sakrecoergeirdal: hi!18:14
sakrecoergeirdal: if it is problematic to senfd the sourcefiles of the graphics, could you send us PNGs without the logos and pictograms sometime, please? :)18:15
sakrecoerok, autumna kryten, lets bring this thing where it belongs: here :)19:42
sakrecoerkrytarik, even 19:42
sakrecoerautumna is suggesting that the first image in the feature tour is too jarring with the rest of the pages.19:43
sakrecoeri think the entire thing is jarring, but i'm open to try other things, more sober as autumna suggested.19:44
sakrecoernow that we have that thing it is easy to swap the images and have a look together (i presume)19:44
sakrecoeralso, we should settle on the version of geridal s images we want to use... i picked the ones that appealed me the most in my sketch, but it might not be the ones everybody like the most...19:46
sakrecoerthat was krytarik suggestion, and i agree (also *blush** for not really thinking about it)19:46
sakrecoeri guess at some point i decided that i had to make an arbitrary choice to get things moving again, ...or something :D19:47
krytariksakrecoer: Yes, the first one kind of sticks out in relation to the other ones in the feature tour at least.  And regarding the latter ones, I'm particularly looking at the brightness of those.19:48
sakrecoerin my sketch i had mixed it with geirdals "first image" though..19:48
sakrecoerspecifically this one: http://geirdal.is/images/studio/studio_07.png iirc19:49
sakrecoerso that it would match geirdal s way of mixing foto with digital deliciousness19:50
sakrecoeryes, it was that one: http://sakrecoer.com/ubuntustudio/render.png19:50
sakrecoeralthough, not covering as much as geirdall does... perhaps we can develop this? i'm open for suggestions and trials :) but i want to see the results together with you guys19:51
sakrecoerthat is, we can scrap my photos, i don't mind living the mandala school of thoughts :D19:51
autumna*walks in19:56
* autumna thinks19:57
autumnaI think there are 2 issues here to address I am not sure how to address one of them. 19:58
sakrecoershoot for the one you know how to adress :)20:00
autumna1) feature tour/discover vs support vs news is too separate from each other as design. it is one thing for front page to be different, but it is strange for a sub page to be different. It makes the site look like we are midway an update to the site, with some pages left in old format, some in new20:00
autumnathat is the question I don't know how to address (yet!)20:00
sakrecoerimages ;)20:00
autumna2) front page, obviously needs more work. and among other things, the first image while looking great is not fantastic for readability as things stand. (plus with the logo etc its too many layers)20:00
sakrecoerhow about the feature tour IS the frontpage?20:01
sakrecoerit would fit the scenarios in the wiki...20:01
autumnawell the short version of the feature tour IS the front page20:01
autumnaI kind of would hate to not have those software details20:01
autumnain the main site20:01
sakrecoerthat is redundant, i thought it was temporary lazyness :D20:01
autumnabut that's my personal opinion20:01
sakrecoerwhat is "the main site" ?20:02
autumnawe could remove the formatting on the "discover" section, and keep it on the front page only?20:02
autumnamain site: ubuntustudio.org20:02
autumnarather than the wiki20:02
sakrecoeryes, we should keep the software details on the site, for sure20:03
sakrecoerwe could remove the "discover" section all together, and have all its content moved tp the frontpage...20:03
autumnawe CAN keep the software details on front page. It does make the front page a big of a wall of text, but I mean... its not absolutely terrible20:03
autumnaparallel typing20:03
sakrecoeri think its ok to have a long frontpage...20:05
autumnasakrecoer: one thing we would probably need if all is in one page20:05
autumnais one more background image20:05
autumnaso it would be: Welcome and download20:05
sakrecoergood point!20:05
autumnaAbout: what is ubuntustudio (basically the first blurb on discover)20:05
autumnathen the sections20:05
autumnakrytarik feel free to add in opinions20:06
autumnaand geirdal and anybody else as well20:07
krytarikautumna: Yeah, I do follow you there.20:07
sakrecoeri think an "about" page becomes irrelevant id there is a feature tour, and i think a feature tour should be front-pgae :D20:07
autumnathe main reason I split was lack of extra background image, and too long, I have no issues merging 2 together20:07
sakrecoeri don't see any "about" page atm...20:07
autumnathere is 'discover"20:08
sakrecoeror you mean, you split frontpage and feature tour?20:08
autumnaand about is the section20:08
autumnanot the page20:08
autumnafirst row: welcome, download etc20:08
autumnaunderneath it with a second image: What is ubuntu studio, the blurb that currently sits on the discover page/feature tour20:08
autumnathen 3rd 4th 5th rows, audio, graphics, video20:09
autumnaok 20:09
autumnalet me just merge the stuff into one big happy group20:09
autumnaand hope that the plugin doesn't die on me20:09
sakrecoerhmm... i havenät looked enough at the front page... i thought it was far from done..20:11
sakrecoernow that i do, isee what you ment before...20:11
sakrecoerwhat if the short version of the workflow desciptions had a link "readmore" like the posts in top of frontpage, linking to the "discover-page" with an ID-anchor...20:12
autumnawell that was my original plan20:12
sakrecoerso if you clikc on read more in graphics, you get to /feature-tour#graphics20:13
sakrecoerok ok.. sorry :D20:13
autumnawhich is why the front page has its short blurbs20:13
sakrecoerwas staring myself blind on the discover page :D20:13
autumnabut I want to try the one page approach20:13
autumnabecause it might eventually solve our problems20:13
sakrecoerok :)20:14
autumna+ it is a more complete looking page, so less work for us, AND well give me 5 minutes to create a new version of the home page that is merged20:14
autumna*sighs* I really picked the wrong week to install development version of gimp20:23
* autumna totally switches to krita20:25
* sakrecoer zaps back to website channel on autumnaTV :D20:27
autumnasakrecoer, krytarik http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/home-alternate/21:08
autumnaI think this actually works better. pretty much only thing missing in this case is a) not sure what the links are supposed to be b) not sure if we want to make a custom button style, -21:10
autumna c) we might or might not need something on background of the first area. geirdal's image could be a solution there, or we could go crazy and put a background video *chuckles* whatever it is I would argue needs to be dark, and low contrast through so that it doesn't compete with the text there. leaving it blank is of course an option21:10
autumna(I'd say a gradient of geirdal's image darkened, could work well there, but that's my opinion)21:11
geirdalok I will work on it autumna 21:13
autumnaoh awesome!!!21:14
autumnageirdal what software do you use? krita or gimp?21:14
autumnaok I'll upload to WP, the krita layered kra I created. It has sakrecoer's transparency gradient built in as a clipping mask21:15
sakrecoeri vote for a gradient on http://geirdal.is/images/studio/studio_07.png21:15
sakrecoer(without the icons)21:15
sakrecoerbackground video would be AWESOMEMATIC!... just... long to produce...21:16
geirdalI like this one best http://geirdal.is/images/studio/studio_06.png21:17
autumnawell one good thing about this occasionally buggy plugin is that we are not locked in to the design of the feature tour, its images etc21:17
geirdalwithgout the icons21:17
autumnawe can swap them as the site grows21:17
autumnageirdal if you could lower the saturation and contrast a bit I think that would work good. 21:18
autumnagreat even.21:18
sakrecoergeirdal: that one is beautyfull too, but i find more aggresive somehow21:19
autumnasakrecoer where did you want us to upload the originals again?21:19
* autumna forgot 21:19
sakrecoerbut yeah, if you tone it down like autumna says, that would maybe work better, lets try :)21:19
sakrecoeri haven't quite sorted that out... but i thought of a "content" folder in the ubuntustudio-website git branch...21:19
sakrecoerto put raw text from guest bloggers, feature tour, iamges etc..21:20
autumnaok how do I upload to that thing?21:20
autumnaand url? :D21:20
* autumna is beyond lost *embarassed*21:20
sakrecoerautumna: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-website/ubuntustudio-website/+git/trunk21:22
autumnawell... one way to sort this out...21:23
zequencesakrecoer: You should probably start a new branch for that. The git branch is for the website theme only21:29
sakrecoerzequence: ok, noted :)21:31
autumnazequence if you are around, could you remind me how to add username to the command?21:34
autumnaI seem to have misplaced my notes, from the last time you explained :/21:34
autumnageirdal: in mean time, you can download the template from ubuntustudio.zequence.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/headertemplate.kra21:37

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