ranuHas anyone had problems with Presentation software by Kingsoft? When I try to  enter in the presentation mode the application just hangs and closes01:30
ranuIt does closes with a segmentation fault01:30
ranuMight be better asking in their IRC channell01:31
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ahoneybunvroap: heyo05:52
vroapHey ahoneybun, what's up man? :)05:53
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> wait are you the one who made the graphics?05:53
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> np 2am here XD05:53
vroapYeah xD05:54
vroapThat's me05:54
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> (Document) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/z49ukcpK/file_107.jpeg05:54
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> WIP lol05:54
vroapI like it! :D05:54
ahoneybunnot too bad for the first time using inkscape like this lol05:55
vroapNot at all05:55
ahoneybunI want to change the colors a bit to match the breeze color palette05:55
vroapahoneybun: maybe take this to offtopic? ;)05:56
AciD`using the dolphin network, I access my other computer via ssh (with the fish:// protocol)07:44
AciD`how come I cannot enter path which have accentuated characters?07:45
AciD`last time I checked, both systems were using utf-807:45
AciD`also, when I compress a file on that computer, then extract it on the other computer, I get weird char instead of accentuated characters07:46
AciD`any idea how to fix that?07:46
AciD`ok, I have that on the 2 computers : https://paste.kde.org/pac1qx7rb07:49
AciD`note: accessing kubuntu 16.04 from 12.04 via dolphin works well07:50
AciD`it's the other way around that is b0rked07:50
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lfainHi, I'm looking for a way to change fonts in Thunderbird that was recently upgraded for verion 45.2 in Kubuntu 16.04. I used the "Theme Font & Size Changer" add-on that doesn't work with the new Thunderbird in Linux. Does somebody has an idea how to change the fonts there?11:37
VorapDo you want to only change the font in thunder bird or do do you want the font anywhere else11:42
VorapBecause you can change the system font and that will apply to most things11:42
VorapI think that's how that works11:43
Voraplfain: ^11:43
lfainI like my current system font. But I'll try your suggestion11:44
VorapThat's the only solution I can think about from the top of my head. Not at home right now so I can't check myself11:45
acheronukI have:11:45
acheronuk@namespace url(http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul);11:45
acheronuk* {font-size: 8pt !important;}11:45
acheronukapplied via stylish addon11:45
acheronukbut you can add something like that in a userChrome.css in your profile folder as well I think?11:46
lfainwhere is the userChrome.css located? I didn't find it in the .thunderbird folder...11:53
lfainThere is no any *.css file nither in .thunderbird nor in the .mozila folders.11:54
acheronuklfain: http://kb.mozillazine.org/index.php?title=UserChrome.css&printable=yes11:58
lfain@Vorap, I changed font size in "GNOME Application Style (GTK)" and it is better now.11:58
acheronuklfain: Ah, I had assumed you had already done that, and did not get the result you wanted.11:59
Voraplfain: perfect! :)11:59
VorapBut I would suggest you check out other frequently used applications and see if you like how they look. If you don't like it follow ach12:00
Vorapacheronuk's suggestion12:01
lfainThank you, acheronuk. I will also try to create and play with userChrome.css12:01
acheronukVorap: I use that as certain parts of the Firefox and Thunderbird UI (preferences/addons sections for example) ignore the set font sizes for Gtk.12:03
BluesKajHey all12:06
Vorapacheronuk: oh okay. That's good to know for future problems, thanks! :)12:09
BluesKajhi ronino12:41
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yotuxI have a process that runs at 100% for hours at a time: baloo_file_extr13:39
yotuxhas this been addressed?13:39
soeedo you have some big files on hdd that it wants to index ?13:46
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grek_czesc czy pamieta ktos jak sie uwiezytelnialo inny serwer zeby mugl wysylac poczte w imieniu innej domey - zeby nie bylo w google15:30
grek_Gmail nie może zweryfikować, czy ta wiadomość została wysłana z domeny..15:31
vroapgrek_: could you possibly repeat your question in English?15:31
vroapNo problem. I will use Google translate15:31
ahoneybunI guess gmail is the same in any language lol15:32
ahoneybunit's polish?15:33
vroapWięc masz problemy z Firefox?15:34
ahoneybun!info polish15:34
ubottuPackage polish does not exist in xenial15:34
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.15:34
ahoneybunthere is one15:34
ahoneybunthe name15:36
ahoneybunlike that15:36
vroapgrek_: jest polskim kanałem dla Kubuntu. jest #kubuntu-pl15:37
ahoneybunjust ubungu15:37
ahoneybunseemed his/her question was about SMTP15:38
ahoneybunor that new GPG/HTTPS in gmail15:38
vroapYeah hat problems with domain resolving15:38
vroapgrek_: jest #ubuntu-pl nie #kubuntu-pl15:39
vroapahoneybun: I think I am doing this right. Google translate might have screwed me over though15:40
ahoneybunyea it's a hit and miss15:41
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lucidguyI want to change sddm so that I type in a login name, no user icons.  Anyone?18:00
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rdieter_worklucidguy: use a different sddm theme18:36
rdieter_workone that doesn't use user icons18:36
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Ian_CDoes anyone know anything about UEFI? I've tried to reinstall kubuntu and it seems to sort of work until it tries to do the grub bit when it just fils, I'm sure it must be an EFI thing but despite the fact I have secure boot switched off and legacy switched on it still won't work.20:31
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:32
Ian_CThat's just confusing me more, should I have secure boot enabled or disabled?20:35
Ian_CAs I understood, legacy mode should be easier?20:36
trust103I think so yes20:38
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zodiac19Would anyone have an IRC Client reccomendation?21:28
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soeezodiac19: either konversation or quasel21:35
zodiac19already using Quassel, it wont play sounds21:35
soeenotifications ?21:36
soeemaybe you have it disabled21:36
zodiac19nope, all enabled21:36
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user|59781is it possible to save the current session?22:42
YankDownUnderuser|59781: "Save the current session" - what do you mean? You can configure KDE/Plasma to basically do that -> have you explored your options in "System Settings"?22:43
user|59781Thanks YankDownUnder22:51
YankDownUnderuser|59781: Coolbeans22:52
user|59781Now I am getting the following error on boot: nmi watchdog bug soft lockup22:52
user|59781This is a fresh install of kubuntu 1604.122:52
user|59781in a Virtualbox VM22:53
YankDownUnderuser|59781: Have you made sure that you've gotten all the updates and whatnot?22:53
user|59781Yes, done update a few minutes ago22:53
YankDownUnderuser|59781: Something to read through as well: http://askubuntu.com/questions/142549/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-virtualbox22:54
user|59781I am using the 64 Bit Version (My CPU has VT supported and enabled)22:57
YankDownUnderuser|59781: I am merely pointing out bits of information that are helpful in creating a great VM...and the fact that you're going to have to install the guest additions ISO - if you've not done so already.22:58
fuzeshould the pithos Mpris plugin allow pithos to be controlled via the media player widget in kde 5?22:59
user|59781I have many VM but this is the first time I am having this error, dont know what the reason is for this22:59
YankDownUnderuser|59781: Again - have you installed the "Guest Additions" ISO in the VM and gone through the installation (along with a reboot to get the modules to load)?23:00
YankDownUnderfuze: That is a choice for you...you can let KDE handle it, or Plasma...mind you, if Plasmashell crashes, it might cause some issues...but again, your choice.23:01
fuzeYankDownUnder: how can i change which controlls it?23:01
YankDownUnderfuze: System Settings => Devices23:02
fuzeYankDownUnder: i have input devices, removable devices, and device actions23:03
YankDownUnderfuze: If you've install pithos from the PPA's, it should basically already be setup for you - did you look through your applications/multimedia applications for the pithos client? -> and mind you, I don't use it - I merely know about it.23:07
fuzeYankDownUnder: pithos works fine, i just saw it show up in the mediaplayer before and now it wont show23:07
fuze*mediaplayer widget23:07
user|59781No I did not install the guest-utils23:07
YankDownUnderuser|59781: install them - very important23:08
YankDownUnderfuze: If you logout and login again, does it show up?23:08
YankDownUnderfuze: Ah, something else, too - does it show up in Amarok? That's something to consider, too...23:08
user|59781Thats the problem, I can't boot anymore :)23:08
user|59781SOmethings fishy23:09
fuzeYankDownUnder: login/out doesnt change anything and it doesnt shw in amarok23:09
YankDownUnderuser|59781: When the VM starts, you can hit either "spacebar" or "esc" and get into the grub menu23:09
YankDownUnderfuze: Have you re-installed it?23:09
fuzeYankDownUnder: still nothing23:11
YankDownUnderfuze: So the actual "Pithos" application is NOT showing up - anywhere?23:12
fuzeYankDownUnder: pithos works fine, i just cant control it with the media player widget23:12
YankDownUnderfuze: That is a Plasma issue - which is why I made the statement earlier...either which, you could always try to upgrade Plasma and see if that resolves the issue.23:13
fuzeYankDownUnder: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded23:14
YankDownUnderfuze: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-6-4-available-in-16-04-backports/23:14
YankDownUnderfuze: I shall tell you from personal experience - very recent personal experience - that I was getting the sh*ts with Plasma, and before I gave up completely, I did the "upgrade" with the backports...and that resolved most of the crap that I was dealing with - especially with Plasma widgets...but I also had to "clean out" and delete a lot of stuff in order for things to work properly...just FYI...23:18

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