pjotterI just tried gedit. It too has these weird grey bands on the top and bottom window while scrolling. Anyone know what is causing this?00:13
mrkrampssounds like a graphics card issue00:14
pjotterUnlikely. I have the same issue on another computer with a different architecture and video card.00:15
pjotterI suspect this has something to do with the whole gtk3 thing?00:15
mrkrampspjotter, xfce compositor is enabled?00:16
pjottercompositor on/off doesn't make any difference00:18
pjotterit was on btw00:18
pjotterJust to make sure the problem is clear: When I open mousepad and open a file that exeeds the height of the screen end use the scrollbar on the side of the window, two grey areas appear on the top and bottom inside of the mousepad window.00:19
pjotterWhen I use cursor down, at some point the cursor disappears underneath the grey area. Same when I use the cursor to go up.00:20
pjotterI just checked. This issue is not in 3.0 (trusty). Only in 4.0+00:20
mrkrampsbut happens with gedit too00:21
pjotterMaybe I'm missing something and this is some new kind of feature?00:21
pjotterYes, the newer versions of gedit exhibit the same thing.00:21
mrkrampswell, ok … confirmed00:22
pjotterYou have it too?00:23
mrkrampsbut those are not grey bars, but rather some blurry partially transparent bars when reaching document end or beginning when scrolling00:24
knomethat'll happen with the pdf reader as well.00:24
pjotterCould have something to do with the theme? Mine are solid grey00:25
knomeit denotes that you are at the end/beginning of the document00:25
knomethey shouldn't stay visible00:25
knomeit's a gtk3 feature00:25
mrkrampspjotter, yes it is themeable with gtk300:26
pjotterSo, what gtk3 theme would work well? Any suggestions?00:29
knome"work well" is subjective here.00:30
knomebesides, i've told you before that there aren't really so many great gtk3 themes around yet00:30
mrkrampswhat's wrong with greybird?00:32
pjotterI don't like it00:32
pjotterPersonal preference00:32
xubuntu99wCannot access my root folder. Please help how to do this. New user first time on other than Windows. Appreciate the help.01:13
xubuntu99wAlso do not know how to look up which Xubuntu version I am using.01:15
knomexubuntu99w, why do you need to access your root directory?01:16
knomexubuntu99w, "lsb_release -a" without the quotes in a terminal tells you the version you are running01:16
xubuntu99wI am trying to install files from other than the software center, and will not allow me to do it. I tried all the help online, but cannot find any way to download and install .tar.gz files01:17
knomexubuntu99w, what is it you are trying to install then?01:18
GeekDudexubuntu99w: A quick note, .tar.gz files are just an alternative to .zip files and are not necessarily software01:19
xubuntu99wthank you looked up release is Ububtu 14.04 LTS trusty; I woul need to update the Adobe flash player and Modzilla Firefox since not working01:19
GeekDudeWhen you were installing Ubuntu there was a checkbox for 'nonfree' software. If you checked that, flash may have been installed automatically. Have you tried testing to see if flash is laredy installed?01:20
xubuntu99wI know how to extract, I seen some videos telling that the .so file is the one needed to install; no terminal exercise shown in videos allow me installation.01:21
GeekDudexubuntu99w: there's no reason to install it manually, it should either already be installed or be available via a package01:22
xubuntu99wwhen installed Xubuntu; I had options to check updates online and 3rd party drivers. Both were checked, I did not see any other option to nonfree01:22
GeekDude3rd party is the one I think01:22
GeekDudexubuntu99w: If you open your terminal and run 'dpkg -l | grep flash', does the output list 'flashplugin-installer'?01:23
xubuntu99wthank you- run terminal, comes with flashplugin-installer, what do I need to do next to install?01:27
GeekDudeIt should already be set up and working then01:27
GeekDudeWhat do you see when you go to http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ ?01:27
GeekDudeMy FireFox tells me "You have version 11,2,202,632 installed"01:28
xubuntu99wthis is the version that is listed, however I cannot play anything in browser, it is telling me to go install newer version.01:29
GeekDudeThere is no newer version available for Linux/Firefox01:29
GeekDudeHowever, Chrome (not sure if Chromium as well) has a custom implementation of flash that works with Linux01:30
xubuntu99wmay I ask, can you run movies with your version? is thre anything I need to add to firefox or do anything so I can play the movies as well?01:30
GeekDudeI use Chrome, and even then I don't play flash movies. HTML5 streaming is where it's at01:31
xubuntu99wOK can you help me once I have the files downloaded for Chromium what and how to code in the terminal to install new versions?01:31
GeekDudexubuntu99w: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html01:31
GeekDudeHit download chrome, accept/install, then run that file. It should open in the software center where you can install it. No terminal necessary01:32
xubuntu99wwould a 64 bit work on a 32bit old junk?01:32
GeekDudeUnfortunately not01:33
xubuntu99wso the download of any install program will use the same method; download (and if no install button line this) how to I install on my computer?01:34
knomeno. unless you install from the repositories, there's no guarantee that anything will work in the same way.01:35
xubuntu99wcan you elaborate on how to install with the repositories? Sorry I am so new, but so excited about the platform that I would like to learn more. I was great with DOS coding back 20 some years ago, it is time to learn Xubuntu coding as well. The root access i aasked since I am the sole user of the computer and would like to learn more about it01:36
knomeyou don't need root access to learn about your computer01:36
knomei mean, access to the root filesystem.01:36
knomeinstalling from repositories means installing via software found in the menu01:37
knome(or any other package manager)01:37
xubuntu99wI assume haveing root access will allow me to pull files into the right system folder to work.01:37
knomegenerally, you shouldn't need to do that.01:38
GeekDudeI never manually pull files into system folders01:38
xubuntu99wThank you for your time, do you have a web blog or any other informational place I can go and learn more about how to use the terminal and what are the codes to enter for install, clean drive, optimize and such?01:38
knomei would warmly suggest making yourself comfortable with the GUI first01:39
xubuntu99wanything I have seen on youtube and tried nothing has worked on my end when editing the terminal entries01:39
knomeregarding what?01:39
xubuntu99wget application; install application if not in the software center; or other software that would be available other places but will not install without terminal codes.01:40
xubuntu99wlike how to look up a version or installed application01:41
knomeas i said, there is no single list of things you need to do to install packages or applications that are not in the repositories01:41
xubuntu99wThank you, I guess I need to start gathering information and try see what is working on my end. Appreciate the time and support, hope you have a great day. LOVE Xubuntu by the way, and will continue learn more every day.01:42
knomefor packages installed from the repositories "apt show $packagename" gives you more information you need01:43
xubuntu99wTahnk you much, Good night01:45
namespaceSo why *does* the cursor disappear on lock, anyway?06:10
namespace(In 16.04, of course.)06:10
ochosinamespace: bug in the intel driver, version from yakkety fixes it06:23
flocculantnamespace: SRU being worked on for 16.0406:25
flocculantno - I don't when it will get there ;)06:26
namespaceWell I'd offer to help, but I have zero experience with that particular brand of programming.06:29
namespaceSo I doubt I can.06:29
Canoflysolhello all06:50
Canoflysolhad a question06:50
Canoflysoldoes such a program exist for xubuntu 14.04 like this one? ifunbox06:51
xubuntu041Greetings. Installing
Unit193...Installing 14.04 now?07:31
xubuntu041If this doesn't work, might try 16.04. Workinig on an audio distro.07:32
xubuntu041Just need something stable to build a low-latency system on.07:33
xubuntu041I've made attempts with Mate 15.10 and 16.04. 15.10 works pretty well.07:34
xubuntu041xfce has usually been my environment for a couple years but I wanted to see if I could get better performance elsewhere; it's a netbook. Gateway LT20.07:35
xubuntu041Unity seems to be a bit heavy for this box. It responds better with Mate and I have to wait and see about xfce. Should be about done installing now.07:36
xubuntu041Anybody here have experience with JACK audio?07:36
cfhowlettxubuntu041, please avoid "anybody ..." question structure.  waste of time.07:38
cfhowlettthe big factor will be ram07:38
cfhowlettxubuntu041, #opensourcemusicians will have lots of jack gurus07:41
Canoflysoli upgraded to 16.04 but it crashed on me so i went back to 14.0408:04
Canoflysoli wonder what caused it08:05
Canoflysolim on a dell dimension 300008:05
Canoflysolwhat should i be using?08:06
cfhowlettCanoflysol, too little information to do anything except make wild guesses ... which i do not do.08:06
Canoflysolyeah lol08:06
Canoflysolgood point08:07
Canoflysolbut yeah 16 is hella laggy for me for some reason08:07
Canoflysoland plus i still have the intel extreme graphics 2 onboard08:09
Canoflysolwhich im sure is the main problem08:09
xubuntu14iany suppport atm?08:35
xubuntu14itrying to install xubuntu 32bit to a acer aspire one intel atom 1.6GHZ if not mistaken ...but im installing it to a usb 2.0 as my harddrive is on verge of fritzing out ....i guess my question more or less is can it be done and should it work cause i tryed ubuntu 14.04.5 and 16.04 non worked do to factor of ghrapics they went all funky08:38
xubuntu14ilame where the support @08:39
xubuntu14iguess i can run live boot the rest my life XD08:39
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Guest58851NEWB ALERT!  LoL08:42
Guest58851Sooo .. I need to get my sound card working ... how do I download and install the jack server and add ons??08:43
xubuntu14ino support for u XD08:43
karatedogInstallation fails with a known mmc error, then I get a character login page, with the username: 'it'. Anyone knows what is the password for this? Blank enter, 'xubuntu' did not work.08:46
Guest58851karatedog > Do you know what I need to do to get my sund card working?08:52
Guest58851I know I need jack and maybe a driver but I don't know how to load them08:53
karatedogno idea08:54
karatedogI dunno what 'jack server' is, I thought you only need a driver. What is your sound card?08:55
karatedogI mean what brand and type08:55
Guest58851I just dpownloaded PulseAudio and extracted it to a DIR ... what now?08:56
Guest58851oops .. SoundBlaster Audigy 208:56
Guest58851I need it for the SoundFonts that this card works with nd Rosegarden can use ... but I need to get the sound card recognised ...08:57
Guest58851I guess I'm here at the wrong time09:00
karatedogdude, are we talking about a 14 year old soundcard?09:01
Guest58851yes ... one that uses SoundFonts ... I use MIDI with these sound fonts to make music and record09:04
karatedogDid you install 64 bit OS?09:09
karatedogbecause I doubt anyone wrote specific 64-bit driver for this card, I dunno if there is a general driver, then maybe ALSA supports it.09:10
knomeGuest58851, so what does "my sound card doesn't work" mean?09:11
knomeGuest58851, you're hearing no sound?09:11
karatedogjust wanted to ask the same question09:12
Guest58851I dunno ... I get a little beep or a little chirp oncei n a while but I don't know if its the computer speaker or what09:12
knomeGuest58851, open the volume control, go to the tab "Configuration" and see if your sound card is listed there09:13
Guest58851SoundGarden uses SoundFonts ... they are little samples of music instruments that this card uses to plug into MIDI music and make it sound real ... VERY real ...09:13
Guest58851ok .. where is the volume control?09:14
knomein the menu, or alternatively run it by pressing alt+f2 and running 'pavucontrol'09:15
Guest58851ok .. got it ... I have playback but not recording09:17
knomeyes, that's not what i asked though09:18
Guest58851volume control shows that it is receiving the mic input but still no output09:19
Guest58851pulseaudio is a package that is supposed to fix this?  I have downloaded the files and extracted them but I don't know what to do with the,09:20
Guest58851 pulseaudio-9.0.tar.xz09:21
Guest58851I tried to upgrade Flash driver to no success too  :-( ...09:22
Guest58851and thankx for that tip about ALT-F2 ...09:22
knomepulseaudio is already installed on your system09:23
Guest58851oh?  umm ... really?09:24
knomeand most often, you really don't need to download any package and install them manually09:24
knomeyes, pavucontrol is pulseaudio's volume control app09:24
Guest58851ok ... absolute beginner with Linux ... sorry to seem studpi ...09:24
knomeso please ask my question09:24
knomeis your sound card listed in the configuration tab?09:24
Guest58851yes it is ... but not the REAL name ...09:27
Guest58851or not the one I was used to in Windows never mind .. tis there09:28
knomeok, so what does the profile dropdown say?09:28
Guest58851its now at Analog Surround 5.1 Output + Analog Stereo Input09:29
knometry changing that and see if it starts working with another profile09:29
Guest58851K .. why does it now show the Line-IN port?09:30
knomewhy wouldn't it?09:30
Guest58851it ony has Microphone Input .. there should be mic and LINE-IN09:32
Guest58851hmmm ... I had a great set of drivers for this card ... but they are old too and I was using XP Pro to great success ...09:32
Guest58851OK .. thankx so much for your help ...09:33
Guest58851I now need to figure out how to get JackServer working and then use the QtlJack so I can start recording with Rosegarden09:34
Guest58851OK ... works now .. thankx so much!!09:43
Guest58851with Audacity .. need Rosegarden to work then its cool!09:44
Guest58851Cheers Knome! Thankx for your help!!09:44
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xubuntu61whi, is it safe to updgrade from 14.04.1 LTS to 16.04.1 LTS?15:22
xubuntu61wno one here?15:24
flocculantnot immediately no ...15:31
Codfectionwhy my plank is not running automatically after restarting16:05
PhoenixSTFhey guys, anyof you got keepass2 running on 16.04???16:43
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bones7hi. can you please help? i use xubuntu 16.04 on a samsung ativ book 7 and sometimes the screen resolution kind of "resets" - it changes to a higher resolution (not sharp), i can get the screen down and up with the mouse curser. Why does it happen? Any idea? In between: my ativ book got 2 graphic cards, an onboard and a AMD HD8570M.17:52
bones7i had the same problem with xubuntu 14.04 before.17:54
PhoenixSTFbones7: check if you have problems with fglrx or RADEON drivers18:02
bones7thank you! i'll try and let you know18:07
flocculantfglrx is deprecated18:07
flocculant"When upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 from a previous release, both the fglrx driver and the xorg.conf will be removed, so that the system is set to use either the amdgpu driver or the radeon driver (depending on the available hardware). "18:08
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