Unit193bluesabre: Is gtk-theme-config supposed to work on GTK3?00:53
bluesabreUnit193: supposed to, yes, but it hasn't been updated for the constant gtk3 updates01:47
ochosiUnit193, bluesabre: yeah, for gtk3.20 it most definitely needs a big update. probably also some smaller ones for versions before06:23
flocculantmorning ochosi :)06:25
ochosimorning flocculant 06:26
Unit193ochosi: Yes, broken in Xeni.06:26
flocculantochosi: did you get theme uploaded? 06:41
Unit193flocculant: It's been uploaded at least06:41
Unit193!info greybird-gtk-theme yakkety06:41
ubottugreybird-gtk-theme (source: greybird-gtk-theme): grey GTK+ theme from the Shimmer Project. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.18.0+20160720.7b72fea.gtk320-1 (yakkety), package size 497 kB, installed size 3271 kB06:41
flocculantUnit193: ok - so almost there then06:41
flocculantdisconcerting looking at the installer with just words seeming dotted about all over the place :p06:42
flocculantgot until 22nd September before I critically fail it :D06:44
Unit193flocculant: Hi.06:50
flocculantUnit193: hi :)06:50
ochosithe versioning will soon make more sense06:52
ochosisry about that, but the gtk3.20 release isn't done yet (still a few more small fixmes)06:52
ochosialso, who wrote that info text06:52
flocculantochosi: not me :p - also you have weeks till the outgoing QA lead explains to the incoming QA lead who to say NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo to the rest of team :D06:57
flocculants/who/how 06:57
flocculantochosi bluesabre - ok - got gtk3.20 updates today, theme is now broken here (using ppa) don't know if that's expected 14:48
* flocculant was obviously wrong about thinking the ppa theme was ok for the new gtk3 :)14:51
flocculantI git pull in my clone of shimmer - don't remember doing anything but grabbing it first time - and used that and still fubar15:01
flocculantbut I'm probably wrong to do that :p15:02
ochosiflocculant: did you pull the gtk3.20 branch of greybird?15:57
flocculantI think so :)16:25
flocculantI had some *thing* from a few weeks ago - git pull'ed to get it up to date16:25
flocculantochosi: I get so lost with these things ... I just git clone https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird.git and copied it to .themes16:29
flocculants/I just/I just redid16:30
flocculantnot even sure now whether I'm doing the right things lol16:36
flocculantochosi: might be worth catching laney's discussion in -desktop before commenting further here :)16:48
flocculantor not - appears to be some unity-greeter discussion17:01
flocculantochosi bluesabre - must be something odd with what I was doing and also with the ppa version, purged ppa for yakkety now17:06
flocculantso it looks kind of how it should, but while I've got 'boxes' now - other things look a bit odd (don't know what's expected anymore )17:07
flocculanthttp://i.imgur.com/UFWKEn7.png for instance - some lines appear to be thicker than they were17:08
flocculantfirefox is eww too :)17:14
=== ochosi_ is now known as ochosi
ochosiflocculant: firefox maybe doesn't support gtk3.20 yet (although on xenial i got an update yesterday or so that fixed it). menulibre looks more or less as expected, so that's fine19:35
flocculantochosi: so I assume by 'menulibre looks more or less ...' that the theme's not completely ready ?19:37
ochosiit's pretty much ready19:37
flocculantor uploaded to repos19:38
ochosilittle things here or there19:38
ochosibut 95% there19:38
ochosiand yes, what you see is what you'll get19:38
flocculantguess the issue here is I have no idea what's expected to be broken 19:38
ochosiso obviously it has been uploaded19:38
ochosithats lucky for you19:38
ochosiif it's broken, you'll know it. it looks terrible and is unusable19:38
flocculantoh ok - so we've got really broken AND looks 'wrong in places' depending on xenial/yak?19:39
ochosixenial always looks fine with greybird19:40
ochosiyakkety looks fine as well, only greybird is only 95% ported, so you might notice slight differences (that you'll most likely be able to live with though)19:41
ochosii'm using gtk3.20 on xenial, maybe that's where the confusion comes from19:41
flocculantyea - livable with for sure - just boxes or frames  missing in most places19:42
flocculantochosi: aaah - yes that's what is confusing me :)19:42
flocculantanyway - back in the morning 19:43
ochosiboxes or frames missing where for example?19:44
ochosiflocculant: ^19:44
ochosioh ok19:44
ochosinvm then, you can also tell me tomorrow :919:44

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