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kjackalHello Juju World!08:45
xnoxHello, i'm on xenial and i have juju-2.0 beta1410:24
xnoxi'm trying to bootstrap local / lxd provider10:24
xnoxand that fails with a tools info mismatch error10:24
xnox2.0-alpha1-xenial-amd64, 2.0-alpha2-xenial-amd6410:24
xnoxwhat am I supposed to do?10:24
lazyPowerxnox - does it work correctly if you issue the following:  juju bootstrap lxd-text lxd --upload-tools ?13:17
lazyPoweryou *shouldn't* need to do that, as we've updated the streams, but i'm unsure of what actually failed without log output13:17
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arosalesfyi, jujuchcharms.com firewall is being updated if folks notice any intermittent deploy failures from the store or jujucharms.com unavailable15:27
petevg@cory_fu: you're right. Grabbing the patch from the merged commit is cleaner: https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-apache-bigtop-base/pull/3716:19
kwmonroesuchvenu: are you still having trouble with charm build?16:47
kwmonroesuchvenu: what does your layer.yaml look like?16:48
kwmonroesuchvenu: looks ok to me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/22928082/16:53
suchvenuya.. it used to work !16:53
kwmonroesuchvenu: will you pastebin the output from "charm build -l DEBUG --no-local-layers"?16:54
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suchvenukwmonroe : I edited some things under deployable charm folder under trusty and running the test... Will do this once that is over17:04
xnoxlazyPower, juju bootstrap --config agent-stream=devel localhost localhost -> works17:06
xnoxlazyPower, my guess is that tools in "released" stream are not up to date with latest beta of 2.017:07
lazyPowerxnox - interesting... i know beta-14 has published tools. It may have been due to the upgrade of the firewall, i'm not entirely certain though.17:07
lazyPowerwe had some intermittent service outages this morning, that may have been the culprit17:07
xnoxlazyPower, ok, when i rebootstrap the environment next, hopefully things will work fine. thanks =)17:10
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lazyPowerkwmonroe mbruzek tvansteenburgh aisrael - https://github.com/juju-solutions/charmbox/pull/45   -- this effects you if you're actively using charmbox on a regular basis18:15
cmarsdo we have an influxdb charm that's any good?18:46
cmarshmm, https://jujucharms.com/u/chris.macnaughton/influxdb/4 looks the most recent, i'll try it out18:48
kwmonroelazyPower: mbruzek: nice work (PR 45)!19:09
lazyPowerthanks kwmonroe19:10
lazyPowerfyi - https://github.com/juju-solutions/charmbox/pull/48  -- since it rewrote history it wa snever going to cleanly apply19:10
lazyPoweri went ahead and pushed it up and confirmed that the branches are now a 2 line diff19:10
cory_fulazyPower: Three lines if you count whitespace.  ;)  https://github.com/juju-solutions/charmbox/compare/devel19:28
cory_fuBut yeah, it looks awesome19:28
cory_fuNow we just have to keep it nice and clean19:29
lazyPowercory_fu - thanks for starting this19:29
lazyPoweri was inspired by your work back in march19:29
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bdxmarcoceppi: reminder to clear my stale aws controllers20:52
marcoceppibdx: are they still there?20:53
marcoceppiI thought I did20:53
bdxmarcoceppi: ^20:56
marcoceppibdx: cleaning up20:59
cholcombeanyone else seeing a large amount of error's about failing to download and a sha mismatch on their debug logs?22:12
cholcombei'm using juju 2 beta14 and i'm seeing tons of them22:12
magicaltroutthere is a  firewall  upgrade today cholcombe22:12
cholcombemagicaltrout, ahh that'd do it haha22:12
cholcombeso i take it i'm sol for awhile?22:13
magicaltrouti think the  general  consensus is keep trying22:13
lazyPowercholcombe - additionally that happens with charms when cross-models they dont match the revision on the controller23:03
lazyPoweri ran into this last week23:03
lazyPowerits fix committed, but not released yet23:03
cholcombelazyPower, dang i really need that fix.  it's happening constantly :(23:03
cholcombeall i'm doing is saying deploy what i have locally and it freaks out23:04
lazyPowercholcombe - try juju upgrade-charm until it sticks23:04
lazyPowerthats the current work-around23:04
cholcombewell at least it's something23:04
cholcombelazyPower, thanks!  I can test again :)23:16
* lazyPower hattips23:17
* magicaltrout isn't convinced thats one word23:23

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