=== smoser changed the topic of #cloud-init to: cloud-init 0.7.7 released 2016-08-09. 0.7.8 open. reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+ref/master/+activereviews
smoserharlowja, larsks i just uploaded a 0.7.7 and pushed a signed tag.05:36
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cpaelzersmoser: has that check_version any good use-case other than to block one from just running make check to get all while developing :-)14:53
cpaelzerwell the check was alwas there, but if now you take cloud-init and make any change it seems it creates a new evrsion (based on git hash) which then blocks the check_version14:53
smosercpaelzer, check_version shoudl work14:53
smoserits there to stop me from releasing something without the change to the cloudinit/version14:54
cpaelzersmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/22917489/14:56
cpaelzerit fails as soon as any commit is made14:56
cpaelzerwhich is probably ok to block you from releasing14:56
cpaelzerbut stopping "make check" from checking anything else as it does an early exit on that14:57
smosercpaelzer, you need to pull tags14:57
smosergit pull --tags14:57
smoseri'm open to sugestions as that bit harlowja also14:57
cpaelzersmoser: tags don't unblock me (tells me already up to date and still fails the version check)14:59
cpaelzerI need to read what the check is actually doing14:59
cpaelzersmoser: for the start I'd suggest putting it at the end of the line in the check: target15:02
cpaelzersmoser: and then probably only calling it for release-checks or so15:02
cpaelzersmoser: where do you refer to the check when building a release - in the d/rules?15:02
cpaelzerah yeah found the packages/debian/rules.in15:03
cpaelzersmoser: how about this15:03
cpaelzercreate a release-check target15:03
cpaelzerwhich holds: check check_version15:03
cpaelzerand remove check_version from the "check" target15:04
cpaelzercall check_release from the packages/debian/rules.in15:04
cpaelzersmoser: if that would be ok for you I can quickly send an MP15:04
cpaelzerwhat do you think?15:04
smosercpaelzer, you're right. its busted.15:44
cpaelzerif LP wouldn't have had network issues you'd already have an MÜ15:56
cpaelzerI'll retry later15:57
smosercpaelzer, http://paste.ubuntu.com/22922872/15:58
smoserwhen i changed the format, i missed fixing that.15:59
cpaelzerok, if you are on it I consider it done16:00
harlowjasmoser cools17:31
harlowjai'm wondering if people would be interested in knowing what godaddy is doing with jenkins (via myself, ha) for this17:31
harlowjahttps://gist.github.com/harlowja/748ddc47dd327ba25de6f60d77c5c5e0 is the http://docs.openstack.org/infra/jenkins-job-builder/ stuff for my little jenkins (currently)17:32
smosercpaelzer, i pushed fix for make check17:42
smoserharlowja, thanks.18:04
harlowjai'm thinking though that i might try to get out the pkg_resources entrypoints stuff soon though18:10
harlowjacause i really don't like our injecting a module crap i am doing, lol18:11
harlowjait it makes version numbering all weird also :-P18:13
smoserwhat makes version numbering wierd?18:24
smoserdo you not like my git-describe versions ?18:24
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harlowjanah, just when i have to copy in a 'patch' it sort of distorts the real version of cloud-init18:38
harlowjavs just having the module loading look outside for modules, and then i can have a cloud-init-godaddy-addons package or something18:39
harlowjaand can manage that myself and ...18:39
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smoserrangerpbzzzz, around ?22:43
smoserrangerpbzzzz, https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/30260422:43

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