08:06
uebera||dragon5611: If you have a menu item that doesn't quite work (because a file in question is not found), but vmlinuz and initrd.img files are in place (somewhere), you can edit/tweak that item and also add a "recovery" to the "linux" line.08:06
OnkelTemV7: envy envy envy08:07
OnkelTemV7: I want my fonts back08:07
OnkelTemI don't know wtf has happened08:07
OnkelTemLook at this, what made all fonts so ugly?08:08
dragon5611(dragon5611) (dragon5611) grub> ls (hd0,1)/ lost+found/ bin/ boot/ cdrom/ dev/ etc/ home/ lib/ media/ mnt/ opt/ proc/ root/ run/ sbin/ srv/ sys/ tmp/ usr/ var/ vmlinuz cdrom/ vmlinuz.old initrd.img initrd.img.old temp boot/08:08
dragon5611Temp boot has my boot files08:08
dragon5611Yes, yes I did..08:09
dragon5611Lol never moving my boot files ever,again.08:10
V7OnkelTem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/351595/change-default-font-in-ubuntu-13-04 ?08:10
ducassedragon5611: why is a live image not an option?08:10
dragon5611No usb or CD on hand08:10
dragon5611Lol and I have the files in temp boot08:11
uebera||dragon5611: So just edit the menuitem in question to point to them? Does https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/39423/boot-linux-system-from-a-subdirectory-on-a-partition help you?08:13
dragon5611Just want to know if I could just use temp boot/ as my boot/08:13
dragon5611Ile check08:13
uebera||dragon5611: The topic of the above is slightly different, but it shows how to locate a vmlinuz image in a subdirectory ("linux   (loop)/boot/vmlinuz")... which would be "/temp/vmlinuz" in your case, I guess.08:14
=== especiallee is now known as e
dragon5611Checking. So would I replace boot/ with temp boot/ in vmlinuz08:17
Seveasdragon5611: may need to be temp\ boot/08:17
Seveasnot sure if spaces need escaping there08:17
Seveasor "quote the entire thing" instead of escaping08:18
dragon5611I figure I could just edit the script for when I boot to give it temp boot instead of boot08:19
dragon5611Let me try08:19
dragon5611The file name is literally temp boot/08:19
dragon5611But never worked. Lol08:20
fishcookerlooks cool uebera|| $ xdotool search --name "Error" key --delay alt space c Return08:21
uebera||dragon5611: Did you use \_ or " "? My guess is the problem lies with the whitespace.08:25
cfhowlettdragon5611, this!  ^^^^08:25
dragon5611Ok we need to,back it up08:26
dragon5611Editing commands on grub08:27
dragon5611Hitting e08:27
cfhowlettdragon5611, single08:27
cfhowlettwords make08:27
cfhowlettno sense.  STOP using the enter key!!08:27
dragon5611Guiding you as to what I'm doing08:28
bazhangdragon5611, dont do that here, the users and the channel bots wont like it a bit08:29
Bassemwhen i start ubuntu it stay in the starting screen and dont go to login screen08:40
Bassemubuntu 16 freez at starting screen08:44
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Bomber4Chatsanyone have any experience with working with HID generic devices? I need to figure out how to get the HID's capabilities, equivalently to https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/ff539697(v=vs.85).aspx or https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/ff539715(v=vs.85).aspx08:47
dragon5611Gave up on my idea to move files using only grub.08:53
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=== dragon5611 is now known as winuses
orangesparki am going to make a windows and ubuntu dual boot08:56
orangesparkwhich one should i install first08:56
orangesparkand also08:56
orangesparkwhich mode should i set while installing it08:56
orangesparkuefi enabled08:56
ikoniaup to you08:56
orangesparkor legacy support08:56
ikoniaufi or legacy - both will work08:56
=== winuses is now known as MrsMAN
orangesparkbecoz i think i might have problems with uefi with ubuntu08:57
ikoniayou won't08:57
MrsMANLol no one finds this funny?08:58
ikoniaMrsMAN: I think you're talking in the wrong channel08:58
ToAruShiroiNekoammusement is irrelevant08:58
MrsMANBut needed. Still here to help.08:58
ToAruShiroiNekoAmmusement is not required.08:59
MrsMANDecided I am just going into,town tomorrow and getting a usb08:59
ToAruShiroiNekoUSB is irrelevant.09:00
MrsMANThen I will just use the old co computer and make a bootable ubuntu09:00
ikoniaMrsMAN: we don't need to know this09:00
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dragon5611Yeah mrsman your spamming09:01
ikoniaI'm not laughing09:02
ikoniastop messing around09:02
dragon5611I am09:02
orangesparkcan i also keep my one key recovery functionality09:02
ikoniaorangespark: one key recovery ?09:02
ikoniahow is that provided ?09:02
orangesparki have a one key recovery with lap09:03
orangesparkand i am entering bios using that09:03
ikoniaright, and how is that provided09:03
EriC^^orangespark: after messing with partitions it usually stops working (usually)09:03
orangesparkotherwise i am not shown any button to  enter bios in normal startup09:03
EriC^^orangespark: which laptop is it?09:04
orangesparkwill that show up after clean installation eric^^09:04
EriC^^orangespark: usually no, you have to make a recovery usb/hdd using the windows tools09:04
EriC^^you can enter the bios with f12 or f8 i think09:06
EriC^^maybe f1009:06
v1rtuosojDownloaded Google Chrome off of Google's website on Ubuntu 16.04 running Unity. However when I right click on the Chrome icon in Launcher, it doesn't have the options of "New Window," "New Incognito Window"09:06
EriC^^the button will always work i guess, but you can't use the actual recovery09:06
v1rtuosojHow can I fix this?09:06
orangesparki dont want the recovery09:07
orangesparkbecoz frequently lately09:07
orangesparkmy lap gets stuck at the lenovo screen09:07
orangesparkon startup09:07
orangesparkat that time i try to turn on using one key09:08
orangesparkit starts up09:08
orangesparkits a big help for me09:08
orangesparkeither should have an alternative for that09:08
EriC^^starts up goes to windows and works?09:08
orangesparki mean09:08
orangesparkfirrst a menu shows up09:08
orangesparkbios setup09:08
orangesparkbios devices09:08
orangesparksystem recovery09:09
orangesparknormal startuo09:09
orangesparkthese options are listed then i select normal startup and i get into windows09:09
EriC^^that's odd09:09
EriC^^is uefi disabled in the bios?09:10
EriC^^f12/f10 doesn't give you the bios menu?09:10
sveinseis there a way to disable a service (such as mysql) and have it manually started when I need it, and that does not interfere with apt upgrade? I tried using systemctl disable, which works perfect for disabling, but causes dpkg to fail as it expects to be able to start the service on upgrades...09:22
ikoniaif the service is disabled, packages shouldn't need to start it unless there is a real need (eg: a table upgrade)09:23
sveinseikonia: yet it does. perhaps this is a bug in mysql, but it requires to be able to restart and run the service when upgrading09:24
ikoniasveinse: have you actually looked at the package manifest to see if the start is forces, or just a poorly written condition09:24
orangesparknothing works09:26
orangesparkwill that be a prob09:32
orangesparkif i am nto able to use function keys to get into biod09:32
orangesparkafter clean isntallation09:33
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orangesparkinstallation and dual boot09:33
t3chhey,  after upgrade to 16.04 get that error: error while loading shared libraries: libnl.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:58
t3chinstalling libnl-3-dev not help09:59
geirhaDoes ''ldconfig -p'' list it?10:02
MrElendigupdatedb && locate libnl.so10:05
OerHekst3ch, does this bug prevent networking?10:05
t3chwhen try to run airodump says this10:06
t3chwill check locate and link another to that location if exists10:06
OerHeksoh aircrack, i leave you to it.10:07
JBandyhey everybody please listen to Jason Bandy's EFNet News Episode 3 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib_uIDKF5cU - A weekly newscast covering the happenings on the best network in the world.. the ERIS FREE NETWORK!!!10:09
JBandyplease join #efnetnews on efnet to chat10:18
themagmaforcehi there, anyone using keepass with google drive sync? i can't find what they mean by keepass UUID on the google console10:19
OerHeks!spam | JBandy10:20
ubottuJBandy: Please don't spam10:20
julius_Anyone know if vmdk files are repairable?10:21
OerHeksjulius_, here is some option https://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=201925910:23
MrElendigthemagmaforce: sidenote: you should us keepassx instead of keepass10:23
MrElendigjulius_: depends on how you broke it10:24
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themagmaforceMrElendig: but keepassx does not seem to have plugins so i can use in chrome and sync with google drive10:25
julius_Well I'm running CentOS 7 on VM, was going to boot up today and VMware just says that the file isn't a virtual disk.10:25
OerHeksjulius_, on an Ubuntu host?10:26
julius_Running mint atm.10:26
OerHeksoh, worse.10:26
MrElendigthemagmaforce: don't need any plugin10:27
MrElendigjust have your google drive mounted somewhere in your fs and point keepassx(2) at it10:27
MrElendig(keepass has some epic secuirty fails in their update feature currently)10:28
themagmaforceMrElendig: is there anyway to have only a file from google drive synced?10:31
MrElendigsomeone have proably written some daemon to do that10:32
MrElendigbut just using the google drive gvfs thing would work fine too10:32
MrElendigsince it would mount the drive as a virtual fs instead of actually copying everything to your disk10:32
MrElendigspeed will ofcourse be limited by your network connection but that isn't a problem when it comes to keepassx10:33
dany-web-devwhy would my ssh host keys get corrupted? I have a raspberry pi with ubuntu core running from a USB10:35
dany-web-devis it cause for concern?10:35
MrElendigdany-web-dev: because sd cards sucks10:35
MrElendigsd card/usb sticks10:35
MrElendigthat is the most likely cause10:35
dany-web-devMrElendig: why specifically ssh host keys?10:35
MrElendigdany-web-dev: totally random?10:36
OerHeksjust one bit that falls ..10:36
MrElendigcheck your logs for I/O errors or fs corruption10:36
moijkI've got a 750ti coming soon, I've been away from desktop linux for years so what would be the appropriate ways to install the correct drivers in 2016?10:36
MrElendigmoijk: <yourpackagemanager> install nvidia10:36
MrElendigmoijk: I hope you didn't pay more than 50€ for that card btw10:37
OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall10:37
OerHeksor list first, but autoinstall selects the optimal driver > sudo ubuntu-drivers list10:37
dany-web-devMrElendig: https://www.google.cz/webhp?q=linux%20io%20corruption%20logs10:37
dany-web-devno result10:37
dany-web-devI used fsck before,10:38
MrElendigdany-web-dev: what10:38
dany-web-devI don't know if it's relevant on USBs though10:38
MrElendigread *your* logs, don't google10:38
dany-web-devMrElendig: I'm googling how to do that10:38
dany-web-devwhat logs?10:38
MrElendigdmesg -H is a good start10:38
MrElendigjournalctl is another10:39
dany-web-devoh, there are no errors in that10:39
MrElendigdmesg only shows for the current boot10:39
dany-web-devI know10:39
dany-web-devthat's why I said10:39
dany-web-devI just rebooted it10:39
MrElendigjournalctl can list older ones10:39
MrElendigthe -b flag is useful10:40
MrElendigor you can filter by string or date10:40
OerHeksprevious boot: journalctl -b -1 from the previous boot10:40
dany-web-devMrElendig: journactl isn't installed on ubuntu core10:40
OerHeksor -2 if you want to look further back10:40
dany-web-devhow do you find a command with apt?10:40
dany-web-devI know with dnf you can do something like `dnf list <command>` and it will find the package which provides that command10:40
OerHekscheck dmesg ?10:41
sveinsedany-web-dev: of what's installed or of everything including what is not installed?10:41
dany-web-devsveinse: from the repos (not installed ofc)10:42
sveinsedany-web-dev: I have to admit I prefer using http://packages.ubuntu.com/ :P10:42
dany-web-devsveinse: why would you feel ashamed of that, just blame FOSS for writing shit sw10:43
dany-web-devsudo journalctl --verify PASS: /system.journal PASS: /system.journal10:43
sveinsedany-web-dev: eh, come again? What has that to do about this?10:43
dany-web-devMrElendig: what does that mean?10:44
cuboidVLC question: How do you fix audio streaming lag?10:44
dany-web-devsveinse: wrong channel sry10:44
moijkwhat would be a good bittorrent client? I'm used to utorrent on the mac.10:45
julius_cuboid: You getting skipping and lagging?10:45
dany-web-devOerHeks: `Specifying boot ID has no effect, no persistent journal was found`10:45
julius_moijk: I use vuze leap.10:46
YankDownUndermoijk: Transmission.10:47
sveinsedany-web-dev: as for your question. apt-file find somefile.h lists the packages that somefile.h provides. You probably have to install apt-file and run apt-file update first10:47
dany-web-devsveinse: ah, thanks10:47
dany-web-devI used apt file before10:47
dany-web-devto find header files10:47
MrElendigdany-web-dev: if you are running a up to date version of ubuntu then you do have journalctl10:47
dany-web-devMrElendig: yea I know now10:48
dany-web-devMrElendig: I'm running `badblocks` now10:48
dany-web-devHacker: now hackers allowed sry10:49
sveinseLet me build on that question about apt. I notice a shift from apt-get over to apt (don't quite know when). When would one run apt vs apt-get?10:49
* dany-web-dev sets mode +b Hacker 10:49
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ubottuUbuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/10:49
dany-web-devOerHeks: no snappy10:49
julius_cuboid: You might want to try and change the buffer by going into preferences > input/codecs > Acess modules > File and change the Caching value to maybe 2000 or 100010:49
multifractalHow can I completely get rid of CUDA and anything related to Nvidia. I've had my fill with this nonsense, and sporadic boot crashes.10:49
dany-web-devuname -a Linux rpi.local 4.1.19v7-aufs #1 SMP Sun Mar 13 12:48:13 CET 2016 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux10:50
OerHeksmultifractal, go into the drivers menu and set nouveau again, then remove nvidia* like the way you installed it.10:50
OerHeksdany-web-dev, whatever, arm and core is not supported here official.10:51
multifractalOerHeks the way I installed it was the apt-get approach described here http://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-getting-started-guide-for-linux/#ubuntu-installation10:54
b4rI'm getting a "unabled to find valid context" from gdm, solutions online do not seem to help (ie: restorecon -R / and filefix restore) ; any other ideas?10:54
zerox_ubuntu rocks10:54
multifractalOerHeks: But when I ctrl+f that document for "uninstall" it's all related to the "runfile installation" approach.10:54
OerHeksmultifractal, uh oh, from their site, i hope theu uinstall a uninstall package too10:55
multifractalOerHeks what other way is there?10:55
dany-web-devOerHeks: uhm, what's that to do with anything?10:55
MrElendigdany-web-dev: badblocks is not that usefull on flash based devices10:56
multifractalCan I somehow just "purge" everything nvidia related?10:56
dany-web-devMrElendig: thanks, that's what I was thinking10:56
MrElendigdany-web-dev: due to how the controllers works10:56
dany-web-devMrElendig: how about SSDs though?10:56
multifractalI'd be happy if I never saw anything related to Nvidia on my machine ever again.10:56
MrElendigalso on moderns spinners badblocks are not actually a good metric for drive health anyway10:56
MrElendigdany-web-dev: ssds are flash based10:56
dany-web-devbut they operate differently10:57
dany-web-devflash assigns to 1st available10:57
MrElendigdany-web-dev: and have even more aggresive wear leveling etc10:57
dany-web-devnand assigns with respect to cell health10:57
dany-web-devat least that's what I was taught10:57
MrElendigyou will have a lot of errors on a ssd, but the firmware, hopefully, will hide them10:57
MrElendigsidenote: many smaller sd cards and the like are actually large ones just with a lot of corruption mapped away10:58
dany-web-devyeah I know, I remember when SSDs were first introduced, they had 10% more actual space, all just to accommodate 1 year low-usage wear :D10:58
Raxzis it safe to assume this is stuck if it's been doing it for 30 minutes?10:59
dany-web-devRaxz: run top to see if it's using any resources10:59
OerHeksRaxz, there is a star with exclamation mark on the panel.11:01
Raxzwineserver is indeed using a decent amount of resources for doing a whole lot of nothing11:02
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu11:02
Raxzalso I can't make any sense of this debug info11:03
YankDownUnderRaxz: There is a #playonlinux channel, if you didn't know...11:03
RaxzI didn't know11:03
YankDownUnderRaxz: :) Now ya do.11:04
cuboidjulius_: I get lagging. It will pause every 10 seconds then keep playing again.11:04
cuboidI have the error messages, if that helps anyone11:04
YankDownUnderRaxz: yw11:04
cuboidIncreasing caching improves it, but I have to increase it to like 60000 to get through one 3 minute song. But if I have video enabled (on low quality) it has no issues whatsoever.11:04
dany-web-devcompletely on-topic11:05
multifractalIn case anyone's interested I went to additional drivers, re-enabled the nouveau one. Then I did `sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove cuda`. Now laptop seems to boot without the stupid drama.11:06
dany-web-devdoes canonical do user testing?11:06
themagmaforcei'm trying to mount google drive using gvfs, but i get "invalid mount spec" using "gvfs-mount google-drive://...@gmail.com" do i need to install gvfs-google? and if yes, where can i find it for ubuntu?11:06
dany-web-devlike do they have a department where they have random people come and use ubuntu for the 1st time11:06
OerHeks#ubuntu-beginners used to be that first step11:08
YankDownUnderthemagmaforce: Install and use "grive2" instead.11:08
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dany-web-devOerHeks: hahaha, no wonder the desktop experience is atrocious11:18
themagmaforcegdrive seems to be for a full sync, i just want to mount (or sync, but prefer mount) a single folder or specific files11:22
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moijkMrElendig: i know the 750ti is old, but it is the best low profile i found.11:42
themagmaforcethere is not repo with gvfs-google ?11:42
MrElendigmoijk: shops seem to love to overprice it11:43
MrElendigmoijk: there is a low profile 1060 btw11:43
MrElendigzotac iirc11:43
MrElendighmm not zotac, they only did the short one11:44
mikatonehi I have a poweredge 2900 and need to add extra space11:44
mikatonewhat do you suggest SAS, SATA ? WD Red Caviar, Seagate Cheeta or SSD ?11:45
OerHeksNVMe, mikatone, but this is more subject for ##hardware11:46
MrElendigmikatone: if you need space, spinners11:46
MrElendigmikatone: 4TiB is usually the best price/space atm11:46
mikatoneSorry not following you suggesting 4Tb because it's large?11:47
mikatoneThis server runs 24/711:47
moijkMrElendig, sure they overprice. but it fits my need and i just have to live with overspending a few euro on an old card.11:47
mikatoneraid 1 at least11:47
moijkMrElendig, there will be a low profile 480 radeon card. but not out yet.11:48
mikatonebrand names models etc?11:48
MrElendigmoijk: you can find 750's for <=50€ when looking around though11:48
MrElendigmikatone: it is just that some shops believe that they are still worth 200+11:48
mikatoneSAS 750Gb Seagate 15k11:49
MrElendigspecially the low profile versions11:49
MrElendigmikatone: depends on if you need performance or not etc11:49
moijkI'm in norway. So 50 becomes 100 quite quickly. (which is what I paid, new w/gurantee).11:49
MrElendigif you just need space then I would grab a bunch of 4TiB deathstars or wd's and raid10 them11:50
MrElendigmoijk: finn and tek.no bruktmarked11:50
Aussie_matthi guys: is the i386 server iso uefi?11:50
mikatoneMrElendig nowadays performance is always a need but not worried about performance that much more about price and data integrity11:50
MrElendigAussie_matt: is the hardware 64bit capable?11:51
OerHeksAussie_matt, UEFI and 32 bit is a problem.11:51
Aussie_mattMrElendig: yes, it is a 64 bit cpu with 32 efi11:51
MrElendigAussie_matt: if it is, do a 64bit install, if you need ram efficiency use x32 for the relevant bits11:51
mikatonethank you11:52
aienaDO you think its possible to use the ubuntu font with icewm ?11:53
aienaI have unity and icewm on the same system. I would like to use unity fonts with icewm11:53
OerHeksaiena, why not?11:54
aienacan you tell me how to accomplish that11:54
MrElendigthe wm does not affect what fonts you can use11:54
aienaI want the general fonts to look like unities because readability is impt11:54
MrElendig(unless it doesn't support freetype)11:54
OerHeksif you installed both, they would be available in both11:54
aienaso how do I make icewm use them11:55
aienaThe enhabce readability11:55
OerHekscheck the icewm manual how to change system fonts?11:55
aienaI checked but what path do I specify http://iceorg.sourceforge.net/manual/icewm-11.html#ss11.211:56
aienafor the fonts11:56
aienaalso which font does unity use by default11:56
aienausing ubuntu 16.0411:56
mikatone_back to the best irc channel nobody answer me at ##hardware :(11:57
mikatone_so guys need final solution11:58
mikatone_best solution?11:58
OerHeksmikatone_, then try ##linux ?11:59
OerHeksor be patient in ##hardware11:59
MrElendigmikatone_: buy 10 cheap 4TiB spinners, raid10 them with two hot spares12:00
mikatone_can't spend that much and that is way to much space12:00
mikatone_200€ is my best shot12:01
mikatone_1 Tb space12:01
mikatone_ok guys thank you going ##linux checking ;)12:02
Aussie_mattOerHeks: ah, so the i386 iso's aren't efi. thanks12:02
V7Ah... won first game :D lichess.org/0pjPO3ap12:02
Aussie_mattMrElendig: I'll try with the 64bit iso, see what happens12:02
chaitanyaHi All12:02
chaitanyaI am new to ubuntu ..12:03
chaitanyaany good guide12:03
chaitanyaAny one here ?12:03
bazhang!manual | chaitanya12:03
ubottuchaitanya: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:03
dandelschaitanya, depends on what you want to do/know. I don't know any actual "Here is an Ubuntu guide":s, though (althoug they exist)12:04
dandelsnvm, bazhang beat me to it12:04
bazhang!rute | also this chaitanya12:04
ubottualso this chaitanya: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf12:04
MrElendigAussie_matt: you need a 32bit efi payload, but that isn't too hard to deal with12:05
Aussie_mattMrElendig: ? sorry I don't understand12:05
dandelshi raddy12:05
V7chaitanya: First time on Linux or Ubuntu !?12:05
MrElendigAussie_matt: if your uefi is 32bit, then you need a 32bit payload, but that is not that hard to get12:06
chaitanyaV7, Both12:06
Aussie_mattMrElendig: what do you mean by payload?12:06
raddyI have set lxc.cgroup.memory.limit_in_bytes = 4G in container config file, But it is not taking effect even after rebootingg the container.12:06
MrElendigAussie_matt: typically a bootloader to load your kernel12:07
Aussie_mattMrElendig: ah, ok gotcha12:07
Aussie_mattMrElendig: the good news it the 64 bit iso is recognised as efi! yay, so I'm at a boot menu12:07
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI12:08
MrElendigAussie_matt: then it sounds like you have a 64bit uefi and not a 32bit one12:08
MrElendigso all is good12:08
Aussie_mattMrElendig: no, I believe the 16.04 iso added 32bit efi12:09
raddyIs there any errors in my parameter ?12:10
whitehatthis is so cool12:10
abhinavhow would i install xfce without installing xubuntu branding?12:10
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OerHeksabhinav, use an other distro ?12:11
Guest52383how do i change my nickname?12:11
k1l_Guest52383: /nick newnick12:11
OerHeks..unless that name is reserved12:12
=== Guest52383 is now known as Linix
abhinavOerHeks: the answer is to install xfce4. not using other distro.12:12
LinixThis is my first time on linux12:12
abhinavRun still you are sane...12:12
OerHeksabhinav, good, you answered yourself, but that is not true, there still is ubuntu branding in your system.12:13
abhinavOerHeks: I never said I dont want 'ubuntu' branding.12:13
zerox_ubuntu rocks12:13
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sruliwith samba is it possible to make a user only read and add files, (not write to existing or delete)? my scenario is all PC's are linux but 1 windows VM, that VM is what worries me, if it gets infected with some crypto malware i dont want it to be able to damage the files on the share12:25
l9sde: sde1 sde212:25
l9how can i earse sde1 and sde212:26
Seveassruli: no.12:26
bekksl9: Why do you want to do that?12:26
l9bekks: well i am trying too dd image too /dev/sde12:26
sruliSeveas: so no way to allow a user to only add files to share?12:26
bekksl9: And what the purpose of deleting sde1/2 before?12:27
Seveassruli: correct.12:27
bekksSeveas: thats not true.12:27
MrElendigsruli: write a broker service12:27
sruliSeveas: how to i protect my share from a windows machine :-(12:27
bekkssruli: you could use ACL on your samba share.12:27
Seveassruli: kill the windows machine :)12:27
l9bekks: cause /dev/sde is only showing 950mb of a 16Gb sd card12:27
MrElendigsruli: by not giving random people write access in the first place12:27
sruliSeveas: i would love too its the only one remaining on the network but its needed use a device from a particualr supplier12:28
MrElendigl9: fdisk -l /dev/sde12:28
MrElendigl9: put the output on bpaste.net or similar12:28
sruliMrElendig: i am not giving random people access, i am worried from this 1 win machine if it gets a crypto malware or something12:29
MrElendigsruli: if you do then you have lost anyway, get some offline backup solution instead12:29
MrElendigl9: please don't use pastebin.com, see /q phrik pastebin.com12:29
OerHekssruli, sticky bit on a file should work stop file deletion, but writing in the file would still be possible.12:29
sruliMrElendig: havnt lost if user can only add files12:30
srulias a counter measure i have been making a offline backup of each file as soon as its written the first time... the device is now ~100 files per minutes at peak times, its consuming too much resources12:31
sruliMrElendig: whats a broker service?12:32
l9MrElendig: https://bpaste.net/show/32fd7393405512:32
MrElendigsruli: eg a web service that runs on the server where you have a file upload form12:32
MrElendigsruli: and a download form12:33
MrElendigsruli: you could also have some fuse based fs as a frontend on the client side, or similar12:33
MrElendigsruli: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Message_broker12:33
sruliMrElendig: big hammer for small job.. sounds too complicated for me12:33
MrElendigsruli: there are ready to use solutions12:34
srulibekks: are you sure it can be achived with ACL? i read a little about samba ACL but did not see how to do that12:34
MrElendigyou can't do add only with acl12:34
ajksdhi there12:34
bekkssruli: It is a common task using ACL, for disallowing users to delete stuff.12:35
srulibekks: deleting is not enough.. malware can write to the file..12:35
ajksdI'm trying to figure out how to set my caps lock key to act as a ctrl modifier for my current user only through the gui. I'm on ubuntu 16.04.12:35
bekkssruli: Then you need to deny writes at all - aka read-only - and then your share is useless.12:36
l9MrElendig: do you see why i need too delete sde1 and sde2 ? when i use gparted the card only shows as 950mb12:36
srulibekks: useless as you say. thanks to MS i have a vunrabillity on my network which i cannot close12:36
bekksl9: if you plan to deploy an image to sde, you dont need to delete sde1 or sde2 before.12:36
ajksdI'd expect to find the functionality in system settings -> keyboard  or text input but I can only set the keyboard layout there12:36
srulithanks ya all... i am off to the sunny beaches12:37
l9bekks: well after the dd command nothing changes on the card and i have problems mounting root on it12:37
bekkssruli: dont use windows shares then. vulnaribility closed.12:37
bekksl9: did you unmount all filesystems before?12:37
bekksl9: and what was your very exact dd command?12:38
l9bekks: dd bs=1M if=image of=dev12:38
l9nothing fancy12:39
bekksl9: thats not the EXACT command you have been using.12:39
MrElendigthat fdisk output is strange, -l sde should have given the full partition lost12:39
srulibekks: as i explained there is 1 pc which has to have that crap required by a supplier to connect to their system (they use activeX) there is a scanner connected to it which scanns document, their site (activeX process it) but those docs need to be available to everyone on the network, the scan has to be initiated from the activeX so cant even scan it from linux PC12:39
l9bekks:  dd if=FreeBSD-armv6-11.0-RPI-B-302284.img of=/dev/sde bs=102412:39
bekksl9: And did you unmount sde1 and sde2 before?12:40
l9have never mounted them12:40
bekksl9: And how do you see "changes" on the card?12:40
l9at boot12:40
bekksl9: besser use a tool that shows you the partitioning layout, etc.12:41
l9bekks: what tool do you recomend?12:41
bekksl9: sudo fdisk -l, e.g.12:41
Aussie_mattMrElendig: just booted the desktop 64bit iso, looks good. It's on this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/331558195971?lpid=107&chn=ps12:42
l9bekks: https://bpaste.net/show/3b5db1163849 <- like that?12:42
bekksl9: looks good. And whats the issue with that?12:46
bekksl9: And using fdisk on a partition is pointless.12:47
l9i have sde as 953,7 mb when it should be 16Gb12:48
bekksl9: Then your SD card is broken.12:49
bekksl9: Throw it away and get a working one.12:49
Amm0nl9, I've seen this behavior with broken MBR from USB sticks. Try to write a new one.12:53
nexusguy59erv identify new2day12:55
l9Amm0n: already tried too dd /dev/null too it still the same. need too dig into it later but yeah i think i might have screwed the mbr12:57
bekksl9: the card is broken.12:57
OerHeksnexusguy59, i think you want to change password12:59
TheFlyHi ya'll.  I'm running a windows machine but had a virus that made it fail to boot, and also removed the partition to my second (phyiscal, D) drive.  I just want to know if this is what a normal "C" drive with windows should look like http://imgur.com/0FrE1Ud12:59
* l9 looks at the card nope it looks good not a single dent in it13:00
bekksl9: Cool, so you can see defects inside a flash chip. How do you do that?13:00
l9sde                     8:64   1  14,9G  0 disk13:02
l9thats how i see it is not broke13:02
bekksWhere do you see that?13:02
bekksl9: And fdisk tells you the device smaller than 1G.13:03
l9and dmesg tells me it is ignoring prtions13:03
bekksl9: remove the card, wait 10s, put it back in, and pastebin dmesg afterwards.13:03
bekksl9: you could try erasing the entire card, using dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sde bs=16M13:06
bekksl9: after that, run: "sync; sync;", remove the card, wait 10s, put it back in, and take a look at dmesg again.13:06
bekksl9: I doubt you ran that command, it takes longer than two minutes.13:09
bekksl9: and the timestamps from your paste are from your boot, not from after putting the card back in.13:10
bekksl9: can you pastebin "lsb_release -a" as well, please?13:11
l9dmesg -wH13:11
bekksdmesg -wH is not dmesg.13:11
bekksl9: and dmesg on Ubuntu does not supports -w nor -H. So which system are you on?13:12
l9it dosent?13:13
bekksWhich OS are you on, currently?13:13
l916.04 LTS13:13
bekksSo pastebin "lsb_release -a".13:13
k1l_l9: "dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999" that will output a url, show that url here13:14
l9k1l_: http://termbin.com/yiov13:15
bekksReboot your box, you have sever kernel errors in dmesg.13:16
l9time stamp it13:17
bekks4320, thats where it starts.13:18
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l9bekks: have seen this before13:20
bekksl9: which isnt a good sign. And you can see your sde being dead at 18946.13:21
hulloI need some help. I got icewm fonts to work nicely. But for some reason nautilus fonsts for the folders etc inside icewm are different from the fonts used inside unity13:26
hulloI have no idea what could cause this13:26
=== EriC^^ is now known as Guest2746
hullocan someone guide me13:26
l9bekks: rebooting13:26
=== Guest2746 is now known as EriC^^
xecmas0what's up13:28
OerHekshullo, nautilus got its own settings http://askubuntu.com/questions/19770/how-do-i-change-fonts-and-adjust-their-size   gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.desktop font 'Ubuntu 10'13:32
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loganrunhow can I instlal an old version of wine13:59
OerHeksloganrun, not sure why, but you need to download it manually, dependencies too.. https://launchpad.net/wine/+packages14:05
OerHeksand goodluck with installing, won't be easy14:05
loganrunOerHeks, well just trying to get some program to work and it says to use a particular version of wine14:07
OerHeksreally? how sad ...14:08
bekksloganrun: which program?14:08
OerHeksa newer version i would believe yes14:09
OerHekssudo apt-get install packagename=version ~ sudo apt-get install wine=1.4-0ubuntu414:09
OerHeksor whatever version number14:09
OerHeksand then you need to 'hold' that package, else updates go crazy14:10
OerHekssudo echo “package hold” | sudo dpkg –set-selections14:10
OerHeksfrom http://www.howtogeek.com/117929/how-to-downgrade-packages-on-ubuntu/14:10
te_lanusloganrun: Install PlayonLinux, it allows you to use any version of Wine without updrading/downgrading each time14:13
sweatsuitbluetooth disables when I wake my Lenovo x230 from sleep. does anyone know how to make bluetooth stay active?14:15
k1l_sweatsuit: reload the module14:15
k1l_!pt | faroleiro14:17
ubottufaroleiro: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.14:17
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sweatsuitk1l_: do you know the command for that?14:25
k1l_sweatsuit: "modprobe"14:26
TheFlyQuestion:  I have 2 drives.  C drive is my SSD (windows).  D drive is my HDD (music, movies).  Should I make the D a PRIMARY or EXTENDED partition?  FYI, I don't plan on running Ubuntu on my C: in the future; I'm going to run it off an external HDD14:28
=== arjun is now known as Guest95547
OerHeksTheFly, you only need an extended partition on a drive, when you plan to make more than 4 primairy partitions.14:30
OerHeksso no, i guess.14:30
napoleaoI have enabled virtual desktops in unity, anyone know how can I hide the icons of the applications that are running in a different virtual desktop?14:31
OerHekshit the unity bar, systemsettings > appearance > behaviour - auto hide14:32
TheFlyOerHeks:  So I should make the D drive a Primary partition, as it is the sole partition on that physical drive?14:32
OerHeksTheFly, sure you can do that.14:32
TheFlyOerHeks:  LOL okay, thank you!14:32
OerHeksthe old mbr got a max of 4 primairy p.14:32
OerHeksnewer GPT does not have this restriction.14:33
TheFlyOerHeks:  Understood!14:33
napoleaoOerHeks I dont what to hide the launcher, I want the launcher not to show the icons of applications that are running in a different virtual desktop, for example, I have skype running in virtual desktop 2, so when I am using virtual desktop 1 it should not show the skype icon in the launcher14:34
peepsalotis there an app that will let me browse the contents of a .img file without mounting it14:34
OerHeksnapoleao, hmm there is no tweak for that, in unity-tweak, only to show the launcher on 1 desktop only14:35
OerHeks!info unity-tweak-tool14:35
ubottuunity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.7ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 367 kB, installed size 2797 kB14:35
sweatsuitk1l_: thanks14:35
napoleaoyes i have installed unity tweak14:36
napoleaoi always use gnome-shell but I am starting to like a lot unity14:36
napoleaobut i miss that feature14:36
napoleaoof hiding different virtual desktops icons14:36
OerHeksnapoleao, i understand, i have no clue there, only recent post about the top panel and indicators.14:38
napoleaook thanks :)14:38
cluelesspersonHi all, I use an intel wireless card (7265? i think?), and every once in awhile, it drops out for a minute or two14:46
cluelesspersonSeems to go away if I disable wireless N14:46
cluelesspersonAnyway to fix?14:46
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* saturniid says hello15:13
AscavasaionI upgraded form the 14.04 LTS to 16.04.1 LTS and lost GUI.  I reinstalled the whole gnome desktop and that got me back into desktop.  I have a lock button in the start/clicker/taskbar/LX Panel it in LXDM desktop (Lubuntu).  When Ilock the desktop now i cannot get it out of the locked state at all, it remains black and nothing happens when I move the mouse or type characters.  i am forced to switch computer completely off and15:13
Ascavasaionto restart losing any work I was busy with.  Please can someone advise.15:13
ioriaAscavasaion, try to remove light-locker , but then you'll need xscreensaver15:17
OerHeksAscavasaion, try to flip to tty1 and back, ctrl alt F1, and back to gui with ctrl alt F715:17
telboondoes anyone experience screen flickering when the mouse cursor disappear?15:20
telboonthis happens when i have my terminal is open and my cursor is on the terminal. when i type, the cursor disappear and the screen flickers15:20
telboonthis occurs again when my mouse disappear inside the VM (using Virtual Box)15:21
telboonhappens after update to 16.0415:21
setuidWhat's the easiest way to find the VERSION of a binary, in an upstream archive package/distro? For example, I need to find which .deb and compatible distro has /usr/bin/foo v4.5.615:21
setuidtelboon, did you install the vm tools inside the guest?15:21
setuidtelboon, and is your host's X config set to use hwcursor or swcursor?15:22
telboonsetuid: yes. but that's not related the VM15:22
telboonsetuid: it occurs in my local native terminal also (when my cursor disappear when i type)15:22
setuidhow is the guest's vm tools not related to the vm? :)15:22
telboonsetuid: ah. i mean the flickering15:22
OerHeksmouse should disappear15:22
setuidI just joined, so catching up... flickering cursor while typing? the I shaped bar?15:22
telboonsetuid: how do i check the hwcursur?15:22
telboonsetuid: flickering screen when cursor disappear15:23
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setuidSounds like a video card issue, vert/horiz refresh too high? flaky drivers?15:23
telboonsetuid: only happened after 16.0415:24
telboonsetuid: will check the refresh just to check15:24
setuidRight, different drivers, different kernel15:24
EmmeciI'm trying to get the snap version of Libreoffice 5.2 but i get this error: error: cannot install "libreoffice": Get https://search.apps.ubuntu.com/api/v1/snaps/details/ubuntu-core?channel=stable&confinement=strict: net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)15:24
setuidTry moving /etc/X11/xorg.conf out of the way, restart your dm and see if it happens15:24
Emmecii don't know why. Is the server down?15:24
setuidEmmeci, proxy between you?15:24
Emmecii have tried from 13:00 to now15:25
telboonsetuid: there's no /etc/X11/xorg.conf....haha15:25
setuidtelboon, Does your screen flicker anywhere elsse? or only when typing in term?15:26
telboonsetuid: so far 2 repeatable occassions (1) When i type in term when my mouse is in the terminal (causing cursor to disappear and screen to flicker) and (2) when i move my mouse to within VM (cursor disappear and screen flickers)15:27
setuidThe whole screen flickers?15:27
telboonsetuid: yes, the whole screen flickers (though my naked eye only manages to see black on the bottom section of the screen, but pretty sure it's not confined to any window)15:30
setuidSounds like either a bad cable/connection (unshielded HDMI or DVI cables can cause this) or your driver is trying t push a different refresh rate than your card/monitor can handle15:31
setuidSo in your X config, tame it15:31
hdonhi all :) is /tmp usually part of the / filesystem these days? i'm used to it being a tmpfs in default configuration15:32
bekkshdon: Basically you can place /tmp wherever you want.15:34
hdonbekks, word. thanks15:40
telboonsetuid: okay. will play around. thanks anyway :)15:41
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AscavasaionJoel@fellowship:~$ lxsession-edit15:45
AscavasaionSegmentation fault (core dumped)15:45
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AscavasaionWorst thing I ever did was the distro upgrade from 14 LTS to 16 LTS15:46
AscavasaionIt stuffed everything up.15:46
compdoc14 still runs great. so does 1615:48
Ascavasaioncompdoc: I think fresh install is the only option left for me.15:48
compdocwhat happens?15:48
compdoctheres a lot of changes that went into 1615:48
compdocprobably 15 too15:48
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Ascavasaioncomgot: the problems are endless...errors all the time... etc.15:49
k1l_you could ask in #lubuntu if that is a known issue (which i doubt).15:49
Ascavasaionanyway... let me get going, home time! :D15:49
k1l_Ascavasaion: was the upgrade successfull? or were there issues? any 3rd party repos involved?15:50
k1l_or any hardware issues like faulty ram?15:50
b4rhow would I fix a login via gdm when gdm complains of a invalid context?15:50
b4rhow would I fix a login via gdm when gdm complains of being unable to find a valid context?15:50
Ascavasaionkl23: gnome desktop disappeared, continual errors and popups to report them, segentation faults when i run some command line apps, bootup has issues and needs to be done a couple of times to work, boot up locks at times, and a ctrl+Alt+F1/F2 is the only way to continue, screen lock locks and never unlocks, and and and.  Anyways, let me get going.  thank you guys for always being so helpful.15:52
awsumpwner27I'm looking for some newbie advice. What's a good directory where I can keep the code that I wrote?16:01
ikoniaawsumpwner27: anywhere you want16:05
k1lawsumpwner27: make a folder in your users home directory.16:06
Codfectionwhy my plank is not running automatically after restartin16:06
b4rikonia: k1l: you mean a smart way to do it?16:12
b4rhow would I fix a login via gdm when gdm complains of being unable to find a valid context?16:12
b4rhelp online regarding `restorecon -R /' and `filefix restore' did not solve the issue16:12
k1lb4r: what ubuntu is that exactly?16:13
b4rk1l: elaborate16:13
k1lwhat OS is that?16:14
ikoniab4r: what ?16:14
b4ryou mean the data from lsb-release or os-release?16:14
ikoniawhat are you doing and why are you asking me ?16:14
k1li only find red hat issues with that error16:14
b4rikonia: what what?16:14
ikonialooks like your using a redhat box16:14
b4rlooks like16:14
k1lb4r: so i ask you: what OS is that exactly?16:14
b4rk1l: tell me where to get the information you desire and/or commands to run and then to provide you the output you desire16:15
ikoniab4r: what OS are you running16:15
ikoniab4r: just answer the question16:15
b4rubuntu of course16:15
ikoniab4r: then why are you tyring to configure selinux context16:16
ikoniathat is pretty much only ever on redhat box's16:16
tgm4883b4r: what is teh output of 'lsb_release -a'16:16
k1lb4r: "lsb_release -a" will tell you what version it is16:16
b4rk1l: do you want me to provide the output from `lsb_release -a`?16:16
tgm4883b4r: yes16:16
b4rNo LSB modules are available.16:16
b4rDistributor ID: Ubuntu16:17
b4rDescription:    Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS16:17
b4rRelease:        16.0416:17
b4rCodename:       xenial16:17
bekks!pastebin | b4r16:17
tgm4883ikonia: we probably shouldn't assume something is redhat just because it usually runs there16:17
tgm4883!info selinux16:17
ubottub4r: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:17
ikoniab4r: did you install this machine ?16:17
ubottuselinux (source: selinux): Security-Enhanced Linux runtime support. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.11 (xenial), package size 10 kB, installed size 82 kB16:17
ikoniatgm4883: I'm not assuming - I'm asking16:17
=== typingmonkey is now known as thewisenerd
b4rikonia: this machine has been installed by yours truly16:17
ikoniab4r: did you install selinux ?16:18
b4rof course16:18
ikoniato understand the situation you are in16:18
ikoniajust answer the questions16:18
ikoniawhy did you install selinux16:18
b4rthere was a desire to install selinux, therefore it was installed16:19
ikoniawhy though16:19
ikoniawhy did you need/want it16:19
tgm4883b4r: you aren't going to find a lot of help/knowledge regarding selinux on ubuntu in here16:19
ikoniafunny enough - I do run it16:19
ikoniahence why I'm asking to understand the situation16:19
k1lb4r: its very hard to help you if you cant/wont describe the whole setup and issue. the issue you have is not a standard issue. so the setup is important to find a fix for that. but i lost interest in helping if the users tries to hide the info. good luck16:19
b4rk1l: asking "why" repeatedly is moot16:20
ikoniaok then, lets leave it there then16:20
b4rwhy did you install ubuntu?16:20
b4rwhy does it matter?16:20
ikonialets leave it16:20
ikoniayou want to try to give smart answers to people who can and would help you, probably best to not take it forward16:21
PhoenixSTFHello, keepass2 is not running on 16.04 system.argumentexception16:22
b4rikonia: you want to know why I installed selinux and I said because I wanted to install it, the reason for my want? to learn it, same with ubuntu. Enlighten me as to why this helps you16:22
ikoniab4r: not interested in your problem any more,16:22
b4rwhich one? you'll need to elaborate16:22
ikoniaany of them16:23
tgm4883b4r: in this channel, often we'll run across users doing something that doesn't make sense/isn't in their best interest/doesn't accomplish what they set out to do/is much more difficult they way they are trying to do it. Finding out what their use case is and why they are trying to do something in a specific way is essential to supporting them16:23
Picibtw, ubuntu's standard access control system is via apparmor. I'm not sure that the selinux configuration has gotten much attention.16:23
momkenHello, I want to buy a new laptop and install Ubuntu 16.04 on it. But I am not sure whether Ubuntu will have all drivers of laptop or not? How could I know that before buying the laptop?16:23
b4rPici: seems so16:23
ikoniaPici: it does work, I write contexts for it a fair bit to fit into auditing systems16:23
momkenMy candidates are Asus N & G series16:23
Piciikonia: for Ubuntu?16:24
ikoniaPici: yes16:24
Piciikonia: okay.16:24
ikoniaPici: some places have central auditing, and want uniform triggers, as RHEL is the default for a lot of places they want se policies that span the estate,16:24
momkenOf course I can install 3rd party drivers anyway, but I don't want to do it, because I want to attach a live ext SSD over USB3.016:24
Piciikonia: makes sense.16:25
=== Mike_ is now known as Guest20361
ikoniaPici: indeed,16:25
FlavioZHello everyone, I have a upstart job that will initiliazes a python daemon. So far, I can stop and start the job/daemon without any problem. However, when I use command kill to simulate a crash I want upstart to respawn. After the kill command, upstart keeps running but python daemon is not longer running. What could be the cause of the problem? Any advice is more than welcome?16:25
Guest20361Hi, how do i add a system monitor to taskbar, right next to "status area"16:26
psychomomken look for laptop with intels cpu, atheros wifi, all other work16:26
ikoniaintel everything = safe16:26
ikonia!hcl | momken16:27
ubottumomken: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection16:27
Guest20361Hi, how do i add a system monitor to taskbar, right next to "status area", (Precise Pangolin, Ubuntu 12.04)16:27
b4rGuest20361: why do you want to do that?16:27
Guest20361b4r i want to check my networking speed...16:28
b4rok someone else can take over from here, I was just getting information that might be useful in context16:28
momkenpsycho, thank you very much, but what about GPU? I want to buy laptop with Core i7 4720HQ or i7 6700HQ and all these laptops have nvidia geforce GTX950-960-970-98016:29
ikoniaGuest20361: sorry about that guy, lets see if we can help you16:29
ikoniaGuest20361: so you want to add a monitoring applet to the task bar ?16:29
momkenMay I encounter a problem with nouveau driver detecting these cards out of the box?16:29
psychomomken, nvidia have good propietary drivers, especially if you wanna play some games(better than amd), if you dont play any games nouveau driver will do all another work very well16:31
momkenpsycho, game on linux? no thanks. nouveau is enough for me and I don't want to install proprietary drivers, because sometimes I disconnect my OS and boot it on home PC16:33
momkenpsycho, So you sure about support of nouveau for GTX9xx?16:33
psychomomken, maybe you should buy laptop only with intels integrated gpu?16:34
momkenpyrony, I want to, but all laptops with strong cpus have geforce gpu too16:34
momkenAnd I can't configure and order, because I live in Iran. I have to buy preconfiged ones16:35
psychoi am not sure about support of gtx9xx by nouveau driver, but maybe on phoronix are some test about it16:35
okieiamanyone know offline Gps maps like Microsoft Maps metro app or Navit?16:35
momkenpyrony, yes, phoronix, thanks16:35
momkenpsycho, this page is so old. no value: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptopsAsus16:36
psychomomken, dell xps is good serie of laptops but i dont know if you can order it16:41
psychoas i remember, you can switch off nvidia gpu and use intels gpu16:42
okieiamno if your gpu is optimus16:48
momkenpsycho, dell 15 with 2kg? yes it is amazing but I guess it is expensive here.16:50
momkenAsus N series is a good balance b/w price and performance16:50
okieiamsorry i mean not in reverse, mine is 940M and Hd 5500 so noway to off hd 550016:50
momkenbut is heavy with 2.7kg16:50
psychomomken, if you like asus n series, you need to buy it )16:52
momkenokieiam, optimus is a tech for auto switching gpu. right? I remember there was a problem with it in linux from previous days16:52
momkenpsycho, yeah. I more like asus g series, but it is expensive.16:52
momkenokieiam, so what happens in default ubuntu 16.04 (no drivers installed) on your laptop? please answer me16:53
okieiamyes I have to use new canonical ported driver for 16,0416:53
momkenokieiam, "canonical ported driver"? you mean nvidia's proprietary driver?16:54
okieiamif you let the system auto detcted and install the driver, it will break x16:54
Kartagis!find avconv16:55
okieiamright but there is new ppa for it16:55
ubottuFile avconv found in devede, libav-tools16:55
momkenokieiam, what if I don't install any driver at all?16:55
okieiamdefault driver is i91516:55
ioria !info libav-tools | Kartagis16:55
momkenokieiam, would it work? and whether works on nvidia or intel?16:55
ubottuKartagis: libav-tools (source: ffmpeg): Compatibility links for libav-tools (transitional package). In component universe, is extra. Version 7:2.8.6-1ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 14 kB, installed size 60 kB16:55
okieiamit will work with intel only16:56
Guest20361Hi, how was the issue fixed in Ubuntu 12.04 with some external disks not beeing able to mount ?16:57
momkenokieiam, hmmm. thanks. intel is enough for me, but then I have wasted my money on nvidia GPU :))16:57
momkenokieiam, just last question: will the intel graphic detect all hdmi/vga ports?16:57
okieiamlook https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/155957616:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1559576 in gdm3 (Ubuntu Xenial) "Ubuntu GNOME boots to black screen when using proprietary Nvidia drivers on a laptop with Optimus" [Critical,Triaged]16:58
momkenokieiam, hmmm. So in my case the gpu will be bypassed at all (because I don't want to install a driver, because my OS is on external USB3.0 SSD)16:59
Guest20361Hmm, i am not able to find Ubuntu 12.04 on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bugs?17:01
okieiamyou can try this https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa17:01
momkenokieiam, ok, thank you very much17:01
okieiamnvidia-361 work for me17:02
vahehi all17:04
okieiamIf you face back screen boot, then restart to recovery console:17:04
okieiammount -o remount,rw /17:04
okieiamprime-select intel17:05
vahehow not to include xorg? ubuntu ,what would work as the server17:05
okieiam apt-get purge nvidia*17:05
psychovahe, try ubuntu-netinstall17:05
okieiamyou will revert back to intel17:05
whiterabbitGood evening people.17:05
psychovahe, it will install ubuntu without xorgand without DE WM17:06
vahepsycho: to reinstall the OS?17:06
whiterabbitIt's my first time on freenode and your channel.17:06
Guest20361good evening, whiterabbit ..17:06
whiterabbitI have a 16years exp of linux.17:06
whiterabbitNice to meet you all.I want to learn from the best.17:06
joe_____is the hibernate issue solved in ubuntu 16.04?17:07
whiterabbitThanks buddy.17:07
psychovahe, you can remove DE and Xorg17:07
vahepsycho: no no I know that ,I need to stop ubuntu unity desktop17:07
BogDrakonovhey. I have a LUKS volume (not /) that keeps unmounting randomly17:07
BogDrakonovHow can I fix that. It locks on its own and thus becomes unmounted17:07
ni291187I need help to help a friend share video and audio from a laptop and hits TV through HDMI17:08
vahepsycho: I have a minipc which only works in ubuntu unity17:08
ni291187Nick /sburwood117:08
psychovahe, you can just choose to not start DE17:09
whiterabbitMy apologies i was lagging.17:09
joe_____is the dell precision m6600 hibernate issue fixed in ubuntu 16.04???????????????????17:09
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vahepsycho: thanks, tell me how?17:09
whiterabbitNice meeting you all you guys.Thanks for welcoming me.17:10
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whiterabbitI support canonical w/ purchases wearables etc.I am from Greece.17:10
psychovahe, one moment, need to remember how to do it )17:10
whiterabbitI really love ubuntu.17:10
vahepsycho:  ok thanks i wait17:10
joe_____whiterabbit....is the dell precision m6600 hibernate issue fixed in ubuntu 16.04?17:11
whiterabbitTbh i have no clue.17:11
whiterabbitI haven't owned many laptops in my life.17:11
joe_____sicce you say you have 15 years of expeerience17:11
Guest20361whiterabbit: I would like to support Canonical with 1 (one) Dollar for supporting eol-distros...17:11
whiterabbitYes but i never was a tester really.I am more programmer semi mastering linux and tech support.17:12
whiterabbitjoe_____: you mean the 16.04 LTS?17:12
joe_____and what does tech support do?...rebuild clu from tron?17:12
whiterabbitWhy don't you give it a try?17:13
joe_____yes that is the one17:13
joe_____i was hoping that others tried17:13
whiterabbitjoe_____: noone knows everything.I should test the laptop.You just need to be in mood.17:13
whiterabbiti never had a laptop other than an acer aspire 5920g and a thinkpad edge e325.17:13
joe_____how do i enable the hibernate feature17:13
whiterabbitthinkpad edge e325 btw is ubuntu certified as i read.17:14
joe_____so the dell m6600....and hibernation seems not to work...officially17:14
whiterabbithave you tried to google it?17:14
psychovahe, i cant find this on my notes, cant google it because have only ftp and irc here on this pc, maybe somebody can help here17:14
whiterabbitlet me check17:15
psychoguys how to disable DE in ubuntu17:15
whiterabbitcheck this out it's the best fit i could find.17:16
vahepsycho: thanks anyway friend17:16
whiterabbitbut it seems the threaed is for previous releases.17:16
psychowhiterabbit thanks for helping17:16
whiterabbityaw i am sorry i couldn't be much of a help.17:17
whiterabbitIf you don't seem to find more threads about this issue.Maybe it's not something they are facing it many.17:18
whiterabbitWhat laptop is this?17:18
l9bekks: looks like you where right about the kernel error, rebooted and it came back as it should... thanks17:21
joe_____i hope i won't be needed to use windows17:22
joe_____quadro cards should work fine in ubuntu with full support for opengl too17:23
Guest20361How do i check how a specific problem was solved in 12.04 ?17:23
ash_workzwhere would be a good place to ask what this symbol is? http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/16b53/pahawh_hmong_digit_three.png17:23
OerHeksGuest20361, find the bugreport17:23
joe_____google..."specific problem"...bug17:24
joe_____that usually works for me17:24
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.17:24
jattash_workz: http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U16B00.pdf17:24
joe_____nope...not "google it"17:24
joe_____i did not said "google it"17:25
OerHeksi don't think launchpad is indexed completely by google.17:25
joe_____i said exactly what you should type there17:25
joe_____only a mo ron would say "google it"17:26
ash_workzjatt: okay, so I don't know wtf this means, because there's a symbol that stands in place of the character on fileformat.info which is actually what I'm after17:26
browndawgHi. I have a noob sysadmin question. How do you securely manage environment variables containing things like API tokens on a server?17:26
browndawgManually I mean. Sticking it in ~/.bashrc seems like the worst idea in history.17:26
browndawgor typing them out on the shell17:26
ash_workzjatt: I guess it doesn't come up if your computer supports it, I thought the png would show but :: shrug :: must be a server generated image17:27
ash_workzjatt: maybe this shows up?: http://i.imgur.com/jj18NPC.png17:28
jattyou see the symbol in the pdf17:29
jattit's an m-like thingie17:30
OerHeksi just used bing with the name pahawh hmong digit three17:33
joe_____the one with specific bug solving...you still there?17:33
ivantumacayhey joe17:34
Nearoo....I'm having trouble with my soundcard. My pulseaudio daemon won't start...17:34
ivantumacaywhat's up guys haha17:35
joe_____this is the irc channel that has some solutions17:35
ivantumacaywhat do you mean17:35
ivantumacaywhere are you from dude17:35
joe_____there you can ask if a specific bug has been solved17:36
Nearoo... you are not talking to me, are you? ;)17:36
joe_____is this a dating channel or hope-to-solve things channel?17:36
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:36
joe_____yeah ubottu i was sarcastic17:37
joe_____oo...i got slammed...by a bot17:37
Nearooanyways, someone mind helping me? :)17:37
OerHeksjoe_____, please stop.17:37
joe_____what is the problem?17:37
NearooMy pulseaudio daemon won't start.17:38
Nearoo"Daemon startup failed".17:38
OerHeksgood start to see what is going on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure17:38
NearooI don't have any sound on my system.17:38
jemaduxhow to make hexchat indicator working ?17:38
joe_____did it ever start?..with current sound card?17:38
Nearooyes, I think it did, about a week ago.17:39
NearooSound cards etc are listed, but pulsaudio can't start.17:39
NearooI already deleted .config/pulse17:39
Nearooand ~/.pulseaudio doesn't exists on my computer, I've read I should delete that too...17:40
joe_____0erheks...it seems you are a boss around here...answer this...did the hibernate issue for dell precision m6600 is been solved for ubuntu 16.04?17:40
OerHeksjemadux, you might need to install hexchat-Indicator manually? its not enabled here by default17:40
joe_____then i will hapily leave the channel17:40
jemaduxOerHeks: thanks17:40
joe_____nearoo...some cards do not work with pulse audio17:41
joe_____remove it from software center17:41
Mathisendoes tails work to install in 16.04 ?17:42
Nearoohmmm, but it did work.... I will do that if nothing else works. Any recommondation for an alternative? (is there any?17:42
OerHeksseems not, this one got a tag about bios outdated https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/156630217:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1566302 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 16.04: Suspend freezes the system after upgrade to linux image 4.4.0-16" [Medium,Won't fix]17:42
joe_____or synaptic if you allready have it installed17:42
Nearoook, thx17:42
NearooI will also look through the SoundTrobleshootingprodecude of OerHeks, I didn't try that yet.17:42
joe_____and then install jack...with every plugin it has under info....if using software center17:42
Nearoothx, bye17:43
joe_____that is good too....but if it doesnt work ...remove pulse audio...alsa things...and install jaack with it's things and plugins17:44
cschneid_I'm trying to get a setup of 10.04 in a VM to test some stuff against an older version. I'm having a hard time getting apt sources to work. Is there a guide / listing of working sources? I know it's out of maintenance now, but I need to try some stuff against an older GCC & surrounding libs17:44
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OerHekscschneid_, 10.04 is dead. EOL17:44
joe_____you will....at first probably have only basic things like playback only17:45
joe_____give it a few weeks...and you will have most of devices the sound card has17:45
joe_____that happened with my creative soundblaster live 24 bit external17:46
cschneid_OerHeks: I'm aware. I'm not trying to stand up a new system. I'm working on some C code that needs to compile on systems that are that old, and exist. And I can't tell customers to suck it up and upgrade.17:46
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:46
OerHeksyou can walk the old-releases way, but i take this not seriously. see !eolupgrade17:46
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ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:47
OerHeksit gives 1 server with old packages.17:47
cschneid_these are not my systems. Stop telling me to upgrade. They don't belong to me, or my company. I just want to confirm that the code I wrote compiles on them.17:47
joe_____0erHeks...are you going to pay for the computers needed for the upgrade?..17:47
=== Guest23068 is now known as EriC^^
OerHeksno o, you can use the repositories, usually meant to upgrade, but for your goal it is oke17:48
joe_____this is why i hate the current status of linux comunity17:48
tgm4883cschneid_: I'm not. If you read the link, you'll see how to use the repos17:48
tgm4883joe_____: why?17:48
OerHeksbut it is 1 server ;-)17:48
daxcschneid_: edit /etc/apt/sources.list, replace the contents with the content of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades#Update_sources.list , replacing CODENAME with lucid17:48
cschneid_tgm4883: thanks. That wasn't clear :)17:49
cschneid_I've just been yelled at repeatedly for trying to setup old systems, across several communities. :-/17:49
joe_____cshneid...something of this nature happened to me when the devs decided to change the "wlan0" to wls117:49
joe_____and for 2 months i didnt have wireles17:50
tgm4883cschneid_: TBF, someone should make a call to stop supporting old unsupported releases, but IDK your business17:50
ash_workzjatt: no, the pdf shows legit symbols; I'm looking for like a placeholder symbol or something17:50
joe_____beaccaause of "eol" and "upgrades"17:50
OerHeksdevelopment uses them too, to track regressions.17:50
cschneid_yeah, I'm writing a tiny piece of an app that customers use. I am not encouraging people to stand up new systems, but I'm also in a spot where I can force people to upgrade17:50
ioriacschneid_, you can also try a debootstap and schroot , idk if it works with lucid17:51
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tgm4883cschneid_: I know, I'm just saying that someone should be making that call, and it sounds like in your company that isn't happening17:51
OerHeksheartbleed, oh my17:51
ash_workzjatt: for example, you know how you might see a box with 4 numbers in it representing "a unicode character with the following code should be displayed here, but instead you're getting *this box symbol* " — well what if you wanted to display a *this box symbol* to people?17:52
cschneid_we're distributing this to 3rd parties. Our systems are running LTS supported versions of ubuntu.17:52
joe_____cshneid...what are the configs of the pc's...generaly?17:52
joe_____like cpu ram...hdd?17:52
joe_____in the company?17:52
tgm4883cschneid_: I fully understand, you're clients are running super old versions of Ubuntu. I'm saying someone should say they are no longer supported17:52
cschneid_tgm4883: I know, I push back every time. But it's currently decided it's worth the money to support them17:53
joe_____but he can develop the app on the same version as his costumers...couldn't he?17:53
tgm4883cschneid_: yep, that's usually the case when this happens17:53
razor1101You should try saying that to XP users17:53
tgm4883joe_____: yes?17:53
massubuntu touch17:53
daxmass: #ubuntu-touch if you're looking for its channel17:54
cschneid_hmm? We're a mac shop, writing plugins for ruby on rails - this plugin needs a C extension. So now I have to care a lot more about the environment is all.17:54
cschneid_Thanks for the help17:54
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joe_____then if you get the amount of money he is happy with he has to do that17:55
joe_____if he is getting17:55
joe_____the same problem is with the ms os'es17:55
joe_____you cantt ask a dos prog to run on win 1017:56
joe_____and ms to help you do that17:56
tgm4883joe_____: I'm not sure why we're discussing this anymore. He's got the answer he was looking for.17:56
joe_____oh ok17:56
bones7hi guys. can you please help? i use xubuntu 16.04 on a samsung ativ book 7 and sometimes the screen resolution kind of "resets" - it changes to a higher resolution (not sharp), i can get the screen down and up with the mouse curser. Why does it happen? Any idea? In between: my ativ book got 2 graphic cards, an onboard and a AMD HD8570M. i had the same problem with xubuntu 14.04 before.17:58
joe_____what video card do you have?17:59
bones7AMD HD8570M17:59
joe_____are you using the proprietary drivers?18:00
joe_____for the card?18:00
OerHeksoh, that HD8570 will be supported by the Radeon open driver only in 16.0418:00
OerHeksnot even the AMDgpu :-(18:00
joe_____he doesnt states what driver is using18:01
OerHeksi think you need to disable one of them in your bios18:01
bones7just a sec18:01
OerHekshe uses the radeon now.18:01
massi wont help channel for debian18:02
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DJonesmass: That would #debian18:02
massthe ##debian its unoffical18:02
massDJones: #debian its unofical18:03
OerHeksto show what driver in use:  lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3 | grep 'in use'18:03
bones7it should be the open source driver:18:04
bones7xubu@Xubu:~$ glxinfo | grep 'OpenGL version string'  >> OpenGL version string: 3.0 Mesa 11.2.018:04
OerHeksmass, you need to be registered with #freenode to join #debian.18:04
CodeMouse92Any recommendations for an app to record audio directly off the "speakers" (sound card, or 'stereo mix' as Windows called it)?18:04
CodeMouse92Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x6418:05
joe_____bones7 is yyou use the open source driver try using the prorietary one if available18:05
wasqHi. I am unable to automatically execute a script at startup for some reason. The script works fine and I've added it to 'application autostart' in 'session and startup' but it doesn't execute at startup for some reason. Can someone help? The path is fine. (ubuntu 14.04,xfce)18:05
joe_____if you use...cr ap with this keyboard18:05
bones7ok, thank you!18:06
OerHekslolz, joe_____ read the info, there is no closed prop driver for ATI/AMD in 16.04.18:06
joe_____you enable the driver from "additional drivers"18:06
OerHekseven the amd site gives the AMDgpu beta driver18:06
OerHeksnot joking here18:06
joe_____then why windows work and linux don't?18:06
joe_____something deefinitely happens18:07
bones7i report18:07
tgm4883joe_____: huh?18:07
joe_____bones7 when the resolution goes haywire?...is it when you watch movies in full screen?18:08
joe_____or when randomly?18:08
joe_____or randomly?18:09
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joe_____beacause my radeon 5650 did that when i switched to a resoultion beyond the drivers "capaablities"18:10
joe_____or when the aplication did that anyway18:10
joe_____no one answwered my question anyhow18:12
joe_____bbye people....take care18:12
Sina_MalekiHi all18:16
Sina_MalekiWe are going to install openstack via autopilot of ubuntu on 8 hp servers , so which cisco switch model do you offer ?18:18
dandelsSina_Maleki, you'll probably have more luck on ##networking18:20
dandelsThere might be other channels but I don't know them18:20
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Vacuum_does Kubuntu and ubuntu supports touch devices like touch laptops and tabs?18:30
=== james is now known as Guest64126
OerHeksmost touch panels yes.18:31
Vacuum_OerHeks: 'touch panels'?18:31
OerHekswell, a laptop got a lcd panel, most of them work OOTB18:32
Guest64126getting a very annoying error when attempting to save partition table w) using fdisk18:32
OerHekswhat you mean with tabs i am not sure18:32
Vacuum_OerHeks:  latest dell has a laptop that is converted to tab but ignore that as its a laptop in any way18:32
Guest64126The partition table has been altered!  Calling ioctl() to re-read partition table. Syncing disks.18:33
Vacuum_OerHeks:  so the LTS will work with thsoe laptops?18:33
OerHekstry it with live-usb ?18:33
Guest64126What possible can this be?18:33
OerHeksGuest64126, some bios versions can protect the mbr, or that disk is part of raid, or uses gpt ..18:34
EriC^^Guest64126, try sudo partprobe18:35
EriC^^the kernel needs to reread the new partition table, or you can reboot18:36
domarganHi guys, is this a known bug? My terminals completely freeze after I type "cd ~" + TAB on Ubuntu 14.04. Tried with zsh and bash, on GNOME terminal, Guake, and Terminator. They all just stay frozen and I have to kill them from outside, Ctrl-C does not work. I tried googling but no results.18:36
kulelu88I am looking for this plugin: libpeas-1.0-0-python2loader . I cannot find it in software centre or via apt-get install18:37
OerHeksit is part of libpaes 1.16.018:40
Guest64126OerHeks disk is part of raid18:41
oldmanyounghi first time18:42
kulelu88OerHeks: I am on ubuntu 14.04 and it doesn't look like I have that version of libpeas. How do I get python2loader?18:42
oldmanyoungi'm on Mate, it's pretty nice.18:42
OerHekskulelu88, it does, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libpeas/1.8.1-2ubuntu2 but not that package.18:43
OerHeksdon't know how to get it, else by building yourself?18:43
OerHeksor upgrade18:43
kulelu88OerHeks: why does libpeas-python2loader not exist in the repos though?18:44
WhiteWabbitus navy pays to keep windows xp up to date.18:44
kulelu88it is breaking functionality in my gedit desktop app18:44
WhiteWabbithow pathetic that might be18:44
WhiteWabbitsomeone get bill gates daughter gf and must be a geek so he'll be pissed off.haha.18:45
OerHekswhy should it? kulelu8818:46
kulelu88OerHeks: because it is a dependency that is included within libpeas in future versions?18:47
OerHeks 12 may https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/linux.debian.bugs.dist/Mq25RxHy5XQ/kHGbhAjJBQAJ  Hello Barry, > > so, libpeas-1.0-0-python2loader has officially made it into Debian.18:48
OerHeksit didn exist then, so as it is an LTS too, new functions will not be implented18:48
OerHeksso what does it break ?18:48
WhiteWabbiti need a valium, had a hard day, /me pops up a valium out of his pocket.18:49
OerHeks!ot | WhiteWabbit18:49
ubottuWhiteWabbit: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:49
kulelu88OerHeks: see here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20714740/how-do-i-troubleshoot-ipython-listener-and-or-gedits-ipython-plugin . lots of gedit plugins break/don't-work because of the missing python2-loader18:50
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WhiteWabbitfrom now on if i don't have a solution for someone's problem or something ubuntu related i'll just watch.My apologies.18:51
WhiteWabbitI already registered.18:51
OerHekshard to believe that bugerort  involves 14.04 .. your trusty has gedit 3.10.4 or higher ??18:53
Elec_AHi,I am "./configure"ing a source, but it needs a library, I have downloaded that library and I have compiled it. it has some .h, .o and .cpp files, how can I give the path of this library to configure ?18:53
kulelu88the plugin I used was from software centre also: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/gedit-developer-plugins/18:54
kulelu88the fact that it exists on the software centre but lacks the known bug dependency is interesting18:54
OerHekshttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/gedit-developer-plugins does not have that python package as dependencie. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libpeas/1.8.1-2ubuntu218:56
OerHeksso file a bugreport then ?18:56
OerHeksi guess the answer will be: no, that plugin is not going to be ported..18:56
ioriaElec_A, a library usually has a .a or .so extension ... do you have it ?18:56
Elec_Aioria: no there is no *.so file in the path.18:57
WhiteWabbitElec_A: you may need extra options while compiling18:57
WhiteWabbitfor example include etc18:57
ioriaElec_A,  well, you first need to have your lib compiled... or you cannot link18:58
Elec_AWhiteWabbit: How can I see if I need a option. makefile ?18:59
kulelu88OerHeks: what if I just installed the .deb package of libpeas-python2 ? will that fix it?19:00
Elec_Aioria: I'm doing make all19:03
Elec_Aand I get no errors19:03
WhiteWabbitElec_A: i think you can apply the command right after the ./configure like --includes19:03
WhiteWabbitand add =/path19:03
WhiteWabbitit's been a while since i was compiling so my apologies.19:03
Elec_AWhiteWabbit: I'm doing ./configure CPPFLAGS="-I/home/fa/Desktop/ALMA/CDL" LDFLAGS="-L/home/fa/Desktop/ALMA/CDL"19:04
Elec_Abut still I get the same error19:04
WhiteWabbitwhat dependencies it has and what's that you're trying to compile??19:04
kulelu88Elec_A: you should be careful about compiling software on your work machine. Any mistake (severe enough) could cause complications19:04
WhiteWabbitcan't you use apt-get install?19:04
WhiteWabbitthere isn't on the repositories?19:05
Elec_AWhiteWabbit: I want to install IRAF CDL19:05
Elec_AI think there it is not in the repositories19:05
ioriaElec_A,  if , as i think , it's not in standard-path you need to tell the linker where the lib is ... g++ main.o -o app -L<path>/lib -lmylib19:05
WhiteWabbityes libraries and headers19:07
WhiteWabbityou need to apply as parameters while compiling.19:07
WhiteWabbitand i suggest you not make install19:07
mrkvichi all, i'm new :D19:07
WhiteWabbittry to ln -s the executable to your ~/bin19:07
WhiteWabbithello mrkvic19:08
mrkvicanyone can tell me a channel with italian community of ubuntu?19:08
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)19:08
ikonia!it | mrkvic19:08
ubottumrkvic: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:08
Pici!it | mrkvic19:08
=== Guest73617 is now known as wmp
mrkvicthank you - grazie!!!19:08
WhiteWabbitprego amico19:08
WhiteWabbitxine is still on the playground?19:10
WhiteWabbitit was the best video player i ever compiled.19:11
WhiteWabbittoo much dependencies though.19:11
WhiteWabbiti was back on SuSE back then19:11
WhiteWabbitbefore it was opensuse19:11
ioria!info xine-ui19:11
ubottuxine-ui (source: xine-ui): the xine video player, user interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.9-1.2 (xenial), package size 1249 kB, installed size 2913 kB19:11
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WhiteWabbit!info aide19:13
ubottuaide (source: aide): Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment - static binary. In component main, is optional. Version 0.16~a2.git20130520-3 (xenial), package size 554 kB, installed size 1524 kB19:13
WhiteWabbitbut i don't have so much sensitive files to use that.it's just too much.19:15
WhiteWabbitand it is heavy oh lord19:15
WhiteWabbittakes forever to initialize19:16
WhiteWabbit!info rkhunter19:16
ubotturkhunter (source: rkhunter): rootkit, backdoor, sniffer and exploit scanner. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.2-5 (xenial), package size 193 kB, installed size 984 kB19:16
ioria!bot | WhiteWabbit19:17
ubottuWhiteWabbit: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone19:17
WhiteWabbitsorry my english are not good enough to understand a lot19:18
WhiteWabbitshould i do something?19:18
WhiteWabbitah you mean i should check online at that url19:18
PiciWhiteWabbit: ioria is telling you that you can /msg ubottu yourself to interact with it instead of sending junk to the channel, or use the website19:18
PiciWhiteWabbit: also, please use #ubuntu-offtopic for random non-support chatter19:18
WhiteWabbitsorry buddy19:18
WhiteWabbitmy apologies for any troubles i may cause you tonight.19:19
WhiteWabbitnow i know, i just first joined here.19:19
Bashing-omWhiteWabbit: NP, it is all a process of learning .19:20
WhiteWabbitok thanks, you are a great guy.19:20
WhiteWabbiti always go by the rules, i am a whitehat, i just need to get used to the rules in here.19:21
Bashing-omWhiteWabbit: This channel is support . and it gets busy .. anything not support related takes away from support . Thus #ubuntu-offtopic .19:23
WhiteWabbitI understand.19:23
WhiteWabbitNext time i will join that offtopic for offtopic things.19:23
WhiteWabbitHave a wonderful evening, i am running low on juice on laptop.19:24
WhiteWabbitBe safe.19:24
mrkvicis there any software like skype for ubuntu?19:40
_cake... skype?19:41
_cakegoogle hangouts?19:41
OerHeksthere is a skype package in the partner-repo, and there is a newer beta skype somewhere19:42
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga19:42
OerHekssorry, alfa ( not even beta )19:43
hdonhi all :) what is a simple command-line utility to view images in common image file formats?19:49
hdonoh right, imagemagick comes with one i think... display?19:49
ioriahdon, you mean open image from terminal ?19:51
sikunhave a LVM fs I'm trying to 'recover' it's part of a RAID 5 array from a NAS device. I'm able to mount the volume, but it is showing an 'empty' file system, versus mdadm showing a decent utilization of the supposed array.19:52
b-yeezihdon, from the terminal (particularly xterm) you can use the ranger file manager. If you have w3m installed, it will show the image inline19:55
allamooxHello I reinstalled for the 3rd time.19:55
aroonii have a ubuntu laptop that i've set up both AFP connections to as well as SAMBA connections... and both work fine. i'm doing this to let arq backup agent as well amazon cloud drive backup my files  questions 1) should i be using AFP or SAMBA ? i've heard conflicting reports.  2) is there a way to auto connect/reconnect to the laptop when it goes to resume?19:55
allamooxI try to install webmin but it doesn't complete...19:55
arooni(connecting to mac os x)19:56
allamooxand every time Im trying to install something I got this erro19:56
hdonb-yeezi, xterm supports pixmaps?19:56
hdonwow i never knew...19:56
b-yeeziman ranger19:57
Bashing-om!info webmin19:57
ubottuPackage webmin does not exist in xenial19:57
hdonthanks b-yeezi19:57
b-yeezihdon, np19:57
allamooxubuntulog:  but I downloaded the file.deb and I tried dpkg --install file.deb19:58
allamooxbut It hangs..19:58
allamooxand I dont know what to do .19:58
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
allamooxubottu:  How can I let this error go aaway20:00
ubottuallamoox: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:00
tyler_darooni: AFP will eventually be turned off, and has known issues with mtu.20:01
tyler_darooni: and yes.20:01
aroonityler_d: so sounds like samba is the right way to do it;  how can i auto resume a samba connection after my laptop suspends?20:01
tyler_darooni: you would want to set it up in your fstab and work from there20:02
tyler_dallamoox: try `sudo dpkg --install file.deb`20:02
aroonityler_d: right now; i'm connecting from mac os x to my ubuntu samba share... how would i set up a fstab entry?  i'm a bit confused.  would i be connecting from my laptop to my mac ?20:03
allamooxtyler_d:  Im root already20:03
tyler_dallamoox: tail the logs while trying it20:03
tyler_darooni: you are talking from your laptop to the samaba share automagic?20:03
tyler_darooni: if that'20:04
allamooxhttp://www.webmin.com/deb.html Im follwoing this "how to setup"20:04
allamooxbut they ask me to add their rep into my /apt/source.list20:04
allamooxis it safe if i did so?20:04
aroonityler_d: i'm conecting from my mac os x to my ubuntu laptop (i want to run the backup programs available for mac on my ubuntu data)20:04
tyler_darooni: if that's the case tehn I'm unsure how to get your osX to autoconnect20:04
OerHeksallamoox, that is an unsafe guide for 16.0420:05
tyler_darooni: yah, you've have to ask an osx guy20:05
OerHeksallamoox, and webm in is not suitable for debian/ubuntu anyway, how does your postfix come up with webmin errors???20:05
tyler_dallamoox: I have no idea, I tend to default to 'not safe'20:05
aroonityler_d: so theres not a way to have the laptop sort of reping mac os x after resuming from suspend?20:05
Terminus_I have a bit of pickle here guys, if any1 can help that would be awesome. I have a win8 on dev/sda1 (boot) and dev/sda2 (OS), i installed Ubuntu after that - dev/sda3 (/), dev/sda5 (swap) and dev/sda6 (EFI)... I couldn't see OS selection screen so I ran a grub repair tool, now I have grub on start but it's not detecting windows20:05
allamooxOerHeks:  I didnot install postfix20:06
allamooxI will install webmin , as its much easier20:06
tyler_darooni: there is likely a way, I'm simply not versed in it.20:06
OerHeksallamoox> http://paste.ubuntu.com/22728443/20:06
OerHeksallamoox, then you are on your own, good luck!20:06
allamooxOerHeks:  but because I got this error, I decided to go with webmin.20:07
allamooxits too complicated.20:07
allamooxand Im in a hurry to setup the mailserver20:08
Terminus_I managed to add a  menu item to grub for windows, but i have no idea how to config it to point to windows boot - this is what i added for menu item http://pastebin.com/piFJw9dc20:08
gebbionehi folks, i have upgraded from 14 to 16 and my monitors are not detected and video resolution is not great, what should i look into to fix it20:08
gebbionevery helpful :/ http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/03/ubuntu-drops-amd-catalyst-fglrx-driver-16-0420:11
OerHeksnot only ubuntu, linux global20:12
OerHeksAMD uses the radeon driver, or for newer GPUs the AMDgpu driver20:13
gebbionewell i didnt have these huge problems on 1420:13
OerHeksoh there are more changes, init > systemD20:14
arno_Hi there. When I login, I always have to type my username and password in lightdm. I'd like to set the default user on lightdm, so that I only have to type my password. I don't know to do. Oh, and my user infos are stored remotely (LDAP maybe?), so my username is not in /etc/password. Has anyone an idea?20:14
OerHeksarno_, external, no. internal one could tweak lightdm login20:15
gebbioneare radeon cards supposed to work right out in ubuntu 16?20:23
gebbionehow can i config it?20:23
OerHeks"radeon" cards would be the cards that are not supported by the AMDgpu driver20:23
OerHeksyes, by the radeondriver.20:24
OerHeksthe beta AMDgpu on their site supports:20:24
OerHeksbeta driver Radeon™ RX 480 RX 470 R9 Fury/Fury X/Nano20:24
OerHeksR9 M395X 390X M385 380X 360 290x 285 m270x 260x20:24
arno_OerHeks: what do you mean? (internal/external)?20:25
gebbionewell i have a HD 5770 and it is all wrong, but i just cant figure out what to configure if possible to fix it20:25
AscavasaionBashing-om: I found out partially what the problem was the other day.  Upgrade from 14LTS to 16LTS broke desktop... had to reinstall gnome desktop.  but that just got me into X Windows, and that is riddled with other errors. Segment faults with console commands, popups for errors all the time.  Decided to do a fresh install from ISO.  Busy backing up stuff ands creating bootable USB stick.  Just wanted to let you know what the issue was, and to20:26
Ascavasaionthank you for trying to help me the other night.20:26
OerHeksarno_, with ldap i don't know howto tweak that20:26
gebbioneAscavasaion, what broke on ur desktop?20:26
OerHeksarno_, i would consider that as a security issue.20:26
Ascavasaiongebbione: Where do I begin :)20:26
gebbionewell ok i can tell u what is wrong on mine20:27
Ascavasaiongebbione: It froze on bootup with a waiting for UID 118 ... which I discovered was gdm.20:27
OerHeksi think the radeon driver only supports 2 screens, iirc20:27
gebbioneok i m not that blocked20:28
Ascavasaiongebbione: When I run anythign in console I get segmentation fault and notified that it did a core dump.20:28
gebbioneOerHeks, i have two screens but they are mirroring not extending20:28
gebbioneOerHeks, also resolution is rubbish20:28
Ascavasaiongebbione: I am continuously getting pop up windows warning me that Ubuntu had an error and to ask me to report it20:28
Ascavasaiongebbione: screen lock has borken, it does not come back from locked screem20:29
Ascavasaiongebbione: When I eventually manage to get it back, only sometimes, the mouse stops working.20:29
Elec_AHi, How can we know where is ./configure looking for libraries? because I have installed libcfitsio packages but It still gives me the error "CFITSIO is required.20:29
Ascavasaiongebbione: Sometimes the boot hangs, sometimes not.20:30
Ascavasaiongebbione: All in all the upgrade from 14 LTS to 16LTS was dreadful and something I would not wish on my worst enemy.20:30
gebbioneAscavasaion, that is really annoying ... still i am also stuck. I wish they had a prompt to say that ubuntu is stopping supporting radeon drivers and created new ones that dont really work20:31
gebbionei would not have progressed with upgrading20:31
gebbioneand this is version 16.420:31
xanguagebbione: by Ubuntu you mean Nvidia?20:32
xanguaAnd there are release notes, so yes it did20:32
Ascavasaiongebbione: It should ahve been nbackwards copatible.20:32
gebbionexangua, ubuntu removed Catalyst/fglrx in 1620:33
gebbioneon 14 there is no prob20:33
OerHeksand not only ubuntu ..20:33
gebbioneor at least not as bad as on 1620:33
Ascavasaionnow I have spent the last hour or more writing ISO to USB.20:33
gebbioneAscavasaion, going back to 14?20:34
tgm4883gebbione: uh, no. That's not the whole story20:34
arno_OerHeks: I'm talking about just the username. I still want to continue to enter my password every time20:34
mcphailElec_A: the ./configure script looks wherever the writer of the script has asked it to look. Many of them are generated by autoconf, and use pkg-config. Remember to add the -dev versions of any libraries you need20:35
tgm4883gebbione: IIRC, AMD dropped support for FGLRX on newer xservers, which 16.04 ships20:35
Elec_Amcphail: you mean the writer has specified it in configure.ac file ?20:36
martinSueIs this the right place to ask a usb-live ubuntu question?20:36
OerHeksarno_, nope i think it cannot be done, maybe someone else in this channel knows a tweak ?20:36
gebbionetgm4883, i read some stuff from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver20:36
gebbionebut still my question is 1) how to fix it and 2) if reasonable a warning on install would have kept me away from upgrading20:37
arno_OerHeks: ok, thanks20:37
OerHeksarno_, you might want to reask in #ubuntu-server too20:38
Muriihey fellows20:38
mcphailElec_A: if that is what they have used to make the configure script, yes20:38
bekksarno_: maybe you can tweak that in the config of lightdm.20:38
MuriiI want to come to ubuntu after getting sick of arch linux20:38
tgm4883gebbione: how to fix what? What card do you have?20:38
MuriiI need a good program to write to usb20:38
Muriiany ideas?20:38
mcphailElec_A: usually they ask pkg-config to find a library20:38
bekksMurii: dd. Same as on archlinux.20:38
gebbionetgm4883, Radeon HD 5770 with a small resolution now and no dual screen detection20:39
MuriiI'm kinda in a hurry so an GUI app would be appreciated bekks20:39
Elec_Amcphail: it is using "AC_CHECK_LIB([cfitsio], [ffvers], [], AC_MSG_ERROR([CFITSIO is required.]))"20:39
bekksMurii: So open a terminal and use dd in there :)20:39
tgm4883gebbione: hmm, 5770 is old enough it should work with radeon I think. I'd have to check what my laptop has, but I think it's roughly that20:39
bekksMurii: you could have been done with that already.20:39
martinSueI'm wondering if it is possible to add a small data partition to my live-usb, and use that from within the live-booted system. The trouble i'm experiencing is that I can't mount it, it says "already mounted", I'm guessing because /dev/sdb is mounted ro at /cdrom ? Any ideas?20:39
Muriiwhat do I need to type? bekks20:40
Muriinot really that familiar with the command20:40
bekksMurii: That depends on what you want to do.20:40
gebbionetgm4883, so in the case where it is not working what is the best i can do?20:40
Ascavasaiongebbione: No, going to try a fresh install of 16 instead of the upgrade.20:41
mcphailElec_A: that simply tries to link against the library20:41
Elec_Amcphail: in the documentation says : "These days it is normally better to use AC_SEARCH_LIBS([gethostbyname], [nsl]) instead of AC_CHECK_LIB([nsl], [gethostbyname])."20:41
Elec_AI mean documentation of "autoconf"20:42
tgm4883gebbione: well you can either A) check your logs, see if it's throwing errors on something and try to fix that, B) try creating a custom xorg.conf file that specifies the correct info (since it sounds like it's not detecting your stuff correctly) or C) go back to 14.0420:42
Elec_Amcphail: but I don't know how to convert it.20:42
gebbionehow easy is c?20:42
tgm4883gebbione: reinstall20:43
tgm4883gebbione: well, backup and reinstall20:43
mcphailElec_A: that is beyond the scope of this channel20:43
Elec_Amcphail: oh, Sorry then. thank you for your help.20:43
OerHeksgebbione, maybe writing a proper xorg.conf can do the trick, expanded virtual desktop.20:44
mcphailElec_A: First port of call should be the Ubuntu repos, to see whwther the package exists already. Next port of call should be the developer, to ask why the libs aren't linking20:44
gebbioneOerHeks, unfortunately i know nothing about writing a xorg file for my card config20:45
martinSueNo ideas?20:45
mcphailElec_A: if the package already exists in Ubuntu, but you want to compile a different version, running "apt-get build-dep packagename" will often install all the needed packages to compile20:46
Elec_Amcphail: unfortunately it is not in Ubuntu.20:47
OerHeksto create an standard xorg.conf http://askubuntu.com/questions/4662/where-is-the-x-org-config-file-how-do-i-configure-x-there and the wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution20:47
MY123Secure Boot is dead20:48
Elec_Awhen we say #include <something.h>,  something.h is in /usr/include ?20:50
Elec_Awhat places can a header file be ?20:50
Elec_AI mean without giving its address to compiler20:50
MY123Elec_A: also /usr/local/include, /usr/include/<triplet>, /usr/include/<arch>20:50
Elec_AMY123: so /usr/local/include is already known by compiler by default, yes ?20:51
=== alien_ is now known as Guest17945
MY123Elec_A: yes20:52
Elec_AMY123: thanks :)20:52
=== dn`_ is now known as dn`
gebbioneok it looks like ubuntu installation created a xorg.conf.failsafe20:53
Elec_AHow can we uninstall a package when there is no "uninstall" option in "make" ?20:53
martinSueI had no trouble doing this with Debian live, is it not possible in ubuntu?20:54
=== archaic is now known as Guest2873
gebbioneand i dont see a xorg.conf20:54
gebbioneshould i copy mv to xorg.conf?20:54
geniiElec_A: use distclean/dist-clean20:54
MisterLeafyam I in the room ?20:55
MisterLeafyI think I am20:55
MisterLeafyMY gosh Wireless is hard to get around here20:56
=== Guest2873 is now known as minsky
MisterLeafyHello minksy20:56
Elec_Agenii: thanks :)20:56
MisterLeafyso I havent installed ubuntu in a very long time20:56
MisterLeafyIt looks all new20:56
Ascavasaiongebbione: Fresh install has begun. :-)20:59
gebbioneAscavasaion, at least u have hope :p20:59
Ascavasaiongebbione: Always hope.. without it I would be using Windows :)21:00
MisterLeafyI just found out that if I press this Caps-lock key that EVERYTHING TURNS big21:00
tgm4883!ot | MisterLeafy21:00
ubottuMisterLeafy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:00
MisterLeafyI got a nifty laptop !21:00
MisterLeafyits a scrap laptop from work21:00
MisterLeafybut I am ecstatic21:01
AscavasaionMisterLeafy: Very nice... always nice to get new toys.21:01
tgm4883MisterLeafy: if you have a support question then ask it, otherwise take the chat to #ubuntu-offtopic21:01
=== CoJaBo_ is now known as CoJaBo
gebbioneSegmentation fault at address 0x021:02
MisterLeafywill do21:02
bekksMY123: Do you have an actual ubuntu support question?21:04
MY123bekks: yep21:04
bekksMY123: So ask it then.21:04
martinSueCan I config live-usb persistence to store only the files I choose?21:05
gebbioneso if i run `sudo X :1 -configure`21:08
gebbionei get in my xorg log21:08
AscavasaionSo, fresh install of 16.04.1 LTS done, and no WiFi, sigh sigh sigh21:10
gebbioneany takers on the xorg troubleshooting?21:14
gebbioneapart from running -> sudo X :1 -configure and getting  error http://pastebin.com/7wyak24R what can i do21:14
rangergordI'm running Ubuntu 14.04. /etc/network/interfaces doesn't contain anything for eth0, only for "lo". And yet I have eth0 working fine according to ifconfig. How is Ubuntu doing this? Does it have an alternative network configuration system?21:16
OerHeksgebbione, maybe this is a better howto21:19
Bashing-omAscavasaion: Was away from the keyboard . Pleased ya have the means of forward progress .. even if it is that nuclear thing of RE-install . :)21:19
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=== MarkBsker is now known as MarkBaker
NSABearlets say I want to setup a email server. Do I have to worry about it getting put on a spam list if it's just for friends and I?21:20
timypNSABear yes21:20
NSABeartimyp, Hwo would I prevent this21:20
cimbakahnHello Everyone!21:21
timypan IP rep is something you will need to build up overtime, and most residential ISP's submit there IP blocks to spam filters by default21:21
NSABeartimyp, this is in a datacenter.21:21
cimbakahnSay that i want to install slingscold from this PPA ppa:noobslab/apps ...... This is one of those PPAs that have alot of packages in it (239).  It is not just a repository for 1 item.21:21
gebbioneOerHeks, my xrandr doesnt have bigger resolutions21:21
cimbakahnNow, playonlinux is in there.  I already have playonlinux installed.  Is it going to cause problems with the one i already have installed?21:21
gebbionei can try to force a xorg file but as far as i know it should detect hardware capabilities on its own21:22
tgm4883NSABear: when you say it's just for friends and you, are you sending email to external addresses?21:22
timypyou can monitor your IP rep and see if you are on any block lists with that link21:22
NSABeartgm4883, yes21:22
timypalso make sure you setup DKIM and spf records21:22
mahdi-shhi !21:22
NSABearWe're not doing anything on the scale of cock.li21:22
timypwhat the fuck is cock.li?? never mind I don't want to know21:23
NSABeartimyp, go to the link21:23
tgm4883!ohmy | timyp21:23
ubottutimyp: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:23
mahdi-shhi every body21:23
NSABearIt's a email provider based out of romania with complete respect for privacy21:23
timypno you lost my interest at cock sorry21:23
Ascavasaiongebbione: After the upgrade I did from 14 to 16 the only way I got back into GUI was to re-install the gnome desktop environment.  I am not suggesting you do it, I am just saying.  My system was so buggered that even that never fixed anything else but the GUI access I lost.21:23
NSABearIt's a email provider based out of romania with complete respect for privacy timyp21:23
NSABearHere, I'll ruin it more. They also provide @horsefucker.org iirc21:24
timypoh kind of link the old Lavabit21:24
NSABearnot quite.21:24
NSABearthey do co-operate with the law21:24
NSABearThey don't track you though21:24
tgm4883where's dax when you need him21:24
timypis it for internal messages only?21:24
NSABearno, you can email outside of cock.li21:25
gebbioneAscavasaion, can i do that from synaptic?21:25
NSABeartgm4883, who's dax?21:25
tgm4883NSABear: don't worry about it21:25
timypemail is inherently  not secure by default, unless you use PGP. Once you cross domains its all unecrypted, SSL can only take you as far as your own domain21:25
NSABeartgm4883, You want to call ops on us because you're triggered by a email provider i presume.21:25
OerHeksNSABear, stop it.21:25
tgm4883NSABear: I'm not triggered by anything, I'd just like to adhere to channel guidelines21:26
mahdi-shjoin #5hit21:26
NSABearOerHeks, stop what? tgm4883 We're talking about a email provider but aok!21:26
Ascavasaiongebbione: I did it command line... but you should be able to.  again.. I am not suggesting you do it.  What I know about Linux is frightening./21:26
NSABearI'll refer to them by their other email: tfwno.gf21:26
timypAnyway NSABear if you want to monitor your email/IP reputation use this https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx21:27
timypand if you want to setup a bad ass email server use this http://iredmail.com/21:27
gebbionewell at the moment the guides OerHeks is giving me look like they fix someone else problem :)21:27
gebbionewhen i do xrandr -q i only get one monitor21:28
NSABearOerHeks, btw can you not nick alert me telling me to stop doing things without specify what I'm doing that you don't like.21:28
NSABeartimyp, ty for the link.21:28
Ascavasaiongebbione: OerHeks is the one to listen to.  He showed me how to get back into GUI when Screenlock refused to unlock.21:29
NSABearAscavasaion, can't you just pkill -9 the lock daemon?21:29
gebbionewell i guess my problem requires a lot of trial and error21:29
AscavasaionNSABear: Each time?21:29
gebbionei knew however i should have not upgraded21:29
NSABearThat's a bad issue ; - ;!21:29
OerHeksgebbione, odd, here i get 2 screens perfectly21:30
anomWhich is the best phone that I can use as a full OS, connect to a monitor and plugin keyboard and mouse?21:30
Elec_Ahi, I have a library and I have *.so file in it. there are some header files and *.o files too. how can I install these files?21:30
k1lanom: sounds like you want to look at #ubuntu-phone21:31
k1lanom: sorry, the channel is #ubuntu-touch21:31
Jordan_UElec_A: Gernerally, you don't. What is it you're actually trying to install?21:31
anomcheers k3l21:31
Elec_AJordan_U: It is a socket library.21:31
=== Bray90820_ is now known as bray90820
Elec_AJordan_U: so how can I give its address to ./configure ? I have exported CFLAGS and LDFLAGS but still it cannot be found21:32
rangergordk1l: you using ubuntu touch? if so how is it?21:32
NSABearanom, Like I said if you didn't recieve it21:32
NSABearWindows Phone is the best option for what you want sadly.21:32
NSABearanom, you might be able to get Ubuntu Phone on a Nexus21:33
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch21:34
zerowaitstateit looks like aws cli no longer installs on ubuntu 16.0421:34
NSABearUbuntu Touch is more of a failure than anything.21:34
cimbakahnSay that i want to install slingscold from this PPA ppa:noobslab/apps ......21:34
cimbakahnThis is one of those PPAs that have alot of packages in it (239).  It is not just a repository for 1 item.  Now, playonlinux is in there.  I already have playonlinux installed.  Is it going to cause problems with the one i already have installed?21:34
=== krc4267_ is now known as krc4267|afk
anomoh cheers nsabear21:34
gebbioneOerHeks, the thing is that those tutorials assume xrandr -q shows the monitors but i see only one21:34
NSABearThe Ubuntu Phone was too ambitious and never happened sadly.21:34
gebbioneand it is called default21:34
c0l0ny13_When you are defining paths in *.conf files, is there a default path that is assumed?21:35
OerHeks.. NSABear if don't give supportive answers, please be quiet.21:35
gebbioneso not much of a match21:35
k1lNSABear: stop that FUD.21:35
anomi just want a phone that I can run vim and chrome off21:35
anomthen i can dithc me laptop21:35
NSABeark1l, what FUD? OerHeks I am giving supportive answers.21:35
NSABearHe was a phone that can double as a computer on the go and Windows 10 is the only one currently targeting that usccessfully.21:35
NSABearYou can't really buy ubuntu touch devices.21:35
NSABearBootToGecko has been retired.21:36
NSABearanom, Looks like Ubuntu Touch isn't completely dead yet.21:36
k1lNSABear: just stop your rantings and offtopic and offensive language in here. there are ubuntu touch phones and tablets on the marked. so saying "it never happend" is just plain a lie.21:37
NSABearanom, There's the Meizu Pro 521:37
NSABeark1l, ...21:37
NSABeark1l, Don't put words in my mouth and lie.21:37
gebbioneOerHeks, this is what i start with http://pastebin.com/gpp6BMuE21:38
NSABeark1l, https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge21:38
NSABearIt never happened. The fundraiser fell short.21:38
=== __raven is now known as __raven__
gebbioneand the fact that only one monitor is visible and called default tells me something is not detected21:38
gebbionei wonder why#21:38
=== candu is now known as pas45
NSABearSo before you get all "I"M A OP BAH ABH BAH!!1 LISTEN TO ME >:(!!" and throw a temper tantrum learn what you're defending.21:38
NSABearUbuntu Edge, sorry not phone.21:38
timyphow did drugwars not make it on the list?21:38
gebbionealso what name do i use for the second screen?21:38
NSABearIt failed to meet the fundraising goal becuase it was too ambitious.21:38
tgm4883NSABear: you're comparing a hardware project to a software project21:39
k1lNSABear: that is not the only ubuntu touch device. and that is what you made it look like. but as said before, there is a channel for talk about the touch devices and this is all oftopic in here.21:39
NSABeartgm4883, I'm talking about the hardware side.21:39
OerHeksgebbione, me too, as you claim they mirror, not extend the desktop.21:39
* NSABear rolls his eyes21:39
CodingCookiehow can i update the atom editor ? just reinstall or is there a command21:39
Elec_AI'm trying to compile a code and I get fatal error: wx/gizmos/ledctrl.h: No such file or directory21:39
NSABearMoving targets are moving Targets. Anyways timyp you where usggesting a mail server for Ubuntu21:39
tgm4883NSABear: Then apparently you're confused, because the feature that he was talking about (being able to plug in a keyboard/mouse/monitor and use it like a computer) is a function of the software, not hardware21:40
NSABeartgm4883, he asked for a phone that could do that so you're clearly confused.21:40
OerHekstroll gets trolled :-D21:40
NSABearI told him a viable answer for a device that could do that.21:40
k1lwe are done talking that offtopic in here21:40
NSABearYou can do it with Android and Ubuntu touch but that's not the topic of this channel.21:40
tgm4883NSABear: he asked for a phone that could do that and you started talking about the ubuntu edge that didn't happen. That sure was helpful...21:40
NSABeartgm4883, I'm asking you kindly to please stop nick alerting me and trying to bring the discussion back.21:41
Jordan_UElec_A: Again, what are you actually tryong to install?21:41
Simbaclawsdoes anyone know how I can open up my google drive documents through libreoffice? I have added a "online-account" through gnome and I can open up docx files but I can't open up the excel files.21:41
NSABearI'm trying to repsect k1l's orders but you're making it quite difficult by bringing it back.21:41
OerHeksgebbione, is this a laptop?21:41
k1lCodingCookie: you need to reinstall it if there is no updater in that program. it isnt shipped by ubuntu repos21:41
timypyes NSABear check out Iredmail.org its script that will install postfix, dovecot,  amavisd, sogo, roundcube, coupled with a nice webUI for user management in about 15 mins.21:42
gebbioneOerHeks, it is a full desktop with 24 inch monitors21:42
NSABeartimyp, damn :O!21:42
SimbaclawsI tried ooo2dg but this seems to not work with the current Oauth from google21:42
jemaduxcan i use mutiple mirrors at once ? cuz in debian in my sources.list i have http://httpredir.debian.org/debian/21:42
timyphere the script in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqAdt2l1aDc21:42
NSABeartimyp, another important question for you. I'm looking into getting away from Googl eservices as much as possible. What would you suggest for running on a Ubuntu box to replace things like Google calender syncing21:43
NSABearI want to sync to my own dedicated server hosted proffessionally so I can keep all my devices in sync. I'd also love to integrate with LXDE21:43
timypuses active sync for most mobile OS's also included in iredmail21:43
leonardo_Hi guys21:43
NSABeartimyp, So I can just passivley sync everything from my nexus?21:44
timypIts an MS exchange killer https://sogo.nu/21:44
timypworks great on android21:44
NSABearNo apps required?21:44
leonardo_i need a midi keyboard software21:45
timypnot for andriod once the Sogo server is setup you just configure the mail account on the phone as if it were an exchange server21:45
timypthere is also a nice webUI for cals, contacts, and email21:45
NSABeartimyp, what don't you do?21:46
timypwhat you mean NSAbear?21:46
timypwhat don't I do what?21:46
NSABeartimyp, you've answered all my questions quickly and frinedly.21:46
NSABeartimyp, You're like the customer support we want but don't deserv.e21:46
timypthats what the community is for!21:47
AscavasaionSo, fresh install of 16.04.1 LTS done, and no WiFi.  lspci shows the wireless card is there.  Any pointers?  It worked perfectly in
timypthanks for the kind words21:47
NSABeartimyp, timyp the community i run is quite offensive.21:47
NSABearWe harden our ubuntu boxes whereever we can think of to prevent unauthorized access.21:48
timypyea thats the internet for you21:48
ohlolzso in 16.04 right when it shows the login screen it goes black for like 1-2 and then reappears. is this normal?21:50
=== Crixus is now known as Crixus|afk
ohlolzdoes that happen to you?21:51
NSABearWhat's with the 60FPS cap on AMDGPU drivers?21:52
ohlolzhi ikonia21:54
cimbakahnSay that i want to install slingscold from this PPA ppa:noobslab/apps ......21:58
cimbakahnThis is one of those PPAs that have alot of packages in it (239).  It is not just a repository for 1 item.  playonlinux is in there.  I already have playonlinux installed.  Is it going to cause problems with the one i already have installed?21:58
tgm4883cimbakahn: possibly21:58
cimbakahnI don't know how to get a PPA or a DEB for jut that 1 package.21:59
cimbakahnjut is just21:59
bomekcimbakahn, just use pinning: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto22:00
k1lcimbakahn: install that ppa, run apt update, install that package, deactivate ppa22:00
timypcimbakahn if you are concerned about dependence issues see if you can't use snap packages22:01
timypthat way all dependencies 's will be self contained22:01
tgm4883Or copy the package to your own PPA22:02
ohlolztgm4883: are you on 16.04? does your screen goes to black for like 1 or 2 seconds right after it shows you the login screen?22:04
tgm4883ohlolz: I've got lots of systems on 16.0422:05
tgm4883ohlolz: I don't believe it does that, but I'd have to check one of them22:05
ohlolztgm4883: it's when it shows you the first login screen22:05
tgm4883So before login, just after the login screen loads?22:05
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cimbakahnI just found this PPA ppa:flexiondotorg/slingscold ...It only has slingscold and looks like it has a newer version.22:06
=== CHVNX1 is now known as CHVNX
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ohlolztgm4883: it asks for my password, goes to blank right away like it updates the wallpaper then it comes back22:07
ohlolzgoes to black tgm4883 *22:07
tgm4883ohlolz: let me fire up my laptop22:07
cimbakahnThanks guys!22:08
Elec_AI install libwxgtk3.0-dev and it installed some header files in /usr/include/wx-3.0 . now I purged it but the header files are still there.22:09
Elec_Ahow can I remove wx3 header files22:09
Elec_AThe reason is I have installed wx2.8 and I don't want wx322:10
Elec_Awx3 is not back compatible22:10
tgm4883ohlolz: nope, I don't have that issue22:11
ohlolzok tgm4883 thank you very much for taking your time and helping me22:12
ohlolztgm4883: will search on the web22:12
trismElec_A: the headers are in wx3.0-headers22:14
Adam^workokay, so... I'm running a mail server and a web server... neither can I access from LAN but I can access from WAN... I don't get it...22:16
Elec_Atrism: Thank you :)22:17
Jordan_UAdam^work: Are you using the LAN ip or the public ip from the LAN?22:18
Adam^workanyone know a setting that would block connections from lan from doing a... http://www.example.org but if you are out there on the net and do the same it works?22:18
Adam^workif example.org is hosted in house22:18
Adam^worksame network22:18
Adam^workeveryone on the lan gets their ip from the router's DHCP server22:19
Adam^workthe server is wired into the router, the rest are wireless clients22:19
brmmm3Hi. I've got a general question on uid and gid generation. On Linux uids are generated by finding the next free uid when a user is created. Same with gid. So on Ubuntu the first user gets uid 1000 and gid 1000. The second user gets uid and gid 1001. So now if we look at a very common situation where a family has several computers. Each member has it's own computer so it's own installation. So for example John's computer has the first user22:20
brmmm3john. Mary's computer the  first user mary. Each have the same uid 1000. Now John buys an external drive and formats it with ext4. On this drive he puts some private files. Then Mary connects this drive on her computer and she sees all files with mary's user name and group and she can read all the files. Isn't this a major design bug or am I completely wrong?22:20
brmmm3turtleon1on (~turtleon1@93-136-6-225.adsl.net.t-com.hr) hat das Netzwerk verlassen (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)22:20
Adam^work[internet]->[static ip cable modem]->[router]->[wired ubuntu server]/[wireless clients]22:21
Adam^workI'm thinking it's the router, I've never seen anything like this before, of course I've never had a static ip before either so...22:21
aroonihey folks; what are files/directories safe to ignore (in my home directory) during backups?  (ubuntu 16.04)22:22
para000hi guys22:26
para000very beginer in linux, need little help with setting up a VPN using OpenVPN, anyone good at this?22:26
=== gldvvtr_ is now known as gldvvtr
lordcirtharooni, well, the cache dir ~/.cache22:32
pamI'm trying to transfer some MP3s to my phone via the usb cord...tried to connect via MTP...every few seconds a popup on my phone (samsung note 4) asks if I want to allow or deny the MTP connection.  This keeps on screwing up the file transfer.  What can I do to stop this from happening?22:32
k1lpam: sounds like a broken cable22:33
pamkll: this happens with a couple of different cables22:33
para000can anyone help me? so i manage to install OpenVPN and connect to it from another PC, but on my server i have multiple IPs and i want to asign 1 ip to individual conexion22:33
pamit'll be transferring files and then stop halfway through22:34
k1lor the usb ports on phone/pc?22:34
craigbass76We're homeschooling this year, and I wanted to be able to set up a sheet with some math problems for the kids to do. Can't seem to figure out how to get 5, new line, +5, new line, horizontal equals sign. Anyone familiar with LibreOffice Math, or some other program that will let me make worksheets?22:36
pamkll: it only stops when I'm transfering files.22:36
ubuntu405hi, any ubuntu based pbx distros?22:37
smurfendrek123Hey guys does anyone know of an alternative where i can easily plot functions by typing something similar to plot(y=x) and integrating functions and stuff22:38
ubuntu405with a nice gui22:38
pamk1l: is there anyway to debug the usb connection while the phone is connected?22:38
k1lpam: look at dmesg22:38
trismsmurfendrek123: maxima is pretty good22:38
pamjust type dmesg?22:38
k1lpam: yes22:39
smurfendrek123trism, but you can't plot with maxima right?22:39
trismsmurfendrek123: yes you can in integrates gnuplot22:39
smurfendrek123oh cool22:39
trismsmurfendrek123: if you get wxmaxima you can see it right in the window22:39
smurfendrek123what's wxmaxima?22:40
trismsmurfendrek123: it is a gui for maxima22:41
trism!info wxmaxima22:41
ubottuwxmaxima (source: wxmaxima): GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.08.2-1 (xenial), package size 3390 kB, installed size 6883 kB22:41
smurfendrek123does it offer advantages, because i don't mind typing in plot and int22:41
smurfendrek123how do i exit maxima lol22:41
trismsmurfendrek123: ctrl+d22:42
smurfendrek123does the gui just offer buttons that pretype some of the syntax for you?22:43
pamk1l: here is the dmesg output if you can take a quick look at it http://pastebin.com/0DWg7j5w22:44
pamk1l: if you search for samsung it'll take you to the part22:44
trismsmurfendrek123: yes, there are menus and dialogs and such to simplify plotting and other things22:45
k1lpam: this looks like disconnect issue. does the phone work on other OS/pcs?22:45
pamI haven't checked22:46
trismsmurfendrek123: but I'm pretty sure it all converts to maxima syntax so I don't think it really does anything maxima doesn't do22:46
smurfendrek123cool thanks trism22:46
k1lpam: check another usb port. and try to put out other usb devices at the same time.22:46
smurfendrek123any idea on how i get multiple figures in the same graph?22:47
trismsmurfendrek123: you can use a list, say, plot2d([sin(x), cos(x)], [x, -%pi, %pi]);, but I don't really think general maxima support is appropriate to the channel22:47
jjasinskiHi all, I'm trying to install ubuntu 16.04 from the live cd. I went through the entire install process, but when I reboot, Grub doesn't seem boot.22:48
smurfendrek123okay that's it for those questions, huge thanks trism22:48
jjasinskiI've tried running the disk repair tool22:48
=== mike_ is now known as Guest14015
jjasinskibut I admit, the UEFI boot process is new to me22:49
catbeardhey guys, chrome with foxyproxy isn't respecting my hosts file, running ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS22:49
jjasinskiI'm not trying to dual boot22:49
catbeardchrome 5222:49
jjasinskiI have a second partition of ext4 data that I'm trying not to erase22:49
jjasinskiso I don't want to just do the full install22:49
pamk1l: looks like its happening on the other usb port as well22:49
catbeardresolv.conf is set to, host.conf is set to order hosts,bind22:50
timypjjasinski what Os's are you trying to dual boot?22:50
gldvvtrjjasinski, im having the same problem, errors with UEFI..22:50
catbeardping gets the right ip in the hosts file, but chrome doesn't pull the same ip, dns prefetching is disabled (managed by ublock)22:50
tH3G3nTlhi there22:50
jjasinskitimyp, not trying to dual boot.22:50
jjasinskibut have a second parition that I don't want to erase22:50
timypmaybe try to enable legacy boot in UEFI22:50
catbeardtrying to pull it up in incognito mode where ublock is disabled, can only access the ip via foxyproxy though22:50
pamk1l: thanks for everything so far.  going to look at this later.22:50
catbeardchrome://dns says prefetching and tcp-preconnect is disabled22:51
jjasinskitimyp, is that a BIOS setting?22:51
timypmaybe you will see something about secure boot, try to disable it and see if the OS boots22:51
k1lcatbeard: sounds more like you need to ask the chrome and/or foxyproxy guys to get an answer on theat22:51
gldvvtrjjasinski, checkout this ubuntu help page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI22:51
jjasinskigldvvtr, thainks looking at that link now22:52
jjasinskitimyp, I have an HP Envy22:52
jjasinskiIt's a bios that's a bit different from what I've seen, but I'll look for that option22:52
jjasinskiThere is a boot order section that has a section for legacy device22:53
jjasinski(were I can rearrange the boot order of the devices, but I can't move the legacy stuff above the UEFI stuff)22:53
timypmaybe http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03653226, so many implementation of UEFI22:54
timypthere was nothing wrong with good old bios don't know why they had to f* it up22:55
jjasinskiThank you timyp, I'll take a look at that22:55
ohlolzis there a date when legacy boot will be a thing of the past?22:55
timypnow these UEFI boards can access the internet directly it's a recipe for disaster.22:56
timypthats up to the hardware vendors I suppose22:56
timypUbuntu is suppose to have all the required signing keys for UEFI to boot correctly.22:56
jjasinskiGood to know.22:57
ohlolzmy update from 14.04 to 16.04 officially released on July 28th was a total disaster; after installing couldn't boot and etc. had to reinstall 16.06 from zero. just letting you guys know :D23:01
timypyea http://askubuntu.com/questions/493409/is-disabing-secure-boot-needed-for-ubuntu-14-04-dual-boot-with-windows-8-uefi23:01
ohlolzdisabling secure boot also helps with wifi problems, from what i've read.23:02
timypI have gone out of my way to by hardware with traditional bios to avoid having to deal with secure boot.23:02
ohlolzusing legacy because destiny23:02
barnexhey, I'm having an issue at work. Seems something went wrong and now kernel has no modules during boot.23:09
barnexI recognize this by the fact that the USB keyboard isn't working after grub23:09
barnexnet isn't working23:09
rangergordHi. If I run   sudo echo "#" > /etc/snmp/snmp.conf   , I get permission denied. But if I do "sudo nano /etc/snmp/snmp.conf", I can edit it. How is that possible? What am I missing about permissions23:09
barnexand when I lsmod after booting, the keyboard module isn't loaded.23:09
k1lbarnex: what did you do before?23:09
barnexk1l: I think I was removing old kernels with some bash loop from serverfault23:10
barnexbecause the /boot was getting full23:10
k1lbarnex: what ubuntu is that exactly?23:10
k1lis there an older kernel to boot in grub?23:10
ProfessorKaos64Does anyone here play quake on Linux? namely using FTE?23:11
barnexwell, it's 1 am here and the net module isn't working as well, so hard to tell for sure. But there might be some left.23:11
k1lbarnex: make sure "linux-generic" is installed.it will pull in the latest kernel and headers (which is needed to build modules with dkms)23:11
CHVNXProfessorKaos64: Ask your question. Please do not preface it with audition questions.23:11
barnexok, so just installing linux-generic and maybe dpkg-reconfigure should fix this?23:11
barnexassuming the /boot partition is correctly mounted?23:11
k1lbarnex: no need for dpkg-reconfigure. and yes, /boot needs to be mounted if its a seperate partition23:12
barnexcool, thanks a lot.23:12
ProfessorKaos64If anyone uses FTE for quake, have you had trouble saving your video settings or loading them on next start?23:12
barnexNow the only issue I have is getting lan drivers so I can install, but I guess that's googlable with some lspci.23:13
CHVNXProfessorKaos64: https://www.reddit.com/r/quake/comments/4vmjpz/cant_load_saved_video_settings_in_fte_any_help/23:13
CHVNXThis issue?23:14
ProfessorKaos64Yes... seems as if I am the only one in the world :)23:14
=== abelur is now known as abelur|brb
CHVNXHonestly, the only thing I can think of, which probably isn't correct, is that you moved the game to /usr/share... suggesting potential permissions issues?23:15
ProfessorKaos64the binary is /usr/games the data is /usr/share/quake23:15
ProfessorKaos64the config file is read from $HOME/.fte/id1/fte.cfg23:15
CHVNXIs SteamOS an Ubuntu distro? I thought it was based on Debian.23:18
k1lit is debian23:18
ProfessorKaos64It's Debian Jessie , with some tweaks, such as a standalone compositor23:19
ProfessorKaos64I do have another quake 2 client I packaged, but it would be nice ot use FTE. If I have to, maybe for now, I'll keep my hack in the config file23:20
ProfessorKaos64if you change the settings, they will saved, then put the hacky "vid_restart "1"" in config file23:20
AscavasaionOops, wrong room.23:25
Gallomimiai seem to have choked on a kernel update come out today. any others seen that?23:41
Gallomimiaoh. it's fixed now... or is it?23:42
fxdfoh maybe, did a new install of gnome today and it crashed out after i updated lol23:44
Guest28793Hi i have a problem i was wondering if anyone could help me with. I'm trying to create a LiveDVD using Geniso image and squashfs. I was able to get almost to the very end of the process but then it complains that the iso file size is over 4.1 GB in size and it stops there. I ran the command mksquashfs --help and it showed that XZ was NOT my deafult compression method which i believe is what caused my ISO file to be larger than 4.1 GB. How do i set my23:44
Guest28793compression to be XZ by default on Ubuntu? Any help would be great23:44
Gallomimiai installed new kernel packages. it complained that it didn't complete properly. i ran autoremove... seems to have fixed the problems. very concerning23:45
fckfreen1anyone have a thinkpad x240 with a 6 Cell battery?23:52
=== abelur|brb is now known as abelur
netham45Hi, I have two GPUs in my desktop, a GTX970 and an Intel card. I would like to load a VM and pass the Intel card through to it. I can do this using a paravirtualized guest in Xen but nvidia's drivers don't cooperate with Xen at all. Is there another option for passing a GPU through that'll let me keep my nvidia card working on the host?23:58
netham45I don't have VT-d either, I was using Xen's option for PCI passthrough on a non-VT-d CPU.23:58

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